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Ever since seeing blood once, Yan Qing was not as casual as before, she had started paying a lot more attention to her body, and was determined not to let her husband be stimulated again.

Every little illness or pain of hers was closely related to him, not to mention such a big movement as bleeding and fainting.

He suffered too much from “losing”, and finally healed his wounds in the sweet days, and he couldn’t bear such repeated blows.

Besides, Yan Qing was also very worried that her husband would be angry on the little guy in her stomach.

Or blame himself.

No matter which one, in the end, he was the one who would be hurt silently, and she couldn’t bear it.

As the full term approached, Yan Qing’s fetus began to move frequently, and the taste was also strange. She fell in love with grapefruit tea for no reason, and a few cups a day was not enough.

Huo Yunshen was worried that the sugar content was too high and unhealthy, so he repeatedly studied the ratio of ingredients, and the taste was almost numb, and finally made the version with the best taste, and limited the amount to supply to his wife every day.

“Don’t drink too much.”

Mr. Huo said firmly.

Pregnant women were prone to hyperglycaemia during pregnancy, which was related to the safety of his wife, so he was ruthless in not condoning her greed.

Yan Qing was carrying a baby that weighed several kilograms, and her body always felt heavy and sore, so she especially loved to act like a baby with her husband, and made him tired to relieve the discomfort of the third trimester of pregnancy.

Her voice was sweet, and she lazily called him in different ways: “Huo—Mr.—Yun Shen—husband—Shenshen Baby—you can’t blame me for wanting to drink. I suspect that I’m pregnant with a grapefruit—”

Huo Yunshen’s ear next to her was so soft and hot that it was about to melt, he couldn’t help laughing, and pinch the tip of her nose.

Pregnant with a grapefruit.

Qingqing had a wonderful idea, why was she so cute.

Huo Yunshen took her into his lap carefully, but still remained unmoved: “You’ve finished drinking today’s share, so you can’t act like a baby.”

Yan Qing hung her whole body on his arms, humming dissatisfiedly.

Qingqing really fell in love with him, Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear it, being rubbed by her felt so good that he touched her cheek patiently, and asked in a low voice: “More bargaining chips.”

Yan Qing kissed him on the lips.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were dark.

She enjoyed it and licked it lightly with the tip of her wet tongue.

He was breathing slightly harder.

Her little evil eyes popped out, she lowered her head, slid to his Adam’s apple on the side of his neck, and kissed him carefully.

Huo Yunshen raised his head slightly, the corners of his mouth tightened, the muscles on the back of his hands stretched, he pressed her soft waist, and said hoarsely: “Hey, don’t move.”

Yan Qing couldn’t bear to make her husband suffer, so she restrained herself obediently and leaned against him, and whispered: “Little grapefruit is coming out soon, when I recover, I can let you do whatever you want as before…”

After all, she had been pregnant for a long time, and he had been restraining himself while being so lustful, for fear of hurting her in the slightest.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t bear it anymore, helped his wife up, and led her downstairs to make grapefruit tea. He reserved half a cup for her to drink when she was too hungry.

A few tall screens were added to the living room on the first floor to separate the daily activity area of the pregnant woman from the reception area outside. In the past two months, Mr. Huo’s business affairs had basically been moved to his home, and the outside of the living room was used as a stronghold. Coming and going like running water, everyone kept trembling, lest they disturb his wife’s rest.

As soon as Yan Qing stepped down the stairs, she saw a group of four or five men in suits and leather shoes waiting quietly. Hearing the sound of footsteps, they hurriedly stood up, bowed their head respectfully, and waited for Mr. Huo to come over when he found time.

The deep-rooted fear and obedience that came from deep in his bones made Huo Yunshen’s eyes darken a bit.

Yan Qing glanced at him and held his hand firmly.

Huo Yunshen had been a fearsome existence since the day he stepped on the remains of the Huo family to seize power, especially after the eradication of dissidents, the Huo family had not only expanded in the US market on a large scale, but the original field had become even more prosperous. His originally shaken prestige was doubled and superimposed, no matter whether it was discussed inside the group or on the Internet, he was regarded as a god and a devil.

Not only the god who turned the world around, but also the ruthless devil king.

Among the senior executives of the group present today, whoever was not calling the shots outside, but as soon as they were swept by his cold gaze, they would break out in cold sweat.

Even though the reasons were different, it was still the same as in the past, everyone feared him. He didn’t want to learn, and he couldn’t learn how to be a normal person who did not make others afraid.

Huo Yunshen ignored them, took Yan Qing directly to the kitchen, and closed the door.

He made a new pot of grapefruit tea by himself. He held Yan Qing in front of him, held her hand and went to get a spoon together, scooped out half a spoonful, added water and stirred slowly.

Yan Qing’s back was pressed against his trembling chest, and her heart was swollen with unspeakable pain.

“Shenshen,” she said with a smile, “There is me, and there is you.”

She didn’t want to be specific, but she knew that her husband understood everything.

Huo Yunshen bent over her and corrected in a low voice: “Only you.”

There was no one else but her, only her.

As other identities, he was cold and hard, but as Qingqing’s man, he loved and was loved infinitely.

Little Grapefruit… would be afraid of him too.

No one taught him what family love was like. He had never had a father’s love, so how would he give it to Little Grapefruit.

He would vent his anger on him, he would be jealous because he was worried that Qingqing’s attention would be distracted, he couldn’t even smile naturally enough to people other than Qingqing, and he couldn’t be a father that his child would like. In this family, he was likely to become a unfavoured one who repelled and avoided the child making Qingqing’s life difficult.

Yan Qing caressed his slightly cool fingers, and held his hand on her swollen pregnant belly.

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes and asked: “If he is afraid of me in the future and tells you that I bully him, will you believe him?”


“If he hates me and doesn’t want to see me, will you hide with him?”


Huo Yunshen had sand in his throat: “He…”

Yan Qing wrapped her fingertips, his heart twitching unbearably, and said softly: “Huo Yunshen, I only prefer you.”

When he heard this sentence, the gloom around his body suddenly dissipated, and he stroked her hair with her chin, and gave a hoarse “um”, as if he had obtained her supreme protection.

Yan Qing was so sour that she wished she could feed him all the candy at home, and she persistently pulled his five fingers to touch his stomach: “Mr. Huo can’t underestimate Little Grapefruit, he is the son of us an affectionate couple and is a part of you.”

Huo Yunshen was deeply silent, instead, he asked: “Little Grapefruit is the name?”

Yan Qing realized that she had called Little Grapefruit, and tasted it repeatedly, but felt something was wrong again, Little Grapefruit, Little Grapefruit, how come you look like a little eunuch, you must not.

“It’s called Youyou——How about you, our little sweet pomelo,” she said with a smile, “I want you to pick his name.”

Huo Yunshen spread out her delicate palm, and slowly sharpened his strokes on it.

Yan Qing’s eyes were bright: “Ran?”

He nodded, “Ran, I have this life because I was ignited by you.”

Huo Ran.

Yan Qing turned around and hugged him with difficulty, her eyes turning hot.

Their child was named by his father to represent her and him.

She ignited him, and he burned endlessly for her, which would never go out.

Yan Qing was officially admitted to the hospital a few days before the expected date of delivery, and the media always paid attention to her delivery date as a top priority, but due to Mr. Huo’s power, they did not dare to disclose it easily.

Seeing the anxious looks of online fans and the rumours getting more and more popular, Yan Qing decided to post it on Weibo.

Having a baby, what a happy event, there was nothing to be afraid of with people knowing.

Instead of posting an original post, she leisurely ran to the latest item “Did the affectionate couple have a baby today” under “No birth”, and replied with a verified account-“Qingqing.” The two words instantly stirred up the situation.

Huo Yunshen must not let his wife appear alone, so he immediately logged into his vest, took a picture of them tightly holding hands, and added a line of words: “Don’t toss mom around.” CP fans of affectionate couples would always be at the forefront when receiving dog food.

“Oh my god, did Mr. Huo send a warning letter to his own son too!!!”

“Compared to his wife, his son is just a wandering grass, so my heart hurts.”

“Why, sir? Qingbao’s hands are still so thin and so beautiful! They are not swollen and out of shape due to pregnancy at all, and the woman favoured by the big devil really has a physique that ordinary people can’t have. Everyone cried!”

“Didn’t you notice the ward? Isn’t it a five-star hotel suite???”

“This believer is willing to be a vegetarian for three years, please bless us, Mrs. Huo, to give birth to a baby without pain!”

Yan Qing saw the comments and laughed so hard, then she felt there was something wrong with it, as if it was suddenly painful.

She only had time to call “husband”, and the well-trained doctors and nurses on call arrived immediately. After that, everything was in chaos. She decided not to allow Huo Yunshen to accompany her, and she did not want any girlfriends to accompany her. The doctor pushed them all away.

It may take a long time to wait, it would still hurt for a while, it would be torturous and cause bleeding, and she would be hoarse and miserable.

She couldn’t let Huo Yunshen see any of it.

He was not afraid of swords, mountains and fires, but he was afraid of her pain.

If he saw such a scene, it would be indelibly fixed in his head for many years. When she hurt, he hurt a thousand times more than her.

Yan Qing was pushed into a special waiting room, where a group of carefully selected doulas surrounded her to accompany her. Before the door closed, she looked up to find Huo Yunshen, who was blocked from the door, staring straight at her, with scarlet eyes, she couldn’t bear to watch.

She tried to smile at him.

As soon as the door was closed, she immediately fell on the bed in pain, and reasoned against her shrinking pregnant belly: “Youyou, be patient, you must make a good first impression on Dad, otherwise Dad will be very sad outside alone, he sounds fierce, he is very timid…”

“He is very afraid of your mother’s pain…”

“What about Youyou, is he afraid of his mother’s pain.”

The delivery room had a separate waiting room, and she would not come out until the delivery was over.

The entire corridor was cleared, Huo Yunshen leaned against the cold wall alone, and slowly squatted down, clasping his hands together, his skin and joints were ravaged to deathly white.

No one dared to approach except Min Jing, even Min Jing was afraid to open his mouth.

“Brother, sister-in-law will be fine, she will be out soon.”

Huo Yunshen stared at the ground.

His long black eyelashes were covered, and the joints of his hands were stretched to the extreme, and a little bit of blood began to flow out.

“Just this time,” he said hoarsely, “the only time.”

Min Jing sighed, he remembered that when his sister-in-law disappeared, Brother Shen was also like this, curling himself up in the darkest corner alone.

Any separation where she was dragged away before his eyes, and the pain that he couldn’t be with her, was unbearable to him.

Others rejoice in having a child.

He was tortured only because he couldn’t catch her and couldn’t protect her.

Huo Yunshen didn’t remember how long it took, it seemed like it was so long that he died a few times, but in reality it was only a short time. Youyou, who was on a mission, left his mother’s stomach super smoothly, and liberated his mother at the least painful speed.

When the door opened, Huo Yunshen stood up in panic, without even looking at the little guy who was wrapped up and carried out, he rushed straight to the hospital bed behind.

Yan Qing’s anaesthesia hadn’t passed yet, her sweaty long hair was scattered on the pillow, and she bent her lips palely and weakly at him: “Shenshen, was I fast, I didn’t make you wait too long.”

Long time.

Long enough for him to go crazy.

When Yan Qing returned to the ward, she could no longer avoid her husband’s personal care. Even if he didn’t see the labour process, the follow-up care would still be popular. He didn’t allow the nurses to intervene. He learned the process silently in advance and completed it all by himself.

When he was not busy, his hands were trembling, stroking her face over and over again, his eyes seemingly about to bleed.

Yan Qing felt sorry for her husband, but she couldn’t care less about her own discomfort. She thought she would suffer for a few more days, but she didn’t expect that her body started obviously improving from the next day, and the lost energy quickly returned. Three days later, her physical strength was enough to start promoting the father-son relationship.

“Shenshen, have you looked at Youyou carefully!”

Huo Yunshen shook his head.

Don’t talk about him, I have seen him roughly.

I don’t want to see.

The culprit who caused Qingqing to suffer was the bloody proof he created.

Yan Qing felt pity and funny at the same time, and asked the nurse to bring Youyou, she hugged him with strength, and patted his little chin to look at him carefully.

Not long after he was born, other children were still wrinkled and not yet opened. Her Grapefruit was already a clean white ball, with closed eyes, thick and long eyelashes, a small nose with a neat tip, and a soft mouth. His face was so tender that he looked a small milk cake.

Yan Qing was shocked.

She gave birth to such a cute cub!

She was also great!

Yan Qing’s almond eyes were starry, and she showed her husband like a treasure: “Shenshen! Look at him!”

Huo Yunshen didn’t want to give him a look, he just stared at her alone, and when the little guy was about to enter the field of vision, he couldn’t bear to disappoint his wife, so he reluctantly glanced at his son.

He didn’t see his face clearly, but he could clearly see that he was full of Qingqing’s embrace and joy.

He felt uncomfortable.

It was difficult to appease.

Huo Yunshen pursed his lips, took Youyou from her arms, and handed it over to the waiting medical staff not far away.

Yan Qing was not in a hurry, she smiled and half leaned against the soft pillow, quietly clenching her fists to cheer Youyou on.

Little sweet Grapefruit, to conquer your father is to conquer the stars and the sea!

Mama believes you can do it!

Huo Yunshen looked at him miserably and raised his arm to hand him out. Huo Youyou, who had been sleeping lazily since birth, slowly opened his eyes at this moment.

The man’s arm subconsciously stopped.

The baby’s eyes were still extremely immature, but they had perfectly inherited the outline of his mother. The pupils were clear, reflecting the sharp facial features of the father.

He watched Huo Yunshen obediently.

Huo Yunshen also squinted at him.

Yan Qing’s heart beat faster, she hastily reached for her phone and turned on the camera, zooming in and recording the historic first official meeting between the father and son.

She said softly: “Youyou, this is Dad.”

Youyou looked at Huo Yunshen with big eyes like grapes.

His soft little mouth moved.

Yan Qing walked over in surprise.

Huo Yunshen was deeply afraid that she would be unstable, so he immediately hugged her.

He put his arm around his wife and held Youyou in the other.

Facing his father, Youyou unconsciously curled the corners of his soft mouth, revealing a milky smile.

Unintentionally, without cognition, it was his first smile since he came to this world.

Yan Qing’s heart was about to burst with joy, but somehow her nose felt sore.

She choked up slightly and said, “Shenshen, at least one aspect of my son must be like me.”

Huo Yunshen’s voice also fluctuated, and he kissed her forehead: “He looks good.”


Yan Qing smiled and corrected him softly.

“We both love you.”

Dj22031: After reading this chapter, a line I red somewhere came to my mind and mind you I’m paraphrasing a bit: “There are many dangerous people in the world who are completely safe to be around in the world because there is that one person who keeps them happy and stable. But if something happens to that person, then watch out world…”

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