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The Weibo that Siyu used in the entertainment industry was always handled by Shen Yue, so she naturally saw Koi’s readers frantically scrolling down the screen, asking Siyu to audition for the TV series.

Shen Yue thought to herself that her own artist was really too Buddha-like. She had been recuperating since the filming of “Qin Guo”. Only one variety show had been taken, and she had no plan to make more announcements while the iron was hot. So after seeing the readers’ comments, Shen Yue felt that this might be a good opportunity for Siyu. It just so happened that the crew of “Fashion Strategy” also came to ask about her schedule. The two sides hit it off, and the crew immediately invited her to come for an audition.

Siyu looked at the script that was handed to her, there was a moment of silence, and finally she stroked her forehead helplessly.

Before, her comic editor Mu Yan asked her if she wanted to act as the screenwriter. But Siyu was afraid to expose her identity. How could she voluntarily come forward, so she turned it down for various reasons. She thought it was over. Unexpectedly, Shen Yue came up with this script.

“Let me think about it…” Siyu comforted Shen Yue, but her mind quickly turned to thinking about how to refuse the audition.

She knew that she was really too lazy compared to other stars in the entertainment industry. Ji Lin, on the other hand, was a model worker in the industry because he was filming one after another without interruption. After the movie was finished, she spent two months as a salted fish at home. During this period, she refused all notices. It was no wonder that Shen Yue was anxious.

“Sister Siyu, do you still need to think about it? Your support is so high, it must be appropriate!” Shen Yue thought she was worried about the suitability of the role. A large number of original readers had even said that, “You should go and try for it.”

Shen Yue simply sat next to Siyu, pulling her arm to act coquettishly.

Siyu was the worst at coping with this kind of offense. After thinking for a while, she felt that she must not be more than a candidate.

Shen Yue seemed to have expected Siyu to agree a long time ago, and immediately drove her to the crew, without giving Siyu a chance to repent. It was then that Siyu suddenly realized that this little Nizi had already planned everything and dug a hole for her and was just waiting for her to jump into it.

However, she was already on board the pirate ship, so it would not be easy to get off. Siyu had to sigh, and obediently let Shen Yue drive her to the place where the crew was auditioning.

When the two of them arrived at the destination, they found a lot of people had gathered inside, and the hall was very lively, but when Siyu walked in, these people who were talking stopped tacitly, and one after another they used their spare time to look at her with a slight alertness in their curiosity. Siyu could even hear a few whispers.

“This is the Zhou Siyu who the manhua fans strongly requested to play the heroine? The one who walked through the back door?”

“No, I heard from internal sources that the crew was afraid of suffering backlash from this IP, so the first thing they considered was the manhua fan’s opinion, and they found Zhou Siyu to be the first choice. I think the heroine is decided by default, and we are here just to accompany her.”

“I also heard that Zhou Siyu was personally recommended to the director by the original author! Before the original manhua became a television show, she publicly confessed to the author. Now that Weibo is still on top, do you think she is very scheming and took advantage of that fact? Obviously she would get close to the author, and it is always the pavilion nearest the water which gets the most moonlight!”

Siyu: “…” I am not. I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.

These actresses who came to the audition obviously had a strong gossipy heart, and various gossips spread, and even Siyu, the person involved, did not understand where these unreliable claims came from.

Shen Yue had been in the industry for a while, and she was no longer as rash as she was at the beginning. Hearing these people’s comments, although she was a little angry, she still calmed down, but quietly said to Siyu: “Sister Siyu, don’t care about them. These people are jealous that you can be affirmed by the original author. That is also part of your strength. What is all this about going through the back door, nonsense!”

Siyu thought that even she had never praised herself like this, so she asked: “…who did you listen to? “

Shen Yue glanced away, and just happened to see a fashionable woman standing opposite them, then pointed to that person, and replied: “Hey, it’s her, she seems to be the editor of Koi’s comics, and was invited to come over to participate in the casting. She was the one who told the crew that Koi wanted you to act in the show the most.”

As if aware of Siyu’s gaze, Mu Yan turned her head and stared at her for a few seconds, then, as if recognizing who she was, suddenly smiled in surprise.

“Zhou Siyu?” Mu Yan left his companions and ran towards Siyu, acting so swiftly that Siyu had nowhere to hide, so she was blocked. In reality, Mu Yan was a charming young woman, with a mature look. She was very enthusiastic towards Siyu, “I did count on seeing you!”

Siyu had been working with Mu Yan for so long but their communication was only limited to the Internet. This was the first time that they met in reality. She was stunned, not knowing what to say for a while. At this time, Mu Yan obviously only regarded her as “Zhou Siyu” instead of “Koi”, so Siyu only answered vaguely, and then said nothing.

Shen Yue poked her secretly from behind her, and whispered: “Sister Siyu, say hello.”

Mu Yan didn’t mind, looked at Siyu with a smile, and then looked at her again, and was satisfied. She nodded in her heart. Yes, perfect looks, perfect temperament, and strong support from readers, if she could come to play the heroine, she would be considered fulfilled.

Mu Yan took out a comic book from her shoulder bag, Siyu glanced sharply at the cover with the words “Fashion Strategy” printed on the cover, Mu Yan handed the comic to her, and said with a smile: “I heard you are a fan of our Koi. I just have a limited edition signed book left here. I will give it to you as a meeting gift. I hope I can cooperate with you in the future.”

This sentence was actually equivalent to a very obvious hint. Shen Yue calmed down as she listened. Mu Yan said that, it showed that Siyu had a high chance of being selected, and it seemed that the crew was still very optimistic about her.

However, Siyu while holding the comic, couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. What was the use to her of her own signature?

Mu Yan went on to say some words of encouragement, both overtly and secretly letting Siyu behave well, and advising her that it was best to settle down immediately, but Siyu couldn’t directly say that she was just here for performing, so she had to smile bitterly.

Fortunately, Mu Yan was very busy. After saying a few words, she was dragged to work by the staff, and Siyu was relieved.

She couldn’t help wondering, why did she openly express her love for Koi, was her brain flooded? Sure enough, the sins one committed, in the end, had to be borne by oneself.

Thinking about it this way, Siyu was called into the audition room soon. As for the understanding of the role, no one in the room knew better than the original author, so in fact, it was not difficult for her to audition.

Siyu was still thinking about being passive, but Mu Yan, who was sitting in the judges’ bench, stared at her scorchingly. The eagerness in her eyes almost burned a hole into Siyu. Siyu, who didn’t find it very hard, was immediately counselled. She even made up for the scene of howling in case but she was deliberately defeated by Mu Yan’s bombardment-after all, from the very beginning, Mu Yan expressed her wish for her to participate in the performance.

Alas, forget it, just play it, she must find an excuse to slip away after the show!

Siyu secretly made up her mind, and got serious again.

Siyu originally looked very delicate, and her body was not in a good shape, so she always felt soft and harmless, like a white rabbit, which happened to fit the heroine of “Fashion Strategy” very well, so Siyu didn’t have to put much effort in acting. She was familiar with the plot, and spoke the dialogues smoothly. After the performance, Siyu looked at the expression on the judge’s side and guessed that the matter should be settled.

Sure enough, the crew on the surface asked her to go to the next room to wait for news. In fact, after half an hour, they came to her with the contract to discuss when the filming would start.

“Sister Yan did not pick the wrong person, she has a good vision.” The staff who came to the handover said, “They all say that you are a diehard fan of the original, it seems to be true.”

Siyu did not answer, but asked: “Has the male lead been set?” The staff member said cheerfully: “It was set long ago, it is Wen Yuan! He hasn’t picked up a TV series for a long time. I didn’t expect him to agree this time. Yes, he also seems to have recommended you to us.”

Wen Yuan? Siyu was taken aback for a moment. She thought that the actor was taking the high-end route. She never expected that he would take over this fashion idol drama. Although the comics were indeed very popular, Si Yu knew herself and didn’t think it was good enough to attract such an actor.

Shen Yue leaned over towards Siyu’s ear and asked, “Wen Yuan basically wouldn’t recommend others actively, Siyu, why is it that he is showing interest in you?”

Siyu had never thought about this much, and indifferently shook her head: “Don’t think about it, we can’t control what people like to do.”

Shen Yue naturally didn’t believe it. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her guess was possible.

In fact, she had such doubts a long time ago. When Siyu went to record “Unfathomable Challenge”, she faintly felt that Wen Yuan was unusual towards Siyu. Later Siyu was hospitalized because of the fire incident, and Wen Yuan came to visit, and although he failed to meet Siyu, a lot of tonics were handed over to Shen Yue.

This was more than that. Wen Yuan also told Shen Yue about the precautions Siyu should take when she was recuperating. He explained clearly what she should eat and drink. The degree of care made Shen Yue suspect that if he was free, it might be possible that he would personally prepare everything for Siyu.

For a busy person like Wen Yuan, even if the two had recorded a show together, it was only once. They shouldn’t they have such a friendship?

Shen Yue was puzzled, but didn’t dare to ask. Later, the pile of supplements for Siyu sent by Wen Yuan was useless, so she took them home.

This time Wen Yuan took the initiative to take over the role of the male lead, which made Shen Yue wonder: Wasn’t he coming after Siyu?

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