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Siyu moved in with the crew the next day.

Because “Fashion Strategy” was a modern drama, the set requirements were not so high, and there was no need to go to a special film and television base, so they would just shoot in Jiangcheng. She could have lived in her own home. However, Siyu thought that she should not be treated any special, so she went to live in the hotel with the crew.

The director of this drama was surnamed Yan, not as famous as Director Liang she had worked with previously, but he had directed many famous urban dramas and had rich experience in this genre. At the beginning, he never expected to invite a real film emperor. This time he thought that everything was a dream and he could not stop smiling. In particular, he didn’t know where to find out why Wen Yuan agreed to come and act in this TV series. Was it because he was interested in the female lead in their crew, or because he treated Siyu kindly?

“I’ll told you it’s okay, you were worried about the ratings at the beginning, and wanted to hire a high traffic actress. I think if you really hired someone else, Wen Yuan may not be willing to come.” Mu Yan smiled.

At this time, she had been promoted to the editor-in-chief of Quman. The koi she brought out was the most profitable author on the entire platform, and her status had risen with her. Because the koi couldn’t come if something happened, she was stationed on her behalf and was acting as a screenwriter consultant.

Yan Dao said, “Isn’t it that youth idol dramas are not easy to sell now, I can’t help it…”

Mu Yan said with some pride: “Yan Dao, you may not understand this, our koi is very hot, and has a lot of diehard fans. The number is not in any way inferior to those little flowers…” While the two of them were talking, Siyu on the other side had already put on her makeup, Mu Yan turned her head to look at her, and her eyes suddenly lit up. To be honest, Siyu’s stature was a bit petite, but her proportions were particularly good. The white skirt outlined her beautiful silhouette, and she stood out with her long legs and thin waist. No matter what angle she was shot from, it was perfect, and it fit the protagonist’s model identity in the series perfectly.

Every time Siyu saw Mu Yan, she felt guilty, especially as Mu Yan always stared at her with the kind of treasure-seeing eyes, which made Siyu feel uncomfortable.

Now, she also stiffened when Mu Yan rushed over and looked her up and down. It seemed that Mu Yan still wanted to get started, but she was worried that this is a public place. She didn’t do it after all. She just praised: “You’re a natural clothes hanger. I heard that you are not a model?”

Siyu remembered that she had indeed modelled for the cover of a magazine when she first started, but that was a blind cat catching a dead mouse scenario[1], and she was unprofessional. After finding a way to make money by drawing comics, naturally she didn’t do it anymore, so she shook her head: “No, this is not my ambition.”

Mu Yan thought she was saying that being a model was just a springboard to the entertainment industry, and smiled knowingly: “I understand, you have such great potential, you are of course not limited to this.”

Siyu knew that Mu Yan had misunderstood, but she didn’t bother to correct her. She was still using a vest[2], and was always worried about it being stripped off.

She walked around in front of the director, and he confirmed that there was no problem with the makeup. Afterwards, Siyu just wanted to go back to the lounge, but she ran into an unexpected person in the hallway.

“…Sister Siyu?” Chu Shuangyan walked over from the corner and almost ran into her boss Siyu. She stepped back and calmed down. She was about to raise her eyebrows and blame the person who collided with her dissatisfiedly, but she saw a familiar face when she raised her eyes and was frightened. All those words she was going to say were swallowed back into her stomach. Reflexively, she straightened her back. As soon as her fierce expression was taken away, she immediately changed from a wild cat to a domestic cat. She looked at people obediently, and greeted in a very good tone, “When they called me, I didn’t know that you had joined the group, I thought you were recuperating all this time…”

Shen Yue, who was following Siyu, saw Chu Shuangyan’s appearance, and her eyes widened in surprise.

This Miss Chu was notoriously self-willed, easily angered, and never polite. Shen Yue had never seen her with such an honest appearance. If she remembered correctly, when Chu Shuangyan recorded the show with her last time, Shuangyan seemed to have a bad attitude towards Siyu, then how did she become enthusiastic in such a short period of time?

Although Siyu was also a little surprised that she could see Chu Shuangyan here, but after some thought, she realized that someone might have invited her for a small role. Siyu also said, politely: “I’ve recuperated enough. It’s not nice to always be stuffed in the house.”

Chu Shuangyan saw Yu Guang glancing at her secretly, but not daring to be too obvious. After Siyu noticed it, she looked back as well.

“Yes, that’s right, hahaha…” Chu Shuangyan smiled awkwardly. She didn’t know Siyu much, and she had accidentally offended her before, so she racked her brain to think about a topic and said casually, “But with Fifth Master Lu accompanying you, you shouldn’t be bored.”

People in their circle now regarded the small building where Siyu lived as an area forbidden to approach, because she was accompanied by Fifth Master Lu day and night. It was guarded by Fifth Master Lu’s people. Except for a few people familiar with Siyu, everyone else was unexceptionally thrown out if they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to forge a relationship and give gifts, so they all knew that the little star who lived inside couldn’t be hooked up, and over time, they gave up and just rested their mind.

As for Chu Shuangyan, she directly assumed that Fifth Master Lu had always lived there with Siyu, otherwise, why would she be so nervous and guarded?

As soon as the name Fifth Master Lu was uttered, Chu Shuangyan immediately felt that the atmosphere did not seem right. She stopped speaking and glanced at Siyu’s expression but saw that it was normal, and she seemed unaffected. She was a little confused. Could it be that she was being too sensitive?

“It’s okay, you can continue to talk, but I haven’t seen the Fifth Master Lu for a long time. If you want to ask about him, I’m afraid I can’t help.” Siyu said this and Chu Shuangyan smiled, and her tone became even gentler.

Now, Chu Shuangyan was convinced. Naturally, she didn’t dare to mention it anymore. Her womanly instincts told her that Siyu might have had some conflict with Fifth Master Lu, otherwise she wouldn’t be so eager to deny…Oh, this was terrible. Someone actually broke ground on Tai Sui’s head, Chu Shuangyan didn’t know for a moment whether to admire Siyu’s courage or to be shocked by Fifth Master Lu’s tolerance.

Chu Shuangyan was afraid that she would find out something she shouldn’t know any more, so she quickly changed the subject: “By the way, Sister Siyu, do you remember Xu Qingwan?”

Siyu had a pause, and her smile faded: “What happened to her?”

Siyu had never heard from her again since Xu Qingwan was taken away by Fifth Master Lu’s people after the trial screening. Well, that was why she forgot about her. She only remembered after Chu Shuangyan’s words.

Chu Shuangyan curled her lips and looked very disdainful: “She went to Aunt Ji once secretly, and I happened to run into her. You don’t have to think too much to know that she must have come for A Lin. Fortunately, Aunt Ji was not the only one there, A Lin was also there. When he saw her, he scolded her, saying that everything was instigated by her… Hey, I don’t understand anyway.”

Xu Qingwan would go to Ji Lin for a reason, but why did she go to Duan Rulan, did they have a good relationship? Siyu frowned, a little puzzled.

However, Chu Shuangyan’s gloating voice quickly interrupted her thoughts: “This woman deserves it! Huan Yi kicked her, and she has lost her family. Also her acting career is over. Who made her so restless at the beginning? Surrounding A Lin diligently all day, hmm…”

Chu Shuangyan seemed to have a bad image of Xu Qingwan in her heart. Although she did not rectify Xu Qingwan, but she looked happy at her situation. After all, when she went down to warn Xu Qingwan in private, she was not any less disgusted by the other party.

“…Where did she go afterwards?” Siyu didn’t feel much surprise when she learned of such a result.

Chu Shuangyan said indifferently: “Who knows, but no one would dare to use her.” Chu Shuangyan had no extra sympathy for her rival.

Siyu was silent for a while, and finally sighed in sorrow. Forget it, she couldn’t control this, so didn’t take it to heart and acted as if she had not heard anything. She was already upset, so she didn’t want to worry about it.

Although Wen Yuan agreed to play the leading actor, he officially entered the group almost a week later than the others.

But Yan Dao didn’t say anything, he was a film emperor, of course he was busy, and it was okay to give him some special treatment.

This time it was Siyu and Wen Yuan playing together. They hadn’t worked together before, so Yan Dao asked them to run lines in private, so as not to go wrong when the official shooting started. So, during the break, Wen Yuan sat beside Siyu, opening the lid of the insulated food box he had brought, and from it, there came delicious smell of food.

“Try it, this is the red date cake and yam cake I made myself. I think your complexion is still not good, do you often vomit blood?” Wen Yuan was prepared, and he also took out a small plate and a pair of chopsticks from another bag. He took a piece of delicate pastry and handed it to Siyu, looking at her gently, “Why haven’t you had any improvement after recuperating for so long?”

Siyu put down the script and smiled. For some reason, when Wen Yuan approached, she subconsciously wanted to move a little aside, feeling a little uncomfortable, but she stopped abruptly, otherwise she would let Wen Yuan see it and make him think that she didn’t welcome him.

“I’m sick. I don’t expect to get better by drinking medicine.” Siyu was sitting in a restrained manner, asking and answering questions politely, but he didn’t see any particular happy expression in her face. Wen Yuan saw it and remembered it in his heart.

Shen Yue stood behind with the brewed medicine in her hand and looked over her head. Seeing these exquisite desserts, she started drooling–hungry.

They looked so good. There were hand-made pastries, and the actor also remembered that Siyu’s lack of energy and blood needed more tonic, Shen Yue thought sadly. Saying that Wen Yuan had no interest in Siyu, she wouldn’t believe it.

Siyu felt it was not easy to refuse, and took a bite. The pastries melted in the mouth, moderately sweet, and still had a waxy texture. Unlike the ones sold outside, they were not too sweet because of the added saccharin.

When she recorded the show last time, Siyu knew that Wen Yuan’s craftsmanship was very good, and this time she also praised it sincerely: “Even if you say you want to change careers now, I will fully believe it.”

Wen Yuan also laughed, not knowing what to say. Was it a joke or something: “If I really change my career, won’t I have no chance to play with you in the future?”

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[1] The heavens dropping free food down to the cat.

[2] Hiding her identity.

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