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By the summer of the third year after her wedding, Yan Qing had finished two rounds of national tours, released four albums, where her new and old original songs fought to the death on the major charts, and she also logically continued to be listed at the top in the Chinese music circle. So, she got the heavyweight prize softly.

Yan Qing did not receive many endorsements, and the quality of the endorsements she did receive was so high that everyone in the circle looked up to them. Not only were they envious that she had the Huo family to rely on, but more because of herself. Mrs. Huo wore top luxury brands that could not be ignored, but after changing to the people-friendly snacks and daily necessities, she could transform into a walking sweet peach in seconds, with just the right proportions.

Not to mention, this led the heavyweight of several major first-line women’s magazines to rush to get her to appear on their covers, not for any other reason, but because she was really beautiful, and there were too many hard photos of her which had become popular in the circle.

Yan Qing’s life was extremely nourishing. Writing and singing were her hobbies, and she would not be tired of work. Occasionally, she would appear in variety shows and shoot commercials.

Sometimes the fans shouted excitedly, saying that the entertainment industry needed her and please come out to do more business.

Yan Qing just laughed.

It was her family’s Mr. Huo, who really needed her.

The entertainment industry was still lively without everyone, but Mr. Huo couldn’t do without her.

She admitted that she had no big ambitions, and all her thoughts and wishes were tied to Huo Yunshen’s body. She wanted to accompany him all the time, get tired of being with him, and let him know how much she liked to cling to him.

During this period, Dr. He talked to her in private.

“Madam, Mr. Huo’s health is getting better and better. The insomnia and anorexia caused by the previous stimulation have all healed, and the old and new injuries are basically healed, but on the mental level…” Doctor He couldn’t laugh or cry, “He doesn’t seem to be normal.”

In his view, Mr. Huo was very paranoid, with too strong emotional needs and strong possessiveness, which was difficult to restrain.

Strictly speaking, it was a pathological manifestation, which invisibly restricted his lover’s freedom.

He originally thought that it was the result of his wife’s disappearance for three years. And after his married life stabilized, Mr. Huo would be able to get better. However, after so long, it turned out that Mr. Huo’s condition not only did not get better, but even worsened.

He needed her all the time, he felt uneasy and apprehensive about every very short separation, wanted to hold on to her in his arms every second, and be trapped by his side so that he could feel at ease.

Coupled with his wife’s unconditional indulgence and attachment, Mr. Huo even looked like he wanted to give up on treatment.

Doctor He was upset.

He thought it was a disease that needs to be cured.

Who wanted to be so dominated by others, when leaving for a while, or having fun with friends must first take into account the thoughts of their lover, how tiring it must be.

Yan Qing shook her head, and said quietly: “Doctor He, I know you mean well, but I have to tell you that he is not abnormal, he is not a patient, and he doesn’t need others to tolerate his personality, as long as I’m here, it’s enough.”

“… Are you really able to bear it?”

“That’s the wrong word,” Yan Qing’s almond eyes slightly curved, “I’m willing.”

She loved every bit of his temperament.

Maybe Dr. He thought it was an invisible cage.

But she was willing to be tied in the chains and be his inseparable prison bird. She didn’t want to fly anywhere, and she was only willing to circle around him in her life.

She had never lost her freedom, as Huo Yunshen was her freedom.

Dr. He sighed with emotion, and asked worriedly from a doctor’s perspective: “But if this goes on, how can you have children? I see Mr. Huo’s state, and he can’t tolerate any living beings by your side for a long time.”

Let alone children, cats and dogs were not even allowed.

Yan Qing smiled softly: “Then we won’t have children.”

Dr. He was shocked.

Based on what he had come to know about Mrs. Huo over the past few years, she definitely liked children very much. From this point of view… his wife had indulged Mr. Huo to the limit, and she had no intention of turning him around. She had made up her mind to let him do whatever he wanted for the rest of her life.

Although he didn’t understand, Dr. He also felt that he didn’t need to say anything more.

The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Huo was so deep and they had gone through so many life and death hardships, which was not what he could say.

At the end of summer, Yan Qing received a new advertisement. On the day of the shooting of the promotional photo, Huo Yunshen finished the business at hand early and went to see her on the spot. The people who worked with Yan Qing had long been accustomed to Mr. Huo’s sudden appearance. So, the brigade came out to greet them respectfully.

Huo Yunshen went straight through the crowd to the studio, and saw his little wife brushing her long hair under the light and smiling sweetly at the camera.

It was an advertisement for shampoo.

When the finished film came out…, he had to control himself to not go to the supermarket and bring back all her human figure stands.

Yan Qing also spotted her husband immediately, tilted her head towards him, and winked playfully.

The photographer excitedly captured it, and took several shots in a row, 100% sure that this moment was definitely the best of the day, and the screen was filled with the vivid love that was ready to come out, and anyone who saw it would feel moved, and the advertising effect would be perfect.

When the filming got over, Yan Qing smiled and didn’t move.

Huo Yunshen also raised the corners of his lips, and slightly opened his arms towards her, expressing that his arms were empty and urgently needed to be filled by his wife.

Yan Qing set off immediately, with the corners of her skirt flying, and ran over in a few steps, not caring whether others were looking at her, she hooked his neck and jumped up lightly, being held firmly by him.

Although everyone at the scene was used to the young couple sprinkling dog food anytime and anywhere, but seeing it with their own eyes, they still clenched their hands and howled silently with excitement.

The picture was so eye-catching!

Be intimate! Be more intimate! Qingbao, you can do it! Fuck him hard! Let’s melt the iceberg!

There were tens of thousands of bullet screen comments in the hearts of the onlookers. Of course, Qingbao lived up to expectations, and naturally and intimately pressed her cheeks with her husband, which made the expressionless man laugh all the way.

“It’s so early today—”

Huo Yunshen kissed the tip of her nose: “I had a meeting this afternoon, but I couldn’t wait to see you first.”

Yan Qing was relieved when she heard that he had a schedule.

Xu Mohan asked her and Ouyang to go out for a party after work in the afternoon, and she was worried about how to tell Shenshen that she would not accompany him, so there was no need to find a reason now.

Keep it normal, the party was no big deal, and Shenshen would never interfere with her eating and drinking tea with female girlfriends, but… two months ago, Xu Mohan and her new husband successfully created a baby and became pregnant.

Newly pregnant women had an extremely strong desire to confide. Even if they couldn’t see each other, she would often send WeChat to chat. Huo Yunshen had heard it a few times. Although he didn’t say anything, Yan Qing could see that he found it very repulsive.

It wasn’t Xu Mohan who he rejected contacting her.

It was a child who could not be separated from the lines, and he was afraid that she would be tempted.

Every time at this time, his eyes showed the hostility and sadness like when he saw the kitten in the dressing room, as if he was afraid that she would take it home.

Yan Qing couldn’t bear him to have such emotions, and since then, when chatting with Xu Mohan she tried to avoid him as much as possible, and she agreed to go out to get together today because she knew that he was busy with business.

Huo Yunshen stroked her hair deeply, and asked in a low voice: “Will you wait for me in the office in the afternoon? I got you a new quilt on the bed in the suite, which is very soft, and I added a cat pillow.”

“Ouyang asked me for tea…”

She didn’t mention Xu Mohan.

Huo Yunshen paused, then nodded: “Okay, I’ll pick you up later.”

Yan Qing was reluctant to part with her husband, and the driver drove her to the place where she was meeting her friends.

In the box on the top floor, Xu Mohan and Ouyang had already arrived, and the table was full of various snacks that couldn’t fill the pregnant woman’s mouth.

“Thanks to Qingbao’s blessing to be able to enter this bag, I have been to the bottom three floors at most before.”

“I was almost suffocating at home, I’m not allowed to eat this or that!”

As soon as Yan Qing entered the door, Xu Mohan drew a picture. The wind suddenly changed, and she controlled her desire to complain, and asked earnestly: “Qingbao, when will you join our camp for pregnant women!”

Qingbao decisively ordered another table suitable for pregnant women.

It was a pity that the mouth of the pregnant woman still couldn’t be blocked.

After chatting all about the world for more than an hour, Xu Mohan couldn’t help it, and the topic turned back to the issue she cared about the most. She stopped being rude and said seriously: “Ouyang doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, so don’t worry, but Qingbao, you should pay attention, your family has a throne to inherit.”

Yan Qing held hot tea and explained frankly: “My Majesty doesn’t like it.”

Ouyang understood: “Your Majesty only likes the queen, and anyone who wants to snatch her will be killed.”

In the long and winding corridor outside the door, Huo Yunshen, who had rushed to finish his work ahead of time, was walking to the door of the box. The waiter bowed and had just touched the door, ready to open it for him.

The clubhouse was safe, and the little sisters were not talking about secrets, so only one decorative door was closed, which was not too soundproof. Standing close, you could hear 70% to 80% of the conversation inside.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were dark, and he raised his hand to signal the waiter to leave.

The waiter didn’t dare to disobey, and he hurriedly retreated according to his words.

He stood quietly outside the door, listening to Qingqing’s voice.

Xu Mohan said “ah”, and also remembered those scenes in college, how Huo Yunshen was nervous about Yan Qing, and he didn’t allow anyone to get involved, even her girlfriends, they couldn’t be too close to her.

“But the question is,” she was still surprised, “is the child on the list of people he cares about?”

Ouyang said: “I think Mr. Huo’s world has two divisions, one is Qingbao, and the other is other creatures. Maybe children are more difficult for him to accept than others. Think about it—” Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes deeply.

“A little guy who is destined to take away Qingbao’s time, affection, and attention is much more serious than pets, friends, or admirers.”

Yan Qing said softly “Hmm”.

An airy sound made Huo Yunshen outside the door tighten his fingers.

She knew it all.

Xu Mohan dragged her voice out, frustrated: “But Qingbao, you like children very much. I remember clearly. When your memory first started to get confused, you were dizzy and drowsy. We all thought you were pregnant, and you were so happy. Every day, you secretly tested and waited for two bars, but later you found out that you were not and you were quite uncomfortable.”

Huo Yunshen’s pupils shrank, and he took a step closer.

After a brief silence.

Through a door, Yan Qing said in a soft voice: “I like it. I was looking forward to it at that time. I thought I was having his child. Now I can occasionally dream of having a baby with him. The little guy looks very similar to him.”

Her tone was full of sweet expectation.

Huo Yunshen lowered his head slightly, the knuckles of his fingers turning white.

The voice in the room continued gently: “But what I like is nothing compared to him. I just want him to be happy. He is the most important thing. I don’t care if I have children or not.”

Huo Yunshen heard this, he fixedly stared at the direction where Qingqing’s voice came from, even though he couldn’t see her, he still remained motionless.

No more running away.

He had always understood that Qingqing was looking forward to having a child.

He deliberately ignored it, pretended not to understand, never brought up this topic with her, and even when she got close to other children, he didn’t hide his resistance in exchange for her distress and concern.

Those selfish and vicious thoughts were at work unscrupulously in front of her tolerance.

He wanted to monopolize her, and only be with her from birth to death. Her love, concern, attention, soft words, and sweet petting had to belong to him only.

If someone invaded, if they separated her from him, even by an inch…

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes, and the veins on the back of his hands turned green and white.

Inside the door, Xu Mohan and Ouyang were arguing, Yan Qing interrupted with a smile: “It’s good that my family’s Shenshen is happy, I won’t make him afraid.”

Huo Yunshen was like a sculpture in the corridor.

After a while, he let go of his slightly numb hand.

Qingqing was thinking about him, but she… was wrong.

He was not important.

The important thing was that he wanted her to be happy and not let her down.

Whatever she liked, he would hold it in front of her.

When the show ended in the evening, the waiter outside the door informed softly: “Madam, Mr. Huo said he will be late, so please take it easy.”

Of course Yan Qing was not in a hurry, her husband was rarely late, so it didn’t matter how long she had to wait.

Huo Yunshen sat silently in the car for a long time, adjusted his state, and hid the shadow of extreme emotions, and only went upstairs five minutes after the waiter had notified Yan Qing.

Yan Qing was surprised: “Is five minutes too late?”

“Forget it,” he hugged her hoarsely, “Even one minute counts.”

Yan Qing’s heart itched, her husband was really too sweet.

Just as she was about to kiss him as a reward, Huo Yunshen said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Yan Qing glared at him.

With a smile on his lips, he avoided the most important thing and said lightly: “I’m sorry, I made my wife wait for me so hard.”

Make my wife work so hard… think of him in every detail, and appease his wanton desire for possession.

Yan Qing squeezed him: “Don’t talk nonsense, why would you apologize, let’s go home quickly.”

Huo Yunshen wrapped her in his arms: “Let’s go home.”

She fell limply on the bed with the milky fragrance of shower gel, and the man covered her up without any explanation, encroaching on all her consciousness.

Confused, she touched the small package beside the bed.

Her wrist was held down by hot fingertips.

She was breathing heavily, with a forbearing dullness, and the scorching heat rushed into her red-hot ears.

“Qingqing, I want a baby.”

You like it.

I will give you whatever you like.

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