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Before that year’s winter vacation, Su Xingchen went to class for the last time.

Sitting by the window, halfway up the building, he caught a glimpse of a handsome guy leaning on the balcony outside the window, watching him with a smile.

It was Yu Feng, who was there to wait for Su Xingchen to finish class.

Finding that Su Xingchen finally saw him, he immediately mouthed the words: “Baby.”

Su Xingchen: …

Su Xingchen silently turned his head and put up a book to cover his profile, because it was too shameful!

Ever since he and Yu Feng pierced the window[1], this man liked people all over the world to know that they were a couple.

He usually waited for him to finish classes whenever he had time and called him baby blatantly.

So, Su Xingchen was rarely seen by classmates alone.

Counting that they had been together for four months, there had been almost no awkwardness.

Because Yu Feng was not the kind of person who held anything back in his heart, he usually got angry on the spot when he did not like something.

Su Xingchen was always afraid that he would lose his temper.

For example, the last time they went out to watch a movie, they met a little bastard who yelled at him to change seats.

Yu Feng almost fought with that gangster in the cinema.

After class, Su Xingchen packed up his things and walked outside the door, and suddenly felt a cold wind blowing in his face.

But soon, a tall figure hugged him.

He cuddled in his arms and said: “It’s such a cold day, why are you here again?”

“Because I missed you.” Yu Feng took the wool scarf from his neck and wrapped it around Su Xingchen’s neck: “What’s wrong? Seeing me made you upset?”

Hearing this, Su Xingchen became anxious, and raised his head, but then he saw Yu Feng still smiling: “You are really…”

Then he laughed too and put his palm in his boyfriend’s warm down jacket pocket and hid it, feeling it was really good.

The two clung to each other as they walked and talked and laughed. When they returned to the heated bedroom, Su Xingchen took off the layers of clothes on his body joyfully.

“It’s freezing cold outside, I can’t be too lazy to cook, it’s more comfortable to do it myself.”

These days, even if his schoolwork was tight, Su Xingchen insisted on cooking by himself.

Yu Feng loved his craftsmanship the most, but the reason he didn’t support it, was because he felt that it was just too hard on Su Xingchen.

“After you finish the exam, we will go back to Shanghai, and after attending the company’s annual meeting, I will take you back to your hometown. Do you think it is okay?” Yu Feng and Su Xingchen had been together for four months, doing ordinary housework and kitchen together was now routine for them.

Yu Feng had rolled up his sleeves to help in the kitchen now.

“I think it will work.” Su Xingchen leaned forward and kissed his man’s cheek.

Then he took the other party’s freshly washed vegetables and pressed it on the cutting board to cut it competently, with the aura of a chef.

Yu Feng looked intently.

Yu Feng loved Su Xingchen’s cooking and found seeing him do it was also fascinating.

It was more thoughtful than the happy life he often imagined when he was a child.

After Su Xingchen finished the exam, Yu Feng took care of him all night. After all, he didn’t dare to bother him before because he was afraid that he would not do well in the exam.

The next day, the wilting youth was wrapped in a thick down jacket, packed and taken back to Shanghai.

Su Xingchen slept for the whole day, and had just recovered his spirits, when he had to put on the suit prepared by his boyfriend and rush to the company’s annual meeting.

This winter, he looked somewhat more mature than last summer.

The stature had grown taller, he was a bit fleshier, and the most important thing was that the hairstyle had changed.

So, the people from Fengxing Company saw him and couldn’t recognize who this handsome guy who walked in with the BOSS was.

Later, the little handsome guy smiled and revealed that familiar smile, which slowly reminded people. Wasn’t this the little boy who had an affair with their president during the summer vacation last year?

They hadn’t seen him for a few months, and he had grown taller!

Also looked handsome!

Most importantly, his relationship with their president seemed to be even more confusing!

Look, while they were walking together, the president was still holding his hand!

Su Xingchen was always a little hesitant to show public affection, so he dropped Yu Feng’s hand: “Be careful, do you want to come out of the closet?”

“I want to, but you don’t agree.”

“I’m still in school.”

And the impact on his company could be too big.

“Listen to you, Boss Su.” Yu Feng said scornfully, looking at the cameras that took pictures of him and Su Xingchen from time to time, with a handsome smile on his face, stunning the photographers who came every year.

It should be known that in last year’s annual meeting, the president of this family smiled like it was gold[2].

“Oh, this red-carpet walk looks like a marriage procession.” A beautiful man with a stylish dress and a wicked face walked forward, bringing a glass of champagne and a glass of juice to Yu Feng and Su Xingchen.

Su Xingchen paused when he saw the purple liquid.

“It’s blueberry juice, not wine.” Ye Xiaohan said bitterly: “Last time I poured you a glass of wine, your boyfriend made me regret it for four full months. How would I dare to pour you wine?”

“Thank you.”Su Xingchen gave an embarrassed smile then, as the last incident had been forgotten by him.

Huh, boyfriend?

It was estimated that Su Xingchen’s expression was too obvious, Ye Xiaohan sneered: “Do you think it’s a secret? Secretary Pei was sent the wedding candies by you, and only the people who eat melons are confused.”

They were old friends of Yu Feng. How could they not understand?

“Wedding candy?” Su Xingchen looked up at Yu Feng.

The man sipped champagne with a face full of spring breeze: “Why, you are allowed to give snacks, and I am not allowed to give wedding candy?” Su Xingchen was reminded of his cautious thoughts at the time, and his face suddenly flushed.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaohan didn’t say anything, and took the wine to toast to them: “Congratulations.”

“Wait, there is me!” Secretary Pei in a gray suit jumped up from the crowd.

They had a very pleasant time at the annual meeting.

This was the happiest annual meeting that Fengxing employees had ever had.

Because the lottery was so hilarious!

Except for the prizes prepared by the company, at the end of the draw, the boss first took out ten more prizes in his own name for everyone to draw the prize!

Later, the shareholders who had shares in the company also paid of out their pockets one after another, to give cash prizes!

Finally, the boss said: “Given the enthusiasm of everyone who still want to draw, then I present on behalf of me, three small car keys ……”

“Ah ah ah ah ah -“

“He did not say..”

After that, the audience was boiling.

Three small cars!

Su Xingchen was so excited that he raised his hand and said, “Brother, put my name in the black box as well! Black box me!”

When everyone looked at the dazzling man on the stage, it was not difficult to see that the man was full of happiness visible to the naked eye and continued: “If you want to put your name in the black box, please have more self-respect.”

All insiders laughed staggeringly.

Su Xingchen was criticized by name, and his expression was really embarrassed, but compared to a car, what was his face: “Huh, I’ll show you self-respect in a while!”

The number he held in his hand hadn’t opened yet tonight!

Ten minutes later, all three cars were taken away.

None of them belonged to Su Xingchen.

The small cars seemed to be the climax of that night. After the climax, some people were happy, and some were worried.

“Let’s draw another special prize tonight.” When people thought, they were going to leave, the boss’s deep and emotional voice echoed in his ears.

People who were feeling lost immediately cheered up!

As a result, the boss said: “If you draw a particularly lucky person, you can get a comforting kiss from this handsome guy, and comfort him that he didn’t draw anything tonight.”

Before he finished talking, the people of the company had started booing.

Su Xingchen also received attention from all sides.

If there was a hole in the ground now, he blushed and thought, he would definitely jump down without hesitation.

“…” Brother, this person was really!

Both cunning and easy to overwhelm him.

“Friend holding number 32, please come on stage.” Yu Feng said.

Su Xingchen: My friend, your uncle!

“Come on to receive your prize.” Yu Feng urged: “If you don’t come, I will draw one.”

The despicable brother also used threats.


Su Xingchen finally gritted his teeth, blushed, and walked up, towards the guy with the broad shoulders, narrow waist and one-meter-long legs. The contrast of innocence and maturity in him was fascinating.

Looking at the movement on the stage, you could see that his charm was no less than that of a handsome and golden president.

After all, even the president himself was eager to see him.

“It turned out to be a handsome boy. It seems that the lucky person is me.” This was the last sentence Yu Feng said that night.

Because of many things, there was no need to say more.

He knew, Su Xingchen knew, and people who needed to know knew.

When Yu Feng held his little boyfriend’s face in a cherished and important way on the stage, and kissed him with a pious expression, dreamy bubbles were spilled from the high ceiling above them.

There was a wave of cheer from the audience, as whistles and applause flew around them.

It turned out that the cars were not the climax, the climax was seeing two pleasing men kiss!

This kiss lasted about ten seconds!

“Say, the car is good, or your husband’s kiss is good?” Yu Feng clasped Su Xingchen’s waist which was so thin that even girls would envy him.

“Of course, the car was better.” Su Xingchen gasped and said without thinking.


After all, cars were rare, but the kisses of the senior were quite easy to get.

And required no money.

After the annual meeting, Yu Feng and Su Xingchen returned to the mountains to live for a few days with large and small bags.

They went mainly to see Uncle Niu, and to bring New Year goods to Uncle Niu.

The chickens raised by Uncle Niu had grown up a lot, and they were almost completely unrecognizable. They were no longer little cute and yellowish chicks they used to be.

So, Su Xingchen didn’t feel distressed when he ate them.

However, they couldn’t stay long, as they wanted to go back to celebrate the New Year.

When they were about to return to Shanghai, they got to know that Uncle Niu would be visiting his nephew and drove him back for the New Year in the city.

This really made Su Xingchen feel both surprised and happy. In this case, they could take the dog back to Shanghai, and also the chicken that they hadn’t finished eating!

On the way back, Su Xingchen said with warm eyes to Yu Feng: “Uncle Niu must see that I am not strong, so he called his nephew. In fact, Uncle Niu is very strong and doesn’t like to trouble people.”

Yu Feng touched Su Xingchen’s head: “But he is old, and someone needs to take care of him.”

As for the fact that he was the one who had contacted Uncle Niu’s nephew, he did not deliberately say it.

“Yeah.” Su Xingchen knew, and fortunately: “Brother Niu looks like a good person.”

Although his personality was not flexible, he was certainly not bad.

“That’s true.” Yu Feng comforted him and smiled when he saw him smiling.

Su Xingchen, who always liked to think about others, was actually an extreme idealist.

He wholeheartedly hoped that everyone around him would do well.

Yu Feng raised his mouth in a self-confident smile. He thought, maybe his company could stop Su Xingchen from going against his ideals.

He would happily let him grow into the Su Xingchen that he wanted to be every day.

“Brother.” When Su Xingchen was about to fall asleep, he suddenly pulled Yu Feng’s sleeve very seriously: “I lied to you on the day of the annual meeting. In fact, the car is not worth mentioning compared with your kiss.”

Su-style love talk, done well!

Mr. Yu was very happy!

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[1] Gotten together.

[2] Did not smile much.

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