LGHIHW Ch. 29: Arc 1.25

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Over the past few days, Xiao Curly had lost 7.2 jin, but Xuan Ming, as a bystander, had lost a full 8.9 jin. He was worried about Little Curly almost all the time, that he would never see him again after parting with him one day.

But after today, his anxiety and worry had completely disappeared. Because the little curly hair had already proved with practical actions that every word he said before was true and effective, and it was by no means a bluff or a useless threat.

Who would have thought that he would hack into the core of the system and completely take control of it?

Xuan Ming couldn’t imagine it.

7480 found it even more unexpected.

From 7480’s point of view, a highly intelligent nano-robot like it should be a god-like existence for mortals in a world with very backward technology. But the reality was that a mortal overthrew the god. Although it was unbelievable, it really happened.

Xuan Ming took Zhuang Li for a big meal, and after sending him home, he watched him run up the steps, close the door, enter the bedroom and turn on the desk lamp before reluctantly leaving.

When he returned to his home, Xuan Ming’s mind was still full of little curly hair. He ordered more than 30 dishes by himself, filling a big round table.

He really didn’t know how to write the word “polite” at all, and he was very loyal to his own desires. He ate what he wanted, did what he wanted, and never compromised.

For a table of dishes, he only ate a small mouthful of each item, but Xuan Ming was very happy when he burped as if he was satisfied.

“Brother, why are you in a daze? I have called you several times.” A complaint interrupted Xuan Ming’s musing. He raised his head and saw his younger brother Xuan Pei standing at the gate with his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry, I was distracted just now.” Xuan Ming said casually, and when he was pushed up the steps by the bodyguards, he suddenly remembered a neglected but very important thing–Xiao Curly found that there were three numbers in the system’s communicator, but there were only three taskers around him, so where did the other one go?

The potential crisis made Xuan Ming wake up immediately. Fortunately, he had the ability to intercept the voice of the systems, otherwise he could only be slaughtered now.

However, this ability was too coincidental, as if it was tailor-made for him. Could this be the luck that the Lord God coveted?

While thinking, Xuan Pei had already taken the handle of his eldest brother’s wheelchair from the bodyguard and was pushing him slowly towards the living room.

Hearing the sound of food being fried coming from the kitchen, Xuan Pei whispered in his elder brother’s ear, “Brother, sister Yayan is back, she is in the kitchen.”

“Who?” Xuan Ming didn’t remember this person at all.

“Lin Yayan, Uncle Lin’s daughter, that chubby young lady who lived next door to our house when we were young.” Xuan Pei looked around, lowering his voice a bit: “She’s thinner now, and she looks super super beautiful!”

The two “super” were enough to express Xuan Pei’s love for Lin Yayan.

Xuan Ming was not interested in women.

Rather, he was not interested in anyone but Xiao Curly.

“Push me back to the room first.” Xuan Ming didn’t intend to meet the uncle’s daughter.

Xuan Pei curled his lips, muttered a few words in dissatisfaction, and then sent his brother back to the bedroom.

Although both his legs were broken, Xuan Ming didn’t need anyone’s help to take care of himself. He supported his body with both hands and moved to the bed, then he took off his suit and changed into casual clothes.

His arms were strong, and the close-fitting fabric outlined his streamlined muscles. His broad back connected to his thin waist, and then there were his tight abdominal muscles and two deep mermaid lines.

There was no softness on his body, every line was masculine, cold, and tough, exuding a strong breath of pure masculinity.

However, after the phone vibrated, he looked at the screen that suddenly lit up, and a gentle smile appeared on his sculpted face.

Little Curly: [What is this, have you eaten it?] Immediately afterwards, a few pictures of spicy brains were sent over.

Xuan Ming immediately replied: [I will take you to eat tomorrow.]

In fact, he had never eaten such weird things, but it didn’t matter, he could try anything for the little curly hair.

Little Curly: [Okay.]

It was a simple word, but it made Xuan Ming chuckle. He stared at the brain picture for a long time, and his eyes were soft as if he was looking at something extremely cute.

However, this happy mood was soon interrupted, as Xuan Pei ran up to ask his brother to eat, and when he was rejected, he just start pushing the wheelchair.

“Sister Yayan is cooking by herself today, even if you’ve eaten, you should come and sit down. Just walk around, don’t talk too much!” Xuan Pei couldn’t wait to push him into the elevator.

As soon as the two brothers walked into the restaurant, an extremely beautiful woman greeted them. While calling Brother Xuan affectionately, she naturally took the wheelchair from Xuan Pei. A delicate fragrance emanated from her fair skin, and just a little bit of it was enough to make people intoxicated.

Xuan Pei took a deep breath, and then his ears turned red.

Xuan Ming parted his lips and smiled coldly.

He heard the woman say in his mind: “System, use the dark fragrance pill!”

An inorganic voice replied immediately: “The Dark Fragrance Pill has been used, and the charm value of the host has increased by five percentage points.”

“Test Xuan Ming’s favorability.”

“Host, please wait a moment, Xuan Ming’s current favorability for you is, for, for—” The system got stuck.

The woman named Lin Yayan asked: “How much is the favorability? It shouldn’t be low, right?”

The system buzzed for a while before saying: “Xuan Ming’s favorability for you is -198. Ah, now it is -199, -200, -201, -202…”

The system mechanically counted down, as if it had already become stupid.

The smile on Lin Yayan’s face was still so gentle, but the voice in her head was full of disbelief: “Impossible! The minimum favorability is -100! I am so beautiful, it’s fine if he didn’t fall in love with me at first sight, how could I still fall out of favor?”

“I’ll check it again.” The system wiped away the unwarranted cold sweat, and after a few seconds, its voice became even hollower: “Host, the mission target’s favorability towards you is now -278.”

Lin Yayan clenched the handle of the wheelchair, wanting to push Xuan Ming directly into the wall with just such a force. What kind of dog man was this! His favorability was so low when they first met, and it dropped dozens of points in a few seconds, he must be sick!

Xuan Ming didn’t even bother to give alms to the woman behind him out of the corner of his eye, and just stared at his mobile phone all the way. To be honest, if it weren’t for the few text messages from Xiao Curly, his affection for this woman would be even lower.

“System, use bright eyes, bright smile, soft hands, and smooth skin!” Lin Yayan ordered four props in one breath.

“Good host, a total of 8,000 points, thank you for your patronage.” The system’s voice was somewhat cheerful. It seemed that it liked the host’s big shopping in the mall.

“Just deduct it directly. By the way, Xuan Pei’s favorability for me has reached the upper limit. Have you settled the points for me?”

“Xuan Pei is the younger brother of the mission target, you can get 2,000 points for attacking him.”

“How many points are Xuan Ming’s father, mother, grandpa, and grandma worth?”

“Dad 2800, mother 2500, grandpa 3000, grandma 2500.”

“Where’s Sun Jingshu’s points?”

“He is the big secretary of the mission target, with 1500 points.”

Lin Yayan made a calculation in her heart, and her tone immediately became relaxed: “The points of these people are enough for me to buy a lot of props. That’s enough, don’t feel bad, I have more points.” For her, other people’s admiration or liking was just points for consumption.

Objectifying or formatting everyone in the world was a common problem of so-called “hosts”. They lived here, but they just regarded it as a virtual game field, and anyone around them was only an npc that could be used or even destroyed.

Hearing these conversations, the evil feeling in Xuan Ming’s deep eyes burst out.

Lin Yayan didn’t know that she was being seen through. She pushed the task target to the dining table, greeted him with a smile, told her experience of studying abroad in vivid and humorous language, and recalled her childhood happiness. While in her mind, she said, use it as soon as possible.

The system dutifully broadcasted: “Bright eyes are loaded, and the charm value has increased by 10 percentage points; a smile like a flower is loaded, and the charm value is increased by 15 percentage points; Soft hands is loaded, the charm value is increased by 5 percentage points; Smooth skin is loaded and the charm value increased by 10 percentage points.”

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yayan’s beauty rose to a whole new level.

Xuan Pei looked straight at her, and Father Xuan, Mother Xuan, the old man, and the old lady also spoke to her in a more intimate tone.

Xuan Ming opened the chat interface of WeChat and sent Xiao Curly a picture of a pot of spicy crayfish. He had already discovered Lin Yayan’s change, but so what? A beautiful appearance did not have the slightest attraction to him.

Lin Yayan asked happily: “System, Xuan Ming’s favorability for me should have increased significantly, right?”

System who was almost suffering from a myocardial infarction: “Host, the mission target’s favorability towards you is -344, -354, -364…”

From a drop of one point per second to a drop of ten points per second without knowing it, very good, there was progress!

The system crashed a bit: “Host, what did you do to him?”

Lin Yayan broke down even more: “You ask me, and I still want to ask you! Did you load me with items that increase charm or decrease charm? Why did his favorability drop so quickly!”

“Look at the reactions of these people around, my props must be effective!” The system displayed the favorability of Xuan Pei and others, all of which were high scores.

“Xuan Ming, this dog man! Is he sick? Could it be that his aesthetics are opposite to normal people?” Lin Yayan gave the most reasonable guess.

The system agreed with this: “I also think this is the reason. The more beautiful you are, the lower his favorability for you is, which is not normal.”

“Then what should I do? I don’t want to be ugly!” Lin Yayan talked to Xuan Pei with a smile, but felt as uncomfortable as claws scratching her heart, and glanced at Xuan Ming who was serious about sending text messages.

She found that he was browsing food websites and had copied many pictures to his friends. It seemed that he was very interested in food.

“System, I want to buy props to improve my cooking skills!” Lin Yayan said eagerly.

“Host, I recommend you to buy this item.” The system pulled down the panel, which displayed a special item called Love at First Sight, asking for 100,000 points.

Xuan Ming’s fingertips paused slightly while sending messages.

“100,000? So expensive!” Lin Yayan exclaimed.

“Host, you have captured so many high-quality men abroad, and the points you have accumulated are enough for you to buy this item.” The system bewitched: “Use it, and your task will be completed soon. Think about how Xuan Ming treats you. Wouldn’t it be cool to see him be submissive and obedient? After you get married, all his property will be yours, and you can return to the Lord God’s Dimension after spending it.”

A scene appeared in Lin Yayan’s mind: Xuan Ming throwing away the mobile phone, dragging the broken leg that had been casted, and throwing himself on her feet to lick the toe of her shoe, shouting out master, holding a black card in his palm…

A burst of refreshing air shot up from the soles of her feet to the scalp, and Lin Yayan burst out with pride, “Buy it!”

“Okay!” The system happily responded: “Love at first sight has been loaded, thank you for your patronage!”

At this moment, Xuan Ming looked at the woman sitting opposite him uncontrollably, his head was empty, and then inexplicable joy, throbbing and dizziness rose in his body…

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