JHTW Ch. 48

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Quiet, pin drop quiet.

Everyone was stunned, and it was the same as when the captain had corroded a python for the first time, and they had opened their mouth such that they could almost swallow an entire egg.

Mu Xichi blinked, after being convinced that he was not dazzled, he then turned to the stunned Jiang Xin next to him, asking, “Is it real?”

Jiang Xin reacted, lifted his obstructing hand, and approached the bucket doubtfully. He took a closer look at the colorless and odorless liquid in the iron bucket and took out a piece of paper tentatively.

Under the eyes of everyone, the white paper was gradually corroded as it came in contact with the liquid, and finally turned into a pile of ashes without traces.

Jiang Xin stepped back in surprise and stared in horror at Xiao Jing who was still undamaged after washing his hands in such a corrosive liquid. Was he a ghost?

Pei Min pushed his glasses, and finally understood why Xiao Jing did not have any injuries even after being touched by the captain with his bare hands. It turned out that this person had such special abilities.

Qin Yishan stood at the table, facing the bucket of liquid, he did not know whether to cry or to laugh, “Can it be so fun to play?”

Xiao Jing shrugged helplessly. “I only seem to have this strong point. If I don’t show my hole cards when life and death are at stake, I think today’s challenge game, I will definitely lose.”

Qin Yishan swallowed and nodded, “Yes, I can’t meet your challenge, I lost.”

Xiao Jing breathed a sigh of relief, as long as she didn’t miss all targets in the three-second fast-fire test, there should still be a chance to stay in Tie Ying.

Qi Yue looked at Shen Chengfeng, who was silent, and said solemnly, “Isn’t this a crooked and evil way?”

Shen Chengfeng stopped daydreaming, then facing the questioning Qi Yue, his voice neither sad nor unhappy, he asked, “Or do you think you can accept Xiao Jing’s challenge?”

Qi Yue was silenced, who dared to soak their hand in sulfuric acid at the risk of destroying one hand here?

Shen Chengfeng put on his sunglasses and looked at Qin Yishan as he was preparing. No one could see his thoughts at this moment.

Xiao Jing chose a gun with awkward movements. She couldn’t figure out which model would be more suitable for her. There were more than a dozen models of guns in front of her, which seemed to be similar. She had to choose one which felt familiar in her hands.

Qin Yishan glanced at the gun selected by Xiao Jing, frowning slightly. It was the latest FB005 strong assault sniper rifle from E country. The explosive power and speed were the current top products, but the only thing was that it had a huge recoil. The stamina was too large, and it was not easy to let the gun shoot off, especially for novices.

Xiao Jing noticed his line of sight and smiled. “Captain Qin doesn’t have to show mercy on me. Today’s test is all about our own glory.”

When Qin Yishan retracted his mouth and was about to jump out, he walked to his target and shot at the shooting target that could appear at any time.

“Oh!” A black ball rose into the air.

Qin Yishan moved quickly, he pulled the trigger without hesitation, and the black ball shattered.

The next colorful balls were sent out one after another, and the sky seemed to be lit by fireworks. The colorful colors were spread out, looking colorful and extremely beautiful.

Qi Yue nodded with satisfaction, “Nine out of ten, the results are outstanding.”

Xiao Jing stepped onto the target, closed her eyes to calm her mind, and when she opened it again, her eyes were clear, and she seemed to have discarded all the distractions around her.

“Oh!” It was the same, a black ball flying into the sky.

Xiao Jing’s eye-quick hand quickly pulled the trigger, and a “pop” bullet shot from the muzzle, which directly burst the black ball.

The sniper rifle suddenly shot backwards, Xiao Jing paused, was too late to react, her shoulder got hurt, her expression froze, and she did not have time to adjust her movements and continued firing.

The colored balls in the sky followed one another without interruption. The bullets were also issued one after another. With each shot, she felt back pain after the recoil by the gun on the shoulder was exacerbated.

“Shot! Shot! Shot!”

Qi Yue couldn’t believe it. He took off his sunglasses and looked at the side. It looked like Shen Chengfeng, was already familiar with it, seeing this he smiled bitterly at the results.

“That’s because he didn’t choose the right weapon. If he chose the same M500 as Qin Yishan, I think the results would be better.” Shen Chengfeng looked at Qi Yue side by side and said casually.

Xiao Jing put the gun back to the table, rubbed her sore arm, and smiled.

Qin Yishan bowed his head and clenched his fists.

Qi Yue stepped forward, staring at the depressed Qin Yishan, his eyes were like a torch, “You know what I will say.”

Qin Yishan raised his head high, saying, “I lost.”

“You really beat Xiao Jing in terms of firearms, but in terms of overall results, you lost today, go back and pack up, and wait for a car to take you away.” Qi Yue announced without hesitation.

Qin Yishan clenched his lower lip, his eyes circled red, but he forced himself to no longer lower his head. He gave a military salute to Shen Chengfeng, then a military salute to everyone, and finally swaggered away.

“Captain Qin.” Jiang Si whispered, and finally he could only swallow up his extra words.

The result today was indeed unexpected.

After all, in front of the biggest black hole, everyone had a chance to win.

Xiao Jing looked at the back of Qin Yishan’s departure, without saying a word, and began to pack up. Qin Yishan’s today may be tomorrow for all of them. Maybe it won’t be long before she will have to pack her things with regret and leave from here.

“Well, the remaining people start training, ten kilometers with ten kilograms of load, off-road run.” Qi Yue lit a cigarette and spat out a long ring of smoke.

“You, follow me.” Shen Chengfeng walked past Xiao Jing’s side.

Xiao Jing returned to herself and followed him step by step.

The camp was a little quiet in the morning, and the birds fluttered across the treetops with their wings flapping lightly.

Shen Chengfeng stopped.

Xiao Jing slammed into his back, hurried back and kept her distance.

Shen Chengfeng turned around and looked at the figure who deliberately left his control area, as usual tepid, “Why did you win?”

“Why should I lose?” Xiao asked.

“Your Xiao family is trying to get you back. You had a chance to leave today.”

“I said that I would go back with my pride and honor, rather than being eliminated and sent back.”

“You are very clever, knowing that you can attack others by your strengths.”

“Thank you for your compliment,” Xiao Jing said, feeling proud.

Shen Chengfeng raised his hand and slapped it on Xiao Jing’s head, coldly: “Is it proud to win with this kind of careful thinking?”

Xiao Jing raised her eyes and looked at the big palm that fell on her head. For a moment, she didn’t know how to respond.

It felt like he was touching the dog.

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