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In the past few years since her memory was restored, Huo Yunshen had been taking good care of Yan Qing’s body. So all her injuries, big and small, had healed without any traces.

Coupled with the sweet and warm relationship between husband and wife, her heart was clear to the end, and there was no haze at all. Her physique had naturally improved accordingly, and all indicators were above the healthy level.

After the pregnancy was confirmed, the doctor did a basic examination and confirmed that she was in good condition, so there was no need to tell her any more. Mrs. Huo’s daily life during pregnancy, without even thinking about it, must be a thousand pets.

When she came back from the hospital that day, Huo Yunshen didn’t have a moment to spare. The environment at home had to be changed, and people were hired to protect the places that were prone to bumps. Several nutritionists were invited in a row. In addition to the family doctor, another experienced female doctor was selected to take care of his wife during pregnancy.

Yan Qing was a little sleepy, she was coaxed to sleep by her husband when she got home, and when she woke up, she pushed open the door, and was almost frightened by the doctors and nurses who were waiting obediently outside.

Huo Yunshen had just finished explaining the few ingredients that would need to be specially supplied from abroad in the near future. When he heard his wife wake up, he immediately went upstairs and held her hand: “Qingqing, what’s missing, we can add more at any time.”

Yan Qing facing her husband’s expression which was more serious and cautious than when discussing a major contract, and she felt sweet and astringent at the same time.

He was so nervous.

She couldn’t blame him for making a fuss over a molehill, but before leaving the hospital, the nurse thoughtfully gave them a lot of practical precautions during pregnancy for them to read at their leisure.

On the way back, Shenshen went through them one by one. At the end, there were a few pages that objectively stated the possible damage and risks of pregnancy to pregnant women. It gave a few extreme examples. From the moment he saw this page, Shenshen’s expression became uneasy, he kept hugging her and the strength was painful.

He was too afraid, and now the fear of jealousy became second, and her safety was pushed to the top of his worries.

Yan Qing didn’t say that he was overreacting, but smiled and comforted him: “Husband, let everyone go back first. I just had an examination and my condition is very stable. I don’t need special care for now.”

Huo Yunshen was deeply worried, his brows were furrowed.

She shook his hand and said softly: “There are too many people now, and I feel uncomfortable. It’s not the time to protect animals.”

Hearing that she was uncomfortable, Huo Yunshen was shaken and dismissed the group. The family was quiet and there was only the young couple left with the pregnancy escort group on standby.

Yan Qing touched her flat belly, which was so flat that it couldn’t be flatter. It wasn’t enough for a month, and even the two lines on the test paper were only light red. She didn’t have the real feeling of being pregnant at all, but she worried her husband so much.

She hooked Huo Yunshen’s finger and went downstairs: “Let’s go for a stroll in the yard.”

She needed to give poor Mr. Huo psychological counselling.

Yan Qing walked all the way down the stairs, seeing that the edges and corners of the house were covered with a soft anti-collision layer, she couldn’t help laughing: “Shenshen, I am an adult with strong mobility, so I don’t need to be treated like a toddler. You are so afraid of me knocking into and touching something.”

Huo Yunshen retorted: “You are not an adult, you are just a child.”

Yan Qing teased him with red ears: “Then Mr. Huo, did you impregnate an underage girl?”

Huo Yunshen was staring at her shrewd eyes, then he couldn’t help but curl his lips, pick up the cashmere shawl on the sofa, wrap it around her, and drag her to the courtyard: “Yes, I’m not better than a beast.”

Yan Qing smiled and fell into his arms.

Mr. Huo was really, he would rather say that he was a beast than stop insisting that she was a child.

The afternoon in early autumn was still warm, with a gentle breeze, and the light golden sunlight slanted into the green plants in Huo family’s courtyard, covered with a layer of glistening tulle.

Yan Qing was sitting on the swing, while Huo Yunshen stood behind, pushing her gently.

“Shenshen, come here—” she called him, “Sit with me.”

The swing was wide enough, and it was more than enough for two people to sit with each other. Yan Qing tilted her head and carefully described Huo Yunshen’s facial features, and said with emotion: “I am pregnant. You don’t need to do anything else during this period, just let me see your face more, as I wish to have a beautiful child like you.”

Huo Yunshen raised the end of his eyes slightly: “The same as me?”

Yan Qing paused for a moment before realizing it. He conceded defeat to Vinegar Huo who never looked back, and quickly changed his words: “It must not be the same. You’re already here.”

Mr. Huo said “Mmm” slowly, and it was quite useful.

Yan Qing stretched out her hand to caress his reddish eyes due to restlessness recently, and turned to the topic softly: “Shenshen, I am in good health and have no bad living habits. The reactions that may occur during pregnancy are normal. Even if special circumstances happen, you have arranged for the best doctor to take care of me, there will be no delay, no mistakes, right?”


“So, I promise that there will be no accidents, and the dangers in the brochure will never happen in to me,” Yan Qing said firmly, “if you don’t relax, I will be sad too.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes and pursed his lips slightly: “… Let those people come to take care of you in three months.”

“Before the delivery.”

“…Six months.”

Yan Qing stopped arguing with him. Anyway, it would be six months later. If she was in good condition by then, maybe her husband would not force her.

“Okay—whatever Mr. Huo says.”

However, Yan Qing did not expect that when she was six months pregnant, her body, which had been stable until now, unexpectedly experienced a little fluctuation, and she suddenly had some blood come out before falling asleep at night.

She was already thin, and her diet was well controlled during pregnancy. She was still slender and well-proportioned. Her belly was not big, and her movements could be considered light in the sixth month of pregnancy. However, the sudden bright red still made her panic, and she couldn’t stand in the bathroom for a while.

In less than ten seconds, Huo Yunshen, who was waiting outside the door, realized something was wrong, pushed the door open and entered, his face instantly pale.

Yan Qing was sent to the hospital in a daze, her hands were clenched from the beginning to the end, until her bones ached slightly, but this pain gave her the greatest security, she saw Huo Yunshen’s deep red eyes in a daze, twitching, the fear that made her nose tingle.

She held him back with all her strength, and murmured vaguely: “It’s okay, don’t be afraid Shenshen, I’m fine.”

Yan Qing didn’t know how long it took, but when she regained her spirits, she was lying in the quiet ward. It was deep, and the infusion tube was ticking.

Just as she was about to move, she suddenly felt the tightness around her waist.

Yan Qing turned her head, and Huo Yunshen was beside her, on the hospital bed with her, with a few bloody cuts on his lip, breathing heavily and lightly sleeping, with his arms around her tightly, for fear that she would disappear.

Her uncomfortable feeling had passed, and her heart was full of pain and sorrow.

He was terrified.

Yan Qing put the sticker into his arms, and Huo Yunshen woke up immediately, before opening his eyes, he blurted out “Qingqing”.

“I’m here.” She sobbed slightly.

Huo Yunshen seemed to be suffocating. He stared at her for a few seconds to make sure that she had woken up safely. Finally, he coughed out a cough and kissed her tremblingly.

Yan Qing’s condition was not serious, and it was also a common phenomenon in the second trimester of pregnancy. It was just that her pregnancy was too calm before, which made it especially dangerous this time. Although it was nothing serious, the doctor knew that Mrs. Huo had a lot to do with it, so he also told her not to take it lightly.

Prior to this, Yan Qing held back her curiosity and insisted on not asking the sex of the child, nor letting her husband ask. She originally wanted to wait for the birth to reveal the truth, but this time when something happened and the doctor automatically thought that for Mr. Huo to care so much, in addition to the love for his wife, he must also care about the child in her womb.

Huo family’s future heir, don’t worry.

She didn’t shy away from it, and mentioned the “Young Master” inside and outside courteously.

Yan Qing understood, and when everyone had left, she grabbed her husband’s neck and said excitedly, “Did you hear it deeply! Young master! It’s our son!”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were still dark, with a frenzy that couldn’t go away.

Qingqing was bleeding out of strength, carved into his consciousness like a knife, and every time he thought about it, he was terrified and cramped.

He even hated this son who made his mother suffer.

Yan Qing was actually fine that day, but Huo Yunshen guarded the courtyard where she lived for a week. After returning home, Yan Qing was completely upgraded to the only one who was cherished and protected, and was cared for meticulously from morning till night.

She had some insomnia, so Huo Yunshen sang to her in a low voice every night before going to bed.

He was usually a cold and rigid person, and he had never sung anything, but in her ear, his deep voice sang all the old songs she loved to listen to tirelessly.

Yan Qing muttered to him when she was half asleep and half awake: “Husband, what you sing are all love songs, it’s not suitable for my son… I want you… to sing some nursery rhymes…”

“No,” he stared at her stubbornly, “It’s just for you, it has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Yan Qing stroked his hair in a daze: “You little awkward, that’s your son.”

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, and said in a dull hoarse voice: “If you get hurt, no one can do it.”

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