FESM Extra 13: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Li Xin’s Weibo originally had hundreds of thousands of fans, most of whom were fans of Qin Yize and Zhou Jinyun who conveniently followed him as their agent. This hot search incident attracted countless curious onlookers to his Weibo, and his followers exceeded one million overnight.

Many people left messages on his Weibo: “Brother Li, someone confessed to a Li Xin, have you been stimulated since you are still single?” “Touch Brother Li, it’s so irritating to have the same name and surname.” “Did Brother Li find a girlfriend, are you there?” “Brother Li, come on!”

Li Xin couldn’t laugh or cry. To prevent the crowd from continuing to speculate, he simply posted the engagement ring on Weibo and said: “Today is my birthday, he proposed to me, and I agreed. Yes. The Li Xin you guessed is me.”

The crowd’s jaws dropped in shock!

Li Xin had always wanted to find a girlfriend. Fans of Qin Yize and Zhou Jinyun all knew this. Everyone also hoped that this diligent manager could find a gentle and considerate girlfriend, but Li Xin was actually proposed to?

A fan curiously asked: “Brother Li, have you found a boyfriend? Who is he?”

Li Xin replied: “He is an alpha and is very good to me. It is not convenient to reveal his specific identity.”

Manager Li Xin was proposed to by a mysterious alpha male. This news once again caused a sensation in the entertainment industry. Many fans went to Qin Yize’s Weibo to ask what was going on with Li-ge, Qin Yize’s face was ugly, and he really wanted to say: I don’t know either!

He just retired for a few months and went home to take care of Luo Ning. Li Xin unexpectedly quickly found an alpha man, and he was also Major General Benjamin of the Hydra Legion. This was completely unacceptable to Qin Yize. Weren’t Li Xin and Benjamin people from two different worlds? Why were they suddenly together? Benjamin even proposed to him?

Seeing the puzzled look on Qin Yize’s face, Luo Ning explained: “Back then, when you were filming at the base with the crew of Feng Xing Chen, Benjamin fell in love with Brother Li. He came to me at that time because he wanted to ask if Brother Li had a girlfriend.”

Qin Yize frowned and looked at Luo Ning: “Really?” He thought that Benjamin was looking for Luo Ning because he was interested in Luo Ning. Qin Yize was jealous for a long time because of this. Who would have thought that Benjamin actually looked for Luo Ning to ask about Li Xin?

Qin Yize rubbed his temples with a headache: “I really don’t understand, how could Li Xin like Benjamin? He has always wanted to find a girlfriend. Why is Benjamin interested in Li Xin? What the hell are they… When did they fall in love?”

Luo Ning smiled and held Qin Yize’s hand: “Emotional matters are difficult to explain. As long as they like it, there is no need for us to interfere.”

Qin Yize said calmly: “I’m worried about Benjamin, I always feel that Li Xin will be cheated by him.”

“You don’t have to worry about this, the Behe family’s teaching is very strict, if Benjamin treats the proposal as a joke, he would not have made such a big fuss. Or, after returning home, he would definitely have his legs broken by his father. In my opinion, he is serious about Li Xin, otherwise there was no need to show his love publicly. Let’s wait and see, since Benjamin has proposed marriage already. If he succeeds, he will definitely make another move. If he really loves Brother Li, he will definitely marry him back home.”

Hearing what Luo Ning said, Qin Yize’s mood finally improved, and he hugged Luo Ning’s shoulder lightly: “Okay, I’ll listen to you, let’s see where this will go first.”


Although Luo Ning didn’t know Benjamin very well, the alphas from the Behe family were extremely dedicated emotionally, he was quite sure of this point. Since Benjamin dared to propose, he must have recognized Li Xin. Luo Ning reckoned that their marriage should be successful, and he should plan to buy a wedding gift for Li Xin.

As Luo Ning expected, Benjamin had already planned everything.

The next morning, he took Li Xin to visit his parents.

Li Xin’s parents lived in Lyra, where the environment was very good and the air was fresh. Li Xin used the money he earned a few years ago to buy a three-bedroom and two-living house for his parents in a good neighborhood. It was not luxurious, but clean and cozy.

Benjamin rang the doorbell, and soon a pretty middle-aged woman opened the door.

Seeing a tall alpha man holding her son’s hand, Li Xin’s mother was a little confused and didn’t know how to react. From behind her, Li Xin’s father asked in a low voice: “Who is it? Is our son back?” Walking to the door, Li Xin’s father was a little embarrassed when he saw his son being led by a man.

On the other hand, Benjamin had a calm demeanor and bowed politely to them: “Hello, Uncle and Aunt. My name is Benjamin, and I am Li Xin’s boyfriend.”

His parents looked at Li Xin in unison.

Li Xin could only blush and nod: “Dad, Mom, he is the one who confessed to me last night and proposed to me…”

His parents looked at each other.

Li Xin coughed, and Father Li finally came back to his senses, touched his nose, and said, “Please come in.”

He saw as Benjamin filled the table with gifts in large and small packages. Instead of the considerate daughter-in-law he expected, his son brought back a tall and handsome alpha. He couldn’t accept it for a while, and his expression was very stiff.

Li Xin’s mother also had a headache. While Benjamin was led by Father Li to the living room, she secretly pulled her son aside, leaned into his ear and asked, “Xiao Li, what’s the matter with you? We agreed that you would find a beta girlfriend, how come you have found an alpha man?”

Li Xin said seriously: “Mom, he is very good to me, and I like him very much. Now that I am looking to get married, I finally met someone I like, and I don’t want to avoid getting entangled with him. It’s not about him being an alpha. He treats me sincerely, and that’s the most important thing.”

Li Xin’s mother frowned: “But if an alpha and beta are together, don’t you plan to have a baby in the future?”

Li Xin was stunned. He was stunned, he had never thought that he and Benjamin would be able to get married. When he proposed to him last night, he was so moved that he agreed. Then when he got home, he was busy dealing with trending topics. So, he wasn’t in the mood to think about it, and his head was still a little confused. His mother’s words, like enlightenment, made Li Xin completely sober.

The issue of children was indeed a problem in the marriage of alpha and beta. It was difficult for beta men to get pregnant, especially since the probability of pregnancy for beta men was extremely low. Li Xin liked children very much. If he married a beta girl, the fertility rate would be relatively high due to genetic compatibility. However, once he combined with the alpha Benjamin, they would not be able to directly have babies with their genes.

It was indeed a pity to think so. However, if Benjamin wanted a child, they could use artificial means to do in vitro fertilization, but he didn’t know if Benjamin would be willing to accept it. The Behe family may mind the bloodline issue.

Li Xin was thinking about it when his mother said softly: “You have grown up, and we will not interfere too much in your emotional problems. However, mother hopes that you will not regret it in the future. Marriage is not a trivial matter, and you must think carefully about it.”

Li Xin nodded, turned around and came to the living room.

Benjamin was chatting with Father Li. Father Li asked him about his work, and Benjamin told him the truth. Knowing that this alpha was actually the only son of the leader of the Hydra Legion, Li Xin’s father was obviously surprised and couldn’t help but say: “Why did you fall in love with my son? Our Xiao Li is just a beta. An alpha like you should have many omegas who want to marry you, right?”

When Benjamin saw Li Xin coming over, he smiled and took his hand and asked him to sit next to him. Then he turned back to Father Li and said, “Uncle, since I have known Li Xin, in my heart, Li Xin is the best. Now that I have proposed to him, I am ready to spend a lifetime with him.”

Li Xin’s father was a little worried: “But after all, the pheromones of alpha and omega would attract each other. If you meet a more beautiful omega in the future, can you guarantee that you will not get tired of our Li Xin?”

Benjamin’s attitude was very firm: “Uncle, I am a soldier and I have my own principles. You can rest assured that we have undergone strict training in the military academy, and I will not be affected by an omega’s pheromones.” He glanced at Li Xin and his eyes were particularly gentle, “Besides, I only love Li Xin. In my eyes, other omegas are just passers-by, and Li Xin is my protagonist.”

When Li Xin heard this, his heart warmed slightly, and he gently held Benjamin’s hand back.

Benjamin patted the back of Li Xin’s hand reassuringly. The next moment, he suddenly knelt down in front of Li Xin’s parents, looked at the two elders sincerely and said, “Uncle and aunt, please rest assured and leave Li Xin to me, I guarantee that after marriage, I will treat him well and make him happy.”

When he knelt down, not only Li Xin’s parents were shocked speechless, but Li Xin’s head also went blank, and his eyes couldn’t bear the pain.

Fortunately, Father Li reacted quickly, and immediately helped Benjamin up after recovering: “Hey, what are you doing! Get up, we didn’t disagree…”

Mother Li also echoed: “That’s right, since Li Xin agreed to your marriage proposal, we will not separate you two. Cough, mainly your family, will they agree to you being with a beta man?”

Benjamin stood up with a smile, and said: “Please rest assured, my family is very much in favor of our marriage and will not embarrass Li Xin, and I will live alone with Li Xin after we get married, so there is no need to worry about Li Xin being wronged.”

Listening to his promise, the two elders looked at each other, both thinking this alpha is very good. Not to mention being tall and handsome, he was also very responsible. The most important thing was that he seemed to really like their son. In order to propose marriage, he confessed his love with a giant screen light on the tallest skyscraper in the capital city. It was no wonder that such a hard-working alpha would make their son dead set on him.

Father Li and Mother Li readily agreed and entertained Benjamin warmly.

Benjamin quickly and resolutely took care of Li Xin’s parents, and then took Li Xin home to meet his parents.

When Li Xin saw the legendary General Carlo for the first time, he was extremely nervous. Fortunately, Benjamin held his hand the whole time and never let go.

General Carlo was usually very serious, but before meeting Li Xin, he was educated by his wife Aidean, and his attitude at the dinner table was much better today, and he did not dare to speak loudly for fear of scaring this beta, so he sat quietly next to his partner, acting as a prop.

Aidean was very gentle. He looked at Li Xin with a smile and said, “Our Benjamin has been spoiled since he was a child, and we need you to be more tolerant in the future. If he bullies you, just tell me and I will deal with him.”

Li Xin was flattered. Although Benjamin’s father was not in good health, he was really gentle and easy to get along with.

Aidean also gave Li Xin a meeting gift, which was a handicraft made by him, which could be placed at home as an ornament. It was inlaid with precious gemstones, which looked very delicate. Li Xin was embarrassed to accept it, but Benjamin smiled and leaned into his ear: “Accept it, Dad likes you, so he gave you something he made by himself.”

Li Xin blushed and accepted it: “Thank you uncle.”

Aidean said: “After getting married, you should change my address to Dad.”

General Carlo took a look at Li Xin, and said seriously: “That’s right, there is no need to call me General when you see me. It sounds strange.”

While he was feeling embarrassed to speak, Benjamin squeezed his palm, looked up at Carlo and said, “How about the wedding being scheduled for next month? Father should know that my rotation this year is next month. If I miss this time, I will I have to wait until next year, and I don’t want to delay it too long.”

Carlo was about to object, but Aidean glanced at him, and he had no choice but to drink tea with his head held down in frustration.

Aidean said: “No problem. We also need to see Li Xin’s opinion. If you have no objection, we will prepare as soon as possible.”

Li Xin blushed and said: “I have no objection, you can arrange it.”

Under the urging of the couple, the parents of both parties formally met the next day and agreed on a wedding date.

The general was really resolute, and within a short month, all the wedding matters were quickly settled.

Qin Yize received the wedding invitation, frowned and handed the invitation card to Luo Ning, saying: “They really want to get married?!”

Luo Ning opened the invitation and looked at the time and place: “It’s really soon.”

“What is Benjamin so impatient for? Damn, why is he rushing so urgently?”

“He may be afraid that there will be changes if the time is prolonged, so he can rest assured if he settles things down as soon as possible.” Luo Ning smiled slightly, leaned into Qin Yize’s ear and said, “Didn’t we also get the certificate after knowing each other for a month? As long as you recognize the other person, of course, the sooner you get married, the better.”

Thinking of the hurried marriage with Luo Ning, Qin Yize felt soft in his heart. He looked at Luo Ning tenderly and said, “You and Benjamin are not the same kind of people. He urged things so hastily. I always feel that he is trying to do something bad.”

“…” Luo Ning felt helpless. He and Benjamin were the same kind of people, right? What bad idea could Benjamin be planning? Of course, he wanted to eat up Li Xin as soon as possible and legally. Did he think that all alphas were as upright and simple as him, who could still be abstinent with the person they liked sleeping in their arms?

Seeing Qin Yize lowering his head and thinking, Luo Ning had to interrupt him: “Now that we have received the wedding invitation, we have to go to the wedding and think about it carefully, what gift should we give to Brother Li?”

Qin Yize was silent. After a moment, he said: “I want to transfer Yize Studio directly to his name and let him be the boss in the future.”

Luo Ning smiled: “The income of the studio is not low, are you willing to do it?”

Qin Yize sighed softly and said: “I plan to go back to Zhongxing Entertainment to help. I don’t care about the studio anymore, and there is no need to be the nominal boss anymore. I was originally following Li Xin’s lead, and he helped me for nearly ten years. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Giving Yize Studio to him is not an expensive gift. He deserves it.”

Luo Ning nodded in agreement: “It’s good if you can think of it this way. How much trouble have you caused him over the years? He not only treats you as an artist under him, but as a younger brother. He has also helped a lot with our affairs. You give him the studio, and do you think it’s OK for me to give him a holiday villa?”

Qin Yize said: “Yes.”

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