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“Aigoo? The boss of BH media?? That young master of the Luo family???”

Lin Nantian was so startled that she almost jumped up from the sofa.

Gu Nian had a headache: “Keep your voice down.”

Lin Nantian froze on the sofa and didn’t respond for a long time. After a long time, she turned around and said, “Yes, it’s true or not, are you sure?”

Gu Nian paused, “The only thing I can do is to give you a copy of the family tree.”

Lin Nantian murmured: “What kind of vision do you have which goes against the sky, that you can pick out the eldest young master of the Luo family who entered the circle for private interviews in micro-services among so many 180-line stars?”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian was made to laugh and cry by Lin Nantian’s words: “Your words are too exaggerated.”

“Am I exaggerating? Sister, you don’t know the level of the Luo family in the wealthy circle,” Lin Nantian gestured, “Our family is just a nouveau riche, who can’t even cross the threshold of half his life’s wealth.”


Gu Nian lowered her eyes.

Lin Nantian regained consciousness, stood up and looked around: “Where is he, is he still upstairs? The living young master of the Luo family, I have to take a good look around.”

“He’s not here.”

“Huh? Where did he go?”

“He said that he knows that I don’t want to see him recently, and when I’m not so bothered with him anymore, I should send a message to him and he will come back immediately.”

Lin Nantian was stunned for a few seconds, then nodded: “I have to say it, the attitude of introspection is quite good.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Lin Nantian completely recovered from the shock, and slowly became aware of Gu Nian’s emotions. Then she asked confusedly: “Why are you not happy at all? Because he lied to you?”

Gu Nian shook his head: “Yes.”



Gu Nian was silent for a while, sighed, buried her face in her hands, and said in a dull tone, “Actually, I don’t blame him very much, the situation in which we got to know each is so special, maybe he could not tell me the situation as soon as it came up, and later it must have been hard to find a chance to speak out after a long time, I can understand that.”

“Then what are you upset about?”

“Well, I can’t say it face to face, it feels like,” Gu Nian raised her face, “it’s like sitting on a cloud, it gives people a kind of vain sense of unreality and uncertainty.”


Lin Nantian was overwhelmed by the mist, and finally waved her hands impatiently: “If you ask me, I will say that you are crazy about artistic creation, why are you creating so many problems? Love is love.”

Gu Nian paused, then raised her head to look at her.

Lin Nantian: “The simplest question, aside from talking about everything outside of Luo Xiu’s body, is only, are you willing to separate from Luo Xiu?”

Without even thinking about it, Gu Nian frowned, “No.”

Lin Nantian was stunned for a moment, feeling both angry and funny: “At first your mother said that love has deteriorated, but you didn’t admit it to death, but now you dare to face your true desires?”


Gu Nian choked, and freely blew away the broken hair hanging down her cheeks and turned away her reddish face.

Lin Nantian slapped her on the back with a slap: “Since you are so determined, why hesitate, other problems will be solved slowly when the two of you get in touch – you have made up your mind, don’t worry about it. This problem is really not a problem.”

Gu Nian turned her head slowly, staring at Lin Nantian thoughtfully.

Lin Nantian was furious: “Why are you staring at me?”

Gu Nian: “I just suddenly felt that you have the talent to be a love philosopher.”

Lin Nantian: “F**k you.”

Gu Nian smiled easily and straightened her waist while supporting her knees: “Anyway, thank you, I seem to be clearer after being pushed a little bit by you.”

“That’s fine, oh yes, you remember to call Auntie.”


Gu Nian, who was about to get up, stopped and turned around in a daze.

Lin Nantian shook her phone: “Yesterday aunt called me and asked me why your emotional state has not been right for these few days.”

Gu Nian suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart: “What did you say?”

“I told her the truth.”


“That’s right, it’s about you and Luo Xiu…”

Under Gu Nian’s horrified eyes, Lin Nantian’s scalp also exploded: “You, you, you haven’t told Auntie about the quarrel between you two, have you?”

Gu Nian panicked: “You said that?!”

“I, I, I, I know something, and you still kept it from her, so I told her all about it.”

Gu Nian: “!”

Gu Nian was so startled that she got up from the sofa and rushed to the phone on the table. While picking it up and dialing, Lin Nantian murmured panickedly beside her: “You didn’t say you were stabbed by me, so according to Auntie’s temper, maybe Luo Xiu’s ashes might have already been thrown away right now?”

“Don’t be a black crow!”

Gu Nian took the time to scold her.

Before she could say a second sentence, the call was connected. And Gu Nian asked cautiously, “Mom?”

But when she was about to blurt out the sentence “Did you see Luo Xiu?”, she heard Gu Yuan’s tone on the other side ask with certainty: “Is Luo Xiu a drinker?”


After staying there for a few seconds, Gu Nian got up with a pale face: “You let him drink!?”


Ten seconds later, Lin Nantian was shocked to see Gu Nian hang up the phone, turn around and run out——

“Quick! Take me to my mother’s house!”


Half an hour later.

In the community of Gu Yuan’s house.

As soon as the car door opened, Gu Nian ran out in a panic, while behind her, Lin Nantian got out of the car and chased after her: “Hey, Gu Nian, slow down! Be careful of the car!”

Gu Nian didn’t bother to answer, and quickly ran into the old building in the community.

Before she could run to the door of Unit 3, she saw a familiar slender figure standing in front of the building. The man was leaning against the wall with his head slightly lowered, his hair was disheveled and slightly wet, his lips were bright red, and his clear face looked sickly and pale.

Gu Nian choked for breath: “Luo Xiu!”

Hearing the voice, the man raised his cold and slender neck. After taking off the gold-rimmed glasses, those unmasked brown eyes were like lakes soaked in spring, gentle and clear.

Her voice was hoarse because of drunkenness: “Nian Nian?”

Gu Nian ran up to him quickly, looking him up and down in panic, “Did you—”

Before her words could fall, Gu Nian was hugged into a hot embrace.

The man hugged her, his breath searing against her neck.

“Nian Nian…”

He closed his eyes, repeated it over and over again, and laughed hoarsely, like a child hugging his most precious treasure.

“You finally came to see me.”

The end was nuanced.

Then Luo Xiu fell into Gu Nian’s arms.

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