SN Ch. 82

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Huo Yunshen’s voice was heavy, not to mention that these words had complicated emotions, so he didn’t speak clearly.

Yan Qing was distracted by his teasing, her ears were filled with her own heartbeat and his breathing, so she couldn’t listen carefully, the words were vague, all covered by the burning emotion.

It seemed that she had vaguely caught the word “child”, but before she had time to distinguish it, she lost her composure under his fierceness.

She still insisted on reaching out to the bedside table, and randomly grabbed a small piece of necessities for him.

Would use it every time.

In this regard, he had always been serious and cautious.

Yan Qing was so dazed by his kiss, she gave him the necessities and didn’t care anymore, she concentrated on indulging in the rush of his giving, but when he really invaded, she vaguely felt that tonight was a little different from before.

Hotter, more trembling to the touch.

She cried out uncontrollably.

Yan Qing really had no strength in the second half of the night, and curled up limply in Huo Yunshen’s arms, he let her go, hugged her and comforted her slowly, fed her water, sucked away the unconscious tears from the corners of her eyes, and coaxed her to sleep.

He himself had no sleep all night, and it was only when it was light in the early morning that he put the sleeping Yan Qing into his arms and hugged her tightly, frowning and closing his eyes.

Although Yan Qing was tired, she slept surprisingly well. When she woke up in the morning, her waist and legs were terribly sore, but she was full of energy. She lay her pillow on her husband’s arm, and by the way, recalled those images of those trembling faces last night.

As a result, the more she thought about it, the less stable she became.

There seemed to be something wrong with Shenshen’s state…

In the past two or three years, his mood had always been stable, and there had been nothing that would irritate him for a long time. No matter how indulgent he was in pleasure, he was still gentle every time, but this time it obviously made her regain a feeling… that year, because of memory regression, he imprisoned her in the nebula room to ask for it day and night.

In this case, there was only one reason.

He was silently afraid of something.

Yan Qing couldn’t lie down anymore, and wanted to turn over to look at him, but as soon as she moved, her hand inadvertently touched a corner of a plastic package under the pillow.

She was stunned for a moment, and took it out in disbelief.

It was the co**om she handed to her husband…

At about this position, she stuffed it into his hand, and then he didn’t use it? Was he pushed under the pillow in the ensuing entanglement?

Yan Qing instinctively looked at the bedside table. The lid of the small box containing the necessities was still open. Even if she didn’t count the number inside, she could get a rough idea of it.

Her husband took the initiative and did nothing.

Yan Qing was stunned for a while, then recalled that unobstructed… scorching temperature, which further confirmed her judgment.

She turned red from her cheeks to her collarbone, bit her lip and turned to look at the man beside her.

He was still asleep, his brows were unconsciously tightened, his eyes were lightly blue, his arms were unconsciously folded, and he was still trying his best to trap her in his arms in his dream.

It had been a long time since Yan Qing had seen him so forbearingly uneasy, and at the same time her heart ached, she realized the seriousness of the problem.

The phrase “child” she vaguely heard last night may not be an illusion.

Yan Qing tried her best to control her emotions, breathed steadily, carefully slipped out of Huo Yunshen’s arms, left the bedroom with her mobile phone, wandered around the door twice, and decided to call Min Jing directly.

She didn’t believe it was such a coincidence, it was definitely because her husband knew something.

When the call was connected, she pre-emptively asked, “What time did his meeting end yesterday afternoon?”

Min Jing was unprepared for his sister-in-law’s question, and was caught off guard by such a question, so unable to react at work for a while, he honestly replied: “Four o’clock.

Yan Qing choked: “Four o’clock? Isn’t it six o’clock? “

“It was supposed to be after six o’clock, but Brother Shen finished it ahead of schedule.”

Min Jing was a little flustered, not knowing what had happened, “He was thinking about your party with friends, and wanted to pick you up earlier.”

Yan Qing clutched her cold forehead: “So, after the meeting at four o’clock, he went to the clubhouse right away, right?”

The brief silence already told Yan Qing the answer.

She hung up the phone and leaned against the wall for a while, her throat was sore and her eyes were swollen unbearably.

Sure enough…, it was over at four o’clock, and he would have arrived at the clubhouse at 4:30 at most. He would definitely have gone upstairs to find her, and he should have heard those conversations just as he walked outside the door.

The most sensitive and evasive question, but she admitted it herself.

She said that she “likes children”, “want”, “dreamed of it”…

Yan Qing couldn’t bear to think about his feelings at that time.

In fact, there was no need to think about it at all, his decision and actions were clearly expressing his heart.

He resisted so much that he wished there were only him and her left in the world, but in front of her liking, he still tied himself with a rope silently, chose to give in, and satisfied her every wish.

In just a few hours yesterday, how much must he have endured alone.

Yan Qing’s heart ached so much that her chest was tight, and she couldn’t help being angry with him.

Did she care about him so much in order to make him wrong himself without saying a word? Then what’s the point of her having a child!

He should be punished.

The punishment must be harsher, otherwise the problem that would be faced sooner or later would not be solved.

Yan Qing made up her mind, pursed her lips and went back to the bedroom, tiptoed towards the bed, and removed her pillow, then went to the bathroom, packed all the bottles and jars, and carried them to her workshop on the second floor.

Ever since Huo Yunshen had been here with her a few times, the sofa had long been replaced by a soft bed, so sleeping was not a problem.

Yan Qing put down the pillow, put the cosmetics aside, found a bottle of vitamins in the medicine cabinet, poured out two white pills, placed them on the table brightly, and prepared a glass of water.

After setting up the “wife is very angry” scene, Yan Qing waited quietly for Mr. Huo to get up.

Before Huo Yunshen opened his eyes, he felt that his arms were empty. He subconsciously reached out to look for her. There was no one around him, and the sheets were cold.

The scene of Qingqing neglecting him that had been haunting in the dream suddenly came before him, he got up hastily, she was not in the bedroom.


There was no answer.

Huo Yunshen was about to lift the quilt out of bed when he suddenly realized that her pillow was gone. He couldn’t help but turn pale. He went to the bathroom to look for her first. However, what he saw was that the bathroom was not only empty, but even the skin care products she usually placed in a fixed position were all gone, the pink electric toothbrush and cup had disappeared, and only his blue bath towel stood hanging, looking lost out of thin air.

His heart was tightly bound, entangled and breathless.

He hurried back to find his cell phone, called her with his fingers cold, and rushed into the corridor.

The familiar bell rang faintly from a door downstairs. Knowing that she was still at home, Huo Yunshen’s dry lips finally managed to recover a little blood. He rushed outside the studio and pushed open the door forcefully.

Inside the door, his Qingqing was wearing only the thinnest pyjamas, sitting palely on a chair, putting two pills into her mouth, and swallowing them uncomfortably.

“What are you eating!” He walked up to her a few steps and hugged her up.

Yan Qing grabbed the armrest and refused, so don’t start by saying in a low voice, “The pill.”

Huo Yunshen’s hands trembled, and his pupils turned bloody.

Yan Qing didn’t look at him, fearing that she would lose her temper immediately, she suppressed her voice: “You forgot to do something yesterday, I’ll just fix it.”

“Remedy…” His voice quickly became hoarse, “I said I want a child.”

Yan Qing heard him say these words, and she was so sore that she wanted to cry. She choked up a bit, not completely pretending, also brought out real emotions: “Why? Just because you heard me say I like it? So your wishes can be retreated to the end, without any consideration, as long as you satisfy me and make me happy, is it enough?”

Huo Yunshen held her wrist deeply, but still couldn’t get her up.

He didn’t dare to use too much force, so he simply knelt down and clasped her waist tightly, preventing her from running away.


She guessed it.

He had already had nothing to hide in front of her, no matter how well he concealed himself, she would still see through him at a glance.

Yan Qing’s eyes were red, and she finally turned her head to stare at him: “Am I right? No matter how much I love you, you will not put yourself in an important position, but if there is any conflict between us, you will take yourself for granted that you are the one who should retire, and it doesn’t matter if you are happy or sad, right?”

Huo Yunshen raised his head and stared at her, his pale lips parted slightly: “Yes.”

Yan Qing’s nose suddenly became sour.

She took a deep breath: “Then you saw it, you neglected yourself and made me very angry, so angry that I moved all my things out, and I will sleep in this room from now on, regardless of you—” She couldn’t finish the rest of the sentence, his hold on her hands tightened suddenly, and the fingertips were about to press into her bones, and the kiss came up impatiently and fiercely, tightly wrapping around the tip of her tongue.

His voice was hoarse: “I don’t care how angry you are, this is not good.”

“You can hit me and lose your temper at me,” he gritted his teeth, “You can’t hide from me, and you can’t take medicine casually!”

That kind of medicine hurt the body, he watched her swallow it, as if biting his taut nerves.

Floating in the dream, emptiness when waking up, everything pierced his heart. In the three years after marriage, Qingqing never left him, always depended on him intimately, and never got angry with him. Today…today was because of the child.

“I’m not angry because of the child!” Yan Qing saw the darkness in his eyes, and interrupted decisively, “It’s because of you!”

The muscles on Huo Yunshen’s arms turned stiff.

Yan Qing wiped the wet corners of his eyes and stared at him: “Since I was five years old, I have only you in my heart. Do you have so many feelings to like this and that? My expectations for children have never been because of children. What I wanted was your child.”

“Do you know what the point is?” She touched his face with her gentle hands, raised her eyes to meet him, “I love you, so I am willing to spend time and hard work, to give birth to a child belonging to you and me, not only like it, but also—”

Huo Yunshen saw his reflection in her eyes.

She said softly.

“Huo Yunshen, I can give you everything in this life, including my childhood and adulthood, but I can’t give you a family’s warm affection.”

He was startled.

Yan Qing rubbed her temples with her fingertips: “I didn’t have a good time in the Yun family, but at least my mother loved me very much before she died. I had family ties, but what about you, the Huo family owes you too much, you deserve it. The family love and cherishing, and no one has ever given it to you.”

“But I can,” her voice trembled slightly, “I want a child because I want to have a family that only belongs to me and you, and our blood should flow in his/her body, he/she should bear your last name, trust you wholeheartedly, and make up for everything that your relatives have hurt you in the past.”

Huo Yunshen stared at her in a daze, with a little bit of enthusiasm in his eyes.

“I don’t need it,” he said, “Qingqing, all I want is you.”

He wanted her to care and love him unchangingly.

Yan Qing no longer resisted, bent down, and hugged his neck patiently: “This is the second thing I want to say.”

“Shenshen, I agree to do whatever you want. I am sincerely willing, and I am not forced,” she said firmly. “Even if I said this, if you don’t like children, we can still have them. You don’t want me to go out with other people. I don’t have to go to distract myself, but only——”

“You make things difficult for yourself, hold back when you have something to say, and give in in a self-harming way. I will be so angry that I will throw you out of the room.”

“This is the way to hurt you the most. I still did it, just to let you understand what is my bottom line. I will always put it first, and I will not be shaken by anyone or anything.”

Huo Yunshen fingers were clasped with her.

She persisted and asked: “Tell me what it is.”

He said: “It’s me.”

Yan Qing met his expression, her eyes so sore that she couldn’t bear it.

Not enough, she still needed to give him more…more affection.

Let him be confident, get used to his own importance, and occupy her confidently.

All strong possessiveness came from insecurity.

He was afraid, that’s why he resisted the whole world approaching her.

But there were still countless good years in this life, and what she wanted to give him was also his world.

“Yes, whether it’s you, the child, or anything else, it’s impossible to change.”

Yan Qing finished pretending, relaxed her body, obediently slipped into his arms, and hugged him back lovingly: “I…I didn’t mean to scare you, but I really feel sorry for you. You are not allowed to think about it without saying a word. Let’s take our time with the child. When you are ready, we will talk again. There is no rush at this time.”

Listening to his pounding heartbeat, she added: “If you haven’t been well prepared, then you don’t want it. Love is enough anyway.”

Huo Yunshen buried his head deep into her neck, his heart was wrapped by the warm tide, and he said in a nasal voice, “Then you can’t take medicine either.”

Yan Qing blinked and changed the subject: “Is Mr. Huo still awkward?”

He shook his head.

“Don’t panic?”

He continued to nod.

“Then I said it,” she cleared her throat, “Actually, I’m taking vitamins.”

Huo Yunshen raised his head to look at her suddenly.

Yan Qing blushed: “Where did our family get birth control pills? I can’t go out to buy them early in the morning, and I can’t get someone to give them to me, so I just… lied to you to let you know how angry I am.”

Huo Yunshen pinched her face, and pulled her to his chest tightly.

She picked the clothes on his shoulders and asked: “Then…do you want me to eat? It’s safer to find Dr. He, so as not to cause confusion.”

Huo Yunshen bit her earlobe deeply: “No.”

“You, you, you so many times last night… What should I do if I’m pregnant, I’m not on a safe period.”

“So you’re going to be pregnant.”

“Stop being jealous?!”


Yan Qing couldn’t help laughing.

Huo Yunshen gritted his teeth deeply: “I’ve eaten a lot, so give me more.”

“Okay—” Yan Qing kissed the corner of his mouth, “Whether there is or not, I will give you a lot of love, and fill the void of family affection.”

Half a month Later, Yan Qing’s punctual Aunt Flo was delayed.

Huo Yunshen was very clear about her menstrual period, and he couldn’t sleep well after holding her in his arms for several nights. Yan Qing didn’t dare to procrastinate any longer to hang on to her husband’s heart, so she took out the test strips she had prepared and took a secret test.

Two bars.

Yan Qing’s heart was beating like a drum, she stared at the test for a long time and couldn’t regain her senses, until Huo Yunshen knocked on the door and she floated out to show him.

There was almost no delay, and she was taken to Dr. He’s private hospital immediately. The nurse received her with great sincerity and took a blood test for Mrs. Huo.

During the waiting time, Yan Qing held her husband’s hand and warmed him from cold to hot.

“Mr. Huo, madam, congratulations!” The nurse showed joy, “You are indeed pregnant.”

Dr. He eavesdropped from above and let out a sigh of relief.

Yan Qing took the test sheet, solemnly handed it to her husband, and leaned on his shoulder: “Mr. Huo, you are going to be a father.”

On the way home, there were flowers blooming outside the car window.

Yan Qing couldn’t suppress her joy, she knelt on the big seat, blushed and smiled and asked, “Shenshen, do you want a boy or a girl—”

She guessed that her husband would choose a girl.

In terms of jealousy, a daughter was definitely better than a son, and he shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable being invaded and robbed.

Huo Yunshen looked at her with deep dark eyes, smoothed her loose long hair behind her ears, and replied: “I want a boy.”

The feeling of being snatched away and divided, if there was a bias in the gender of the child if.

Then he hoped it to be a son.

It was enough for him to be jealous.

He had tasted all those losses and sourness, and he didn’t want Qingqing to experience even the slightest bit.

He could compete with his son.

And never would Qingqing have a certain moment when she felt lonely because of the existence of her daughter.

Yan Qing was surprised and asked: “Why?”

Huo Yunshen smiled slightly and said: “Because in my family, there will always be only Qingqing, as my little princess.”

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