5BKCM Ch. 43

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Gu Yuan heard this voice, and suddenly felt familiar, turned her head to look over, and sure enough saw the little red boy from yesterday.

The little red boy no longer wore a little red swimsuit today, but had put on a little blue suit with a little pink bow tie, which complemented his skin so cutely and delicately, and also made him look delicate and charming.

At this time, he was staring with a pair of big clear eyes, tilting his head and grinning at them with a small pink mouth.

This was really a child who was so cute that it made his heart melt!

But thinking of the little kid’s mischievousness yesterday, and the wicked person’s behaviour of going to his father’s place to complain first, Gu Yuan put on a sullen face, pretending not to care, even if he was so cute in her heart.

After seeing the little baby, Nie Yu and Ji Qisen didn’t look too good.

After all, they were two big people, and they were also famous diamond kings, but because of the arrangement of the young mother, they tried their best to escape here, just like two elementary school students who played truant. What was it like if it were to spread?

The key was to be laughed at by such a brat.

Ji Qisen looked at the child without hesitation, raised his eyebrows and said lightly: “Who are you, why are you here?”

This was his private island, and even the sea near the island was his private sea area, and outsiders actually entered, this was trespassing on other people’s territory. According to the local law, he could use the death penalty to get rid of such a child.

On the other hand, Nie Yu squinted his phoenix eyes, and asked directly and sinisterly: “Child, who are you? What are you doing here? Tell me!”

Under the pressure of these two people, let alone a child, even it was the lord, he would be afraid, and scared.

The child’s clear eyes showed timidity, he took a step back cautiously, and said fearfully: “You, what are you going to do? Don’t come here, don’t come here.”

Seeing him like this, Gu Yuan couldn’t bear it, but thinking about his previous bad deeds, she still asked: “Don’t be afraid, kid, we are not bad people, but you broke into our private island, you have to tell us clearly, what’s going on, where are the adults in your family?”

The child looked at Gu Yuan eagerly, and said cautiously: “Sister, I saw you on the speedboat before, although you robbed me of clownfish, but I think you are not a bad person.”

Gu Yuan had a headache and said helplessly: “Yes, I am not a bad person, you explain your matter clearly.”

The child looked at the fierce Nie Yu next to him, and Ji Qisen with a cold face, raised his small steps, and walked over a few steps all of a sudden, then he ran to Gu Yuan’s side and grabbed Gu Yuan’s clothes corner: “Sister, sister, please help me!”

Gu Yuan: “Huh? What’s the matter?”

The child bit his lip, and then began to cry, and said: “Sister, you have also seen my Baba. I originally said that Baba would take me out to play today, but I went into the water. I was watching the sea on the deck of a speedboat. Suddenly a boat came by and ran towards me on the boat, I screamed in fright, but they didn’t say anything, they knocked out my nanny, and drove my coach and bodyguards off. They covered my mouth and face, and took me away. I escaped because they didn’t pay attention.”

At this point, the little boy couldn’t help crying: “Sister, I’m so scared.”

When his tears fell, he looked pitiful and helpless.

Gu Yan couldn’t bear it anymore, she looked up at her two sons: “What should I do? Let’s see how to help him find his family?”

Ji Qisen pursed his lips slightly, stepped forward, looked at the little boy, and asked further: “Since you were caught by the bad guys, how did you come to this island in the vast sea?”

Ji Qisen looked down, the small suit on his top was dry, and only the trouser legs were wet, which meant that even if he got off the boat, he got off the boat on a very shallow shore.

Seeing Ji Qisen approaching, the little boy became more and more frightened, his small body was trembling, and he held Gu Yuan’s clothes tightly: “I, I don’t know, they seem to be discussing things, they parked the boat near here, the man in charge was drinking some wine, I lied to him that I wanted to pee, ran to the deck while he was not paying attention, and climbed down along the deck.”

He raised his face, looked at Gu Yuan pleadingly: “Sister, please help me, I was rude to you before, I’m sorry, but I’m so scared now! You guys, you don’t want to hand me over to the bad guys, right?”

His body was trembling unconsciously, and he subconsciously snuggled up to Gu Yuan’s leg.

Gu Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore.

This child was so pitiful, even if he was a little nervous before, he must have been terrified when he encountered this kind of thing.

Gu Yuan bent down, hugged him, and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid, we are not bad people, what is your father’s name, what is your name, and do you know where your home island is, we will help you find your father, and send you home.”

After being hugged by Gu Yuan, the child subconsciously stretched out his small arms, wrapped them around Gu Yuan’s neck tightly, and even snuggled into her shoulder.

Looking at this scene, Ji Qisen suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Where did this kid come from? Was this a gesture of robbing their mother?

With a sneer at the moment, he said ferociously: “Hey, hurry up and tell me your father’s name, I’ll have someone send you out!”

The child was so frightened by Ji Qisen that his small body trembled suddenly, and he hugged Gu Yuan tightly: “Sister, I’m afraid!”

Gu Yuan couldn’t take it anymore, the child trembling in her arms was so pitiful, she looked at Ji Qisen helplessly: “Qisen, don’t be so fierce, he is just a little child, what do you ask, please speak nicely, you can’t speak so viciously, what should you do if you frighten others?”

While talking, she lowered her head and gently wiped his tears with a gentleness that she had never experienced in her life, then hugged him and said, “Don’t be afraid, little friend, he is a good person, that’s how he talks, you tell sister, what’s your name, what’s your father’s name?”

Ji Qisen pursed his lips slightly from the side, didn’t speak, just looked at the little boy who was being hugged by his mother.

Nie Yu’s expression was a bit complicated, why did his mother protect such a little boy? Just a little boy that’s all, besides, he didn’t treat him fiercely, just asked who he was, and his tone was very kind, okay? The kindest tone in this life!

The little boy looked at Gu Yuan, looked at Nie Yu and Ji Qisen, this time carefully said: “My name is Huo Lanting, my father’s name is Huo Dating, I don’t know where my home is, anyway, it’s an island, it seems not far from here.”

Huo Dating?

It sounded so weird. Is there anyone named Huo Dating around here?

Ji Qisen frowned and glanced at Nie Yu.

Stop it, stop it at speed. Huo Lanting’s origin was unknown.

Nie Yu snorted and mockingly stared at him.

Hehe, it’s your turn to beg me? Why, why should I stop, you stop your island! The two failed to make eye contact, and each looked away with a sneer.

Ji Qisen had no choice but to say: “Mom, this child is very pitiful. I think the housekeeper will take him there first, check his body, and then worry about it. After all, there are seas everywhere, in case—”

Before he finished speaking, Huo Lanting said shouting timidly: “Sister, don’t, don’t you check me up, okay? Bad people want to check my body, they want to check my body, I am so scared!”

As he spoke, he shivered uncontrollably, his small neck wishing he could shrink into his suit.

The bad guys wanted to check his body?

Looking at Huo Lanting’s pitiful look, Gu Yuan made some associations in her mind, and anger immediately filled her heart.

These days, she had also learned a lot of things on the Internet. She roughly knew what would happen to such a young child who was caught by the bad guys for a physical examination.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, she quickly hugged him to comfort him, and then persuaded Ji Qisen: “You see, he was frightened like this by the bad guys, and he must have left a serious psychological shadow. After going through that kind of thing, we still don’t want to scare him. Besides, he is just a child, what a poor child!”

Ji Qisen: “Mom, but his appearance is really weird.”

Gu Yuan: “But he is so small, even if it is weird, we should— “

As soon as she said this, she heard footsteps from around, and then, a dozen strong men in black shirts rushed over.

This was Ji Qisen’s private island, where the status of the Ji family was all there, so it was impossible for the island to be completely defenceless. As soon as these men in shirts appeared, the defence system immediately issued a warning, and the guards of the Ji family on the island had already been dispatched, so with a bang, some guards rushed over, raised their weapons, and aimed at the men in suits.

All of a sudden, swords were on the verge of breaking out.

Ji Qisen’s eyebrows and eyes were cold: “Who are you, why did you trespass on my private territory?”

Among the men in black shirts, one of them was a little older, about 30 years old, looking smart and capable, the man first raised his hand to show his kindness, before stepping forward: “Hi sir, we trespassed on your private domain without any malicious intentions, we just came to find our young master.”

As he spoke, the man pointed at Huo Lanting.

Huo Lanting shrank, looking very frightened, and desperately burrowed into Gu Yuan’s arms, and his little hand still grabbed Gu Yuan’s arm vigorously: “Sister, save me, they are bad people, they want to find me, they want to check my body, and they even forced me to eat some strange things!”

For such a small child, looking so scared, suddenly, a strange feeling of an old hen protecting its chick rose in Gu Yuan’s heart. She quickly protected Huo Lanting behind her, and looked at those people warily: “What are you going to do? He said it all, he is not your young master!”

The capable man looked helplessly at Gu Yuan and his own young master who hid behind Gu Yuan and couldn’t come out: “Miss, the child beside you is indeed our young master. Today, our young master insisted on letting us take him out to sea. Who knew that when we arrived at this island, he wanted to get off the boat to have a look. After pestering us to enter this rainforest, he disappeared when we turned around, so we had no choice but to look around. I offended everyone by looking for him.”

Another man in a suit said with a bitter face: “Master, please go back with us, and if you don’t go back, when your father finds out, I’m afraid you and we will suffer.”

Gu Yuan, who was acting like an old hen protecting the chick, was a little confused: “Why, how is it possible—”

Ji Qisen said quietly: “Mom, let go of this kid, he should be their young master.”

According to Ji Qisen’s observation, those men in shirts were well-trained, familiar with the rules of this area, and they spoke and acted like bodyguards of a wealthy family. They should be the bodyguards of this kid’s family.

As for the kid, he was just a showman pretending to be pitiful.

Gu Yuan lowered her head and looked at the little boy Huo Lanting suspiciously. Who knew, Huo Lanting blinked his eyes at this time, and then suddenly smiled, his beautiful eyebrows raised: “Hahaha, you are so stupid, how can you be so easy to be fooled!”

Gu Yuan: “!!!”

Huo Lanting came out of Gu Yuan’s arms, with his chubby little hands on his back, and took small, steady steps: “I was just teasing you, I didn’t expect you to really believe it?”

At this moment, Gu Yan looked at Huo Lanting’s proud little look and she couldn’t wait to kick him into the sea.

How could there be such a nasty child in this world!

Just when Gu Yuan was there baring her teeth and claws, wanting to kick the brat away, a voice came into her ears: “Lanting, are you messing around again?”

Gu Yuan suddenly remembered the man he saw in the morning, the weird man standing on the deck in white gloves and a dark blue bathrobe.

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