YXBG Ch. 54: The Picture

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Song Yuanyuan, who had been “imprisoned” for nearly three months, was finally released a week before the start of school. After she finished filming the last commercial, she could finally endure Qin Yuan’s special training from the devil.

Yin Xiaomei and Lin Diyi were waiting to pick her up at the foot of Mingshan Mountain when they saw Qin Yuan’s Porsche driving down all the way, and then a girl in a white dress got out of the car.

A girl with slender calves, graceful waist, and firm skin that looked rosy in white, Yin Xiaomei was so surprised that her sunglasses were about to fall off.

“You are Song Yuanyuan?” Lin Diyi also shrieked out.

Song Yuanyuan shyly came forward: “Have I changed so much?”

“It’s a super big change.” Yin Xiaomei took a look at her from all 360-degree angles, and tsk tsked with amazement, “My God, Qin Yuan is a magician! Or Yin Zhefei who invented the potion, how much have you lost! Thirty pounds?!”

Song Yuanyuan laughed: “How can it be so exaggerated…”

“Beautiful beauty, really beautiful!” Lin Diyi hurriedly said, “I don’t want to stand with you two anymore, it’s too annoying!”

At this time, Qin Yuan also got out of the car and walked over, Song Yuanyuan hurriedly and unconsciously arranged her wind tousled hair. Because she had lost weight, her eyes had become bigger, and her nose had become more pointed. Although her face was a little fleshy because of the baby fat, it gave her a very innocent and childish look.

“I’ve sent you here. It’s not easy to lose weight, keep it well, of course, even if you don’t want to keep it, don’t eat junk food indiscriminately, it’s not good for your health.” He warned gently.

“Well…” Song Yuanyuan said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Huh? Yin Xiaomei suddenly felt that she had become brighter, like a large 1000-watt light bulb.

“Then, go to school well, I’ll go first.” After Qin Yuan finished saying this, he stopped for another two seconds before turning around and leaving.

Seeing that the red Porsche disappeared from sight, Lin Diyi stepped forward and shook her hand in front of Song Yuanyuan, “Don’t look, he’s gone!”

“Ah… Diyi… You’re so annoying…” She laughed and scolded.

“Am I mistaken, why do I think there seems to be something between them?” Yin Xiaomei confirmed with Lin Diyi.

“Xiaomei, I sometimes feel really strange. You are so slow, how can you act so well in a romantic drama…” Lin Diyi folded her arms, “You are like a silly girl.”

Yin Xiaomei frowned, and suddenly looked at Lin Diyi affectionately, “Don’t you understand my heart? The person I like has always been you, I don’t like men. Diyi, are you willing to accept me?”

Lin Diyi was petrified.

After a long time, she and Song Yuanyuan came back to their senses and applauded together: “It’s a really good performance.”

The tenderness in those green eyes could almost drip out water! They almost believed it! It was really unnecessary to worry about Yin Xiaomei’s acting skills.

Of course, they didn’t know that Yin Xiaomei didn’t like to study, but she was addicted to various TV dramas when she was a child. She was most keen to imitate the reactions of various people and put what she learned into practice. Even if she was asked to play a poor beggar, she could make up a very tragic background and then act it out incisively and vividly!

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Yin Xiaomei coaxed them into the car like a sheep, “Let’s go to eat delicious food and chat while eating.”


At the beginning of the new semester, Song Yuanyuan returned to school again, and she was no longer the chubby girl.

At the same time, she also noticed other changes in herself. Perhaps because of the change in the diet structure, the fast foods she used to love had all become dull and tasteless, she felt it was better to eat an apple to feel more comfortable. Moreover, she used to eat a lot of meat, but now she found it very greasy, so she began to pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables.

At this time, it was the time when the freshmen were entering the school, but her male classmates in the same grade regarded her as a freshman and surrounded her diligently like a bunch of bees. She explained to them with an awkward smile, thinking of Mingshan Mountain for no reason, and that sometimes poisonous tongued but otherwise gentle man.

On Lin Diyi’s side, before she could meet Song Yuanyuan, she welcomed two uninvited guests.

“Hello, are you Miss Lin Diyi?” There was a man and a woman, and the woman wearing sunglasses spoke first.

“Uh, I’m…” She was a little nervous, “I don’t know you.”

“Hello, Miss Lin, we are from the “World of Love” program group. This time, Miss Tolin wants you to help her with something.”

“The World of Love”? I’ve seen it! I like it very much!” Lin Diyi was very excited, and then became alert again, “Uh, but what do you want with me…”

“Miss Lin,” the woman wearing sunglasses pushed up her glasses, “Our program team wanted to invite Mr. Gao Yu to participate in the next program recording, but he refused. However, his investor told us that although you are only his intern assistant, you are Mr. Gao Yu’s primary school classmate, the investor said that you are very special to their family, and he has always respected your opinions. Since Miss Lin also likes our program, can you help us say a few words of kindness?”

Lin Diyi was very surprised: “However, he is a painter, not a person from the entertainment industry…”

“Yes, but since you have watched our program, you should also know that the people invited by our program team are elites from various industries. Mr. Gao Yu has won many international awards. He is also the contemporary painter with the highest selling price in the Muse Spring Auction. We really hope to invite him, this is actually a win-win situation.”

Lin Diyi thought about it in her heart, and then said after a while: “Okay, I can try it, but I don’t guarantee that I will be able to persuade him, he is a person with his own ideas.”

“That’s great!” The other party obviously didn’t expect her to be willing to help, and said with great joy, “This is my business card, I’ll confirm it with you in two days, let’s find a time to have a meal and talk about the specific details!”

“Uh, okay, no problem…” Lin Diyi watched them leave.

In her heart, she didn’t think that Gao Yu would be interested in such variety shows. He only had his own paintings in his heart… But if there was such an opportunity, it would be a good idea to let him get publicity while he relaxed.

After all, “The World of Love” just put a bunch of men and women of similar age together. Those who were willing to form CPs or really liked each other would be provided a part of the script and they would let both parties develop, but if they were not interested in any of them, they could just treat it as a travel reality show and experience the joy of travel.

According to her understanding of Gao Yu, he must be the type who kept the beauty in his heart and then integrated it into his painting.

Different from the dilapidated family building in the past, Gao Yu’s house was now located in the villa area near his gallery, but from the outside, it was only a long two-meter-high green wall that couldn’t even let the wind out.

Because Lin Diyi had been helping Gao Yu take care of his disabled mother, Lin Diyi had the door card of Gao’s family, and it was easy to get in.

His studio was a wide, high-ceilinged room with floor-to-ceiling windows that were well-lit. Years had passed, he had transformed into a young man, his face was still pale, although he was very tall, he was also very thin, his hair was a little long, with a slight curl, he looked like someone who was a rockstar. It was just that those slender fingers did not hold a guitar, but a brush, drawing smooth and beautiful lines without a single flaw.

“Xiao Yu, are you tired?” Mother Gao walked in on crutches, her posture was breezy, and her face was much rosier.

Gao Yu hated the interruption of others when he was painting, but this rule did not include his mother. He stopped the paintbrush in his hand and said gently, “Mom, why aren’t you in a wheelchair?”

“Today I want to walk by myself, what should I ask Xiao He to do? I asked her to go back first.” Xiao He was the nanny of the Gao family. Gao Yu carefully selected her for her. Although she kept the kindness of her son in her heart, she didn’t like being pushed around.

Gao Yu came up and led her back to the living room: “I’ll watch TV with you for a while and then go to paint.”

“Okay, watch TV, talk to your mother, you draw and paint all day long, it’s not good for your health.”

“I run and exercise every morning,” he defended, “I take good care of my body, otherwise how can I take care of you?”

“How to take care of me, find a wife! You know how to draw every day, but you don’t know my wish, I just want to hug my grandson as soon as possible?”

Gao Yu lowered his head and smiled: “Okay. I’ll go on a blind date after a while.”

“What kind of blind date is there? Don’t you have one right in front of you!” Mother Gao clapped her hands, “Diyi, is she not a ready-made girl, she is beautiful and educated. Gao Yu, if she didn’t like you, why would she waste her time coming here every day? Other girls pursue you, and if you reject them, I can comfort myself that they are just after your wealth, but she is different, even when you are famous, she treats you very well…” Mother Gao chattered, and suddenly realized that her son had lost his mind and was looking at the TV.

“—Now, Fiona, who has just finished filming “Love of That Age”, has decided to participate in the variety show “The World of Love”. “Love of That Age” became a domestic TV series with 6.8% of the first broadcast. The champion in history! I wonder if her ‘official match’ Lai Wangming will also participate…”

“Well, this little girl is really beautiful, no wonder she can be a star,” Mother Gao pushed her reading glasses up on her nose, “I remember that there was also a little girl like a doll in your class.”

Gao Yu stood up suddenly, “Mom, it suddenly occurred to me that I have something to do…”

At this time, Lin Diyi opened the door and walked in: “Aunt Gao, I bought you a stewed chicken to eat at night …… ” When she saw Gao Yu, she was stunned and smiled, “Are you not painting today?”

Gao Yu was somewhat restless as he whispered, “Was tired, taking a rest.”

“That’s good, I was afraid of disturbing you, so I deliberately delayed it until dinner time.”

Mother Gao hurriedly said, “You child, come whenever you want, why do you need to buy things, there is no shortage of these at home.”

Regardless of their chatting, Gao Yu returned to his studio.

He took down a Song Dynasty meticulous landscape book from the bookshelf and opened it slowly- there was a very strange photo in the middle of the book, the background was a landscape, and the two people in the photo were cropped and pasted together from a certain group photo.

It was him and Yin Xiaomei.

His fair and slender fingers brushed the face of the little girl in the photo, and said silently, “Xiaomei, I didn’t expect that I would see you again…”

He didn’t know how long he looked at it-

“Knock, knock!” Lin Diyi knocked on the door lightly, “Gao Yu, are you free?”

He closed the book, put it back in its precious place, and said, “What’s wrong?”

“I have something I want to discuss with you.” She walked up and told him about the request of the program team, “So I thought, you have been working hard recently, they sent me the program flow, after this month’s exhibition, for a period of 15 days, you can take the opportunity to travel Of course, I know you don’t like this kind of show, if you’re really bored, I’ll tell them…”

“Okay …”

“You’re already famous anyway, so you don’t need to do this again. Uh, what did you say?” She was stunned.

“Okay, you can arrange it.” Gao Yu had a warm and unfamiliar smile on his face, like a warm sunset at this time. He then said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Lin Diyi blushed, and it was the first time he saw her blushing. When Gao Yu showed her such an expression, the deer in her heart was like jumping on a wire bed: “Okay… Then I’ll go and tell them, um, but I have to see to the stewed chicken first…” She was simply incoherent, she felt that she was extremely stupid, and simply ran away.

Her mood was also like that of bubbling chicken soup.

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