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Tang Bai carefully put his face on Xie Ruheng’s strong back. He could smell the refreshing scent of this alpha. He didn’t know how to describe it, but it made it easy for him to think of everything beautiful in summer.

Steaming roadside stalls, brilliant firework displays, and lively square dances.

He thought he should like him.

Since you like him, why don’t you hug him?

Tang Bai blushed and thought confidently.

After hugging for a while, Tang Bai looked at the surrounding buildings and realized that they were almost at his school, huh? The one standing at the school gate checking attendance seemed to be Director Huang.

The roar of the motorcycle stopped abruptly, and the flushed Tang Bai and the dumbfounded Director Huang met their gazes.

“This, this, this…” Director Huang looked at the unfamiliar alpha Tang Bai was hugging in disbelief. Based on his experience of reading countless people, it took him 0.01 second to analyze the alpha’s physique and aura. Here was another premium alpha!

It’s too strong, it’s too strong, if the school didn’t hire Tang Bai as an honorary lecturer in the future, it would be a big loss for Tang Bai to specialize in the analysis of flirting skills to this level!

“Ah, my teacher is checking attendance at the school gate.” Tang Bai lowered his voice and whispered: “I have to sneak away quickly, or he will make a long speech if he catches me.”

It was too late to say goodbye to Xiao Cheng, so Tang Bai quickly got off the motorcycle, passed Director Huang and rushed into the campus.

Like a rebellious bad student.

Tang Bai managed to get rid of Director Huang. He walked and jumped around the campus, not as elegant and steady as a noble little omega should be at all, but what did it matter?


Xie Ruheng returned the old antique motorcycle to the owner of the suspension car repair shop in the slum. He set his suspension car to automatic driving mode, lay on the driver’s seat, and looked at the starry sky exposed behind the hood.

It turned out that when you really like someone, even if you look away, there would be stars in your eyes.

But why did Tang Bai like “Xiao Cheng”?

Xiao Cheng’s appearance was mediocre, his background was humble, and he was vulgar and boring, was it because of Xiao Cheng’s identity of having saved Tang Bai?

Xie Ruheng was rarely confused.

He had decided to throw away this vest after getting the lucky charm…


Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized that he hadn’t gotten the lucky charm back.

Now he didn’t have to worry about throwing the vest away, after all, he would have to meet Tang Bai again wearing the vest next time.

Xie Ruheng laughed dumbfounded.

He opened the chat interface with Tang Bai and sent a message: “My lucky charm is still with you, I forgot to take it.”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “!!! I had so much fun today, I even forgot about something this important!”

Tang Bai took out this lucky charm from his bag, and took a sip happily, it turned out that this talisman was really a lucky charm, it really felt like it could bring good luck to people!

In this way, he could start his career in a logical manner again!

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Your Excellency Bai Zhi will go to the slums to distribute inhibitors tomorrow afternoon. I want to go too. How about we meet in the slums? Then I will give you your lucky charm~”

Bai Zhi’s new proposal advocated lowering the price of inhibitors and the policy of canceling the restriction on the purchase of inhibitors, after the release of the bill, Bai Zhi himself bought a batch of inhibitors at a high price and planned to go to the slums to distribute these inhibitors to those in need, for free.

In order to prevent the poor from receiving the inhibitors and then selling them at a high price, Bai Zhi temporarily built an injection point, and would be providing free injections at the injection point to omegas who were about to enter estrus.

Tang Bai also bought a batch with his own small coffers, and he decided to go to the slums with Bai Zhi to distribute the inhibitors.

Xiao Cheng: “You have to pay attention to safety in the slums, it is best not to leave the main force during the whole process.”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “I am not afraid if you are there!”

Xie Ruheng: “???” Wouldn’t I just take the lucky charm and leave? Why do I feel like I’ve been tricked again?

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Let’s not talk about tomorrow, I will show you the update I wrote, which is the plagiarism addict villain we talked about last time.”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “[Document] No. Chapter Thirteen.docx”

Xie Ruheng opened the document and started browsing.

The villain Yan Chao and Jun Tongchen sat at the same table, and he often plagiarized Jun Tongchen’s ideas. He skillfully stole only one of the core highlights of Jun Tongchen’s design, so that even if he was reported, it could be dismissed as a coincidence.

Because of his status as an aristocrat, his plagiarized works could have better exposure channels and competition channels, and soon he marketed himself the persona of someone who was a mecha manufacturing genius, and this persona would then help him compete for the chief of the mechanical department.

When preparing for the chief exam, Yan Chao saw a design drawing of Jun Tongchen, and he liked it very much, but in fact, that drawing was specially designed by Jun Tongchen. The drawing looked good but actually had a fatal flaw, which was a weakness that was hard to spot for ordinary people.

Yan Chao didn’t notice this weakness, so he copied it directly, but Jun Tongchen took advantage of this weakness to easily defeat him in the match.

Xie Ruheng mentioned some mecha combat skills, and after his patient modification, the plot of the chief mecha evaluation became much more exciting.

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh>”

Tang Bai was going to send a happy peacock emoji pack, but the emoji shhhh was too sandy, so he picked carefully and selected a cute bunny tweet emoticon package.

After sending it, Tang Bai happily watched the reply on the light screen with his face in his hands.

Xie Ruheng: “……” After it was over, Tang Bai’s image of eating rabbits was all that remained in his mind.

Xiao Cheng: “[Blow.jpg]”

“Ah!” Tang Bai covered his face and kicked his legs frantically under the blanket. Under Tong Meng’s shocking eyes, Tang Bai smiled like a little fool. Then he replied seriously to Xiao Cheng: “Rest early, good night~”

After Xiao Cheng returned good night, Tang Bai reluctantly put down his optical brain.

“Tangtang, are you in love?!” Tong Meng quickly climbed onto Tang Bai’s bed, grabbed Tang Bai’s shoulders and shook him desperately: “Is it the same as the alpha from last time! Yes! No! Yes!”

Tang Bai closed his eyes, tilted his head, stuck out half of his tongue and pretended to be dead.

Tong Meng cried: “Don’t think that you can pass the test by being cute!”

Tang Bai opened his eyes helplessly, raised a finger, made a silent movement, and wrinkled his face fiercely: “It’s still in the inspection period.”

Tong Meng: “!!!”

Tong Meng: “Have you held hands yet?!”

Tang Bai rubbed his little hands and gave a noble and cool hum.

Tong Meng: “!!!”

Tong Meng was like an old father who saw his cabbage being picked and asked aggressively: “Did he hug you!”

Tang Bai poked his neck and snorted, “He didn’t hug me.” I hugged him!

Tong Meng was relieved, “Us omegas must be reserved, we can’t be taken advantage of by those stinky alphas too early, if it’s too easy for them, they won’t cherish us, by the way, what’s his name? What does he look like? Does he treat you well….. “

“I won’t tell you what he’s called. He’s very handsome and treats me very well. Well, you can turn off the mic for this little speaker to the world!” Tang Bai groaned and got into bed.

He also wanted to regard Xiao Cheng as his hidden love.

When he thought of Xiao Cheng, he felt secretly happy.


“Tang Bai, the police could not investigate the instigator behind the attacker last time. The other party was hired anonymously, so it is difficult to find out. I suspect that those people may be sent by conservatives. I’m sorry.” Bai Zhi gave a little apology.

Conservatives had always believed that the rights and interests of omega were already too much, such as the death penalty for criminals in the rape/rape law was felt to be too severe, they believed that this society should implement a system of one O with multiple A, and had even suggested that the red light district should be legalized, and married omegas should be prohibited from buying inhibitors…

Bai Zhi’s philosophy was very different from that of conservatives. He was the type of omega that conservatives despised. So, he usually had some conflicts with conservatives. Last time he dragged Tang Bai down, which made Bai Zhi feel guilty.

Seeing Bai Zhi’s frown, Tang Bai took out a piece of toffee from his pocket, “Do you want to eat candy?”

Bai Zhi froze for a moment, and the slender glasses chain cast a shaking shadow on his face.

“You don’t need to blame yourself for this matter, I left the team privately and gave the attacker an opportunity.” Tang Bai said sincerely: “If somebody has to say sorry, I should actually apologize to you.”

“I’m sorry, Your Excellency, you have been carrying the burden for us for so many years.” Tang Bai put the toffee in Bai Zhi’s palm and said softly: “When you feel very tired, eat a candy, and your mood will become better~”

His green eyes stared blankly at the toffee in his palm, and when Bai Zhi raised his eyes, he saw Tang Bai smiling at him with two dimples.

After a long silence, the blond-haired and green-eyed Senator slowly smiled.

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