PPM Ch. 106

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What should she do?

Her mood was so complicated…

I just hope no one finds out.

But… just at this moment, someone said, “Wow, the promenade here is full of tall-growing flowers, it’s really beautiful, Prince, can I visit it?”

Li Shengxia heard this sentence, she froze completely, and ran without turning. Thinking about what happened just now, her heart became even more chaotic.

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over! She was completely finished this time!

As long as that person walked in, she would have nothing to hide. At that time… how embarrassing the scene should be…

At that time, gossip would naturally not let her go…

Her breathing became more and more heavy.

The footsteps were still approaching.

Getting closer…

“Stop!” A cold male voice coldly stopped the woman who was walking towards the corridor.

The woman in the pale pink dress suddenly froze, and turned to look at Mo Nianchen in surprise.

For a while the atmosphere entered freezing point.

Was there any hidden secret here?

She wanted to find out more.

Immediately afterwards…

Mo Nianchen’s voice sounded again…

“Miss Qin, your fingers look perfect. You must have been practicing the piano for a long time. It just so happened that the pianist at the dinner party injured his left hand. Why don’t you go up and take his place.”

“Prince…Prince, do you mean to let me play for the banquet?” Qin Bingru looked at Mo Nianchen in astonishment, and suddenly forgot about the corridor.

The last time Mo Nianchen passed by her inadvertently, and once praised her for playing the piano well. At that time, she was elated and deeply infatuated with him. She didn’t expect him to remember, and even affirm her ability. The piano performance was handed over to her to complete.

“What? Don’t you have confidence?”

“No! I won’t let you down!”

“Then please.” Mo Nianchen said a few words lightly. He crossed Qin Bingru’s excited face and glanced at Li Shengxia who was hiding behind the corridor. Then he turned around and left.

The other ladies’ daughters were naturally unhappy when they saw Qin Bingru being taken away by Mo Nianchen.

Where did this Qin Bingru come from? The prince actually noticed her.

What a veritable fairy! What’s so great about playing the piano?

They wanted to see and wait how she made a fool of herself!

They all came for Mo Nianchen, and when Mo Nianchen left, they all followed.

After a long time… there was a long and soft cry in the corridor…

“Hu…” It’s dangerous!

She was almost invisible…

Li Shengxia calmed down before feeling the displeasure in her heart.

Qin Bingru…

Li Shengxia remembered her, she once took piano lessons in the same class as her, but soon, she dropped out of school because of family troubles.

It seemed that Mo Nianchen still remembered her…

Miss Qin, your fingers look perfect…

The words that Mo Nianchen praised Qin Bingru with just now could not help but come to her mind. For some reason, she was in a messed up mood.

One second he was still warm with her, and the next second he was able to shamelessly praise other women for their beautiful fingers.

Mo Nianchen, this big bastard, really had no heart. She just thought about it and kissed him actively…

He must think she was an idiot in his heart.

What made her speechless was that she didn’t know what happened to her just now, but she took the initiative to hug him from behind…

Everything that happened just now seemed to have happened in a dream…

Li Shengxia stretched out her hand and folded in it a leaf of a sky flower. After a long time, she took a step and walked out of the corridor.

Banquet venue.

Because the old man had something to do and couldn’t be there, this banquet was still hosted by Mo Nianchen.

Qin Bingru had already sat by the white piano next to the stage and started playing music.

Not long after, Li Shengxia also came in.

Li Shengxia glanced at Mo Nianchen subconsciously, but Mo Nianchen didn’t even look at her.

It was Tan Qing who saw her first.

“Li Shengxia, what’s the matter? Has he embarrassed you?” Tan Qing said, walking towards Li Shengxia.

Li Shengxia shook his head, “It’s alright.”

“I saw that the Crown Prince pulled you out of the venue without saying a word, and thought he would never let you go. In the end, he came back with a bunch of socialites. I haven’t seen you coming back for a long time. I thought something happened to you.”

“What can he do…” Li Shengxia pretended to smile at Tan Qing with ease: “He just asked me for a birthday present… But I didn’t have one.”

He didn’t speak, listening to her quietly, as if waiting for her to continue.

She continued to add, “As a result, I searched for a long time at the banquet and found nothing, haha, and then he…”

“Became angry?”

“Almost…” Li Shengxia smiled awkwardly, “Don’t worry about him, his personality is just like that, inexplicable and neurotic.”

“I’ve never heard anyone describe him like this.”

“Then how does everyone else describe him?”

“Handsome, domineering, rich, and self-willed.”

Also, changing women like changing clothes… Tan Qing didn’t say this clearly.

Li Shengxia glanced at Mo Nianchen subconsciously. It was undeniable that the eyes of the masses were sharp, and the women who were rushing to get him could line up twice around the earth.

“Excuse me for being blunt.” Tan Qing said to Li Shengxia, “Li Shengxia, the world of the crown prince is much more complicated than you think.”

Although Tan Qing said it very vaguely, his meaning was very clear. He was telling her that she should stay 100 paces away from Mo Nianchen, not even only 99 paces was good, otherwise, once there was any intersection with him, she would be injured in the end.

“I understand.” Li Shengxia’s mood was heavy. In fact, she knew better than anyone else that she and Mo Nianchen were separated by a chasm that could never be crossed.

At this moment, Mo Nianchen also looked towards Li Shengxia. In fact, during the period, he saw her many times, and she had been talking intimately with Tan Qing.

Either smiling, or being quiet, it made him feel very unpleasant.

He sacrificed himself to waste time here with these inexplicable women for what she had wanted, not to announce the relationship between them, but she turned around and started talking and laughing with Tan Qing.

Mo Nianchen lowered his hair and sent a message, and soon, Ouyang appeared in the public eye with a charming and sexy smile. Following him were Ling Tian, Cheng Zheng and Jiang Youxi.

When Mo Nianchen saw a few of them coming, he walked away.

“Prince…Prince, where are you going?” Immediately someone noticed that and they were going to chase after him.

But soon, the woman was stopped by another man.

“Beauty, the crown prince won’t accompany you, how about I dance with you?” The person who spoke was Ouyang, his peach blossom eyes seemed to be full of electricity, and just a blink of his eye could make people dazzled.

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