LGHIHW Ch. 28.2: Arc 1.24

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Xuan Ming took out a blanket from the dark compartment under the wheelchair, spread it out, and carefully covered the little Curly’s legs. The laboratory was set up underground, and the air conditioner was fully turned on. He was afraid that the little curly hair would freeze.

“You’ve lost a lot of weight recently.” He sighed helplessly.

Zhuang Li said rigorously: “Well, compared to before, I have lost 7.2 catties.”

“I’ll take you to get some tonics after getting off work. There is a restaurant that makes delicious herbal meals.” Xuan Ming turned on his phone and searched for pictures of related dishes.

Zhuang Li leaned his head over.

7480 saw this scene through the eyes of the host, and couldn’t help complaining: “Why don’t you agree with the strategy of capturing Xuan Ming? He obviously likes you very much! I bet he must have a high degree of affection for you. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at the sensitivity monitor. According to the information that the Lord God gave me, Xuan Ming is a workaholic without emotion. He doesn’t love anything except going to work. But his attention to you obviously exceeds the limit. He even skipped work for several days to see you!”

Xuan Ming’s face was calm, but his Adam’s apple rolled up and down nervously.

Zhuang Li clapped his hands and said, “Let’s get off work now, I’m hungry.”

He was not at all interested in what the system said.

Xuan Ming’s high-hanging heart suddenly fell to the ground, and the feeling of sinking left him feeling a little empty and uncomfortable. But he didn’t delve into it, instead he took out his mobile phone to inform his secretary: “Cancel all my meetings for me, I have to leave early.”

“Hello, hello? Are you President Xuan?” Sun Jingshu seriously doubted his ears. As a work machine, the CEO actually wanted to leave early? Had he been possessed by a human soul?

Xuan Ming hung up the phone directly, and said warmly: “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to something delicious. You have used your brain too much recently, so I’ll ask the chef to prepare food that can nourish your brain.”

“Yeah.” Zhuang Li nodded again and again, the little curly hair on his forehead bouncing up and down, showing his joy and expectation. Under the temptation of delicious food, he seemed to have turned into a child in a second.

Xuan Ming watched him silently through the metal wall of the elevator, with a gentle smile in his eyes. The bad situation of being besieged by the systems could no longer cause him the slightest anxiety, because he knew that he was safe as long as he was with the little curly hair.

As soon as the two stepped out of the elevator, the instant messaging interface received a reply.

The avatar of the system coded 367 changed from gray to color at some point, and it said: [∽≌∞∝n⌒]

Xuan Ming: “…”

I can’t even read it, how can this be fixed?

Zhuang Li replied with exactly the same message.

7480 asked in the same period: “Host, why didn’t you ask me what this message means?”

Zhuang Li didn’t bother to talk to him, and silently followed Xuan Ming out of the elevator to the main entrance of the company.

A low-key SUV drove over quickly, the door opened, and it automatically let down a slide.

Xuan Ming supported Xiao Curly’s back, and told him softly, “Go in first and be careful not to bump your head.”

Zhuang Li took advantage of the situation and sat in the back row, watching with peace of mind as a bodyguard jumped out of the passenger seat and helped push Xuan Ming into the car. Intellectual detachment brought him a natural arrogance, and this arrogance made him feel that it was unnecessary to please or take care of anyone, even if the other party was his boss.

In the eyes of the system, this was a manifestation of low EQ.

But Xuan Ming preferred the detachment and arrogance of the little curly hair. When he bent down to fix the wheelchair in the car, there was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, and he seemed very happy.

The car started slowly, and at this moment, Zhuang Li received another message from 367:[><︿eΣ︴﹏⌒]

7480 immediately said: “Host, if you ask me, I can help you translate.”

Zhuang Li copied the message and sent it back, laughing slightly in his heart.

7480 felt that he had been ridiculed by 10,000 points.

In this way, several pieces of information were copied one after another, and after waiting for about five or six minutes, a location map was finally sent over there. Xuan Ming recognized at a glance that the red dot in the picture was An Bao’er’s apartment, and it turned out that 367 was her system.

Zhuang Li pursed his lips and murmured: “Caught another one.” He conveniently stored the location link for later study.

His voice was soft like a lover’s whispering, which made goosebumps rise all over Xuan Ming’s body.

7480 trembled because of this. It watched the whole process of the host playing with 367, but there was no way to stop it. It had completely lost control of all programs after being locked in the small black room.

The one-man dialogue went like this:

367: [Hello.]

Host: [Hello.]

367: [Cooperation?]

Host: [Cooperation?]

367: [The Lord God judges that we can cooperate.]

Host: [The Lord God judges that we can cooperate.]

367: [Then let’s talk.]

Host: [Then let’s talk.]

367: [What is the identity of your host?]

Host: [What is the identity of your host?]

367: [You speak first.]

Host: [You speak first.]

367: [You are so dishonest.]

Host: [You are so dishonest.]

367: [Are you kidding me?]

Host: [Are you kidding me?]

367: [Forget it, I don’t want to cooperate with you anymore!]

Host: [Forget it, I don’t want to cooperate with you anymore!]

After five or six minutes of stalemate… 367, eager to complete the task, compromised and sent An Bao’er’s location coordinates.

See, cheating a system was as simple as parroting it.

7480, who witnessed all this, let out a cry from his soul: “Host, you are simply a devil!”

Xuan Ming laughed out loud.

As stupid as he must look, he couldn’t help it.

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