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On the outskirts of City K, in a private hospital, in a single ward on the top floor.

The heavy wooden push-pull door was gently pushed by someone from the outside, then a figure walked in, and silently closed the door behind him.

Gu Nian lowered her arms and carefully turned around with the breakfast bag in her hand. With the help of a little light from under the curtains, she walked softly through the entrance of this single ward and entered into a somewhat dim room.

The paper breakfast bag was placed on the table by Gu Nian. Before turning around, Gu Nian heard a rustle on the hospital bed next to her and a murmur in a slightly hoarse voice like a sigh: “Nian Nian.”


Gu Nian’s fingers trembled in fright, and she almost threw the millet porridge away.

After regaining her senses, Gu Nian turned around quickly, and after her eyes adjusted to the darkness in the ward, she saw the man lying on the hospital bed with half-closed eyes.

Although she couldn’t see clearly, she knew it was a very gentle gaze. It also had the softness that was unique to patients, as if they were dependent on you.

Gu Nian walked over and asked softly, “Are you awake?”


“Are you feeling better today?”

“It’s already very good.”

“Really.” Said in a tone of obvious disbelief.

“Well, don’t worry, it’s not serious at all.”


Gu Nian’s hand that was going to open the curtain stopped, and held back for a few seconds, but she still couldn’t hold back, so she put down her hand and turned around sullenly: “The doctor said that there is already a small amount of bleeding in the stomach, how can it not be serious!”

Seeing the girl trying to be fierce but still unable to hide her reddish eyes, Luo Xiu was stunned and sighed helplessly.

He stretched out his hand towards Gu Nian and smiled softly: “Come here.”

Gu Nian really wanted to say “No” fiercely, but it was a pity that the word “No” could not come to her lips. Through the light coming in from the curtain behind her, she clearly saw Luo Xiu’s weak and pale face.

Not to mention those gentle eyes, there was also his low hoarse and indulgent voice.

The fierce could not be fierce anymore.

Gu Nian succumbed to the patient’s demand and walked to his bedside.

When Gu Nian got close, Luo Xiu got up from the hospital bed and moved a few centimeters to the other side.

Gu Nian hurriedly pulled his wrist: “Don’t move!”

“It’s not time for infusion today.”

Luo Xiu raised his hand, gesturing to the back of his cold white hand.

There were two tiny bruises on it, which were the “results” left after hanging the bottle for the previous two days.

Gu Nian felt even more uncomfortable.

When Luo Xiu noticed, he held the girl’s wrist behind his back, took her to sit on the hospital bed, and hugged her.

Luo Xiu leaned against the girl’s forehead, kissed lightly, and then laughed hoarsely: “Don’t feel sorry for me.”

Gu Nian muffled: “I didn’t.”


“—” Gu Nian immediately looked back when she heard his soft tone, “Are you feeling uncomfortable again?”

But she met a pair of smiling eyes.

Gu Nian paused and held her breath.


Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled: “Well, I lied to you again.”

Gu Nian: “?”

Gu Nian raised her face seriously: “Have you reached the stage of mind reading now?”

“I can’t read minds, but I can understand yours.” Luo Xiu smiled.

Gu Nian grimaced, snorted softly, and asked after a while, “Why should I feel sorry for you?”

“Because it’s a bitter trick.”


Gu Nian turned around in his arms, staring at him suspiciously.

Luo Xiu still wore the gentle smile she was most familiar with: “I regret telling you so coolly, ‘I will only show up if you want to see me’, I couldn’t wait to see you, and I couldn’t go against what I promised you… so I had to do this.”

Gu Nian was speechless for a moment.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes with a smile and lowered his head to kiss the corner of the girl’s lips. His voice was hoarse and soft as he said: “So don’t blame Auntie, I deliberately didn’t tell her that I have a stomach problem.”

Gu Nian held her breath, “Are you not covering up at all now?”

“Well, I will never hide anything from you in the future.”

Gu Nian sullenly said, “That’s you outlining the trick.”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and laughed.

There was a long silence in the semi-dark room, then Gu Nian leaned against Luo Xiu’s arms, and muttered softly: “I thought about it by myself for a long time a few days ago and found that you have been tricking me since we met. There have been many, many times.”

Luo Xiu smiled bitterly: “I’m sorry.”

Gu Nian said softly, “Only when I’m drunk will you tell the truth.”

Luo Xiu was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head: “Last time…”

“No, just some fragments,” Gu Nian pursed her lips, “I was a little scared when I first woke up, but I remembered it later.”

Luo Xiu was silent.

After a pause for a few seconds, Gu Nian moved, raised her arms and hugged him back: “Are you thinking about ‘doing bad things despicably’ again?”

Luo Xiu came back to his senses and sighed softly: “Will you hate me?”

“No,” Gu Nian tightened his hands, “never.”


Gu Nian thought about it seriously: “Because you are not mean or malicious, you must have just wanted to protect yourself since you were a child.”


Luo Xiu paused, and for a moment the emotions in his eyes were shaken violently.

But it subsided quickly.

Because the person in his arms was gone.

Luo Xiu woke up and looked at the little girl who had jumped under the hospital bed, “What are you doing?”

“Almost forgot, the doctor told me many times that you must eat on time,” Gu Nian took out the millet porridge from the breakfast paper bag, and held it up seriously, “And it can only be liquid food. I heard that millet porridge can protect the gastric mucosa. You can only eat this for the next two days.”

Luo Xiu took it: “Then what will you eat?”

Gu Nian took out another bowl of millet porridge, and said in a sad tone, “We share our blessings and we share the same hardships—if you can only drink millet porridge, then I’ll be next to you.”

Luo Xiu couldn’t help laughing: “When I’m discharged from the hospital this week, I’ll go home and cook something delicious for you.”

“Okay – no!”


Gu Nian’s half-bright smile was suppressed back seriously: “You have to stay until next week, and until the doctor says you’re completely fine, you cannot be discharged from the hospital.”

Luo Xiu felt helpless: “There are still…”

“Work is more important or you?” Gu Nian scowled fiercely.

Luo Xiu smiled, lowered his eyes and smiled: “You are important.”


“So listen to you.”


Gu Nian tried her best to suppress the corners of her mouth that wanted to turn up in the facial expression that would betray her strict control.

In the middle of the turn, she remembered something, lowered her head and said something softly.

“Huh?” Luo Xiu didn’t hear clearly and raised his eyes.

Gu Nian was silent for a while, then the voice came back softly: “Thirty-six tricks are up to you, but bitter tricks are not acceptable.”


Luo Xiu was stunned for a moment, then smiled.


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