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After the little distressed man came out, the atmosphere around him seemed to be different.

More than a dozen bodyguards in suits lowered their heads and shouted respectfully: “Sir.”

Huo Lanting suddenly lost his previous arrogance and complacency, and obediently ran to the man’s side.

Gu Yuan looked over, he was no longer wearing a bathrobe, but a suit, but he still had white gloves on his hands, which were clean and white.

Little Huo Lanting ran over, held his hand obediently, and shouted softly: “Dad, you have come to find me!”

The man lowered his head and looked at his son: “Lanting, do you know that you are wrong?”

Little Huo Lanting pouted: “Who told you not to play with me—”

The man lowered his brows slightly: “Huh?”

“Stop messing around!”

The man looked up at Ji Qisen and Nie Yu.

After seeing Huo Lanting’s father, Nie Yu and Ji Qisen paused for a moment, and then they looked at each other.

There were some islands scattered in this area, each island was very valuable, and each neighbour had some history. It was no exaggeration to say that the Queen Elizabeth of Country Y might live on the island next to yours, or it may be the former Queen Elizabeth of Country X or even the prime minister.

In the same way, those who could appear on the beach near Ji Qisen’s Island must not be ordinary people.

It just so happened that they knew this little baby’s father, they were not familiar with him, but they knew him and had met him on some important occasions.

This man was from the Huo family.

The Huo family was also from the Hua Kingdom. It was said that they were originally a wealthy family in the Hua Kingdom hundreds of years ago. The family had produced seven imperial champions, thirteen Tan Huas[1], more than one hundred and two ranking scholars. More than two hundred years ago, the Huo family was far away across the ocean, then they came to country X to settle down and nurture their roots.

For more than two hundred years, the Huo family had been developing steadily and in a low-key manner. The family’s economic strength was unimaginable to ordinary people. It was said that the Huo family had participated in several important technological innovations that had promoted economic and technological development in recent decades. According to last year’s wealth list ranking, there were 17 children of the Huo family who made it to the wealth list. However, some insiders said, that this was only superficial wealth. The Huo family’s wealth had not been made public because the core assets that had not been listed were immeasurable. No one knew about this hidden money empire.

To this day, the Huo family was mysterious and low-key. The Huo family’s children had become less and less involved in the family business, and instead turned to manipulating things from behind the scenes, only on some special occasions, such as the Queen’s birthday banquet of country Y, or on some other major scenes, did they show up.

As for the man in front of them, he was the most low-key and the most dazzling one in the Huo family.

His name was Huo Jinchen, he was about 30 years old this year, and he was the head of the Huo family’s current generation.

Compared with other Huo family children, he was more low-key, almost reclusive, and the reason why Nie Yu and Ji Qisen met Huo Jinchen was because they got acquainted with each other once when they attended the wedding of the royal family in Dubai last year.

It was a bit of a surprise to see him suddenly appearing here now.

What was even more unexpected was that they were able to meet Huo Jinchen’s son here. It was said that Huo Jinchen’s son was very precious to him and had thus never appeared in front of any media.

“Mr. Ji, Mr. Nie, excuse me.”

Huo Jinchen was the first to speak: “This is my son Huo Lanting, who is four years old this year. I took him to play nearby. I didn’t expect him to be so stubborn that he would leave the speedboat by playing tricks and break into this place rashly, and I apologize to everyone for the offense.”

He stretched out his hand, one could not hit the face of a smiling person, and everyone even knew each other, so it was not a big deal at first, then Ji Qisen glanced at Huo Lanting lightly, stepped forward and politely stretched out his hand: “Mr. Huo, what a coincidence.”

Although Nie Yu was a libertine, he was the only heir of the Nie family after all. On such an occasion, he naturally knew what to do and what to say, and he also politely stepped forward to say hello.

Huo Jinchen bowed his head and said in a low voice: “Lanting, apologize to Uncle Ji, Uncle Nie, and this young lady.”

While speaking, he looked at Gu Yuan next to him.

Gu Yuan didn’t even want to look at this person. No matter how good-looking he was, he was hateful for letting such a poorly educated child to come out and harm others. What she wanted to do now was to kick that bear child into the sea to feed the fish.

She only regretted why she had to be soft-hearted?

She should have seen from what happened at the bottom of the sea that this little boy was a demon king. Even if she couldn’t see it at that time, she should know that this was a proper brat when he came out of the water.

So, what gave her the courage to sympathize with this bad boy?

Gu Yuan didn’t even want to look at that brat now.

After hearing this, Huo Lanting blinked his big flexible eyes, and said softly, “I can apologize, but can I not call them Uncle Ji and Uncle Nie?”

When Huo Jinchen looked down at his son, there was displeasure in his eyes, “Lanting, how about your manners?”

Huo Lanting smiled: “They are so young, I should call them elder brother, right? Brother Ji, hello brother Nie!”

After hearing this, Huo Jinchen stroked his son’s hair, feeling a little bit helpless, then he said to Ji Qisen and Nie Yu: “It seems appropriate to call you brother. Your fathers and I have known each other for more than ten years, and we are also old friends.”

As for Ji Qisen, of course there was nothing to say.

Huo Lanting burst into a cute smile, and then said crisply: “Brother Nie, Brother Ji, I’m sorry, I was wrong just now, I shouldn’t have just barged in and I shouldn’t be naughty.”

After saying this, he looked at Gu Yuan: “Auntie, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have lied to you!”


Huo Jinchen frowned suddenly, his face sinking like water: “Huo Lanting.”

It was just three words, but the meaning of reprimand was obvious.

Huo Lanting said innocently: “But just now, I heard two big brothers were calling that aunt, mother. If I call them brothers, then I should call her aunt! Isn’t this based on seniority?”


Huo Jinchen looked at Gu Yuan with a little inquiry.

A very young girl with big clear eyes. When she was on the speedboat, she seemed to have been looking at him curiously.

No matter how he looked at it, she was only about twenty years old. Did Ji Qisen and Nie Yu call her mother?

Huo Jinchen withdrew his eyes, and said lightly: “Lanting, do you know that you are wrong?”

Huo Lanting was wronged now: “No, I heard it right, the two big brothers really called her mother just now, I didn’t misunderstand, she also educated her two sons, just like you educate me.”

As soon as the words came out, Ji Qisen sullenly kept silent, while Nie Yu felt a little uncomfortable and coughed lightly.

After all, this kind of thing was their own private matter, and they didn’t want to tell their matter casually to outsiders who didn’t matter.

Huo Jinchen was a little puzzled at first, but seeing the expressions of these people, did they really call her mother?

He raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

He didn’t care about other people’s private affairs, and who had what hobbies was not his concern.

He apologized to Nie Yu and Ji Qisen again, and then looked at Gu Yuan: “I’m sorry, Miss Gu, I apologize to you for my son’s rudeness. I didn’t teach him well.”

Huo Jinchen looked at Gu Yuan, and asked Huo Lanting to apologize to the three people again.

This time Huo Lanting was very obedient and obediently expressed his apology again.

After that, Huo Jinchen said goodbye, and the little Huo Lanting, who was held by Huo Jinchen, boarded his boat, took advantage of his father’s inattention, turned his head, and looked at Gu Yuan quietly. This time, he smiled at her with his lips parted.

With a cute face.

However, Gu Yuan didn’t want to pay attention to this brat anymore.

Gu Yuan turned her face away in disdain.

She would never be fooled by this brat again.

But when Huo Lanting saw that Gu Yuan ignored him, the original smile gradually turned into disappointment.

When he got on his speedboat, he raised his face and asked his father: “Baba, do you think I am annoying?”

Huo Jinchen: “You are not annoying, you are a lovely child.”

Huo Lanting after hearing this, tilted his head and said doubtfully, “But I smiled at that aunt just now, and she turned her face away and ignored me.”

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[1] Candidate who came third in the Han-lin examination.

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