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He Xun thought for a while that he had heard it wrong.

What did Pei Jin just say? Does she like him? Did she just say that she likes him?

She said she liked him!

What did it feel like to be hit by a surprise? He Xun felt that it should be what he was feeling now. His whole heart was so ecstatic that it seemed like he was about to float. His heartwas  trembling with excitement, and his eyes had become a little dense and blurred because of these words.

The so-called crying with joy was probably what he looked like now. So, he finally got a response from Pei Jin.

He Xun’s eyes were slightly red as he held up Pei Jin’s face, “Peipei, let’s be together, be my girlfriend, let me spoil you.” He Xun originally prepared a surprise for Pei Jin, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He didn’t want to wait any longer.

He wanted to be with her, immediately, and did not want to wait even for a second.

Pei Jin blinked very slowly. For some reason, looking at He Xun with his eyes closed in front of her, she couldn’t help but think that when they got married in the future, He Xun would not cry because he was too excited in front of the many guests, right?

She felt that this scene was very likely to happen in the future, because the current He Xun was so excited that he could not help himself.

At this moment, He Xun’s eyes were too expectant, making Pei Jin’s already soft heart softer. Following her own heart, she rolled her eyes and said yes slowly.

After washing her hands, Yu Yuan, who was watching the whole process from the side, was almost scared out of her double chin by this scene. She was afraid that after the boss got excited, he wouldn’t be able to help but tweet and tweet to Pei Jin in this way.

She, a bystander, couldn’t leave now, but she couldn’t stay, she was really embarrassed. In order to prevent this from happening, she started applauding desperately from the side, and did not forget to say loudly, “Congratulations, you are finally together.”

He Xun only noticed Yu Yuan’s presence after hearing this loud congratulations.

After receiving the death stare of the boss, Yu Yuan wished she could die on the spot.

She just squeezed out a large sized one inside, and when she finished solving it, she didn’t expect to face such a scene!

Yu Yuan still clapped her hands vigorously as if she couldn’t feel the pain in her palms at all, and said with a strong desire to survive, “Congratulations, I’m waiting for your wedding!”

Pei Jin couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud. Just now, she even forgot about Yu Yuan who went to the toilet inside.

Yu Yuan patted her chest hard with her hand, let out a breath and said, “I’ll go back to the box first.” After that, Yu Yuan slid away.

The charming atmosphere just now was completely destroyed by Yu Yuan’s applause and loud voice. Although He Xun was helpless, he found it a little funny as well. Now that this was the case, what could he say? He could only hold Pei Jin’s hand and return to the box.

Once the two returned to the box, Yu Yuan had already told what happened in the toilet just now to the others.

Zheng Li tapped He Xun’s arm lightly with his fist, “Brother, congratulations, you finally got what you wanted.”

Fatty also congratulated them, “Congratulations to brother Xun, congratulations to sister-in-law Xun.”

After the two got together, the style of ordering songs in the box had also changed. Fatty originally liked to order some warm songs, such as “Freedom”, “On the Moon” and other easy-to-play songs. But to celebrate the first day of Pei Jin and He Xun being together, all the songs in the box became love songs like “Sweet Honey” and “You Are the Most Precious”.

The group of people were hungry after singing in the box all afternoon. There happened to be a high-end restaurant next to this KTV, which was owned by He Xun’s family.

The prices at this restaurant were not low. For Xu Lulu and Yu Yuan, it was the first time they had stepped into a restaurant of this level, and this was thanks to their roommate’s boyfriend.

The group of people arrived to order first.

Yu Yuan couldn’t help gulping when she saw the price of each dish. The cheapest dish costed more than 100 yuan, and it was not discounted! For such a group of people, it was estimated that the meal would cost two or three thousand, not counting the drinks, and it would be even more expensive if you added drinks.

He Xun actually seldom came to eat at his own restaurant, but almost all the employees in the restaurant recognized his face that had appeared on the hot search more than once.

The restaurant manager was very enthusiastic, and He Xun was also extraordinarily generous. He said to Yu Yuan and the others, “You can order whatever you want.”

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu were gearing up to order the dishes they had always wanted to eat but had never had the chance to eat. But they had the situation in mind, so they won’t order too much.

Fatty touched his round belly and said, “No matter how much you order, I can eat it anyway.”

Yu Yuan snickered, “Then you’re welcome.”

After Pei Jin had ordered three dishes, Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu were still discussing in full swing.

At this time, there was a sudden noise from the hall.

“Hey, what’s the matter with your restaurant? We have already reserved a box before, but now you tell me that there is no room?”

“I’m very sorry. But I can’t see your relevant reservations record here.”

“How could there be no record? Shen Yuqing just called the day before yesterday.”

“But I really don’t have a record here, could you have made a mistake?”

“Why did you say we made a mistake? Maybe you are negligent in your work? Are you bullying us because we are students, and you are deliberately saying that there are no private rooms?”

“You think too much. We are a restaurant that always pursues service first, and every customer is God.”

“God? Hehe, then tell me carefully, why are there no boxes even though we reserved before?”

After all, it was his own business. After hearing these few disputes, He Xun turned his head and asked the manager beside him, “What happened at the front desk?”

The manager didn’t know what had happened either, so he hurriedly said, “Young Master He, I’ll go take a look.”

Pei Jin didn’t ignore the three words Shen Yuqing mentioned by the boy just now. She pulled He Xun and said, “Let’s go and have a look.”

After arriving at the front desk, Pei Jin realized that the one who was arguing with the lady at the front desk was indeed her previous group of classmates, but the number of people eating was much less than when they had went singing in the afternoon. At first glance, there were only a dozen or so people.

It was the squad leader in the class who spoke out to defend their rights. As for Shen Yuqing, she was standing beside him, her face full of anger.

She stepped on her heels and walked around the squad leader, her tone very dissatisfied, “I’m sure I phoned the day before yesterday, you even gave me a reservation for box 210. What do you say now?”

The receptionist was slightly stunned, and after only a few seconds, did she reply, “You must have made the wrong call. We don’t have a box 210 here.”

Shen Yuqing thought the restaurant was deliberately reneging on their responsibility, so she sneered and said, “What? Want to shirk responsibility? In your restaurant, there are three floors, how can there be no box 210?”

At this time, the restaurant manager explained loudly, “This… female student, the names of our restaurant boxes are all named after Chinese characters, without numbers. For example, the two best private rooms are named Hua Hao Yue Yuan Ye[1] and Caiyun Jixiang[2], and the more common ones are Ronghua Hall, Double Happiness Hall, etc. There is really no box 210.”

After hearing this explanation, Shen Yuqing could not help but snort coldly. This must be their quibble. Making the wrong call? How could she possibly make such a low-level mistake?

At this time, the classmates in the class were also a little unsettled. The lady at the front desk and the restaurant manager swore so much, could it really be Shen Yuqing who made the wrong call?

A girl said out loud, “Shen Yuqing, can you still find the phone number you called at that time?”

Shen Yuqing nodded vigorously, “Yes.”

Wait, wait for her to finish calling the phone, then they will see how the restaurant would still renege!

After finding the phone number, Shen Yuqing read it word by word. After she finished reading it, she waited for the restaurant’s explanation with a proud look on her face.

Now, let’s see what they can say!

“This is your restaurant’s phone number?” Shen Yuqing said with certainty and arrogance.

The front desk lady couldn’t help laughing, “This female classmate, where did you find the phone number? We only have one phone number, xxxxxxxxxxx, that’s not what you said.”

Shen Yuqing’s face turned blue and red. A classmate searched on Baidu and found that Shen Yuqing did make a wrong call, and she had called another restaurant. At this time, Qin Jun said lightly, “Forget it, change to another restaurant.”

Since the restaurant had no private rooms, it was true that the only way was to change the place, but many of the students were very dissatisfied.

In order to celebrate Qin Jun’s birthday, they had prepared for a long time in advance. Many students in the class had wanted to try this restaurant for a long time. Everyone collected a lot of money, but now they couldn’t eat this meal. How could they feel comfortable? At the beginning, Shen Yuqing took the initiative to take over the task of booking the box, saying that it would be fine to leave it to her, but in the end, she screwed up the matter.

A short-haired girl couldn’t help but sneer, “Shen Yuqing, you can’t even do this thing well, what else can you do?”

Shen Yuqing was mocked like this, so her face was obviously not good-looking, and she said impatiently, “Only you can do it, okay?”

“Shen Yuqing, what are you talking about!”

It was originally a birthday meal for Qin Jun, but because of Shen Yuqing’s dereliction of duty, the scene had gone a little out of control, and the two girls seemed to want to fight in the next second.

Pei Jin thought Qin Jun was a good person, and she didn’t want his birthday meal to become like this. She wanted to help him.

She shook He Xun’s arm lightly. He Xun immediately understood Pei Jin’s intention, “Want to help them?”

Pei Jin hummed.

He Xun squinted, his eyes swept across Qin Jun, who was standing quietly not far away, and then agreed, “Okay.”

Pei Jin and He Xun took a few steps forward.

He Xun raised his voice and said to the restaurant manager, “Give them the Caiyun Jixiang box.”

Hua Hao Yue Yuan Ye and Caiyun Jixiang were generally not open to the outside world. These two boxes were only open to special guests. For example, today He Xun, as the boss’s son, brought his friends to dinner. His box was Hua Hao Yue Yuan Ye, while the other Caiyun Jixiang was empty. Sometimes even if the rest of the boxes were full, these two boxes would rather be kept empty than be allowed to be used by the general public.

After He Xun made a sound, the group noticed He Xun who was a few steps behind them, and Pei Jin who was standing beside He Xun.

He Xun put his arm on Pei Jin’s shoulder, and this action was somewhat possessive. He was full of extravagance and aura.

He continued to the restaurant manager, “These people are my girlfriend’s former high school classmates. Just charge all their expenses to my account later.”

After speaking, He Xun’s eyes met Qin Jun’s.

An invisible battle between men took place. In the end, it was Qin Jun who looked away first.

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[1] It means everything is wonderful or perfect happiness.

[2] Auspicious Wealth.

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