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Hearing that Ji Juechuan said that he would go to the mall with Yan Yan, Aunt Zhang immediately smiled and felt relieved.

She knew that Ji Juechuan was often busy with work on weekends, and now he was willing to take the time to accompany Yan Yan to the mall. It seemed that Yan Yan was still very important to him.

After eating, Aunt Zhang cleaned up the kitchen and went back.

Ji Juechuan went to the study as usual, but today Yan Yan did not follow behind him, but went back to the room alone.

Before closing the study door, he glanced at Yan Yan’s back as he entered the room, and then closed the door expressionlessly.

It was better not to bother him, so as not to distract him.

Yan Yan walked into the room without noticing it. He didn’t choose to go to the study with Ji Juechuan today because he planned to improve the information on the live broadcast website and try the effect of using the laptop to live broadcast by the way.

He took out his laptop from the suitcase and opened the live broadcast website.

First, the profile picture was replaced with a hand-painted swallow, and some unsightly dynamics were deleted, and finally, the profile information was also changed.

After finishing these, he turned on the camera of the computer and tried the angle.

If you use a computer to broadcast live, the range that could be shot was much larger, and the definition was higher than that of a mobile phone.

It’s just that it was still not a professional camera, and the picture quality was still a bit worse.

Yan Yan carried the laptop downstairs and walked to the dining room, put the laptop on the wine cabinet, adjusted the angle to make sure that he and the dining table could be shot, and recorded another video to test the effect.

After finally adjusting to a satisfactory angle, he carried the laptop back to the room and put it away.

Everything was ready, he just had to go to the mall tomorrow to buy materials.

When Ji Juechuan returned to the room, he saw that Yan Yan had finished taking a shower and was sitting on the bedside looking at his mobile phone. When he saw him come in, he raised his head and smiled at him, as if he was waiting for him to sleep together.

Only then did he realize that he forgot to ask Aunt Zhang to clean up the guest room, so Yan Yan had to sleep in his room tonight as well.

Aunt Zhang was going back to her hometown on the weekend, and he would have to wait until next week to get the guest room cleaned up. Fortunately, it was not too crowded for two people to share a bed, so he would make do for two more nights.

Ji Juechuan picked up his clothes and walked into the bathroom. As soon as he walked in, he noticed a few extra bottles on the shelf.

Usually there was only his stuff on the shelf, which looked a little empty, but now that Yan Yan’s things were placed on it, the shelf was full.

Yesterday he was wondering if Yan Yan would put cosmetics in the bathroom, but after looking at them now, there seemed to be no cosmetics in those bottles.

The bathroom had just been used by Yan Yan, and the air was filled with the scent of shower gel, mixed with a hint of sweetness.

Ji Juechuan picked up Yan Yan’s shower gel from the shelf, put it under his nose and sniffed it a few times, and smelled a fragrance similar to that in the air.

Although it was similar, he could not smell the faintly sweet fragrance.

He had a serious face and didn’t think there was anything wrong with his actions.

He just wanted to know what kind of body wash Yan Yan used and why it smelled so fragrant, even the moment he opened the door, he could smell it immediately.

Ji Juechuan had known many people since he was a child, but he had never seen someone who was so fragrant like Yan Yan.

However, those scents were still very attractive, like countless small hooks, luring people in.

After putting the shower gel back in place, he went out of the shower as if nothing had happened and sat on the edge of the bed to wipe his hair.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Yan Yan put down his phone, as if he was about to move closer to him, and he paused while wiping his hair.

It was probably because he found out that he was in a bad mood at the dinner table and wanted to please him.

Ji Juechuan snorted inwardly, pretending not to notice, and continued with his movements.

The mobile phone’s message notification sounded suddenly, and Yan Yan who had just moved closer to Ji Juechuan’s direction, hearing this sound, sat back and picked up his mobile phone to check.

Ji Juechuan threw away the towel with a cold face and lay down on the bed.

Not noticing the sudden frosty face of the people around him, Yan Yan clicked on the message and saw the reply from the person who sent him a WeChat message during dinner.

Live Broadcast- Father Luo: [Why didn’t you come to find me?]

Yan Yan thought for a while, and replied: [Why should I come to find you?]

Live Broadcast – Father Luo: [You logged out of the Internet and quit your mind, right?]

Live Broadcast- Father Luo: [I went to the live broadcast to spray a sissy a few days ago, and I’m not happy that you didn’t come together]

Yan Yan frowned, feeling that he didn’t like the way the person opposite spoke, and when he saw the next sentence, his eyebrows frowned even tighter.

He pursed his lips and typed on the screen: [It’s wrong for you to do this.]

Just after replying to this message, Ji Juechuan, who was lying beside him, turned over.

He quickly put down the phone: “Husband, did I disturb you?”

Ji Juechuan closed his eyes and said “Mmm”, unable to detect any emotion.

The phone rang again and again, Yan Yan turned the phone to silent, put it on the bedside table, and lay down under the quilt.

The switch of the lamp was on Ji Juechuan’s side. Yan Yan first turned on the small light by the bedside, then put one hand on the bed and reached out for the switch on Ji Juechuan’s side.

In this posture, the two bodies were inevitably stuck together, but after the lights went out, Yan Yan quickly backed away, keeping a distance from Ji Juechuan.

Ji Juechuan still had his eyes closed, but he didn’t feel sleepy.

He was thinking, Yan Yan usually liked to cling to him, either pulling his sleeve or holding his hand, why did he avoid him when he was sleeping?

When acting, why not do a full set.

The people around him soon fell asleep, Ji Juechuan opened his eyes and glanced at Yan Yan, then closed them again.

Don’t think about it, waste of time.

Early the next morning, the driver was already waiting outside the iron gate.

Yan Yan didn’t set the alarm clock and woke up late, so by the time he was ready to go downstairs, Ji Juechuan was already waiting for him in the car.

While arranging his clothes, he hurried towards the iron gate. When he walked out of the iron gate, he saw the black car parked opposite at a glance.

When he woke up this morning, Ji Juechuan was no longer in the room, so he didn’t know how long he had been waiting for him in the car.

Yan Yan hurried over and was about to open the door of the back seat when someone stopped him.

It was a middle-aged man who had stopped him. He had a simple and honest smile on his face and was wearing a neat suit.

“Master Yan, good morning. I’m Mr. Ji’s driver, Uncle Zhao. You can write down my phone number later, and you can call me if you need anything.”

Yan Yan opened the car door and nodded to him with a smile: “Okay, sorry for your trouble.”

After finishing speaking, he sat down in the back seat.

The touch he felt was not the expected soft seat, but some hard muscles.

He froze for a moment, turned his head slowly, and met Ji Juechuan’s eyes.

After staying there for two seconds, he blushed and hurriedly crawled down.

He actually sat on Ji Juechuan’s lap!

When he climbed down with his hands and feet, the expression on Ji Juechuan’s face did not change, as if he didn’t care.

After the heat on his face dissipated, Yan Yan thought belatedly, just now he paused for so long after opening the car door, Ji Juechuan could have stopped him, why did he watch him sit down?

Like it was on purpose.

He curled his lips quietly, and looked very worried again on the surface, leaning over to look at Ji Juechuan:

“Husband, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Ji Juechuan didn’t look at him, but his thin lips were tightly pressed, “No.”

Uncle Zhao in the driver’s seat heard their conversation and looked back with a smile.

He was a little surprised when Mr. Ji said he was going to the shopping mall today, but now it seemed that he should be going with this young master Yan.

The relationship between the couple was really good.

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