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The car stopped on the road in front of the mall.

There were not many people in the mall in the morning, and many shops were not open yet. Yan Yan looked down at the map on his phone, and occasionally looking up to identify the direction.

Ji Juechuan thought that Yan Yan would go to a brand-name store, otherwise he wouldn’t have spent so much effort to let him accompany him, wasn’t it just to swipe his card?

He was ready to be used as a cash machine, but he didn’t expect that after going up a few floors, the two of them would be standing at the door of a supermarket.

Yan Yan still remembered that Ji Juechuan accompanied him to the shopping mall because he had something to buy, so he didn’t forget to ask, “Husband, what do you want to buy today?”

Thinking of Yan Yan still remembering, his handsome face froze for a moment, and he looked away: “Forgot.”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, he thought Ji Juechuan had something important to buy, so he came to the mall with him, but did not expect to get this answer.

“Then let’s go to the supermarket first.” Without thinking too much, he raised his head and smiled at Ji Juechuan, and then he had to grab Ji Juechuan’s hand with every inch.

His hands are smaller than Ji Juechuan’s, and every time they held each other’s hands, it felt like Ji Juechuan wrapped his hand in his palm.

Ji Juechuan looked down at the thin white hand in his palm for a while, but he didn’t object.

As soon as he entered the supermarket, Yan Yan followed the sign above his head to find the kitchen utensils and put the bar spoon and ice filter in the trolley.

Seeing how he carefully selected, Ji Juechuan had guessed the purpose of his visit to the shopping mall this time, but he still couldn’t believe it.

This young master took so much trouble to let him accompany him to the shopping mall, but it was just to buy ingredients for bartending?

Didn’t he even have this little money on him?

Ji Juechuan frowned. Since he didn’t even have the money, why did he refuse the card he gave yesterday?

As if to distance himself from him.

He felt a little uncomfortable for no reason, the same feeling that he felt when he realized that Yan Yan was hiding the live broadcast from him.

Yan Yan was still concentrating on choosing the utensils. When he picked up a shaker and was about to put it in the trolley, he suddenly heard Ji Juechuan ask: “Why are you buying these?”

Ji Juechuan watched yesterday’s live broadcast, so he naturally knew why Yan Yan wanted to buy these things for bartending, but he purposely asked this question, wanting to see what lies Yan Yan could tell from that beautiful mouth.

Yan Yan did not disappoint him, blinked his eyes lightly and started talking nonsense: “It’s too boring to wait for my husband to come home at home, I want to learn how to mix wine.” Then with one hand, “Honey, can you help me take down that wine measurer? I can’t reach it.”

The usual coquettish tone.

Little liar.

The palm of his hand felt slightly itchy. Although he was cheated once again, Ji Juechuan couldn’t get angry in his heart. He raised his hand and took down the wine measuring device at the top of the shelf.

“What else should we buy?”

Yan Yan counted with his fingers: “I still need to buy eggs, milk, lemons…”

Hearing what he said, Ji Juechuan silently wrote it down, and pushed the cart to the food area.

The two of them hadn’t been to the supermarket much, so they wandered around the food area for a long time and didn’t even buy half of the ingredients.

Yan Yan glanced at the fruit area and let go of Ji Juechuan’s hand: “Husband, I’ll go get the lemons, and I’ll come find you later.”

After saying this, Yan Yan moved away.

The slender figure turned around and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Ji Juechuan frowned and looked at the small cart beside him.

What kind of nerve has gone wrong with me, leaving a lot of work unattended, and instead coming here to accompany someone to the supermarket?

His tall and straight figure was a bit out of harmony in the crowd, people coming and going cast curious eyes on him, watching this handsome guy with an ugly face pushing a small cart, looking at the shelves.

When the uncles saw his appearance, they knew it clearly.

It seemed that another one was called by his wife to run errands.

Over there, Yan Yan was carefully selecting lemons when the light was suddenly blocked by someone.

He raised his head and saw a young boy looking him up and down with uncomfortable eyes.

After he raised his head, the boy was taken aback for a moment, and then a bit of artificial surprise appeared on his face: “Yan Yan, it’s really you!”

Could this be the original owner’s friend?

The boy wanted to grab his arm, but Yan Yan took two steps back calmly, avoiding his hand, and then smiled politely: “Hello?” With a smile: “Why are you still estranged from me? Is it because I didn’t call you to the recent party? Are you upset?”

That uncomfortable look flicked over Yan Yan’s face again but the boy continued, “Why have you changed? Look, I almost didn’t recognize you just now, does Brother Shen Yu like this type recently?”

Yan Yan liked Shen Yu, this was something everyone in their circle knew, so the boy took it for granted that if Yan Yan changed his style, it must be for Shen Yu.

Yan Yan only picked half of the lemons. He thought that Ji Juechuan was still waiting for him there, and he was afraid of wasting too much time, so he just wanted to end the topic as soon as possible.

“Let’s talk about it next time. I’m a little busy now.” Yan Yan gave him a look at his empty bag and smiled apologetically.

Seeing that he only wanted to pick lemons and didn’t care about other things, the boy’s expression froze again.

Reluctantly, he started looking for words again: “Why are you here? This seems to be quite far from your home, right?”

Yan Yan picked up a lemon, put it in front of his eyes and looked carefully, then threw it into the bag.

“…” The boy saw him being perfunctory, rolled his eyes, and suddenly remembered something, “This seems to be quite close to Mr. Ji’s house. You are not here to find Mr. Ji, are you?”

He thought of Yan Yan’s live broadcast and how the previous posts on the account made him sneer in his heart, this person won’t have fallen in love with Ji Juechuan and come here to pester him, right?

“Yan Yan, you changed your goals so quickly, Brother Shen Yu is going to be disappointed in you.”

Another lemon was thrown into the bag, Yan Yan was picking out the lemon while recalling the plot in the book in his mind, but he still couldn’t remember it. Who was this person?

The boy wanted to say something, when a tall and straight figure suddenly appeared behind the two of them.

Ji Juechuan was pushing the trolley in one hand, holding a box of eggs in the other, pursing his thin lips, “I found the eggs for you.”

He had just walked around half of the food area with a few aunts before he saw the place where the eggs were placed. So, he took a box for Yan Yan.

“I don’t know what brand of milk you want, I will take you there later.”

After speaking, Ji Juechuan noticed that there was another person beside Yan Yan.

The man was completely stunned, looking at him in a daze.

Ji Juechuan frowned, was this person Yan Yan’s friend?

He quickly thought that Yan Yan chatted with someone on the phone for a long time yesterday. Could it be that he was chatting with this person?

Thinking of this, he looked at the boy with a little more coldness that he didn’t realize.

He just took an egg, and Yan Yan even chatted with him here, this was really good.

The boy was stared at by Ji Juechuan’s unfriendly eyes, and came back to his senses with a shudder, then the boy said: “President Ji, I… I am the youngest son of Xiang, Xiang’s family, Xiang Hanliang, I have met you several times before, do you still remember?”

Ji Juechuan frowned and thought for a while, but after not remembering, the air fell into an awkward silence.

Yan Yan saw the egg in Ji Juechuan’s hand, his eyes lit up, then he hugged his arm affectionately and his ruddy lips curled up: “My husband, you are the best, I just looked for it for a long time and didn’t see it.”

Xiang Hanliang stared wide-eyed, looking at the two in disbelief, he opened his mouth but dared not make a sound.

Although this compliment was light and fluffy, Ji Juechuan felt inexplicably happy in his heart, as if he had really done something worthy of praise.

He lowered the corners of his mouth, his face was calm, as if he was not affected by Yan Yan’s words.

“Could you pick some more lemons for me?” Yan Yan pushed forward, his long eyelashes blinked slowly, as if begging, and as if acting like a baby.

Xiang Hanliang who was on the side had just recovered from the huge amount of information when he heard this sentence and almost dropped his jaw in shock.

He actually asked Ji Juechuan to help pick lemons, did he hear correctly?

In the next second, Ji Juechuan took the bag from Yan Yan, picked up a lemon and looked at it carefully, as if he was reading an important document.

After a while, the bag was full.

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