NHSRE Ch. 152.2: Recruitment

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The director gave an order, and the shooting was considered to be suspended. He said to the two actors in the middle of the set: “Are you guys good at acting? We’re filming a horror scene, not going to the grave. Can you stop being so expressionless?”

Although a horror movie was almost equal to a bad movie, it did not mean that there was no need for acting skills. These ones couldn’t find the feeling at all, and the director’s hair was going to be bald.

“Forget it, you guys take a rest first, and come back after finding some feeling.”

The actors who had been scolded all lowered their heads and dispersed.

The director huddled weakly in his chair, thinking about how to make this bad movie.

“Director.” Shen Dongqing suddenly walked over.

Director: “What’s the matter?”

Shen Dongqing: “I think everyone’s state is a bit wrong.”

Director: “Indeed.”

Shen Dongqing: “Why don’t I recommend a new actor.”

This topic had changed quickly enough, and the director couldn’t keep up with it: “New actor? What role does she want to play?” He was already thinking about arranging a cannon fodder role for him.

Shen Dongqing moved aside and pulled out a girl in a bright red dress. She looked pretty, but her face was a little pale.

“Play the ghost in red.”

Originally, ordinary people couldn’t see the fairy girl in red, but all the crew members present had read the script of “Ghost in Red”, so they would more or less believe in ghosts and gods, and after Shen Dongqing gave her a bit of yin energy, she could show her appearance in front of ordinary people.

When the director saw the fairy girl in red, he was stunned: “It’s so similar, it’s so similar.”

The person next to him came over and asked, “What is it like?”

Director: “It’s like the ghost in red in my imagination.” But the thirteen incense crayfish’s scent was a bit strong, making him hungry.

The person next to him: ?

Director: “Hurry up, let her try it, and do the scene again quickly.”

As soon as the director spoke, the actors were in place, and the red ghost didn’t even need to change her clothes, she just went on stage in the red dress.

In this scene, a group of young people ran to the mansion to die, but when they walked up the stairs, they found that there was one more person in the team, which was the red-clothed ghost.


The shooting clap fell with a crisp sound.

The actors set to work, speaking their lines as they climbed the stairs.

“It’s so quiet here.”

“I’m a little scared, why don’t we go first?”

“What are you afraid of? There’s nothing here. If there really is a ghost, I’ll drag her to take a group photo.”

As soon as the voice fell, a cold wind started blowing.

“I feel a little cold.”

“Why did the temperature drop suddenly?”

“Wait…why is there an extra person in our team?”

Among the crowd, a woman in red stood there quietly, with her head down, so they couldn’t see what she looked like.

After hearing everyone’s discussion, she slowly raised her head, her black hair covering most of her face, only revealing a scarlet eye.

The actors were all stunned, and all the lines they had memorized were completely forgotten, leaving only a bone-chilling chill, which made them unable to move as if they had fallen into an ice cellar.

The director clenched his fist.

Just now, he was stuck in this scene several times, but no one could act out the expression of fear, and he didn’t know what would happen if he changed people.


There was a scream of panic first.

He saw the actors on the stairs running, screaming and screaming, while some fell directly to the ground with weak legs. The timid actress seemed to be about to cry.

“Ghost, there is a ghost!”

These were the sincere words of each of them, without his prompting, this new red-clothed actor was too ghost-like!

“Good!” The director praised.

It was just that as soon as the words fell, he discovered another discordant point – Shen Dongqing was not afraid at all and was still standing there looking at the red ghost.

He wasn’t afraid, but the red ghost seemed to be trembling under his stare, and she didn’t have the spirit of a ghost at all.

Originally, Shen Dongqing’s performance was not obvious when everyone was a rookie in acting, but now that everyone else had improved by leaps and bounds, Shen Dongqing was simply outstanding.

“Holly, be afraid, you should be afraid now!” the director began to guide.

Shen Dongqing made an expression with difficulty, and then said slowly: “I’m really not good at it.”

The director didn’t give up and asked him to try twice more.

But everyone else was frightened by the red ghost every time, and Shen Dongqing couldn’t blend into the atmosphere alone.

The director really had no choice but to change the script for the sake of the investment.

“Holly, let me change your personal setting.” The director sighed, “Do you dare to fight ghosts?”

Shen Dongqing’s eyes lit up: “I’m the best at this!”


Could one still be good at this?

After modifying the character, the director found that the shooting progress was rapid, and there was no plot where the actors couldn’t act out the fear of bumping into ghosts. As long as they saw the fairy girl, everyone except Shen Dongqing’s legs would go limp.

At the end of the day of filming, the actors gathered to chat.

“I think this red-clothed ghost is too good. When I see her, my legs go limp.”

“Me too. There was a scene just now where I was grabbed by the neck and lifted up. Look, there are still finger marks on my neck.” An actress raised her chin, revealing the blue fingerprints on her neck, “Her acting skills are so good, I almost thought I was going to die.”

“That’s right, it seems that we don’t have to be scolded by the director anymore.”

Then someone wondered: “Where did the director find someone with such good acting skills? It’s unbelievable that this person has no reputation at all. Does anyone know her name?”

A voice rang out: “Her name is Fairy in Red.”

The actors looked over at the same time and found that it was Shen Dongqing who spoke.

Shen Dongqing winked at them.

The actors laughed twice: “This name is too strange.”

“That’s right, who would be called Fairy in Red?”

“You don’t understand, it’s called entering the play. From now on, I’m also someone from the movie.”

Shen Dongqing patted Fairy in Red on the shoulder: “Let me just say, people nowadays don’t believe in ghosts or gods, they all believe in science.”

“So, we still have to change our thinking and improve our professional skills to find a way out. For example, isn’t acting very good? In the modern society, it is better not to blindly claim people’s lives, let’s forget about the previous one, after all, it was self-inflicted.”

Fairy in red: …

Shen Dongqing thought about it: “But it’s okay, I still have a job suitable for you, and you can legally claim lives there. Five insurances and one fund plus tenured position, while never being dismissed, are you interested?”

“Well… but there is a disadvantage, that is, it is not very free.” After all, she would have to stay in the game world, “If you want to go, wait and I’ll send you there after the movie is finished.”

The fairy girl in red moved her lips.

Shen Dongqing understood: “What? You also have many friends who also want to make a fortune together? It’s okay, come together, there are many positions.”

The fairy girl in red nodded.

Shen Dongqing glanced at the fairy girl in red, touched his chin, and said to himself: “Why is it so similar to human trafficking, no, it should be ghost trafficking?”

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