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Lu Chengyu’s reaction was much calmer than the Mu brothers expected. As onlookers, they felt angry when they saw what some media said, but Lu Chengyu was able to scan the forum while chewing on melon seeds,[1] as if the one being scolded was not him, but some unrelated person.

“Clink!” The melon seed shells were accurately thrown into the trash can next to him. Seeing Lu Chengyu’s fingers flying around on the keyboard neatly, Mu Qihua couldn’t help but be moved, and then he felt that he was thinking too much, so he sorted out his mood. Turning to Lu Chengyu, he said, “Xiao Lu, do you have any other opinions on this matter?”

“What is your opinion?” Lu Chengyu turned his attention to the conversation between the two of them. Although he did not know Mu Qihua particularly well, but he could see something similar to himself in this person, so he could understand the other’s concerns, “My idea is to live my life and it doesn’t make any sense to care about what others do.” Mu Qihua heard the words, at first he was frozen, then smiled, and didn’t say anything more after that.

Regarding the press conference about the scandal between the president of Huading International and the internet celebrity Lu Chengyu, the reporter who received the invitation letter knew the truth of the matter, because the two held the press conference together, not separately, which showed a lot. But they, who knew Yan Mu’s background well, were extra cautious. Before Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu spoke, they did not discredit the relationship between the two.

After the reporters who were not qualified to enter the venue heard the news, they squatted outside the venue. Even if they couldn’t get the first-hand information, it would be good if they were lucky enough to take a few photos or ask a few questions to the guards.

Just as the reporters were looking forward to it, they saw a few black low-key cars driving over. Unfortunately, the appearance of these cars was exactly the same, and they couldn’t tell which car was the boss sitting in.

At the moment, they didn’t care about who was in the car, they just jumped at the vehicle, but the voice of the reporter holding the microphone couldn’t even penetrate the car.

Getting out of the car first was not the one who had called the press conference, but a group of black-clad bodyguards. It was unknow what tactics they used, but before the reporters had time to react, they were already separated from each other. When they reacted, they only saw the backs of a group of people in black. As for the main persons, they were surrounded by the bodyguards and entered the venue.

A reporter sighed unwillingly, and said to his colleagues, “Did you capture anything just now?”

“Nothing was captured.” The reporter asked was also a little depressed. He held the camera and looked at it. All the eyes at the gate of the venue could be said to be filled with resentment, “I thought I could run a big news, who knew that Yan Mu would make such a big show.”

“Yan Mu can be called this in the capital,” the reporter raised a thumbs up, and then he shrugged his shoulders, “I heard the gossip that the Internet celebrity is actually not lowly, and the investor behind the “Autumn Wind” is him.”

“No?” The colleague obviously couldn’t believe it. He glanced at the reporter suspiciously, “Do you have any evidence for this?”

“Hey, what evidence is needed? Didn’t you find that he is the investor of “Autumn Wind”, the reporter mysteriously said, “I heard that Lu Chengyu valued the “Autumn Wind” script and took out all his savings to make the movie. Who knows how much he made from that movie? By this time, his worth is already nine figures.”

“Since, it is nine figures, why is he still mingling with Yan Mu, a man.” The colleagues were a little puzzled, “Even if Yan Mu is rich, he is not short of money, he should be thinking, what kind of woman did he want?”

“Maybe they are in true love,” the reporter shrugged. “A friend of mine works in Huading. I heard from my friend that Lu Chengyu is very charismatic, and his work ability is also very outstanding. Also, I don’t know how many teenage employees of Huading are heartbroken after seeing the report, and there are many women who threatened to resign if Yan Mu is with Lu Chengyu.”

“Such an exaggeration?” The colleague opened his mouth wide, as if he didn’t expect Lu Chengyu to be so influential. He said after a while, “I thought those female employees would hate Lu Chengyu a bit.” It stood to reason that Yan Mu should be the diamond in the hearts of those female employees. Why was the actual situation so different?

“Don’t try to guess what a woman thinks. You won’t understand even if you tried.” The reporter turned his head and found that many colleagues around him were eavesdropping on their conversation. His face changed suddenly, and he said, “I’ll go there and take a look.”

These reporters thought he had news that he didn’t want to disclose to them, so they each tried to find more information from others, so that they had something to write about.

Lu Chengyu didn’t know how lively it was outside, but he knew that the reporters at the venue were very active. As soon as he sat down on the stage, he heard a shutter sound below, and the flash almost blinded him. Fortunately, he accompanied Zhong Zhenghan in his previous life. Zhong Zhenghan has participated in many such occasions, otherwise, it would be really difficult to adapt to this situation.

In addition to Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu, there were also several people in the public relations team who were good at dealing with reporters. They were acquaintances with each other. Therefore, while asking questions, they would give face to each other. Of course, they would also reciprocate and let them have the question-asking opportunity.

“Mr. Yan, Mr. Lu, are you really together?” A reporter finally couldn’t help asking; the first question itself was so straightforward.

Yan Mu adjusted the height of the microphone, then glanced at a large number of microphones with various logos on the table, and nodded calmly, “Thank you very much for your concern, we are indeed together.” The words came out of his mouth and suddenly, there was another crazy shutter sound. Lu Chengyu glanced at his side without blinking. He couldn’t help but sigh. As expected, it was Brother Mu. In this situation also, he could be so calm.

However, as soon as he finished thinking about it, the reporter over there began to ask him questions, “Mr. Lu, it is rumoured that you are behind the scenes investor of “Autumn Wind”. May I ask, if this investment fund was lent to you by Mr. Yan?”

“This reporter friend is very well informed, and he actually knows such a secret thing,” Lu Chengyu smiled at the reporter who asked the question. “When, I invested in this movie, I and Mr. Yan were not partners. Even, if he dared to lend me this money, I won’t dare to ask for it. Anyway, it’s two or three million, such a large sum of money, who would dare to borrow it easily?”

Lu Chengyu’s simple and ordinary mentality made some reporters laugh. The reporter who asked the question also laughed, “Then this money is yours?”

“It’s not my own,” Lu Chengyu’s smile faded, “I just came out to work, how could I have so much money? This money was left to me by my parents.” The reporters on the scene became silent for a while. Everyone on the scene knew that Lu Chengyu’s parents died accidentally because of the Liang family, so the reporter who asked the question also apologized, “Sorry, Mr. Lu, I evoked a bad memory for you.”

“It’s okay,” Lu Chengyu smiled at the reporter, “It’s not something that can’t be mentioned.”

Probably because of this, several reporters after him did not ask too many questions. After the host interjected, the atmosphere of the whole press conference became very good.

“Mr. Yan, someone photographed you and Mr. Lu going to pay homage to your parents yesterday. Both of you regard each other as a partner who can accompany you through life?”

“If it is not for this purpose, why should we go together? I also would not have appeared in this place today.” Yan Mu’s tone had always been calm and serious, but his attitude fell on reporters, which made people feel that he was very serious and principled about this matter. “Originally, I think this kind of thing doesn’t need a press conference at all, but I didn’t expect it would cause such a big sensation. I don’t know how many people will see this interview, but there are some things I have to tell the friends who are concerned about this. That this is the relationship I’ve worked very hard to pursue. Xiao Lu doesn’t care about these slanders, but I do. If there are such remarks, I will ask the lawyers to use legal means to protect my lover. I hope everyone respects us, as, we respect others.”

As soon as this was said, there was an uproar at the scene, because Yan Mu used the term “lover” to describe Lu Chengyu. In many people’s perceptions, “lover” was equivalent to a husband or wife. Yan Mu used this term in front of so many people, did it mean that he had determined the spot for Lu Chengyu alone?

Thinking of this, the reporters immediately asked questions as if they were injected with chicken blood, which caused chaos on the scene. After several adjustments and controls by the host, the whole scene gradually calmed down.

“Any love that doesn’t presuppose being with each other for a lifetime is hooliganism,” Lu Chengyu looked at the reporter below with a smile, “For us, we are no different from other lovers. So, I hope everyone will not pay too much attention, I hope everyone understands.”

He got up and bowed in front of them, then stood up straight and said, “I bow not to apologize to anyone, but to thank all the netizens who have cared about me before. I have seen your support for me. Starting from today, I have found someone to accompany me. You can finally not worry so much that I will be lonely if I live alone. Thank you.” When it came to this, he again bowed.

These words were all his heartfelt words, because only he knew that there were indeed many people who sincerely supported him and cared about him on the Internet. Even though they may have never met each other, he had felt their kind intentions.

When the reporters saw this scene, they gradually calmed down. They were a little startled when they heard the words of the youth on the stage. After being in the entertainment industry for many years, they had become accustomed to all kinds of hyped love, and they had also been used to all kinds of inciting love scenes. But today these two men didn’t say anything sensational, let alone exchanging rings or taking oaths, but they just made them feel that their relationship was sincere.

“Close it,” Elder Mu sighed and slowly closed his eyes.

“Old sir,” the caretaker looked at Elder Mu anxiously, then looked at Mr. Yan on the screen, and couldn’t help frowning. How could a man as good as Mr. Yan like a man?

She saw that Elder Mu was still holding the TV remote control, but the other party said that he wanted to turn off the TV, so she had to go forward and turn off the power, and then silently exit.

Elder Mu opened his eyes and looked at the tree whose leaves had fallen out of the window. He sighed after a long time, “Daughter, dad didn’t help you look after your son!”

Because Yan Mu had been too sensible since he was a child. It led him to forget that his grandson was also someone who needed the love of his elders.

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[1] Completely unaffected.

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