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Qin Fan in the study started tonight’s work.

After more than an hour, Qin Fan’s focused gaze relaxed, and he checked everything he had processed in the computer to confirm that he had done the right thing, and then sent the packaged file to Guo Chengxiong.

All he had to do was to finish and confirm the most important things, and leave all other complicated small problems to Guo Chengxiong, and leave a sentence: I will give you one night.

As a technical nerd who was still on vacation and yearned for something less boring but still had too many things to do every day, he was of course still awake at 1:00 in the morning, but when he heard the system beep, he clicked on the background of the account, and after receiving this file package, his whole person did not feel very well.

After several minutes of mental preparation, Guo Chengxiong called Qin Fan, “Master, did you send the wrong document?”

“No.” Qin Fan’s answer pierced into Guo Chengxiong’s heart like a sword. He couldn’t laugh or cry, “Let me do such a small matter of company transfer, it is too contemptuous of me!”

Qin Fan calmly said, “I have already finished the main line, since it is a small matter, please get it done as soon as possible.”

As soon as Guo Chengxiong heard his tone, he knew that this matter could not be dismissed. When he called, he had already turned on the computer and began to quickly browse the contents of the file. He was secretly surprised by Si Huang’s decisive methods. However, thinking about what Qin Fan said about having sexual thoughts about men before, and how he still didn’t know what the result would be, but he was busy going up and down by helping the young master to get through the relationship, Guo Chengxiong felt that this matter was not expected to develop in a safe direction, so he quietly probed: “Master, you help him with everything, aren’t you pampering him too much? Don’t spoil people.”

That’s right, it’s spoiling! In Guo Chengxiong’s feeling, Qin Fan’s behavior now was tantamount to pampering someone.

It was fine if it was pampering his younger brother, but he was afraid of him falling deeper, pampering him as a relative and a lover, because as a bystander, he had witnessed Qin Fan’s changes towards Si Huang all the way.

Thinking about it now, maybe the master had bad intentions towards others from the beginning?

Guo Chengxiong sweated a lot, and roared in his heart: The Master Qin I know is not like this, he can be so calmly ruthless? I still remember that Master Qin said before that commercial things are extremely troublesome, and usually he would not do it himself if he could ask others to do it. It’s good now, the big man is done, and the little bits and pieces are thrown to him, it’s like killing a chicken with a bull’s knife!

“Stop talking nonsense.” As a result, Qin Fan hung up the phone after leaving this sentence.

As one of his subordinates, Guo Chengxiong didn’t have the courage to continue playing the game even if he was thrown out a task with no bonus or benefits during the vacation.

While sorting out the documents, he began to operate according to the requirements, feeling very itchy: he really wanted to invade Young Master Si’s house and see what the hell they were doing.

This idea was just a thought, if he really dared to do this, Guo Chengxiong believed that the chief would definitely have the ability to make him really reincarnate as a bear in his next life.


When she woke up early the next morning, Si Huang still had a lot to do. As Bai Qinglan’s legitimate son in name, she had to make arrangements for Bai Qinglan’s funeral on the surface.

Firstly, it was not good to hold a big funeral when the Chinese New Year was approaching, and secondly, Bai Qinglan’s death was dishonorable, so her funeral was done quickly and in a low-key manner, so not many outsiders knew about it.

The cremated ashes were buried in the cemetery, but very few people came to the scene. Si Huang was wearing a black suit, next to him Si Zhihan was also wearing black, and Jiang Yajing stood behind them. When seeing Jiang Yajing, Si Huang didn’t say anything, thinking in her heart that she had notified the Bai family, but still no one came. She didn’t know whether it was Bai Qinglan’s failure in life, or that the people in the Bai family were cold enough.

After a series of processes, it was already afternoon before they could relax a little after the ceremony was completed.

At this moment, Jiang Yajing found a chance to say something to Si Huang: “My condolences.”

Si Huang nodded politely, “Thank you.” Then, without giving Jiang Yajing any more chances to speak, she went to push Si Zhihan’s wheelchair herself, taking him to the car.

Si Zhihan was very satisfied with Si Huang’s work efficiency, especially the behavior of her personally pushing the wheelchair for him and helping him to get on the car, which made Si Zhihan feel a little flattered. In retrospect, Si Huang had not been so close to him for a long time.

For a moment, he looked at Si Huang with a gentler look.

What he couldn’t feel when he was healthy before, now he had a deep understanding of it, which made Si Zhihan feel a little bit of regret, but he quickly ignored it, thinking that it was not too late to wake up.

“Where is this going?” The car drove for a while, and Si Zhihan found that this road was not the direction to return to Si’s villa.

Si Huang chuckled lightly and said, “City H is not peaceful during this time, so I want you to go to Yuhai Bay Resort to avoid the limelight, just to relax.”

Her smile was soft and her eyes were so pure that there was nothing you could do about it, and Si Zhihan was also happy for her thoughtfulness. Looking back on what happened during this period, he was indeed a little tired, but… “Without me in charge, can you handle the ups and downs of Fenghua by yourself?”

“Yes.” Si Huang said: “I have already bought a house near the resort, and there is internet in it, and you can watch the results I create on TV.”

“It’s good that you have this confidence.” Si Zhihan nodded, looking out the window at the road with cars passing by, he held back what he was about to say.

It was true that he hadn’t rested for a long time. Ever since Fenghua Entertainment became bigger and bigger, he had been living in City H. He had never thought about traveling, and at most he spent some time in surrounding cities. Si Zhihan had never thought about abdicating so soon, and he felt that many things were different from before when he had nothing to do. Maybe he could really live a relaxed retirement life in advance? As long as Fenghua grew steadily in the hands of this child, he could easily become the overlord of Fenghua Entertainment.

“If there is anything you don’t understand or is difficult to do, call Dad.” Si Zhihan felt relaxed after thinking it through and felt that it would be good to go to the resort to rest for ten days or half a month, and told Si Huang: “Next year, you would still be going to Huaxing Art School, the courses there are easy, and you can have more time to manage the company.”

Si Huang nodded when she heard this, but there was no clear answer on her mouth.

After arriving at the airport, Si Huang accompanied Si Zhihan on the plane and personally sent him to the resort in Yuhai Bay.

This behavior fell in Si Zhihan’s eyes as filial and considerate. He was in a happy mood along the way, and he didn’t look like how a widower should look like at all.

The climate of Yuhai Bay Resort was different from that of City H. It was winter in City H, but here it was just right. Everyone here could even wear single clothes and shorts.

The house Si Huang bought was in the mountains to the west of the resort. The location was very remote, but the scenery was very good. It could be said that there were both advantages and disadvantages.

There were already people in the small villa, a man and a woman, both of whom were foreigners. The man was nearly forty years old, and the woman was in her thirties. They were also Si Huang’s servants who had long been prepared to serve Si Zhihan.

Pushing Si Zhihan into the villa, Si Huang greeted the two of them, “Uncle Alan and Aunt Luni, I will trouble you to take care of him from now on.”

Alan was relatively taciturn and nodded without speaking. Luni looked at her lovingly and complicatedly, “Leave it to us.”

Si Zhihan looked surprised, and asked Si Huang, “Do you know them?” This attitude was not like treating ordinary hired servants.

“You forgot?” Si Huang was also surprised: “They were responsible for taking care of Li Lisi before.”

As soon as the name Li Lisi came out, it exploded in Si Zhihan’s mind like a thunderbolt.

He thought a lot in a flash.

He was not familiar with the names of Alan and Luni, but the place of Yuhai Bay Resort immediately made his hair stand on end.

Because it had been too long and because Si Huang’s attitude was so natural when she mentioned it; so he didn’t wake up immediately.

Yuhai Bay Resort was the place where he hid Li Lisi before. Taking advantage of the fact that she was far away and didn’t know anything, he married Bai Qinglan outside and took her to get a certificate.

Yuhai Bay Resort was also the place where Li Lisi secretly spent her pregnancy and gave birth to Si Huang!

Si Zhihan’s face suddenly became ugly. He was holding on to the armrest of the wheelchair tightly, but he couldn’t use his strength at all. This made him very insecure. He could only pray in his heart that things were not what he suspected. He said sternly: “You book the flight to go back right now, I don’t want to stay here for a second more.”

Si Huang pursed her lips and smiled, “Don’t let me down.”

Si Zhihan couldn’t feel even a trace of warmth from her bright smile at this moment, and his face was completely livid, “You!”

“Besides this, I have prepared other gifts for you, and you will see them soon.” Si Huang said with a smile, like someone expecting his father’s praise.

The author has something to say:

Ershui: What is your lower limit?

Qin Fan: Huanghuang is my lower limit.

Ershui: (⊙o⊙) Who said you can’t talk about love?!

Your Majesty: Is this also worthy of being called a love story? Lower limit treatment, do you understand?

Dishui: (ˉ﹃ˉ) I understand~ I like it~

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