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There was a huge bang. Not to mention the examiner who was about one meter away from the transparent crystal ball in the room but even the other examinees who were waiting outside the room with their number plates were also frightened by the sudden sound. They looked at each other outside the room wondering what had happened.

When this unexpected thing happened, the group of candidates waiting for the test inevitably experienced some commotion. Some people looked at the room where the sound was heard and the people next to them whispered.

Although Xie Luan was closest to the floating crystal ball, the crystal ball did not affect him when it cracked. At most, some of the dusty parts made him turn his head and cough twice.

During this process, the examiner sitting in his seat put his hand on the frame of the round glasses. Through this layer of transparent lens, he could see the widened brown eyes of the goblin examiner.

As if he couldn’t believe it, the goblin chief examiner hurriedly took off the round glasses on the bridge of his nose and quickly wiped it twice. When he put them back on, his eyes had become even bigger than before.

The crystal ball they used to test the mental power of examinees was shattered–?!

The goblin chief examiner was still not able to accept this fact, but the transparent fragments scattered on the ground clearly showed that this was what had happened.

The entire building was covered with security monitoring, and such an accident had occurred. Such a loud noise could almost trigger the primary alert state of the system.

“Spado, your side—”

Several examiners who were formally scattered and sitting in other rooms rushed over there. They wanted to ask what happened, but they came in and saw the transparent pieces on the ground. Seeing this, the voice of the person who had spoken stopped abruptly.

The staring goblin examiner showed an expression similar to that of the goblin chief examiner. The few people who entered the room through the small door that could only be passed by the staff at the rear were also a little stunned, their eyes stopping on the ground.

How was this crystal ball broken…?

Even if the suspension device suddenly broke down, in terms of material, the crystal ball could not be broken by hitting it, and what they had just heard was obviously not the sound of something smashing.

It was as if something exploded with a bang. They thought that some device in this room had a malfunction and exploded, but it was this crystal ball that broke?

Looking up at the other people who seemed to be alarmed, Xie Luan glanced at the pieces on the ground that couldn’t be glued back to its original appearance even with glue and raised his hand to touch the tip of his nose.

The examiner just said to input mental power, and he did.

When a small crack appeared on the surface of the crystal ball, Xie Luan was hesitating whether to stop or not, but because the examiner sitting in front did not say to stop, he did not stop.

Xie Luan did not expect that the crystal ball would explode before he finished transmitting his mental power.

The goblin chief examiner was shocked that the young man’s input of mental power could make the crystal ball explode, but the goblin race’s instinctive nature of love for money made the goblin chief examiner feel pain at the explosion of such a precious crystal ball.

It was made with natural Hulda crystal, and the crystal ball was worth more than one million credits!

The Hulda Crystal would respond intuitively to the received mental power, and based on the response, a person’s mental power level could be tested.

The more natural, the higher the purity of the Hulda Crystal’s response to mental power, because of this special function and its own scarce output, high-purity Hulda Crystal was undoubtedly very expensive.

This was like the Basse ore whose price had been raised on the Sena Star where the Muka clan was located, as it was a scarce resource in short supply.

He let the people clean the floor of the room first. The green-skinned goblin examiner glanced at the few colleagues who were still standing beside him and asked the staff to bring another Hulda crystal ball over.

“You try again.” He still couldn’t believe that the mental energy input by the young man could crack the crystal ball. The goblin examiner pushed the round glasses with the golden chain on the bridge of his nose and looked up attentively this time.

The crystal ball might have had flaws and cracks, and they had not found it. Now this one had been inspected and was intact, and an accurate result could be obtained by testing again.

Had to try again?

Xie Luan felt that there would be no change between the results this time and before, but the examiner requested this so Xie Luan as an examinee must of course do it.

Putting both hands on the crystal ball, Xie Luan slowed down the speed of inputting mental power slightly this time to avoid the tragic situation like just now.

Responding to the spiritual force introduced by the transmission, a faint golden color began to appear in the center of the originally transparent and colorless crystal ball. This golden thread-like color gradually spread in the crystal ball, and unknowingly filled the entire sphere.

The chief examiner and several other examiners watched together, and the more they looked, the more they couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

The ability of gold to fill the entire sphere meant that the spiritual power level had reached A-level, and this level of spiritual power was only available to a few elite talents in the interstellar.

It was a good seed…

For the interstellar childcare workers, the importance of mental power was self-evident.

A high-level mental power did not necessarily make an excellent childcare worker, but every interstellar childcare worker who could be assessed as excellent must have strong spiritual power.

But this was not the end. After the gold had filled with transparent sphere, the lighter gold in the crystal ball gradually seemed to increase in density, and the color became more and more obvious.

It didn’t take long for the brilliance of the crystal ball to become more conspicuous. When several of the examiners had already unconsciously opened their mouths because of the scene they had witnessed, a sound that was a little familiar to the chief examiner sounded again.

“Kacha.” They saw the surface of the floating crystal ball really had a fine line crack. This sound representing the loss of money caused the eyelids of the goblin chief examiner to jump immediately, and he quickly said: “Stop, stop, stop. Next, no, no need to continue!”

Xie Luan stopped his movements, and then he saw the goblin examiner running from his seat, pinching his glasses to the crystal ball and carefully observing it before making a gesture that seemed to indicate that he was relieved.

It was just a small crack, and it won’t affect the use if the part was polished again.

After being nervous about the crystal ball, Spado’s mood couldn’t calm down, because now there was a candidate who was strong enough to make the Hulda crystal explode in front of him.

Not only Spado, but several other examiners who came to this room to witness the complete process were now speechless, all silent.

This kind of thing was almost unheard of… It was not that they had not seen candidates with a mental power level of S participating in the assessment. The most amazing one at the beginning, a mermaid candidate from Halumite, had made the Hulda crystal light up with a very bright light.

But now the black-haired youth in front of them was no longer simply letting the crystal ball light up but making the Hulda crystal split directly. Thinking about it, they could understand that this was not the same level at all.

“How to score…” An examiner lowered his voice to discuss with a colleague next to him, with a clear look of shock on his face.

A level mental power was an elite talent, and an S level was a recognized genius. What kind of a terrible mental power was this above the S level?

In theory, the maximum score for a test was 100. They couldn’t give a score beyond this value, but seeing a truly indispensable genius appear in front of them, how could they give out a mere 100 points?

The examiners looked at each other, confused. After a few minutes of discussion with the chief examiner, the goblin chief examiner holding round glasses finally wrote the number “120” on the record sheet under the eyes of colleagues around him.

Now, including the chief examiner, the personnel responsible for organizing this childcare worker assessment had already noted down the name of the human youth in front of them.

Regardless of his score in the other tests, even if the youth was not suitable for being a childcare worker, they had to report this level of mental power to the boss. There would never be a shortage of people who wanted to rob each other in the many departments of the Star Alliance.

The examinees outside the venue had other staff responsible for comforting them. After a small commotion, they were now quiet, but these examinees were still full of speculation and curiosity about what happened in the room.

So when Xie Luan came out of the room, countless inquiring eyes were cast on him.

Originally, the mental ability test was the same as the physical ability test. After all the staff completed the assessment, they could immediately see the scores announced on the virtual screen, but this time it was unexpectedly delayed.

Considering that the number “120” appearing in the first place might cause other candidates to cause commotion, the examiners decided to display the scores of this test during the final announcement together with the final score, so that it would not affect the examination process.

The first three items were all assessments without any uncertain factors. For the fourth item, they needed to accept randomly assigned test questions according to the serial number on their number plate. Every candidate in the venue was now quite nervously looking up at the rolling numbers on the virtual screen.

Since it was a different test content for different people, there would definitely be some differences in difficulty. Everyone wanted to get an easy test, but if they were unlucky, the content of the test would not be very good, and they could only accept it.

[No. 601-700, 09 test question.]

Xie Luan saw this line of words on the virtual screen, confirmed that he was No. 617, and went to the designated area for their group.

“I saw your number plate serial number is very close to me before and thought we might face the same exam question together, it really is like that.” The young man who spoke to Xie Luan kindly at first walked to Xie Luan’s side and said with a smile.

Xie Luan didn’t hate anyone who took the initiative to show him sincerity and kindness. He smiled back at the other person and said: “Come on, you have been participating in the assessment for several years. You should be almost able to raise yout rating, right? I hope it goes well this time.”

Shaking the tentacle belonging to the Sevilla race on his head, the young man scratched his head in embarrassment and responded rather shyly.

The previous tests had all gone well, and Locke also felt that his result should be stable this year and he could finally win the B-level evaluation.

But Locke’s brisk mood disappeared when the examiner announced the contents of the 09 test question and he saw a group of large cubs appearing not far away.

With a huge body, fierce scarlet vertical pupils and sharp forearms, it was a very terrifying and dangerous creature from its appearance.

Some of the candidates who were selected for this test question had their faces pale and double-checked that they had not misheard the content of the test question so that they had started doubting their own listening skills.

They wanted them to take care of so many extremely aggressive Muka cubs??

Wasn’t this really a joke-the exam question had been announced and the assessment had begun, but the candidates who came to this assessment area were still very slow.

Standing in place for the time being, these candidates hesitated and did not dare to approach the group of Muka cubs.

But there was one exception.

“Wait…” He tried to hold the young man who walked past back, but there was no time, so Locke’s extended hand stopped in the air.

The other test-takers looked at the young man who was approaching the group of Muka cubs and also raised their hearts, worried that the other party would be attacked suddenly, and worried that if the other party irritated the Muka cubs, they would also have to follow him to suffer.

However, Xie Luan walked over, and all the scenes that others were worried about did not happen, but another scene that no one else had expected did happen.

After the young Muka cub was somehow coaxed by the youth, it lowered its head obediently and let the young man touch its head. Seeing this, the other examinees stood there blankly.

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