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After leaving the orphanage, Yan Han called Li Hongqing and asked if he was in school today.

“I’m on duty this weekend, what’s the matter with you?” Li Hongqing’s voice came vaguely with the sound of sizzling electric current.

“It’s okay, I got some trauma.” Yan Han said.

After delaying such a short time, a lot of blood had been shed. Yan Han’s face had turned pale, and even the color of his lips had become lighter.

When not speaking, there was a sense of vulnerability and tenderness of a sickly beauty.

At this time, he couldn’t save money. He planned to take a taxi back to school. He was about to walk to the main road to stop a taxi. When behind him, “Didi” sounded two car horns. Yan Han turned around and saw a land cruiser gliding all the way, as it stopped right beside him.

“Get in the car.” The rear window was rolled down, and Lin Jianlu’s handsome face appeared.

Yan Han: “???”

At first, he was at a loss. After he realized that the other party had come out of the orphanage, he was shocked, then he asked: “Why are you here?!”

“…” He saw that Lin Jianlu didn’t answer, but his expression was weird, as if he had wanted to ask the same.

Looking at Yan Han’s injured arm last, Lin Jianlu said, “Get in the car, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No need, small injury.”

He couldn’t go to the hospital now!

Yan Han smiled at him: “I’ll go back to the school hospital to deal with it, thank you Lin Jianlu.”

Really smiling on the surface but saying MMP[1] in his heart.

He thought Lin Jianlu’s reaction was a bit strange.

To be specific, it was probably because the other party didn’t seem surprised about his injury.

He didn’t know when this person appeared and whether he saw anything, but Yan Han’s old problem of having a guilty conscience erupted again.

If he had known that he could run into “acquaintances” here, he would have behaved…not so manly.

“Then I’ll send you to the school hospital, as I also have to drop by back to school.” Lin Jianlu said again.

Classmate Lin’s attitude was a little cold, not eager, but he didn’t have the oppressive feeling that he had to obey his instructions.

It was just that the driver sitting in front of him simply turned the steering wheel horizontally, showing that he didn’t mean to give way to him on the road.

Yan Han had to get in the car.

It was after he got in the car that he suddenly remembered that Wen Juerong had told him before that Lin Jianlu had a cleanliness addiction.

The reason why Wen Juerong told him this was because a photo of the two of them caused an uproar on the anonymous forum. He didn’t understand why this could cause such a sensation, so Wen Juerong explained to him.

After listening to the explanation, Yan Han realized that he had offended someone when he was just doing exercises in the square before.

In fact, after Wen Juerong explained it to him, he could not remember the situation clearly, but at that time Lin Jianlu seemed to have had no reaction, otherwise he wouldn’t not have noticed.

It was estimated that he felt uncomfortable, but he forcibly endured it for a while, because of the kind of gentlemanliness and politeness, this made Yan Han feel guiltier.

So now when he was stained with blood, he didn’t even dare to approach Master Lin.

Yan Han retracted himself into a corner, not daring to move.

Lin Jianlu sat there steadily and said: “The car is very spacious, you don’t have to be so restrained.”

Yan Han: “…”

The **** land cruiser! Of course it’s spacious! Am I just not afraid that you will feel uncomfortable when I meet you!

Yan Han was roaring in his heart, when Xiao Wu suddenly made a series of movements:

[Ugh? Huh eh eh eh -?]

Yan Han couldn’t figure it out: “Are you singing?”

[Nah! A good thing happened… In summary, the host’s contribution is enough…]

Yan Han:!!

“…Is my contribution to this orphanage enough?” Yan Han couldn’t believe it!


“That means I can open the treasure chest?”


“Quickly talk about what I did, why is it completed  all of a sudden!” Yan Han also became excited.

Although he also knew if they were to talk about a special thing, he actually only did one thing, which was just helping Ji Changdong out of the siege.

Then he asked Xiao Wu, it really was like that!

“Then let’s see what good things are in my treasure chest!” The progress was faster than he expected, and Yan Han couldn’t hide his excitement.

[Then let’s open it now?] Xiao Wu’s voice also sounds very excited.

“Open!” Yan Han said clapping.

In fact, this thing was just like opening the door with Open Sesame, asking the host was just a confirmation, but just to prevent mistakes, it had to be repeated three times.

So Yan Han repeated in a special sand sculpture: “Open!”

Once confirmed, Yan Han only felt a flash of golden light in front of him, then Xiao Wu’s voice sounded in his ear again:

[Congratulations to the host for acquiring the [School Tyrant Live System]!]

[The system functions are as follows: First, users can view all the learning courseware contained in the system for free; second, users can earn money based on popularity and rewards by means of live broadcast of the learning process.]

[The account registration has been completed.]

[Opening the learning channel…]

[The learning channel has been opened, and the host can log in to major live broadcast websites to enter the channel.]

Yan Han:!!

The system said a lot, but he didn’t listen to anything.

In his eyes, only the words “make money” were very clear and eye-catching!

[Hey, according to this system, the shining point of this function is that you can freely retrieve the learning courseware, and the host can also earn money…] Xiao Wu’s voice was a bit contemptuous.

“Oh, what did you say! Your brother is the one who fell into the eyes of money, there is no way, you have to understand.” Someone said, not afraid of boiling water.

Yan Han was happy, as when he was worried about how to make money, he was offered money-making tools. Of course he was happy. Yan Han couldn’t control his emotions a little bit, and he smiled brightly at Lin Jianlu next to him.

Then he found that Lin Jianlu was stunned to the degree that he could see it with the naked eye.

“…What were you thinking of just now?” the other party asked hesitantly.

At this moment, Yan Han also suddenly felt that the time he had just had a conversation with Xiao Wu was a bit long, during which he didn’t notice his expression and reaction at all…

This was not the first time he was in a daze in front of Lin Jianlu.

The other party was looking at him so directly now and his eyes were full of inquiries, then maybe it was…

Turning his head mechanically and stiffly, he heard Lin Jianlu say again: “I saw it when you were fighting.”

Yan Han:…!!

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[1] Cursing.

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