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Since you want to start a “career”, you must do it seriously.

Tang Bai lit the scented candles, took off his clothes, and in the flickering candlelight and soft music, he lay in the bathtub and scattered rose petals for himself, then he closed his eyes comfortably and thought about what to wear on the first date with Xiao Cheng tomorrow and where should he invite Xiao Cheng to eat.

Tong Meng once said that the candlelight dinner in a restaurant under the sea was very romantic. They could go to a musical after dinner, and the pink flower garden was especially suitable for taking pictures…

Xie Ruheng on the other side took off his clothes roughly and stood under the shower, then closing his eyes he took a cold shower, water droplets dripping from his high browbones onto his thick eyelashes, while his sexy thin lips were tightly pressed, as Xie Ruheng desperately thought about how to ruin the meeting with Tang Bai tomorrow.

Seeing the status at this time, the vest should be thrown away.

Therefore, Xiao Cheng’s identity must not leave good memories for Tang Bai, otherwise, after Xiao Cheng evaporated from the world, what should Xiao Cheng do if he lived in Tang Bai’s increasingly beautified memories instead?

It must be messed up, and Tang Bai should be made to cry in anger! He had to let Tang Bai know that any wild alpha on the side of the road was no match for Xie Ruheng after all!

After Tang Bai came out of the shower, he carefully applied hair mask, facial mask, lip mask, and glandular mask for himself. Then he walked into the cloakroom and fell into a choice conundrum among the beautiful clothes in the room.

Should he dress up nobly and elegantly? Or more suited to a youth school drama?

Xie Ruheng dug out two slightly old set of clothes from the pile of tofu, thinking whether he should choose the classic straight A plaid shirt or the summer limited white old man vest.

In the same time and space, both of them fell into the obstacle of choosing clothes.


The next afternoon.

A pitch-black antique motorcycle galloped by like a hurricane among the suspended vehicles. The completely different exhaust sound made passers-by raise their heads subconsciously to look along the sound wave, only to see the flashing black paint surface reflect the glare of daylight.

“What is that?”

“It’s been 206 years in the ephemeris, and there are still people riding motorcycles?!”

“The noise pollution is so serious.”

“Damn, what’s the matter with being a bit flamboyant?”

Tang Bai appeared at the gate of the School of Etiquette with a radiant face. He was wearing pearl sunglasses, like a little lady, holding a lace sun umbrella, standing elegantly and dignifiedly at the school gate, with the corner of his mouth curled in a cute and sweet smile.

Just then, he heard a roar.

Tang Bai was stunned for a moment and saw an antique motorcycle that only existed in the history of transportation evolution parked at the school gate where people came and went.

A pair of long legs dismounted from the painted motorcycle neatly, then the black gloves took off the motorcycle helmet, and as the tall alpha shook his head, a strand of black hair crossed the brow bone, revealing the dark eyes full of sternness, and looking down, the white vest couldn’t hide the good figure or the inverted triangle of the Alpha at all.

Tang Bai pulled down his sunglasses, staring at the Alpha who was walking towards him with round eyes.

This alpha’s gestures were extremely free and easy, and his temperament was a perfect blend of elegance and ruffianism, which made people think of the life of fleeing and wandering in an instant. It was an adventurous world that Tang Bai had never touched.

Xie Ruheng raised his brows slightly.

He looked stunned.

Had he never seen such a rough and poor alpha?

Xie Ruheng didn’t approach Tang Bai politely like before, instead his posture showed a bit of laziness, whether it was the helmet clamped under the elbow, or the eyes slightly closed as if he hadn’t woken up, this was his original appearance——

The eyebrows and eyes were full of unruliness, and the drooping corners of the lips revealed a hint of hostility.

How could it be possible for a mud-legged man who crawled from the slums to fight for his life in the underground arena to always look like an aristocrat.

It was just that in the past, he was always restrained and polite when getting along with Tang Bai for Tang Bai’s sake.

But this time, Xie Ruheng didn’t even say hello, and directly reached out to the sluggish Tang Bai— give me the lucky charm.

Then he saw the little omega in front of him blinking, and as if after a fierce psychological struggle, he finally put his white and tender hand in his palm with some embarrassment, and asked in a low voice: “Are we going for a ride on the motorcycle?”

Xie Ruheng: “???”

Tang Bai blushed and said, “You should have told me earlier, so that I could wear the pink rabbit helmet.”

Xie Ruheng: “???”

Tang Bai’s fingertips were placed on Xie Ruheng’s broad palm, “Let’s go, I’ve already reserved a seat at Xinghai Restaurant, today I want to treat my savior to a big meal, don’t refuse me~”

Xie Ruheng: “???”

When a more excessive request was made, people would naturally accept the previous request. Xie Ruheng, who originally wanted to reject giving him a ride on the motorcycle, said blankly: “Xinghai restaurant?”

Tang Bai nodded sweetly. He opened the restaurant picture in his light brain and gave it to Xie Ruheng to take a look: “Fantasy Xinghai restaurant! Isn’t it super beautiful? We can sit on the moon boat and look at marine life in all directions in the 100-meter-long ocean tunnel…”

A picture in Xie Ruheng’s mind emerged. The vest and Tang Bai cuddled each other on the crystal clear moon boat, as the little creatures in the blue sea silently witnessed their sweet time. Of course, such a romantic thing… couldn’t be done!!!

If you want to go, you must go with the Lord!

Seeing Tang Bai’s high spirits, Xie Ruheng cruelly interrupted: “No.”

Tang Bai raised his head in puzzlement, with a hint of disappointment in his big watery eyes, as he asked softly: “Then…then where are we going to eat?”

Xie Ruheng: “…” I just came here to take my lucky charm, why are we having dinner together…wait!

In a flash of inspiration, Xie Ruheng suddenly came up with a brilliant idea to make Tang Bai hate him.

“Let’s eat at a roadside stall.”



The rumbling motorcycle stopped at a market with a beautiful flick, Tang Bai almost stuck to Xie Ruheng’s back due to inertia, but luckily since he was sitting in the back seat, he had been trying to control the distance.

“This is a snack street.” Xie Ruheng gave Tang Bai a hand and helped Tang Bai off the bike.

Tang Bai looked around curiously. He saw the gourmet stalls on both sides of the street emitting smoke. He didn’t know if those stalls even had hygiene certificates. Tang Bai had heard the cooking class teacher say that there were many rats and flies patronizing these stalls, the oil here was even used repeatedly, and the ingredients were not clean.

“Have you ever eaten here?” Xie Ruheng asked.

Tang Bai shook his head obediently. He followed behind Xie Ruheng and saw diners passing by them one after another, walking towards different stalls.

Some people would look back at Tang Bai with surprised eyes, after all Tang Bai’s exquisite attire really didn’t look like someone who would appear here.

“Some of the stalls here are dirty, but the one I’ll take you to is clean.” After walking a few steps, Xie Ruheng stood in front of a stall in a happy mood, and said ruthlessly, “Boss, a stir-fried rabbit meat for fifty stars!”

That’s right!

The solution Xie Ruheng thought of was to bring Tang Bai to eat rabbit meat! Tang Bai liked rabbits so much that even the mecha was designed in the shape of a rabbit. He brought Tang Bai to eat rabbits, which would definitely deal a major blow to Tang Bai’s fragile heart!

It was so cruel, it was so cruel that Xie Ruheng couldn’t bear to look back at Tang Bai’s expression.

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