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Xiao Jing returned to the dormitory and lay flat on the bed like this. No white strips were tied to her chest. Suddenly she rolled over and stared at the door of the dormitory.

Perhaps it was a guilty conscience, but she could not help but want to bow down, trying to avoid everyone’s eyes on her.

Unconsciously, the night had gone quiet.

“Well.” The rapid knock on the door awakened Xiao Jing, who was sleeping.

Xiao Jing sat up reflectively, and her head was suddenly released. She glanced at the door where she could hear some knocking, patted her face gently, and asked, “Who?”

“It’s me, Captain Xiao.” Lin Qi’s voice was a little hurried, as if something serious had happened.

Xiao Jing opened a small crack in the door, and smiled slightly at the comer, “Is there anything that you came in the middle of the night, Colonel Lin?”

Lin Qi nodded, looking dignified, “I just heard Jiang Xin talking that there will be an assessment tomorrow, aimed at you and Qin Yishan.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because the two of you have the lowest scores during these days, the two of you will have to challenge each other, and the one who lost will be expelled immediately.”

Xiao Jing was stunned. Although Qin Yishan was not the most powerful of them, he was an elite from Unit 118. Everyone knew that that unit was good at firearms.

The two of them would have to challenge each other. It was about a glorious challenge. If he chose to use a firearm, would he still have any hope of winning?

“I came to tell you as soon as I heard the news. Think about what you are good at and be prepared. If you really have to challenge each other tomorrow, you will still stay alive.” Lin Qi took a meaningful shot and slapped Xiao Jing on the shoulder.

Xiao Jing closed the door, what was she good at?

She had been eating and drinking in the 525 group for three years, not to mention any firearm, even if she saw a gun in front of her, she might not be able to recognize the name of the thing.

Xiao Jing scratched her head and lay back on the bed. Then she lost sleep.

At five o’clock in the morning, the sun was breaking, and the dim sky seemed to be cracked by something, as the sparse light rushed out in a flash, igniting the whole night.

The four battalions in area B were suddenly shrouded in bright light, like a day.

Xiao Jing was the last one to reach from the fourth battalion. She looked at the lineup in front of her and felt that it was her own life and death battle.

More than half of the members of the Tie Ying team had come, and everyone was standing in a circle, as if talking about something interesting.

“Line up.” Mu Xichichi looked at the long-awaited last person and shouted loudly.

Xiao Jing stood at the end of the crowd with an iron bucket.

Lin Qi whispered, “What are you doing with a bucket?”

Xiao Jing smiled, “Didn’t you say I should take out what I’m good at?”

Lin Qi frowned slightly, so he gave up and brought a bucket?

Shen Chengfeng was wearing long trousers, a military cap, and a cloak as usual, and his body was wrapped slowly like a mule.

“Captain, the numbers are all there.” Mu Xichi reported the situation.

Qi Yue looked around at the crowd of people, and finally locked his eyes on Xiao Jing, who looked a bit out of step with them elites, wondering: “Why did he come over bringing an iron bucket?”

No one knew Xiao Jing’s intention.

Qi Yue laughed, and then said, “Maybe someone intentionally leaked the wind to let him know what we are doing today.”

Shen Chengfeng turned his eyes and met his eyes, then he said, “Is this important? I don’t care about the process. As long as I have the result, today is their last chance. If they lose, they will go back and whoever will win will continue training. It is not a charity camp full of rampant idlers.”

“The captain’s words are quite reasonable, I will wait and see the results of today’s challenge.”

Qin Yishan stepped out of the crowd, facing the two leaders, and held his military salute with his head held up: “Sir.”

Qi Yue nodded, “You and Xiao Jing were at the bottom in yesterday’s test, so in accordance with the rules, you will conduct the next assessment today and challenge each other. Remember, everyone has only one chance to accept the challenge.”

Qin Yishan looked at Xiao Jing subconsciously. He couldn’t help but clench his fists, he would challenge Xiao Jing, and completely crush him by his ability.

But his iron bucket was particularly eye-catching. What was in it?

Without knowing the enemy’s situation, he had to choose his most powerful weapon to defeat him and score the first point.

“I have already thought about it. I choose to shoot at 50 meters within 3 seconds.” Qin Yishan said his challenge project with great momentum.

Xiao Jing was a little stunned, she had long expected that Qin Yishan would choose a firearm, but unexpectedly, it was fast firing, this item was completely her dead point.

“What about Xiao Jing, you?” Qi Yue’s eyes fell on the last position of the crowd. He should now tell the intention of this bucket.

Xiao Jing took a step forward and replied with a loud voice: “The instructors mean that we can challenge each other in each other’s best strengths. We can choose abilities other than training programs, right?”


“Then I challenge Qin Yishan with this iron bucket.” Xiao Jing put the iron bucket directly on the table.

Qi Yue curiously looked closer to one or two. After looking at the large bucket of transparent liquid in the iron bucket, he wondered: “What does this mean? Challenging him to drink water fast?”

Xiao Jing shook her head and gave out a serious explanation: “This is strong sulfuric acid with a concentration of 99%.”

“…” When the words came out, the clamor of the audience died.

Ninety-nine percent strong sulfuric acid. What did Xiao Jing want to do? Would they hurt each other by splashing sulfuric acid?

Qi Yue twitched slightly, “What are you doing here with this thing?”

“Didn’t the instructor say that we have to choose our own strongest point to challenge the other? This is my strongest point.” Then, in order to confirm whether the liquid in the iron bucket was really corrosive, he took a piece of cloth and put it in, and all of a sudden, white smoke billowed out.

The more Qi Yishan looked at him, the more he lost his intention.

After a while, Xiao Jing took the rag out and put it back on the table. Only a small piece was left, and the rest was completely burned, leaving only a pinch of ash.

Shen Chengfeng looked at Xiao Qing, who was said to be light, and gently tapped his fingertips on the desktop, as if he was brewing something serious.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Qi Yue frowned slightly, accentuating his tone.

“I mean it very clearly. My challenge is to wash my hands with sulfuric acid.”

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Jing reached into the iron bucket without pressure, facing the dozens of pairs of eyes present, he stirred the bucket of strong sulfuric acid with a concentration of ninety-nine as if washing his hands in clean water.!!

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