TCYEC Ch. 65

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In the cold windy weather, a big family sitting around eating hot delicious food, there was no need to mention how comfortable it was.

Mumu ate very well. There are not many children at this age who are not picky eaters, but he is except for carrots. Xue Chengxiu didn’t bother about his son’s table manners this time. The little guy was so happy that he was jumping around and enjoying while eating.

“Mu Mu, come on, eat your little pumpkin.” Yu Siyang waved toward the little guy.

Xue Yunmu immediately jumped back happily, took the small spoon, and put a spoonful into his mouth.

Lao Lin ate the shrimp and said, “Xiao Yu, you are partial. This little pumpkin was only given to the baby, and we don’t have one.”

“Uncle Lin, this is specially made for children.” Yu Siyang looked at Lao Lin helplessly.

This little pumpkin is marinated with soy sauce, salt, allspice powder, egg white and oil with fat and thin meat, then mixed with carrots and lotus roots, then stuffed into the pumpkin flesh. He then steamed the pumpkin skin, took it out after steaming, put an egg on it, and steamed it for another three minutes.

The recipe was very simple. This dish was rich in amino acids, active protein, carotenoids and a variety of trace elements, etc., which can improve the immune function of children. It is good for three or four-year-old babies. And the taste is sweet, with a lot of spicy fruit flavour, tender and smooth. Mu Mu loved this dish very much, and he did not find his least favourite carrot in it.

Xue Yunmu looked at his little pumpkin, then looked at Grandpa Lin, picked up the pumpkin and ran to Grandpa Lin, took a spoonful of it with a spoon, and brought it to Grandpa, “Grandpa, eat.”

“Aww, our baby is sensible and well-behaved.” Old Lin laughed and ate the dried pumpkin.

“Already this old, but still grab the baby’s food to eat, disrespecting the old.” Aunt Wang despised Lao Lin in various ways.

Xue Yunmu cleverly ran to Grandma Wang and gave Grandma Wang a bite.

Aunt Wang smiled like a flower, holding the little guy in her arms, “Our baby is the cutest and most sensible.”

Lao Lin snorted, despising back.

The two bodyguards took advantage of Lao Lin and Aunt Wang hurting each other again and pulled the only two lotus leaf beef rolls into their bowl one by one.

This dish used mashed beef sirloin, beaten with salt and eggs, then fried pesto in oil, seasoned with salt, MSG, oil, sugar, and lemongrass, and it was stirred in the meat. Among them, he placed the freshly washed lotus leaves, put an appropriate amount of meat filling into a rectangular shape, and roasted them.

The lean sirloin of the beef was just right. The fat in the meat was heated when it was roasted and slowly dripped into the whole meat filling. The fragrance of the lotus leaf will also be immersed in the meat filling when it is roasted, and the lemongrass aroma is added. Although this dish is full of meat, it is extraordinarily fresh and elegant, the meat filling is slightly elastic, smooth and not greasy.

The two bodyguards quickly ate the lotus leaf beef rolls they had grabbed. When Lao Lin and Aunt Wang finished arguing for another round, when they wanted to eat, the plates were empty.

Lao Lin expressed his anger and immediately attacked everyone except Mu Mu indiscriminately: “You, young people don’t even know how to respect the old.”

Aunt Wang was standing on the same front with Lao Lin now, and said in pain. “Respect for the elderly is a traditional Chinese virtue. Now it’s really declining, and people’s hearts do not have respect for the old.”

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang were shot while lying down. The two bodyguards pretended not to hear them and turned around to look at the scenery.

Xue Yunmu was a caring little warm jacket, so he gave another spoonful of his little pumpkin to both Lao Lin and Aunt Wang. The two of them held Xue Yunmu intimately without letting go.

Yu Siyang leaned into Mr. Xue’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Is this the way people act in their forties?” His eyes were fixed on Lao Lin.

“What?” Xue Chengxiu asked puzzledly.

“The role I have to audition for a movie is a 40-year-old uncle.” Yu Siyang explained: “A 40-year-old person is definitely not in the same mental state as a 20-something person. I think I may not be able to take this role.”

“What role is it?”

“Xie Xuan, the Eastern Jin general of the Battle of Feishui, do you know?”

Xue Chengxiu nodded.

Yu Siyang’s expression was self-evident, and he looked in Lao Lin’s direction, sighing melancholy.

“Don’t look at Lao Lin, he is an example, not a representative.” Xue Chengxiu softly rubbed Siyang’s hair, and said: “Worried about the role, right?”

Yu Siyang nodded.

Xue Chengxiu said, “Do you want to know the solution?”

Yu Siyang nodded wildly.

” …. Bribe me.”


Xue Chengxiu waited for some time.

Yu Siyang looked left and right, picked up the last remaining fat pig bun, and sent it to Mr. Xue to please.

Xue Chengxiu: “…” My cheeks are ready, but you give me a pig bun, treating me as Mu Mu.

“It’s delicious.” Yu Siyang looked hopeful.

Xue Chengxiu bit the steamed bun in half helplessly, and reluctantly accepted the bribe.

Xue Yunmu finished eating his little pumpkin and saw that his father was eating piggy buns. He immediately twisted out of Aunt Wang’s arms and said to his father, “Dad, Mumu wants to eat too.” And he opened his mouth and waited.

Xue Chengxiu gently rubbed his son’s fat belly. It was already bulging, and he wanted to eat more. Is his son’s stomach a bottomless hole?!

“Son, you can’t eat anymore. Look at how big your belly is.”

Xue Yunmu looked down at his belly and at the bun in his father’s hands. He looked very embarrassed. Should he eat it?

But his father eliminated his entanglement directly from the source-eating the remaining bun in one bite.

The little guy’s mouth was immediately flattened, and he used his eyes to accuse his father.

Yu Siyang was afraid that the little guy would cry for them in the next second, and quickly said that he was going to the game room.

As expected, Xue Yunmu was distracted, and didn’t care about the buns he didn’t eat. He grabbed Yang Yang’s hand and dragged him into the game room.

“You remember to take care of the aftermath.” Xue Chengxiu stood up, finished speaking to the other four people who were still eating, followed behind the big and the small, and went to the game room together.

Regardless of whether the bribe was what he thought, Xue Chengxiu agreed to help. The next day, a gentle scholar who was about fifty years old came to his family.

“Xiaoyu, this is Nong Yuan, Professor Nong,” Xue Chengxiu introduced to Yu Siyang, “He is a famous anthropologist and psychologist.”

“Professor Nong, hello.” Yu Siyang greeted politely.

“You don’t need to act like a student, just like Xiaoxiu, call me Uncle Nong.” Nong Yuan’s smile was also very gentle, which made people feel good at first sight, and it was easy to feel close.

Xue Chengxiu said helplessly: “Uncle Nong, can you stop calling me Xiaoxiu.”

Nong Yuan smiled and said, “I have seen you grow so big since you were born. Why, can’t I call your name?”

“Yes. Yes, you can.” Xue Chengxiu raised his hand, “You can do anything.”

Yu Siyang looked at Mr. Xue and then at Professor Nong, but he didn’t know why he was there.

Xue Chengxiu explained: “Uncle Nong is an expert in researching people. You can’t figure out the role. Uncle Nong is free at this time and can take you to study for a few days.”

“This…” Yu Siyang scratched his cheek, “This isn’t it killing chickens with sledgehammers?”

Nong Yuan laughed loudly: “I’ve never taught an actor to figure out how to play a role. It’s just I was on a break and I can use you to practice as well. Maybe I can run a training class dedicated to actors. I heard that similar training courses are very profitable.”

Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu gratefully, suddenly remembered, and asked Nong Yuan: “Have you had breakfast? I got up late today and didn’t have breakfast, if you don’t mind, let’s have a little bit of it together.”

“That’s great,” Nong Yuan said expectantly: “I heard that Xiaoxiu said that your cooking skills are at its peak, and I deliberately came so early on an empty stomach.”

“No, no, you’re overpraising. Then you wait a moment. I’m going to make breakfast now.” Yu Siyang was flushed with praise and rushed to the kitchen.

Nong Yuan laughed, sat down on the sofa, and said to Xue Chengxiu: “This is a good boy.”

Xue Chengxiu nodded with a smile, with a gentle smile in his eyes.

Looking at Xue Chengxiu like this, Nong Yuan secretly sighed, thinking Xiao Xiu’s eyes finally didn’t have any hostility.

Nong Yuan and Xue Chengxiu’s mother had been friends for decades. After Xue Chengxiu was born, apart from doctors and nurses, the first person to pick him up was not his father, but Nong Yuan. It can be said that Nong Yuan watched him grow up.

Although Xue Chengxiu didn’t get the attention of his father when he was a child, his mother loved him wholeheartedly, and he had been growing up healthy all the time.

The health here referred to his mental health.

Later, Xue Chengxiu’s mother passed away, and it didn’t take long for the family to have a stepmother and a half-brother. Nong Yuan once visited Xue’s house to see him, and he was surprised that the child was so cynical.

Nong Yuan had been counselling Xue Chengxiu ever since.

It was a pity that man-made disasters are often the most vicious. Aunt Li, the nanny who grew up with Xue Chengxiu, died in order to save him. He suffered many changes when he was young and was almost exiled by his father to Yunzhong City. Nong Yuan then saw Xue Chengxiu’s eyes were filled with unconquerable hostility, as if he was about to hurt others and himself in the next second.

Therefore, at the time when Xue Chengxiu insisted on surrogating a child for the inheritance of the Xue family. His maternal grandparents and his friends opposed this matter, but Nong Yuan supported him and encouraged him.

He thought a little soft baby might make Xue Chengxiu calm down.

Facts have proved that Nong Yuan’s idea was not wrong. After having a baby, Xue Chengxiu’s edge finally converged, like a sword that had been tempered and returned to the scabbard.

But now, with such a peaceful Xue Chengxiu, the Xue family will inevitably be going down. There was a cute baby, and that child just now was also part of the reason.

“By the way, why don’t I see Mu Mu?” Nong Yuan asked.

When he came here before, he could always hear the baby’s crisp laughter. Today was so quiet, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

Xue Chengxiu said: “The little guy went crazy yesterday. He slept late and is still sleeping now.”

“I’ll get the baby up.” Nong Yuan walked upstairs happily.

As soon as Nong Yuan went upstairs, Yu Siyang poked his head and looked into the living room. He saw Mr. Xue alone. He immediately ran over and asked in a low voice: “Mr. Xue, you find me such a good teacher, how much will it cost? Huh?”

He just searched the name “Nong Yuan” on the Internet with his mobile phone and was blinded by his title and series of achievements.

Such a powerful anthropologist came to teach him to figure out the role. It was no longer a sledgehammer being used to kill a chicken, but a dragon slaying knife used to kill a hummingbird.

“Don’t worry, no cost.” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile: “Uncle Nong has seen me grow up, just like my uncle.”

“Really?” Yu Siyang still asked uneasy.

It’s not that he doesn’t know what’s good or what’s wrong. He has to be hypocritical if he believed such bullshit, but if he needed to spend money to invite someone, how much money will he have to pay? He doesn’t want to owe sky-high debts.

Xue Chengxiu nodded seriously: “Really. You can make him something delicious without tuition.”

Yu Siyang was persuaded by Mr. Xue’s seriousness and heard Xue Yunmu’s crisp “hahaha” from upstairs. With laughter and Nong Yuan’s words, he immediately ran back to the kitchen as if running away.

After returning to the kitchen, he was so upset about running.

However, what should such a great teacher do for him?

Yu Siyang took the ingredients out of the refrigerator in a rush, and Aunt Wang was frightened—Is Xiao Yu planning to make a full-fledged dinner?

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