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“I’m going back to the capital during the Chinese New Year.”

When this answer came from Qin Fan’s mouth, Si Huang was not surprised, and she even understood after a little thought.

Si Huang in her previous life couldn’t figure out how powerful the Qin family was in the capital, because she hadn’t been able to reach that level at that time. It was also because she couldn’t get in touch that she knew better that it must have exceeded her imagination. This kind of family had a lot more troubles during the festivals, so Qin Fan, as the only grandson of the Qin family’s generation, would definitely have to go back.

It was just that she was used to this person following her, so she didn’t think about it before.    

Si Huang’s thoughts turned, and she asked, “When are you leaving? Have you booked your ticket yet?”

“These two days.”

“Bon Voyage.”

Although it was expected that the child would not have much reaction, Qin Fan was still a little unhappy with his plain performance. So, he raised Si Huang’s arm and motioned her to stand up, “Are you still going to apply for the admissions of Jinghua University this year?”

Si Huang, who followed his strength and stood up, replied without thinking, “Yeah.” Then she saw the man’s expression soften a little, and she guessed his thoughts in a flash, and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, “Were you afraid that I won’t take the exam?”

“Fenghua Entertainment is in H city. You just took over as the president. If you focus on your career, staying in H city should be the right choice.” Qin Fan understood that he was young, but he was always very rational. Once he had made a decision, he would choose the most appropriate plan. To get something, you had to give up on something.

After saying this, Qin Fan took her previous seat, looked at the content displayed on the computer screen in front of him, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, but he quickly calmed down again.

Si Huang let him watch, leaning against the edge of the desk, all the while looking sideways at his next reaction.

In about ten minutes, Qin Fan read most of the information carefully, and he had already figured out what Si Huang wanted to do, “You go to sleep, leave these to me.”

“Can you do it?” In her impression, Qin Fan was a soldier, not a businessman. There were a lot of technical terms and procedures in it, and amateurs couldn’t do it well.

Qin Fan suddenly turned his head to stare at her, “I told you not to tease me, you don’t understand people’s words!”

His tone was a bit fierce, which made Si Huang stunned for a moment, and then she laughed out loud, her eyes full of jokes, “I didn’t have that meaning.” And those who could hear other meanings were really impure in heart.

Seeing Si Huang’s bewildered expression just a second ago, Qin Fan knew that he had misunderstood. At this moment, he could not refute what she said, so he pretended to ignore her and continued to urge her, “Go to sleep.” Turning to look, he glanced at the clock on the wall, only to realize that almost half an hour had passed since he came in, and it was almost 11 o’clock now, “Don’t forget that I am still your instructor.”

He looked at Si Huang with the meaning that if Si Huang dared to refuse, he would personally move her back to the bed and make her go to sleep.

Si Huang thought about what she was going to be busy with tomorrow, then looked at the man with a stern and cruel face, and after just a second of consideration, she compromised. As a man who made his heart beat fast, she had to give the other party the opportunity to show his affection. If one was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer, and if both parties were happy, there was no need to stop it.

“Then I’ll trouble you.” Si Huang said, then lowered her head and lightly touched Qin Fan’s lips who hadn’t yet reacted, until the eyelashes of both of them could almost touch, “Do it carefully, I will check it later.”

Facing the child’s initiative to get close, the man who had eaten the marrow and knew the taste couldn’t resist at all. He looked at her with deep and dark eyes. When Si Huang was about to retreat, his big hand fixed the back of the person’s head, making her unable to do anything.

This kiss was still fierce like before, the man knew how to suck, bite, and sip at her lips without any rules, as if he wanted to eat her lips into his stomach.

He didn’t know how long it had been, when Qin Fan took the initiative to let go of Si Huang – if he had refused to let go, Si Huang would not have been able to break free at all.

“…” The panting man stared at her with fiery eyes.

In the past, Qin Fan thought that Si Huang was a big treasure, with its own light source, so that people could not ignore it, it was very special and shining, just like a treasure, it was born to be noticed and he wanted to take it as his own. Now he had a new idea, this child was still a monster, who was acting recklessly because of his youth, from his performance and expression, he knew how attractive he was, but he was not afraid of death when teasing people, every one of his word and action could ignite the flames of his body, and that attitude of being ready to do anything was even more irritating.

If it wasn’t because of his young age… Qin Fan thought to himself, he must have taught him a lesson, to let the child know what restraint was, and not to release his charm indiscriminately.

At this time, Si Huang naturally didn’t know what he was thinking, and took a step back with an inexplicable expression. He lowered his eyelids and saw the reaction of a certain part of the man. Abstinence high cold male god. He scoffed in his heart: Mensao[1].

Si Huang took another two steps back and pointed to the drawer of the desk, “The tissues are in the second drawer. If you want to deal with it here, remember to clean it up. I don’t want to smell it even a bit tomorrow.”

Qin Fan: “…”

Clearly feeling the dangerous aura of a man about to eat people, Si Huang turned and walked out the door with a smile.

It so happened that the man himself had told her to go to bed and offered to help her with the office work, and now he couldn’t find a reason to stop her. He watched her back disappear behind the door of the study, and she even closed the door for him in a very considerate manner.

In this regard, Qin Fan felt powerless.

He frowned, feeling that his lower limit was in jeopardy, as if…he was too tolerant of the child?

This thought was erased by him as soon as he woke up. As the older one, Qin Fan felt that he should be patient with children.

But as the person involved, he didn’t seem to notice it. Was this tolerance really a little bit? A lot of things were accumulated by using this a little bit!

Our protagonist who would not die was no longer in the mood to think about other things, because he had more important things to deal with, and he must cooperate with his mind and body to achieve the most perfect relief, everyone can understand this.

Half an hour later.

The tall man silently tidied up the study and destroyed the leftovers.

In a corner, there was a sad little hamster lying on its stomach. Its beady eyes were full of pity and pain.

“Squeak!” What a strong yang energy! The glittering breath of gold rushed towards my face, Your Majesty! Waste is shameful! Shameful!

“Meow?” Nighttime was the world of cats, smelling strange smells, and being guided by its nature, black cat Liu Shun found the little hamster’s place.

“…” Five Treasure’s hair all over his body twitched, he turned his head to look, and then… his mouth felt wet.

Because just as the black cat Liu Shun just lowered his head to sniff it, Five Treasure turned around and his head met black cat Liu Shun’s face.

The cat and mouse’s first official meeting in the house began with a kiss.

Five Treasure’s entire rat body was petrified, Black cat Liu Shun tilted his head in doubt, his eyes glowing green in the darkness, and then he opened his mouth…opened his mouth…opened his mouth…opened his mouth!

Five Treasure suddenly came back to his senses, and the first reaction his body made was to turn around and run to Si Huang’s room, “Squeak!” Your Majesty! Liu Shun defiled me! I ask to drag it out and cut it off! Chopped!


Black cat Liu Shun easily raised his paw, and the pads pressed down on the hamster’s body.

The hamster’s snow-white hair almost blended with the color of its paws.

Black cat Liu Shun pressed Five Treasure’s body with his meat pad without much effort, tilting his cat’s head and staring at it suspiciously, as if looking at a novel toy.

Nima toy, you are the toy! Five Treasure was so sad and angry that he crawled hard to get out of the cat’s paw, “Squeak!”

Qin Fan, who was pouring a glass of water before going upstairs, took a look in this direction. He wasn’t psychic enough to understand the cry for help in the eyes of a hamster, so he didn’t pay much attention to these two at all.

For the impression of Five Treasure and Liu Shun, Qin Fan was still at the position of “Si Huang’s pet”. After watching for two seconds, he saw that Black cat Liu Shun clearly had no intention of eating the hamster, so he withdrew his gaze and walked into the study.

Five Treasure burst into tears: “Squeak!”

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[1] outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside.

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