TCYEC Ch. 99

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Now that the confession was made, and the other party agreed, and they were in a relationship, Yu Siyang used his alt account again and left a message in the “[Teaching Post] Simple Steps to Teach You How to Confess Successfully, and a Dating Guide” in the 818 Community: “Thank you for your guidance. I have successfully confessed. I am with the one I love.”

After leaving a message, he wrote down one by one the dating guide written by the host.

[Article 1: Watching a movie, this is the most primitive and direct way of dating, must do]

Watching a movie!

Yu Siyang touched his chin. This was very easy to handle. Wouldn’t there be an invitation letter for the premiere tomorrow? Well, it was an easy decision. Tomorrow… No, it should be counted as today. Let’s watch it together.

So, at about one in the morning, Luo Peng was sleeping soundly, not counting on being woken up by the phone, and was ruthlessly stuffed with dog food by Yu Siyang.

“Brother Luo, didn’t you invite me to the premiere of that faceless movie? I want to take Mr. Xue to the movie. Is there an invitation letter?”

“… Yes,” Luo Peng weakly asked: “Why would you take the boss to the premiere? Will he inspect the work?”

“Dating. According to the guide, the first thing you must do after falling in love is to watch a movie toegther.” In contrast to Luo Peng, Yu Siyang was very energetic.

Luo Peng: “…”

Fuck you, waking others out of sleep and forcefully showing affection. Was there any kind of ethics? Didn’t single dogs need to be cared for?

Xiaoyu ah Xiaoyu, I didn’t expect you to be such a person.

Luo Peng said angrily: “I will send you the invitation letter at dawn! Can you calm down the restless mood to sleep now! Is it good to have dark circles on the red carpet tomorrow!”

Yu Siyang was shocked and said weakly: “Well, I’m going to bed, you remember to give me the invitation letter, good night.”

Luo Peng heard a “beep” in the phone, and there was no more sound. He put the phone on the bedside table, closed his eyes and continued to sleep…

One minute… two minutes… three minutes…

“I’m going, I can’t sleep, ah ah … Yu Siyang, you are a wicked man !!!”

Luo Peng got up from the bed, his head was not too clear, but he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and was doing nothing, so he decided to start a game.

On the other end, Yu Siyang was ordered to sleep by Luo Peng. He, who was energetic, lay down on the bed and fell asleep in seconds.

Therefore, in the morning, when Luo Peng came to Xue’s villa to send the invitation letter for the film premiere, one of them was radiant and the other languid.

The radiant face was naturally Yu Siyang. Luo Peng was playing in the dark with people in the early morning. He only stopped after playing until the sun appeared on the horizon. After a short sleep, he had to get up from the bed again. His eyes were so dark as those of a panda and his expression looked severely tortured.

“Brother Luo, what’s the matter with you? Didn’t you sleep?” Yu Siyang asked in surprise.

Luo Peng looked at him bitterly and handed over the invitation letter, “I blame you, you called in the middle of the night, which made me be unable to sleep.”

Yu Siyang scratched his head embarrassedly.

For the sake of his cuteness, Luo Peng decided to forgive him for causing him to play games all night.

“This movie tonight is a suspense thriller; shouldn’t you watch a romantic movie on a date?” Luo Peng ate a mango pancake[1] and put the promotional leaflet of the movie “Agnes without Face” on the table.

Yu Siyang stayed for a while, turned the leaflet to read the brief introduction of the movie, and instantly became depressed.

It was really a suspense movie. Just by looking at the synopsis, you could feel that it was a suspenseful movie, but he had already talked to Mr. Xue, so it had to be suspense.

“You haven’t met anyone yet, so you don’t understand, it is different.” Yu Siyang said blindly.

Luo Peng obviously didn’t buy it, and said, “Why do you need to be different for a date?”

Yu Siyang became angry and said: “You haven’t had a date, you don’t understand.”

Luo Peng: “…” For some reason, there were torches and gasoline in his hand.

There was about a 190 cm man with an expression that was not good for the construction of a harmonious society. So, Yu Siyang immediately said to him, “Roger, my mango pancake is delicious, isn’t it?”

Hmph, the skill of shifting topics was too clumsy. Luo Peng thought proudly. But his speed of eating mango pancake did not slow down at all.

The thin pancakes would break with a light bite of the teeth, the soft cream melted in the mouth, the milky aroma was very strong, and the sweet mango pulp was sandwiched in it. It was so delicious that you couldn’t hold yourself back.

But Luo Peng decided not to praise Xiaoyu, who caused him to have liver pain because of torturing him.

After Luo Peng finished gobbling the mango pancake, he ate lunch again, and after playing with Xue Yunmu for a while, he took Yu Siyang to the studio for styling.

Since the opening of the film festival, Yu Siyang has felt that he was always walking on the red carpet. At the mid-year entertainment festival half a year ago, he still found it interesting to walk on the red carpet. Now he felt dizzy when he saw the red carpet and felt strongly that if he would walk on it a few more times, maybe he would get red-green color blindness.

“You won’t get red-green blindness, but you have become illiterate.” Luo Peng relentlessly complained, “Red-green blindness is a genetic disease, you won’t get it unless you have a genetic mutation.”

Yu Siyang glanced at Luo Peng quietly. He kept his head down and chatted with Mr. Xue on WeChat.

Chef Yu: [Luo Ge is so angry today, as if he is suffering from menopause [grievance.jpg]]

Xue Chengxiu: [[Touching Head.jpg] Try not to provoke menopausal people, their fighting power is explosive]

Chef Yu: [It makes sense, then I will not mess with Brother Luo]

Xue Chengxiu: [It doesn’t matter if you provoke him, if he bullies you, I will deduct his salary]

Chef Yu: [[Happy.gif]]

Chef Yu: [[Kiss.gif]]

Xue Chengxiu: [[Kiss.gif]] [[Kiss.gif]] [[Kiss.gif]]

Chef Yu: [[Kiss.gif]]

Chef Yu: [Mr. Xue, don’t forget the opening time of the movie tonight, I have to walk on the red carpet, I can’t go in with you]

Xue Chengxiu: [Don’t worry, I won’t forget it]

Chef Yu: [I’ve been walking on the red carpet so much these days, I feel like I go to the film festival to walk the red carpet, but I’m not a Carpet Star [guilt.jpg]]

Xue Chengxiu: [[Touching Head.jpg] Let’s not go if you don’t want to go]

Chef Yu: [No, you must love your job and work hard]

Xue Chengxiu: [My Yangyang loves his job and works hard]

Xue Chengxiu: [[Kiss.gif]]

Another game was played, and then a primary school student was scolded by Luo Peng. Luo Peng kept his mobile phone away and saw that Yu Siyang was playing with the mobile phone. He also cooperated with the stylist to lower his head but took his phone again when he raised his head. Luo Peng curiously leaned over to look at Yu Siyang’s mobile phone screen, and his whole person did not feel good.

The boss and Xiaoyu were so nasty when they fall in love!!!

Yu Siyang didn’t notice that Luo Peng also came over and was watching his messages, and was still posting on WeChat—

Chef Yu: [Mr. Xue, your WeChat name is your own name, it’s too personality-less]

Xue Chengxiu: [What kind of change would add more personality?]

Chef Yu: [Papa Xue?]

Xue Chengxiu: […]

Chef Yu: [Hahaha, I’m kidding]

Chef Yu: [[Sell meng to you.gif]]

Papa Xue: [Changed]

Chef Yu: […]

(Intentionally) Luo Peng who accidentally saw the chat log was dumbfounded.

Ah ah ah …… why should I go to see Xiaoyu and the boss’ chat, if the boss came to know what he saw, “Papa Xue” will kill him to silence him ah ah ah ……

“Okay.” Yu Siyang’s stylist helped him style a new hairstyle, and said: “Look, is it particularly handsome.”

Yu Siyang looked in the mirror and vomited: “It’s so oily, it seems that I haven’t washed my hair for a long time, and it is greasy and sticky on the head.”

Stylist: “…”

Tang Hang also nodded: “It’s oily and reflective.”

Stylist: “…”

The stylist looked at Luo Peng, hoping to get his support, but Luo Peng showed a state of being out of his body, which was not at all in the same dimension with them.

“What’s wrong with Brother Luo?” Yu Siyang was curious.

Tang Hang shook his head. He was watching the news on his cell phone just now, and he didn’t see Luo Peng going to peek at Yu Siyang’s chat, naturally he didn’t understand the situation.

With two votes against and one abstention, the stylist had to help Yu Siyang wash his hair and re-style it.

And Luo Peng, until they set off from the stylist’s studio to the film festival venue, he was still in a state of being out of his body.

The director of “Agnes Without Face”, Lu Kang, was a representative of China’s fifth generation of directors. He used to mainly make documentary films and had won many international awards. In the past two years, he suddenly wanted to switch to commercial films for some reason. This “Agnes Without Face” was Lu Kang’s transformational work. It was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Yunzhong International Film Festival, which surprised Lu Kang. Therefore, the premiere was very grand, famous producers, famous directors and screenwriters, both young and old, had been invited, and of course there were many celebrities, and some businessmen who had a good relationship with him had also come to join in the fun.

Yu Siyang was shortlisted for the Newcomer Award and was also on the invitation list. Of course, there were other Newcomer Award finalists invited as well.

He didn’t know if it was intentional or unintentional by the crew. All the newcomer award finalists were arranged to walk the red carpet together. Everyone was competitors and was unfamiliar with each other. Being arranged together was simply embarrassing X5.

Several people were waiting in the waiting area. After a brief greeting, An Yan, who was extroverted, merged with several people, and Yue Taoshan also talked and laughed with them.

But Yu Siyang seemed to be deliberately excluded from the small group. The other people just greeted him and did not take the initiative to talk to him or let him join their topic.

Yu Siyang had encountered many such things before. He did not care about being excluded or was used to it. His own character was not very good at dealing with strangers, and he didn’t feel uncomfortable if others didn’t talk to him, on the contrary, if a stranger was very enthusiastic when talking to him, he was uncomfortable, often because he didn’t know what to say, he always talked to death.

And he was sending WeChat messages to Mr. Xue, so he had no time to talk to others.

When the staff asked them to prepare, he put the phone away and stood with the other four people.

At this time, the position they walked in would reflect the star’s position in the circle.

Although the other four crowded out Yu Siyang, in the final position, Yu Siyang was in C, and the other four were on both sides. The entertainment industry was very sensitive to position. With the high box office of the shortlisted films, Yu Siyang was also participating in “The Traitor” directed by Liu Cai. And he was already the male lead in the movie “Pretending Overload”-although the film investment was low. It would be ridiculous if he was not in C position.

Although Yu Siyang was still a newcomer, he had gone farther than many people. No matter how dissatisfied the other four were, they dared not grab the C position. Today they dared to grab the C position, and tomorrow they would not need to fear if the world would be chaotic. In the media, one was a hot newcomer, and the other four were at most pink. Their number of fans combined was not as many as the other. It was conceivable who the online melon crowd would support.

Yu Siyang’s red carpet walk continued the “hurry up” style of the previous two days. The red carpet was not long, and he walked it in less than half a minute. Mainly because Mr. Xue had already arrived in the exhibition hall, he rushed in.

The other four people didn’t think so. They wanted to go slower, then slower, and simply become a fixed carpet needle, let the media take more photos, and make the news tomorrow.

There was an “incomprehensible style” when Yu Siyang led. The other four people couldn’t slow down even if they wanted to. They couldn’t walk the red carpet together. One person went in first, and the other four were still sticking with the red carpet.

As soon as he entered the exhibition hall, Yu Siyang parted ways with the other four and found Xue Chengxiu in the front position in the middle.

“Mr. Xue.” Yu Siyang called out with a smile and sat down beside Xue Chengxiu.

Xue Chengxiu turned his head to look at him steadily, “You are handsome.”

He was praised by his beloved, and Yu Siyang’s smile became brighter.

Luo Peng, who had just come in with Tang Hang with the invitation letter, saw his invisible artist with a smile at a glance, and then he saw the gentle-eyed boss beside his artist with a gentle smile.

Undefeated, he was stuffed again with the dog food in the air.

T/N: Luo Peng’s question in life: Don’t single dogs have any rights?

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