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Xie Ruheng turned his head and saw Tang Bai’s tears… flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Xie Ruheng: “???”

Tang Bai took a deep breath, and looked brightly at the diners at the next table whose plates were full of spicy rabbit meat. With his cooking skills, he only needed to see and smell the delicious rabbit meat to understand the extent of the taste.

God! Bunny is so cute, how can you not eat it?!

Tang Bai sat anxiously at the small greasy wooden table, feeling so greedy that he ignored the “poor” dining environment.

Xie Ruheng: “…Don’t you think it’s cruel to eat cute rabbits?”

Tang Bai tilted his head, “Aren’t pigs cute? Isn’t lamb cute? Isn’t duck cute? Isn’t a cow cute? Cuteness is not the criterion for judging whether an animal can be served on the table, it’s whether it’s delicious!”

Xie Ruheng: “…um.”

Soon a plate of fragrant rabbit meat was brought up. The roasted rabbit meat was golden brown, served with black bean sauce and ground peanuts, and it was crispy and fragrant.

Tang Bai picked up a piece of rabbit meat and couldn’t wait to bite it down. The smooth and tender rabbit meat smelt fresh and not fishy, it was full of chewiness, and after eating a piece, it could still leave a fragrance between his teeth.

“It’s so delicious!” Tang Bai took another piece in surprise.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng held his forehead in pain and covered his eyes with his hands.

Tang Bai, who had finished eating the rabbit meat, seemed to have blended into the atmosphere of the roadside stall. He happily carried a bowl of jelly while walking and eating, while Xie Ruheng carried the grilled sausage, small octopus balls and pancakes…

Staring at Tang Bai’s swollen cheeks calmly, Xie Ruheng couldn’t help thinking about the mysterious question of why Tang Bai was so thin after eating so much.

“You don’t even have the hands to eat it, so just let me do it.” Tang Bai inserted a small octopus ball, and brought it to Xie Ruheng’s mouth thoughtfully, “Eat one~”

Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment and opened his mouth to bite off the small octopus ball. Then Tang Bai said with a smile: “It’s good to eat at a roadside stall once in a while, although our teacher always said that the roadside stall is unhygienic, there is so much difficulty in cooking, so it is obviously difficult to be elegant.”

“But today I think it has a vibrant vitality, flowing, where there is no distinction between high and low food, it’s just food, in fact if I am free in the future, maybe I can also set up a roadside stall.”

Tang Bai stopped walking as he said this, smiled and raised his head to look at Xie Ruheng, “Please come and visit my booth at that time, it is guaranteed to be the cleanest!”

At that time, a firework bloomed in the darkened sky, illuminating Tang Bai’s amber eyes, as they were looking at each other, the noisy environment around seemed to stagnate for a moment, together with the fireworks that were shining brightly in the sky.

Xie Ruheng saw that there was a little apprehensible anxiety on that always bright and confident smiling face. When he nodded, the pretty little omega looked a little uncomfortable, turned his face away to watch the fireworks, and said, “Fireworks are so beautiful”, while trying not to let the corners of the lips curl up.

Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment, then raised his head to look at the fireworks above his head.

That’s right… how did he not realize before that the firework show could be so beautiful…

The two people stood side by side, looking up at the same sky.

After the fireworks were set off, Xie Ruheng heard Tang Bai softly ask: “Do you want to go to the musical?”

For a moment, Xie Ruheng wanted to nod.

He and Tang Bai sitting under the stage, where Tang Bai was engrossed in watching the performance on the stage, and he could quietly look at Tang Bai’s profile.

“…no.” Couldn’t make good memories of the vest he was going to be ditching.

Tang Bai was not disappointed when he was rejected this time, he just looked at Xie Ruheng trustingly, “Then what are we going to do?”

Xie Ruheng hesitated for a while, “…Watch the square dance?”



The music rang loudly in a square, and the middle-aged and elderly people in the square danced to the beat of the music, well-trained and uniform.

Xie Ruheng stood expressionlessly in the corner watching the grandpas and aunts exercising their muscles and bones. This disturbing and low-tech activity should make Tang Bai realize that “Xiao Cheng” was a layman without advanced taste.

Who was unable to enjoy the musical.

Dancing could only be the basic dance steps that Tang Bai taught him temporarily.

They were supposed to be people from two different worlds.

“Look, there’s a little baby dancing there too!” Tang Bai pointed at a child who was dancing with an adult and said excitedly: “His rhythm is right! It’s so cute!”

Xie Ruheng followed Tang Bai’s finger and looking in the direction, where he saw a four or five-year-old child dancing in a daze.

“Hey, this movement is quite cute.” Tang Bai said suddenly: “That movement is so fashionable hahahaha.”

Xie Ruheng suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart. He turned his head and heard Tang Bai happily say: “Why don’t we go dance!”

Xie Ruheng: “??????”

Tang Bai dragged the bewildered Xie Ruheng into the square dance team. He had a good sense of rhythm, jumped up to the music, and soon received thumbs up from the surrounding uncles and aunts.

Tang Bai returned the thumbs ups with compliments, danced and laughed, then turning his head, when he saw Xie Ruheng who was motionless, Tang Bai simply took Xie Ruheng’s hand and started dancing directly.

“Don’t you think this feeling is great?!” Tang Bai had to speak loudly so as not to be covered by the music. Xie Ruheng turned to look at Tang Bai who was full of energy, “We don’t know each other, but because of the music, we are together, we are all dancing the same dance, each of us is happy, and then we are surrounded by happiness together!”

Was happiness contagious?

Why did his heart soften when he saw Tang Bai smiling so happily?

Tang Bai couldn’t move Xie Ruheng, so he looked at Xie Ruheng who was motionless like a piece of wood, caught off guard, and met those dark eyes.

Silent, hot, like a starry night sky.

Tang Bai’s heart trembled, he wanted to let go of the alpha’s hand, but the next moment, the other’s hand held his instead.

The gloves had been taken off and without any barrier, their skin was tightly attached to each other.

“You dance well.”

Under the dim light, Xie Ruheng saw that Tang Bai’s face was blushing quickly, and the blush spread from his cheeks to the base of his ears, as if it was going to stain his fingertips all the way.

He lowered his eyes to look at the hand tightly held by Tang Bai, fearing that Tang Bai would recognize his true identity. He had already used short-acting ointment for removing scars on his hand. At this moment, his hand was completely covered by Tang Bai’s soft hand.

Obviously, in the etiquette teaching before, they had done a lot of intimate things, each of which was far closer than a simple handshake.

But why, at that time Tang Bai had never blushed like this, and the atmosphere between them had never been as charming as it was now?

——”Actually, have you ever thought that Tang Bai doesn’t like both of them?”

——”He and Xie Ruheng are good friends who share the same aspirations, and it is a normal interaction between close friends to send bento and help with fake makeup.”

——”Hello, classmate Xie, my name is Tang Bai, and I am from the School of Etiquette next door. A freshman in the culinary department, I know you don’t know me, but I admire you a lot.”

Many things could really be understood from another perspective.

Why didn’t he want to fall in love with him, why he always treated him well, why he let him work hard in his career.

Because what Tang Bai said at the beginning was not liking, but adoration.

But ah…

He didn’t want his admiration, he wanted his love.

Xie Ruheng let go of his hands trembling.

“Are we going back?” Tang Bai hid the hand he had held tightly behind his back, looking at him flickeringly.


Xie Ruheng put on the helmet and buried his emotions under layer after layer of barriers. The summer wind at night was a bit cold, but the Alpha’s back was wide enough to block all the cold wind.

Sitting behind Xie Ruheng, Tang Bai opened his arms to feel the refreshing summer wind. At this moment, he felt like a carefree bird flying out of the cage.

No one spoke.

While the stars in the night sky twinkled and twinkled.

Then, Xie Ruheng suddenly felt a warm touch on his back, he was stunned for a moment, then he lowered his head to find that his waist was gently encircled by two hands.

The noisy motorcycle sound suddenly disappeared at this moment, and there was only silence.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Until only the sound of his heart beating remained.

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