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The melodious ending song on the TV was still playing, but no one was paying attention to the TV.

Yan Yan sat back on Ji Juechuan’s lap, and the place on his waist where he was touched was still a little itchy, and because of his posture, his legs felt a little weak.

He stared blankly at Ji Juechuan for a few seconds before realizing that he seemed to be sitting in an awkward position.

“I, I’m sorry.”

Yan Yan’s face went a little hot, he sat down so heavily that he didn’t know if it hurt Ji Juechuan.

He was also a man, so he naturally knew how fragile that place was, and he couldn’t help worrying whether Ji Juechuan was hurt because of him.

He stepped on the sofa and wanted to move back quickly, but the sofa was too soft, and he stepped on it and sank inside, such that he couldn’t exert any force.

He didn’t move away from that place, instead he just moved slightly, as if rubbing against it a few times.

“Don’t move.” Ji Juechuan’s voice had gone a little hoarse.

He reached out his hand to support Yan Yan’s waist, paused for a moment, then moved his hand to his shoulder, and held it gently to prevent him from moving.

Sensing the change in Ji Juechuan, Yan Yan blushed even more.

His eyelashes trembled, and he lowered his eyes, not daring to look at Ji Juechuan, but what he saw when he looked down made his face burn even more.

“I didn’t mean to…” Yan Yan’s voice was so low that he could hardly hear him.

He thought back on the series of actions he had just made, no matter how they looked, they seemed to be intentional, and Ji Juechuan probably wouldn’t believe that he was careless.

Forget it, if he misunderstood, just let him misunderstand, and this should make Ji Juechuan hate him even more.

Yan Yan closed his eyes resignedly, suppressed his shame and raised his eyes to look at Ji Juechuan, “Husband…”

As soon as he said two words, he saw a person walking in from outside.

It was Aunt Zhang who came to cook lunch.

As soon as Aunt Zhang came in, she saw the two people on the sofa.

Seeing their overly intimate posture, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she quickly reacted, smiling at them, “You guys go on watching the movie, I’ll go cook.”

How could they watch a movie in this posture?

He didn’t think there was anything wrong at first, but Yan Yan felt even more uncomfortable when Aunt Zhang said it so pretentiously.

He bit his lower lip, supported himself on Ji Juechuan’s shoulders, got off his lap, and sat down beside him with a blushing face, as if he had been caught by an adult while doing something bad.

Yan Yan picked up the remote control, tuned to a channel casually, and pretended to watch TV intently.

It was just that although the head was facing forward, the eyes secretly glanced in Ji Juechuan’s direction.

He still remembered that Ji Juechuan had accidentally reacted just now.

Although it was a little shocking at first but now that he thought about it, he felt it was quite normal.

After all, after being grounded on back and forth in that place so much, even if that person was someone he hated, he would also somewhat react.

Yan Yan pressed the remote control again and tuned to a cartoon channel. Exaggerated laughter came from the TV, dispelling some of the embarrassment in the air.

Ji Juechuan stood up, with the same expression on his face as usual, “Watch by yourself, I’ll go up first.”

“Yeah.” Yan Yan nodded vigorously, looked up at Ji Juechuan’s face, and controlled himself not to look at other parts of his body.

Ji Juechuan didn’t say anything else, he just turned around and went upstairs.

Yan Yan heaved a sigh of relief when he was the only one left on the sofa and nestled in the sofa awkwardly.

Although he could understand Ji Juechuan’s reaction, understanding was one thing, but not being embarrassed was another.

He stared at the TV with red ears, and it took him a long time to finally focus on the TV.

It was during lunch that Ji Juechuan came down from upstairs.

Because of what happened just now, the two of them didn’t talk much, and only Aunt Zhang asked a few words about the marriage certificate and when they planned to hold the wedding.

Yan Yan rolled his eyes and said that they hadn’t decided yet.

Aunt Zhang nodded understandingly, “This kind of important matter needs to be decided carefully, there is no rush.”

Yan Yan nodded in agreement and thought, it was best not to hold it until he had to leave.

After eating, Yan Yan sat on the sofa with his laptop in his arms and clicked on the private messages sent by the fans on the live broadcast platform.

He read them one by one, and most of them were saying that he asked for leave too often recently, so he was asked to live broadcast more.

Several fans also directly sent him a link, asking him to participate in the event held by the live broadcast platform.

In order to appease the fans, he had promised them earlier that he would participate in the activities of the live broadcast platform. So, during the registration period for the new event held by the live broadcast platform recently, the fans sent him the link directly.

Yan Yan clicked on that link and entered the event registration page.

The purpose of this event was to support newcomers and unknown small anchors, and only anchors with less than 10,000 fans could participate.

Yan Yan’s fans hadn’t reached 10,000, so he swiped down and began to look at the details of the event carefully.

The requirement of the activity was to let the anchor edit the highlights of the live broadcast into a complete video, and then publish it on the platform. The anchor with the most likes could get free promotion and other rewards from the platform.

The format and number of videos was not limited, and anchors with few fans could also rely on hard work to win more likes.

After reading the details of the event, Yan Yan clicked on Sign Up, filled in some simple information, and soon signed up successfully.

After signing up, he planned to continue to read the fans’ private messages. But as soon as he opened the private message interface, he saw a new message.

The person who sent the message didn’t pay attention to him, and there was an anchor’s logo on his avatar.

Yan Yan hesitated for a moment, clicked on the message, and found that the other party wanted to form a team with him.

Perhaps seeing that the sent message had changed to read, the other party sent him a few more messages soon.

[I participated in this event last year as well and can carry you along]

[I am also very good at editing, and I can also help you edit your videos]

Could this event be teamed up?

Yan Yan clicked on the event page and took a look and found that it was really possible to form a team, but the number of likes would be divided equally according to the number of team members.

He went to the anchor’s homepage to look again and looked through his previous works. Although the number of works was small, the quality was acceptable.

During these few minutes, the opposite anchor sent him a few more question marks, as if to ask what he meant.

Yan Yan thought that he was not yet proficient in editing videos, and if someone could help, it would be better than him doing it by himself.

Thinking of this, he went back to the interface and sent back a “good”, and the other party quickly threw him a link to form a team, and the two quickly formed a team.

After forming a team, Yan Yan sent a few words to introduce himself, and then sent a friendly cat expression pack.

But the anchor seemed to be busy with something, so he didn’t reply to him again.

Yan Yan didn’t care about it either, he just clicked on the event page to find other rewards for this event, wondering if there would be any rewards.

He took a closer look and found that the anchor with the most likes would not only get a free promotion spot on the platform but would also be rewarded with 10,000 yuan and a free island tour for two.

Seeing the 10,000 yuan, Yan Yan’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly became more motivated for this event.

He dug out the video that had been edited half a few days ago and began to edit it seriously again.

When sleeping at night, Ji Juechuan found that Yan Yan had been rubbing his eyes frequently, until his thin eyelids were all red.

He pulled Yan Yan’s hand to stop him from rubbing his eyes, and frowned a few times, “Your eyes are uncomfortable?”

Yan Yan nodded.

His eyes were itchy, but Ji Juechuan held his hand to prevent him from rubbing it, so he had to blink hard a few times.

“Did the lashes fall out of your eyes?”

Seeing Yan Yan frown in discomfort, Ji Juechuan moved closer, pressed his hand rubbing his eyes with one hand, and pinched his chin with the other to take a closer look.

He looked at it for a while, but he didn’t see any eyelashes falling in, instead he only felt Yan Yan’s light breath spraying on his face.

Yan Yan blinked a few more times, and said, “It should be because I looked at the computer for too long in the afternoon.”

He spent the afternoon and evening editing videos, forgetting the time because he was so absorbed in it, and didn’t put down the computer until it was time to go to bed.

Ji Juechuan let go of him, got out of bed, took a hot towel, and gently applied it to his eyes.

The white towel covered his beautiful eyes, revealing only the tip of his small nose and soft lips, and then his porcelain white chin and slender neck.

Yan Yan’s eyes were blindfolded, and he looked more fragile than usual, but he had a posture of complete trust in Ji Juechuan, and his thin white fingers were still grabbing Ji Juechuan’s sleeves.

Ji Juechuan’s eyes darkened, and because he couldn’t see, his eyes stayed on his face wantonly.

“Husband, I signed up for an event on the live broadcast platform today.”

Yan Yan didn’t feel his strong gaze but since he couldn’t see anything in front of him, he felt a little insecure, so he grabbed Ji Juechuan’s sleeve and started looking for topics to discuss.

Ji Juechuan gave an “um” and signaled him to continue talking.

“The reward for that event is a free island tour for two, which is for five days and four nights.”

Because he felt that Ji Juechuan would not be interested in the 10,000 yuan, Yan Yan only mentioned the island tour instead of the 10,000 yuan bonus.

Hearing Yan Yan talking about island tours, Ji Juechuan was distracted, and couldn’t help imagining Yan Yan basking in the sun without his shirt on.

As white as he was, he must shine in the sun.

Yan Yan didn’t hear Ji Juechuan’s response, so he tugged on his cuff.

Ji Juechuan came back to his senses and coughed lightly, “Do you want to go to the island?”

If Yan Yan wanted to go to the island to play, he could just tell him, the arrangements he made must be better than the free island tour arranged by the live broadcast platform.

Yan Yan pursed his lips under the towel, “I don’t really want to.”

The 10,000 yuan was more attractive to him.

“Honey, if I get the reward, will you go with me?” Yan Yan made a request that he thought was very unreasonable.

He turned his head, and the towel slipped a little from his eyes.

“Go.” Ji Juechuan pulled up the slipped towel, and when he withdrew his hand, his fingertips brushed against his face, causing a little numbness.

Yan Yan felt a little strange, but soon figured it out again.

Before he told Ji Juechuan the time of the island tour, Ji Juechuan agreed, which must be him being perfunctory towards him.

He pretended not to notice, and happily curled the corners of his lips, “That’s great.”

After talking about this topic, Yan Yan didn’t speak any more. He counted the number of times he acted like a baby with Ji Juechuan in his mind today, and wanted to see how the daily plan was completed.

He recalled briefly, and found that the plan was almost completed, only one kiss was missing.

Ji Juechuan stretched out his hand, but just as he was about to change the hot towel for Yan Yan, he suddenly sat up and the towel fell off his face, revealing his lively eyes.

The corners of his eyes were reddened by the heat from the towel, but his eyes were shining brightly, as if they were hiding stars.

Before Ji Juechuan could react, his thin lips were softly covered, followed by a familiar fragrance, like countless invisible hooks.

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