NHSRE Ch. 153.1: Kidnapping Plan

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With the participation of the fairy in red, the crew worked in a godly manner. Shots that usually took several takes were passed through in one go, which greatly reduced the shooting time. The shooting was completed in two-thirds of the estimated time, and the only thing left to do was post-production and dubbing.

To celebrate the end of filming, the crew held a wrap-up party.

The crew was a small one, so the closing banquet was also a small banquet, but after all, everyone was still a little reluctant to leave each other, and one by one they started drinking.

Shen Dongqing was also toasted twice.

“Brother Shen, why isn’t the little girl in red here?” The male lead in the same crew came over with a drink.

You may not believe it, but they had been filming together for such a long time, and they still didn’t know the name of the fairy in red. Normally, the fairy sat alone in the corner quietly and didn’t talk to others, not even during the banquets.

Shen Dongqing: “Oh, I introduced her to a job and she went to work.”

The male protagonist thought that the fairy in red had gone to another crew, so he immediately started to pay attention: “What job? Brother Shen, can you also introduce it to me? I… I can do anything.”

Shen Dongqing looked him over and said slowly: “You can’t do it.”

Actor: “What’s wrong with me?”

Shen Dongqing: “You’re alive.”

Actor: “?”

Shen Dongqing: “You are alive, but I can recommend you to go when you are dead.”

The actor laughed twice: “Brother Shen just likes to joke, come, let me toast to Brother Shen.”

Before he could stretch out the cup, his hand was caught by a man who stopped him in the middle, and he was about to curse a few words. But when he raised his eyes, the actor froze.

“Zhou, Mr. Zhou!” The male lead suppressed a smile, “Why are you here?”

Zhou Wenyan said, “I’ll drink for him.” After speaking, he drank a glass neatly.

During this period of filming, everyone in the film crew was forced to eat dog food, and they would receive a love bento and afternoon tea from Mr. Zhou every day. Sometimes it was his subordinates who came over, but more often Mr. Zhou came by himself.

Originally, the crew was still mumbling whether Zhou Wenyan was just playing around. But after this incident, everyone finally knew that these two were really in love.

Now that Zhou Wenyan was blocking Shen Dongqing’s drink, the actor didn’t dare to say anything. He drank his own glass and left, and others didn’t dare to disturb them anymore.

Shen Dongqing looked at the actor’s back and muttered: “Why doesn’t anyone believe me when I tell the truth?”

After the closing banquet, the crew was clamoring to go to the KTV. Zhou Wenyan thoughtfully helped them book a box and left with Shen Dongqing first.

Because Zhou Wenyan couldn’t drive after drinking, he called a substitute driver and the two of them sat in the back seat of the car.

Shen Dongqing leaned on Zhou Wenyan’s shoulder, with a slight blush on his cheeks. He seemed a little drunk and murmured something in his mouth.

Zhou Wenyan lowered his head and asked softly: “What are you talking about?”

Shen Dongqing looked up at him, his black and white eyes shining brightly, reflecting the lights outside the car. Not sure if he was thinking of something happy, but he grinned, put his arms around Zhou Wenyan’s neck, and lifted himself up.

Shen Dongqing still smelled of alcohol, not heavily, but enough to make people tipsy. So, an ambiguous atmosphere spread out in the small space.

“It’s so nice to have met you.” He said, rubbing against Zhou Wenyan’s shoulder, making his hair a mess.

Zhou Wenyan held down the fluffy head, and his voice was a little suppressed: “You are drunk.”

Shen Dongqing muttered: “I’m not drunk.”

Zhou Wenyan stretched out his hand to restrain the person who was moving randomly and said helplessly: “Stop moving around, we’re still outside.” He also drank a glass of wine, so his self-control was weaker than usual. If he kept moving like this, something else might happen.

Shen Dongqing suddenly stopped moving. Zhou Wenyan looked down and couldn’t help but laugh – he had fallen asleep with his eyes closed, snoring like a puppy.

Zhou Wenyan carefully held the man in his arms, kissed him on the cheek, and said in an almost inaudible voice: “Me too.”

In the driver’s seat, the driver looked straight ahead, showing his professional ethics.

One month after filming ended, “The Ghost in Red” was released quietly. Because it was a horror film, the publicity was less than that of a normal movie. The showing schedule was also in the middle of the night, and only some fans of the actors of the movie paid attention to it.

The basics of this horror movie were all there. The box office would not be too big, and certainly not too high. Fans didn’t have much expectations for this movie, so they just tried to bring their relatives and friends to watch it.

On the first day of its release, the movie only took over 300,000 yuan at the box office due to the appeal of fans. Fans were not too disappointed at first, but on the first night, a troll army appeared on social forums.

Trolls criticized this movie on every big V’s Weibo with the ID scrolling down the keyboard.

“Have you seen “The Ghost in Red”? I have never seen such a bad movie.”

“How can a horror movie be so bad?”

“Indeed, I suspect that this movie is being used to launder money. It’s over.”

Shen Luqiu finally recovered from the allergic symptoms on his face. After being discharged from the hospital, he found that he couldn’t be more confused. All his resources in the company were robbed. In stark contrast, Shen Dongqing was continuously prospering.

He wanted to contact the man in Tang Suit, but he couldn’t get through to him. He ran to the villa in the suburbs and saw that the door was locked tightly and there was no one there.

Shen Luqiu was unwilling to give in. Since the man in Tang suit could not be relied on, he could only use his own methods.

That’s right, it was Shen Dongqing’s acting skills that were being criticized by the navy.

Under the brainwashing of a large wave of trolls, many passers-by actually believed it. Fans were a little anxious and went crazy on social forums. However, the evaluation of “The Ghost in Red ” was still getting lower and lower, and the box office was still as stable as a rock.

Shen Luqiu felt proud.

As long as an actor was labeled as a box-office poison, it would be difficult for him to move forward in the film industry in the future, and even passers-by would feel bad about him.

Just two days later, things suddenly took a turn.

It was not that the navy had been wiped out – after all, Shen Dongqing was purely for fun in the entertainment industry, and didn’t care much about it – but a UP master on seeing “Ghost in Red” being so complained about, went to watch the movie out of curiosity, if you don’t watch it, you won’t know, and he found this movie was really not a bad movie!

Even if the plot was a bit weak, the logic was not problematic, and the acting skills of those actors were even more remarkable, especially the young lady who played the ghost in red, with those eyes, that posture, and the bgm, the red ghost seemed alive and like a real, uh… ghost!

The UP master came back after watching the movie and released a video and told the fans about the movie without spoilers. He was always making complaints about bad movies, and he had nearly a million fans. After the broadcast, many fans became interested in “Ghost in Red” and rushed to watch the movie if they had the conditions.

Not to mention, maybe the navy sunspots on social platforms spent a lot of effort complaining about this movie. So, the audience who watched the movie didn’t expect much at first, but after seeing it, hey, it’s really good-looking, so they didn’t say it sucked. The female ghost in red was good-looking, the hero and heroine were also not holding the movie back, and Shen Dongqing’s fighting scenes were also remarkable.

Yes, they could even see fight scenes in horror movies.

As soon as the audience finished watching, they spontaneously went to the social platform to amway others. With word of mouth, the box office of “Ghost in Red” really rose. Even if it couldn’t compare with the big productions released in the same period, it was more than enough compared with other horror films, and in the end, it even won the top three box office horror films over the years.

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