TCYEC Ch. 64

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The poor crew only had one camera, and it was impossible to divide them into two groups. After Yu Siyang’s filming in the film and television city, he was free for two days. After the rest, he had to go to the location with the crew.

It happened to be another weekend, and the little fat boy in kindergarten didn’t have to go, so Xue Chengxiu moved his work back and made time to spend the small vacation at home.

Dad and brother were playing with him at home, so Xue Yunmu’s was very happy.

“Brother, would you like to go on a picnic?” Xue Yunmu hugged Yu Siyang’s legs, his round eyes opened wide, and his hopeful little expression was particularly cute.

Yu Siyang squatted down and stared at the little guy, “Mu Mu wants to go on a picnic?”

“Well, Meimei’s mom and dad took her to a picnic.” Xue Yunmu gestured a big circle with her short arm, “There were so many good things to eat.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

So, you actually want to eat a lot of delicious food. Picnic is just an excuse.

“Okay, brother?” The little fat man stretched out his arms to hug brother Yangyang’s neck and rubbed his cheek with his cheek.

Mumu was working so hard to sell meng, Yu Siyang really couldn’t bear to refuse, but today’s weather looked gloomy, and there was still a cold wind. Would they go out for a picnic on this day and have a drink of northwest wind?!

Yu Siyang quickly took out the freshly steamed buns and diverted Xue Yunmu’s attention.

“Pig bag, pig bag.” When Xue Yunmu saw the bun in his brother’s hand, he cheered immediately, jumping to eat.

The buns made into fat pigs had always been very popular with the little guy. The buns were filled with light milky custard fillings, and the fillings are also mixed with crushed walnuts. These buns were not like soup buns. The slightly thick buns were fully fermented. After steaming, they were white and snowy, and the taste was soft. The buns looked like clouds when they are broken. The sweetness of custard and the fragrance of walnuts are fused together, and they are soft and sweet. The bun skin, when bitten down, the fragrance occupied every taste bud, soft and sweet, after swallowing it, if you took a breath, you could still smell the sweet fragrance of buns.

Yu Siyang broke a pig bag into two halves, let it cool a little bit, and gave half of it to Xue Yunmu and the other half in his own hand, ready to wait for the little guy to finish eating the half in his hand before giving him the rest.

The little guy took a bite, bit down half of it, closed his mouth and chewed, his round eyes curved into a crescent moon, and then he finished the half in his hand within two bites, and then looked at Yu Siyang’s hands with greedy eyes.

Yu Siyang immediately gave him the other half in his hand. After the little guy got it, he gave his elder brother a little peck on his face, and he opened his mouth to eat.

“You two, started eating in the kitchen.” Xue Chengxiu came to dining room to make tea and took a look in the kitchen by the way, and saw that the young ones were eating buns in the kitchen.

“Dad,” Xue Yunmu happily ran over with a pig bag in his hand, “Will you go for a picnic?”

Yu Siyang had a black line on his face, thinking the little guy was still thinking about the picnic, and he couldn’t even transfer his attention to the pig bag. How persistent is he?

“Going for a picnic?” Xue Chengxiu pretended to think for a while, and then said: “Mu Mu give Dad a bite of the bun on his hand, and Dad will agree to take Mu Mu on a picnic.”

Xue Yunmu looked at the half of the pig bag in his hand. After thinking about it seriously, he raised his short arms and looked generous and justified, “Dad, you can only take a bite.”

Xue Chengxiu squatted down, opened his mouth, and bit half of the bun in the little guy’s hand.

Xue Yunmu blinked his eyes and retracted his raised arms. His five short and fat fingers were spread out. The buns in his hands were gone, and the little guy looked unclear. Therefore, it seemed that he didn’t expect that his father’s bite would cover the whole bun. He ate the rest, pouted aggrievedly, threw himself into his father’s arms, and complained: “Dad is bad.”

The bad father picked up the fat son in his arms and teased him: “Dad is bad and ate more. Don’t want to go on a picnic?”

“I want to.” Xue Yunmu kicked his legs in his father’s arms very vigorously, expressing his urgent feelings.

Xue Chengxiu smiled and said, “But Dad said nothing.” Xue Yunmu was dumbfounded.

Obviously, Dad said that he could go to a picnic by giving him a bite of the pig bun, so why was he saying this now?

Seeing that his son was almost crying because of his grievances, Xue Chengxiu quickly said: “It is your brother Yangyang who has the final say, so that brother Yangyang can cook your food for the picnic.”

Xue Chengxiu didn’t try to cook by himself. He could treasure the signature dishes of various restaurants, snacks from various places, and secretly hidden private dishes, but he was handicapped in his cooking skills.

He strictly followed the steps in the recipe, and the weight of each ingredient was accurately weighed with a scale. The dishes that he made were still dark dishes. His son put a chopstick in his mouth and immediately spit it out, and drank water violently, rinsing out the strange smell in his mouth.

Yu Siyang did not dare to let him come to the kitchen to help. Since making flower donuts together in the club, Mr. Xue had been very keen to come to the kitchen… This made Yu Siyang respect Mr. Xue. But the dishes he could finish alone in an hour, after Mr. Xue came to help in preparing the four dishes and one soup, he couldn’t finish it in two hours.

The little fat guy wants to go on a picnic, but it’s useless to find his father. He has to find the chef brother at home.

If his son wants to eat dark dishes, he can be satisfied.

“Brother…” Xue Yunmu pouted and looked at Yu Siyang, with a pitiful little appearance, as if he was about to cry in the next second.

Yu Siyang looked at Xue Chengxiu and said, “The weather is not good today, so it’s not suitable for a picnic.”

“It’s okay,” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile: “There is a glass greenhouse at the back. Just move the flowers inside and leave a piece of grass. “

Yu Siyang followed Xue Chengxiu to look at the glass greenhouse at the back, and then fell silent.

It’s even more troublesome to have a meal in the wild, Mr. Xue, you really dote on your son too much.

Now that he had happily decided to have a picnic in the glass greenhouse, Yu Siyang went back to the kitchen to prepare picnic dishes with Aunt Wang. Xue Chengxiu took his son and the villa’s bodyguard driver to remove the flowers from the greenhouse first.

“Xiaoyu, what is this long black stick?” Aunt Wang asked in confusion when she saw a small bag of long black sticks taken out of the cupboard.

“This is carved wild rice, also called wild rice. The rice cooked with this is fragrant, smooth and delicious.” Yu Siyang said as he washed the wild rice: “If the stems of wild rice are white, then they can be cooked.”

Aunt Wang took out the wild rice from the pot and said in surprise: “This is Wild rice?”

“This is the fruit, and the one without fruit is the rice.” Yu Siyang smiled and said: “There is a poem called ‘Sliding memory of carved rice with rice, fragrant smell of broccoli soup’, but unfortunately there is no flower in the house, otherwise we can also be arty.” Aunt Wang was amused and washed the chicken in the sink.

After Yu Siyang finished the food, everyone brought the food to the greenhouse together.

The flowers in the conservatory were moved out, a large picnic cloth was spread on the grass, and a lot of futons were placed around the picnic cloth for people to sit on. Everyone in the villa was soaked in the light of admiration. A total of seven people sat around the picnic on the grass in the greenhouse.

Xue Yunmu was the most excited, clapping his hands, jumping and shouting, “Take pictures, take pictures, I want to show them to Meimei.”

Yu Siyang lightly flicked the little guy’s forehead, took out his mobile phone and took several pictures. After confirming that there was nothing else in the lens except for the dish, he quickly posted a Weibo, and then put the phone away in his pocket. He did not pay attention to how the Weibo comments exploded.

Aunt Wang took the lead in serving everyone a bowl of carved rice. The boiled wild rice did not feel as fluffy as ordinary rice, and the fragrance was different from that of rice. It was a delicate fragrance with a little water vapor, with a pair of small chopsticks in it. When they put it in the mouth, it was slightly sweet, because it is rich in oil, it is really fragrant and slippery, making the entire mouth fragrant.

“This meal is delicious.” Aunt Wang was full of praise.

Lao Lin aimed at a plate of golden chickens[1] on the picnic cloth.

The whole chicken is marinated and washed with sesame oil, salt, and water. When it was done, they added green onion and pepper. When it was fully cooked, they cut the chicken into cubes and mixed with a little sesame oil. It was ready to be eaten and cooked. The original chicken juice was left to fry other dishes.

Since there were not many condiments, the taste of the chicken was controlled by the heat. The chicken was cooked fresh and tender, and when it was put in the mouth, except for the light fragrance of the sesame oil, it also had the fresh fragrance of the chicken itself. At that time, the juice of the chicken is squeezed out of the meat with each chew, soaking the taste buds, and the more one chewed, the more flavourful it became.

Lao Lin even ate a few pieces of golden chicken, and then turned his attention to the fragrant medicinal stew[2] beside the golden chicken.

The medicinal stew was made with the original chicken broth left over from the golden chicken, small mushrooms, carrots and winter bamboo shoots cut into an oval shape, white fungus soaked in hair, and black mushrooms. They were simmered in chicken broth. Then the white fungus was placed on the plate into a flower shape, steamed thoroughly, then they added pepper, scallop juice, sugar, water starch, and ginger juice in the previous chicken broth to make a thick soup, and finally poured it on the “flower”.

The biggest feature of this dish was its freshness, especially the black fungus. The taste was extremely delicious. It was simmered in chicken broth, and its taste was enhanced to the extreme. The taste of each raw material was different, and the flavour of the delicious soup was thick, and different raw materials were combined well.

Lao Lin liked this fragrant stew better than golden chicken and couldn’t stop eating.

After the winter, the weather in Yunzhong City was getting gloomier day by day, the dark clouds are pressing, making the sky look very low, the cold wind kept blowing, but the rain never came down.

The six adults in the greenhouse were satisfied while eating, and looked up at the sky through the glass, muttering “I don’t know when it will rain.”

The two bodyguards were a bit cautious in eating. Lao Lin and Aunt Wang followed Xue Chengxiu from the imperial capital to Yunzhong City. They almost watched him grow up. They both had a child-like love for Xue Chengxiu, as well as Yu Siyang. They were distressed, but not at all cautious.

Lao Lin spit out to Aunt Wang while eating, “Lao Wang, look at Xiaoyu, this is called craftsmanship. You have been cooking for decades, and the taste will never change, which means that your husband bears the burden and cannot not dislike your craftsmanship.”

“You are old Wang, and your whole family is old Wang.” Aunt Wang was furious, snatched the shrimp from the old forest bowl, and retorted back. “No matter how bad my craft is, it is better than yours and your wife’s craftsmanship. What do you do? Dark cooking!”

Xue Chengxiu, the producer of true dark cooking, silently moved away, away from the two who “focused on hurting each other for thirty years”.

It was not the first time that Yu Siyang saw Uncle Lin and Aunt Wang complain to each other. The first time he was a little surprised, now he is very calm and helped Mu Mu in peeling shrimp.

Xue Chengxiu stared at the shrimp that was being peeled in Yu Siyang’s hand. When the shell was peeled, he immediately bowed his head and swallowed the shrimp.

Yu Siyang: “…”

Xue Yunmu, who opened his mouth wide and was waiting to eat the shrimp, was dumbfounded, looking at the little shrimp tail held in the hand of Yangyang brother, his eyes were round, and his mouth was open. Why was the good shrimp gone?

“Mr. Xue, grabbing your son’s food, it’s delicious?”

Xue Chengxiu nodded, his cheeky very plump, “Of course the food I grabbed is delicious.”

The little fat man finally understood that his prawns were snatched by his father, and he immediately jumped up unhappy, “Dad is bad, Dad is bad.”

The bad father smiled and said to Yu Siyang, “Look at Mumu jumping around. The little fat on his stomach is also trembling. Isn’t it particularly cute?”

Yu Siyang was speechless and thought that he was a very serious man on weekdays, how could he like to tease his son so much.

However, the little fat man bounced like this, his belly was indeed trembling, uh… it was cute.

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