TBLF Ch. 69

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If he couldn’t get the first place, then there was no need to play basketball?

No one is better than him.

Ji Rang went to Shen Yue to sign up the next day.

It’s not that Shen Yue hadn’t contacted him before, but Ji Rang refused because of learning. Now he took the initiative to come to the door, Shen Yue was quite surprised: “Why did you change your mind all of a sudden?”

Ji Rang’s face was pale: “If I won’t come, I’m afraid you won’t get the first place.”

Other members of the team: “…”

Damn, is it so crazy?

But remembering the last time the big brother in the school rushed into a rampage, well, he should be crazy.

The competition was so determined. Fortunately, Ji Rang’s current learning progress has kept up. He can understand the latest knowledge points taught by the teacher in the class. There is no need to spend extra time to lay the foundation. So, it was okay to practice for a few hours.

Qu Dazhuang did not join the basketball team but became very interested in the environmental catwalk show in the class. Every day, he followed the class committee members to study how to transform the life waste into clothes that can be worn on the body without losing the sense of design.

All classes were intensively rehearsing for the May 4th party program.

The stage play in Class 2 was easy to think about, but when it came to acting, all kinds of props, scenes, and costumes were particularly troublesome. Every day, Yue Li held a notebook in one hand and a small speaker in the other. She commanded and controlled the field on the spot, really like a chief director.

Qi Ying didn’t bring the history teacher’s guqin back to school for the time being. She used an old guzheng from the school’s music classroom during rehearsals.

Yue Li arranged her position on the left side of the stage. When performing formal performances, she would raise her position and arrange a plum blossom behind her. She sat under the tree and wore a white skirt playing the piano. It was very artistic when she thought about it.

Soon, the classmates ushered in the formal dress rehearsal the day before the May Fourth Party.

Such a grand party will be rebroadcasted by video, and the leaders of the Municipal Education Bureau have also been invited to come. The dress rehearsal was also very formal, basically the same as the official performance the next night, except that there was no audience.

The order of appearance of the show was determined by a lottery, and Class 2 was in the nineteenth place, right in the middle.

Everyone put on the costumes that participated in the performance, and the head of the clothing team remembered Yue Li’s explanation, and he rented Qi Ying a set of white skirts that made her look like an immortal.

The scene of Liang Zhu’s story was basically set in the academy, so the costumes including that of the protagonist were very simple, just a green dress, but after Zhu Yingtai turned to women’s clothing, she wore a pink veil skirt.

When Qi Ying changed her white dress and came out of the fitting room holding the guqin, the whole backstage went quiet for a few seconds.

Immortal is a true immortal, and beauty is also true beauty.

She was really like a little fairy, better-looking than some celebrities who play costume dramas on TV nowadays.

Seeing everyone staring at her, Qi Ying was a little embarrassed, and asked in a low voice, “Is it strange?”

She hadn’t worn a long skirt for a long time. The modern and improved ancient costume was somewhat different from the dress she wore in the general’s mansion, but the style was roughly the same. When she looked in the mirror just now, she was a little bit entranced.

Yue Li screamed and rushed to her side and gave her a bear hug: “Yingying you are super beautiful! You are the most beautiful in the audience!”

The boys in Class 2 looked straight.

Qi Ying usually wore a very simple and low-key dress, always wearing a constant ponytail. Although she looks pretty good, people got used to the same after a long time, and she couldn’t jump out of the pure and well-behaved image.

But tonight, when she put on a light gauze dress, her eyebrows were clear and her soft long hair was left open, she looked exactly the same as the little dragon girl Yue Li wanted. It looked really elegant, exquisite and beautiful.

In the room full of exclamation, only Zhao Dunan was crying with anger.

What the hell is this acting? Acting as a fart heroine! If somebody like Qi Ying sits on the stage and plays the guqin, who the fuck would be looking at her? Who would care about the heroine?!

At the beginning, she squeezed Qi Ying out to get the qualifications of the heroine, and she was secretly proud for a long time. Now she knew that the pit was waiting for her here!

Yue Li was definitely deliberate!

The student who was in charge of the scene in front stood at the door and shouted: “The 18th performance will end immediately, and the stage will be ready for the 19th.”

Everyone got busy.

Yue Li held Qi Ying’s skirt all the way to the stage like a little flower girl. A large round wooden table was decorated as a flower stand by the props group. The flower stand was equipped with a guqin stand and a chair. The guqin had been placed on it. The petals of some plum trees were scattered around. Sitting there she looked like a painting.

As the rehearsal started, the teachers below all noticed the little girl in white playing the guqin. Zhao Dunan’s temperament was unstable, and she almost pronounced the wrong lines several times, but all passed without danger. Yue Li stared at her anxiously from the audience.

As soon as the performance was over, she rushed to the backstage and scolded her: “Can you concentrate on your performance? What do you always look back at? The performance will be officially performed tomorrow. Haven’t the lines been remembered yet?!”

Zhao Dunan glared angrily. She glanced at her and felt that she was deliberate, changed her clothes and left without saying goodbye.

Everyone looked at each other, and Chen Mengjie quickly calmed down: “It’s okay, I’ll persuade her, she will definitely not delay tomorrow’s performance.”

Yue Li angrily waited for Qi Ying to change her skirt and go home together before complaining: “She is jealous of your beauty! People like her cannot survive the first episode of a TV series!”

The next day, Haiyi ushered in the grand May Fourth Youth Day.

In the morning, all the teachers and students arrived at the school. It started with the flag-raising ceremony, then the leader’s speech, followed by the extremely formal ceremony for the youth joining the group.

Most of them were students in the first year of high school. The school arranged for the representatives of high school students to come on stage, took over the emblem, read the oath of joining the group, and finally announced the list of students joining the group by the principal.

Ji Rang’s name was also in it.

As soon as Class 2 and 9 of high school heard the name come out, there was a small uproar below. However, they were relieved to think that the big guy is doing public welfare and learning recently.

The joining ceremony lasted for more than three hours. The students almost fainted standing under the sun. After the end of the ceremony, the school leaders also took the city leaders to visit the school. The students ran to eat and rest.

The art performance started at two o’clock in the afternoon.

The school’s auditorium, which could accommodate three thousand people, was full. Yue Li just glanced from behind the curtain and was very nervous. Thinking about her own psychological quality, she was still suitable for being behind the scenes.

While the previous class was performing, she checked the props and costumes one by one, and determined the position of the lines with each character.

The backstage wasn’t so large that it could accommodate a lot students and can probably have only three classes at a time. They could only squat outside and wait until the performance sequence reached the fourteenth before the teacher allowed them to enter the backstage and started making up and changing clothes.

Qi Ying put her guqin away first, and then took the bag to change clothes.

When she entered the fitting room, she smelled a scent of ink coming from the bag.

She frowned and opened the bag to see that the white gauze skirt was covered with black ink. It should be that the whole bottle fell down, soaking down along the folded skirt, and when it was taken out, the whole skirt was almost impossible to see.

The girl who was still putting on make-up first gave Zhu Yingtai the chance and waited for Qi Ying to change her dress before making up Qi Ying.

As a result, she saw Qi Ying come out carrying the black skirt, and asked angrily: “Who did this?”

Everyone stared at the skirt and was stunned.

Yue Li was the first to react. She screamed and turned her head and threw herself at Zhao Dunan who was still putting on makeup: “Did you do it?! It must be you!”

Zhao Dunan slapped her hand and sneered: ” Is there any evidence that the pot was thrown by me? Who knows who she has offended? I don’t like her clothes. If something goes wrong, blame me?”

Yue Li was going to be mad.

But the stage performance was imminent. Chen Mengjie hurriedly asked the students of the service group: “Are there any school uniforms?”

The student took out a blue blouse like everyone else’s from the box: “There are.”

Chen Mengjie took it and gave it to Qi Ying: “Wear this.”

This was the end of the matter. No matter how angry, Yue Li could only blame herself for not being careful about the clothes. Just now Qi Ying went to the bathroom and gave her the bag of clothes for safekeeping. The teacher just in front asked her about moving the props to the stage in advance, so she put the bag with the box of the props group.

It was probably then that the ink was splashed.

Don’t blame her for being careless, who the hell could think that for a mere art performance, the hearts of the people can be so bad!

Zhao Dunan’s proud expression was revealed in the mirror.

Yue Li looked more and more angry, and felt that if she did what she wanted, she would really lose 20 years of life.

She stopped Qi Ying, who was about to go in and change into the blue shirt: “Yingying, you put on makeup first, and don’t worry about changing clothes. Xiaohe, why are you over there? Put on makeup for Yingying, the white one with her hair tied with the ribbon in the box, tie her a bow of the same style as Liu Yifei!”

Yu He: “Okay! Right away!”

Yue Li glared at Zhao Dunan and took the ink-stained white gauze skirt and went out.

Zhao Dunan thought to herself, is it possible that she could still clean it in such a short time? Even at this time, it is too late to rent a skirt. She sat in her seat at ease and played on her mobile phone, just waiting for the stage.

Time gradually passed, the eighteenth class was already on the stage, and they were next.

Chen Mengjie was too anxious: “Why Lizi hasn’t come back! Yingying, you should go and put on the blue blouse first!”

Qi Ying finished light makeup and tied her hair. She looked at the blue blouse in her hand and nodded. After that, she went towards the fitting room.

Yue Li’s yelling voice came from outside: “Let’s give way! Let’s give up!”

She rushed in holding a red box, rushed directly in front of Qi Ying, and squeezed it into her arms: “Go change into it!”

Qi Ying looked at the exquisite and high-end gift box in her arms, and Yue Li pushed her: “Don’t freeze! Go!”

She nodded and carried the box into the fitting room.

Outside, everyone gathered around and asked curiously: “You’ve found another dress?”

Yue Li glanced triumphantly at Zhao Dunan, who had an ugly face. If she had a tail, it would definitely be up to the sky now: “Yes. More beautiful than the previous one! Just wait and see!”

After a while, Qi Ying changed her dress and came out.

It was an improved version of the ancient dress with light gauze, which was more upscale than the rented white gauze skirt.

White skin, red clothes, black hair, bright and moving, amazed everyone present.

How could anyone be so suitable to wear red?

Like a fairy who doesn’t know her charm.

The teacher who announced the curtain call shouted at the front: “On the 19th, Class 2 of high school is ready to go on stage!”

Yue Li shouted: “Class 2, come on!”

The students who were shocked came back to their senses and hurried to the next step. Yue Li walked to Zhao Dunan who was clenching her teeth and patted her shoulder with a raised eyebrow: “Perform well in a while, if something goes wrong with you, the whole class will not let you go.”

Zhao Dunan:”! “

The props were taken onto the stage.

The host began to announce: “Please enjoy the stage play brought by Class 2 of high school, “Best Lovers”!”

There was crackling applause below.

Ji Qian followed behind Ji Rang, walked to the empty position of Class Nine, and lowered her voice and asked excitedly, “Is Yingying acting as Zhu Yingtai?”

Ji Rang: “No, she is in the background”

Ji Qian: “Is it worthy of the spring high-definition dress that I sent by running over three red lights?!”

The lights on the stage dimmed.

Immediately afterwards, a bunch of chasing lights were shot and landed on the little girl in a red dress behind the stage. She lowered her eyes, flicked the strings with her fingertips, and made two clank sounds, like hitting a person’s heart. She had black hair and red clothes, and her skin is snowy. When she lifts her eyes, the stars and rivers turn, the beauty is breathtaking.

Everybody exclaimed at the same time.

She sat under the plum blossom tree, stroking the guqin, and amazed these teenagers.

And Ji Rang…

He was regretting it.

Why did he show such a beautiful little fairy to so many people!

He should have given her a linen skirt if he knew it!

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