PPM Ch. 107

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The crown prince didn’t even look at her. Ouyang actually wanted to invite her to dance. She was naturally willing to dance with such a handsome young master.

Ouyang, Ling Tian, Jiang Youxi, Cheng Zheng, any of them were distinguished and handsome, and they were the objects of admiration for many women.

Because of their appearance, everyone’s attention had also been diverted a lot.

So Mo Nianchen got rid of these women fairly easily.

He walked slowly towards Li Shengxia’s side, just wanting to relieve the dullness in his heart.

But before he could walk in front of her, the lights suddenly dimmed and there was a “bang”.

It was pitch black all around.

Immediately afterwards, everyone’s nervous voices sounded, “What’s going on?”

“Is there a power outage?”

“I’ll check the circuit.” Chi Su acted immediately.

The banquet was still in chaos.

It was said that there was no power outage…

Unless someone maliciously damaged the line…

Mo Nianchen’s eyes narrowed dangerously, the noisy voice kept appearing in his ears, and it was difficult for him to get close to Li Shengxia because of the crowd.

With a little moonlight, he could tell where Li Shengxia was…

She was like that, even if she just stood quietly in the crowd, even if she wasn’t looking at him, he could catch her existence immediately.

Then, desperately come to her side…

At this moment, a bullet was shot from a gun in mid-air, the sound of “bang” knocking the gun version resounded in the hall!

Quick, cold, and ruthless.

“Ah…” Someone screamed.

Anyone could hear it, it was a gunshot!

Someone shot in the venue!

The bullet was flying through the air at an unprecedented speed in the direction of Li Shengxia…

Li Shengxia’s eyes widened after realizing it, and her legs could not move as if they were filled with lead.

“Be careful…”

“Get down…”

Tan Qing quickly pulled over Li Shengxia’s body.


The bullet swiped Li Shengxia’s body and hit the cup tower behind Li Shengxia… The crashing sound of the collapsing cup tower resounded in her ears…

“Xia Xia…”

She seemed to be in the crowd. He heard a very familiar male voice in the middle…

Bang –

A bullet flew quickly in the direction where Li Shengxia was locked.

“Mo Nianchen…”

Before Li Shengxia finished speaking, Mo Nianchen took her hand quickly and accurately, hugged her body, lay on the ground, and rolled twice before stopping.

At the same time, the bullets were being shot fast in the direction of Tan Qing!




Three consecutive bullets hit Li Shengxia’s surroundings. The cup tower slag on the ground was beaten even more into pieces.

Slap –

The world suddenly became clear.

And the man in black who shot the gun also realized the danger at that moment, and immediately disappeared into the crowd…

The guests didn’t seem to have recovered from the shootout just now, and the scene was chaotic…

“It’s okay, Xia Xia.”

Li Shengxia heard Mo Nianchen’s voice ringing in her ear. So soft and warm, it reminded her of the earthquake at the age of sixteen, the moment when she was inspired by his original intention, a beautiful and short-lived, ruthless hallucination…

Li Shengxia came back to her senses after realizing it, and she thought of something in a trance, she blurted out in surprise: “Tan Qing…”

Before she lay down, she saw a bullet hit Tan Qing.

She quickly pushed Mo Nianchen away, stood up, and ran towards Tan Qing without thinking.

“Tan Qing, how are you? Are you injured? Let me see.”

Tan Qing was attacked by bullets to protect her. She must ensure his safety.

“I’m fine.” Tan Qing said, “It’s just a little scratched.”

“Huh…” Li Shengxia breathed a sigh of relief, and then her expression and movements froze.

Wait… who did she just push away?

At this moment, she felt in a trance that there were a pair of eyes staring coldly at her back…

She turned around slowly, and saw the frosty face of the other party, and suddenly woke up like a dream.

Mo Nianchen!

The person who brought her to the ground just now was Mo Nianchen…

He passed so many people and ran to her side to protect her…

Wasn’t this her hallucination?

She turned around in surprise, only to finally confirm that Mo Nianchen was indeed holding her in his arms just now…

At this moment, there were still countless pieces of glass on his body, and his hand was pressing on his chest, looking at her with extremely resentful eyes…


A large amount of blood poured out of his chest!

The bright red blood stained her eyes, and her pupils dilated inconceivably!

He was bleeding!

So much blood!

So much blood!

“Mo Nianchen…” Li Shengxia screamed subconsciously.

He was shot in the heart!

The bullet went from his back into his chest…

She rushed towards him like crazy, holding onto his shaky body.

He said three words coldly: “Don’t touch me!”

Li Shengxia ignored his resistance and kept apologizing: “Mo Nianchen, I’m sorry, I don’t know, let me see…” In the end, she screamed nervously: “Ambulance, who will call an ambulance for me!”

He yelled at her emotionally: “Go away! Wouldn’t you be happier if I died?”

“No… No…”

“Go away, you make me feel sick.”

Li Shengxia stood in a daze, her limbs were in pain like Ling Chi, but her hands were still tightly wrapped around his arms, trying to support his haky body.

Chi Su stepped forward immediately, “Miss Li, the prince’s mood can’t fluctuate too much, your presence will cause him trouble, please let go!”

He called her Miss Li because what she did to the prince just now made him feel very angry, Chi Su almost without hesitation removed her hands off Mo Nianchen’s body one by one.

Although Li Shengxia tried so hard to catch Mo Nianchen, she was forced to let go of him.

She couldn’t utter a single word, and only heard Ouyang’s voice ringing in the crowd.

“Quick! Send A Chen to the hospital!” Ouyang shouted nervously, and then quickly and neatly assigned work: “Ling Tian, you and Cheng Zheng are responsible for investigating everyone present. No one is allowed to leave here until the murderer is found.”

“Youxi, you take care of Li Shengxia.”

After Ouyang’s quick decision, Mo Nianchen was silently carried on a stretcher by the bodyguards.

“Mo Nianchen…” Li Shengxia caught up.

Chi Su said solemnly, “Please don’t follow us.”

The cold words mercilessly rang in her ears.

Li Shengxia was held back by Jiang Youxi…

“Li Shengxia.” Jiang Youxi stopped her and shook her head at her, motioning her to stop getting entangled.

Mo Nianchen was sent to the best hospital nearby. The sound of emergency first aid resounded in the sky over the city.

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