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Seeing Shen Lou, Lin Xin subconsciously hid the scimitar in his hand behind his back, “I forced Du Huang to resign, and he agreed.”

The words came crashing down abruptly, but Shen Lou caught them steadily, nodded slightly and said, “That’s good, it’s better than being killed by the Fourteen Blades.” In the past life, the Fourteen blades bloodbathed the Du mansion, leaving none of the sixteen members of the family behind.

Lin Xin clenched the Mojian in his hand tightly, and the bloody aura of the Mojian spread around his wrist faintly, “If I said that I didn’t order the Fourteen Blades to kill Du Huang in my previous life, would you believe me?”

Shen Lou frowned, looking at Lin Xin’s wrist that was made paler by the evil spirit, “I know.”

“Huh?” Lin Xin was taken aback, and the evil spirit that reached his forearm dissipated instantly, “You know?”

Shen Lou took Mojian and put a new Luli in it to suppress the evil spirit, “After you died, the Fourteen Blades became loyal to Feng Zhang.”

Lin Xin smiled wryly, if the Fourteen Blades hadn’t betrayed him, he wouldn’t have died so badly back then. His subordinates who he had shared birth and death with, at the critical moment of life and death, scattered like the birds and beasts, leaving behind a paper-like deer resting platform and Lin Busheng, who had lost all spiritual power.

The wind suddenly picked up, making the corners of the robe flutter.

“The sky is dry, be careful of the candles!” The watchman came out of the alley, and the two of them jumped onto the wall immediately.

It was only after this interruption that Lin Xin remembered that he didn’t ask Shen Lou why he appeared here just now, and he started to explain the bad things he did when he came up, which seemed a bit silly, “Why are you here?”

“It’s not easy to enter the palace at night, so I came to pick you up.” Shen Lou returned the scimitar to Lin Xin, as it was a remodelled ancient knife, so Mojian was not really suitable as a flying tool. They were still living in the East Palace, which was not very convenient to enter without a flying tool.

Lin Xin looked at Shen Lou suspiciously, “Mojian can’t enter the palace at night, but Yu Yuan can?” There was a curfew in the imperial city, and if you flew through the sky at night, you would be shot down by the guards.

Shen Lou was taken aback for a moment.

“Hahahaha…” Lin Xin couldn’t help laughing. It was rare to see Shen Qingque being stupid. “Right?”

The surroundings suddenly became quiet, “Bang bang bang——” The watchman who had already walked into the other box dutifully knocked on his clapper, and the crisp sound echoed in the silent night.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward, Lin Xin curled his lips, this guy was really not fun, he let go of Shen Lou’s neck and was about to take him to sleep in the Prince’s Mansion, when he suddenly heard a firm and forceful “hmm”.

Looking back in disbelief, Shen Lou was looking at him calmly, his integrity being taken for granted.

The voices opposing the deer-discretion order in the court and in the middle were getting louder and louder. Civil servants were divided into two factions, and they quarrelled every day. Emperor Yuanshuo didn’t stop them, but the gully between his brows got deeper day by day.

“Some people’s hands have already reached into my court.” Feng Zhuoyi held a vermilion pen and sketched on a roster.

“Father wants to take this opportunity to eliminate the influence of the princes?” The crown prince looked at the roster. If these were really involved with the princes, then the court’s situation would be in jeopardy. After thinking for a while, he said, “Shen Lou indeed has connections in court. I knew it before.”

“If you have been in business for a hundred years, if you don’t even have personal contacts in the court, you will not be able to keep the family business.” Lin Xin, who was sitting on the side wiping Mojian, interjected.

“As a king, sometimes you have to open one eye and close the others. I can tolerate them leaving people to inquire about the news, but they want to intervene in government orders…” Emperor Yuanshuo lowered his eyes and drew a circle on Du Huang’s name.

Du Huang always knew the current affairs and knew how to advance and retreat, but this time he jumped out suddenly, which was very unusual. But he was very capable as the head of the Zhongshu department, which made him hesitate taking action against him.

“The Marquis’s mansion in central Beijing is almost done. Go to the Habayashi Army and pick some good ones and train them yourself. Next month, I guess you will have to go out to do some business.” The emperor issued a transfer order with his seal on it and passed it to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin swung his saber horizontally, and slowly slid his palm against the arc of the thin blade, making sure that there was no trace of dirt. He put the saber into its sheath neatly, accepted the order, and left in response.

The crown prince looked at Lin Xin’s back, thoughtfully.

“What else is the crown prince doing?” The emperor was a little disappointed that the crown prince had not been able to win Lin Xin over so far but had instead pushed him further and further away.

“The weather is getting colder, and I’m afraid the Northland will be in unrest again. I’m thinking about it, and I want to invite barbarian envoys to Beijing to discuss marriage matters.” Feng Zhang bowed his head and submitted a copy of the regulations drawn up by Zhan Shifu.

“Marriage? Who do you plan to marry over?” The emperor flipped through the regulations and looked up at the prince.


Lin Xin took the transfer order and left the imperial study and met Feng Zhong who was going to deliver the memorials on the way.

“Xinxin, where are you going?” Feng Zhong asked him with a smile.

Lin Xin stopped, looked around from the corner of his eye, no one was around, and whispered to Feng Zhong: “Go back and remind Minister Du, that the emperor is a little unhappy.”

Feng Zhong looked at Lin Xin, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

Lin Xin didn’t give him a chance to chatter, he just passed by him and left directly. Taking the transfer order, he headed for the Habayashi Army garrison.

Da Yong’s Habayashi Army was different from that of the previous dynasty. The Habayashi Army used to protect the imperial city in the previous dynasty and were mostly used by the children of princes, and more than half of them were full of wine and rice bags. But Da Yong now had Luli, who could cultivate immortals, and the children of the great nobles would not guard the royal family, so the Army was now filled with masters of humble origins.

Many people who entered the Qiuwei Martial Arts Department entered here first. After several years of experience, they either became a royal guard or joined the army as a general.

Standing on the high platform, Lin Xin couldn’t help laughing at himself as he watched the aura surging in the classroom.

These masters with powerful spiritual power were the trump cards of the royal family, and they were also the fundamental difference between the royal family of the Central Plains and the princes. Relying on the imperial examination, the royal family could recruit talents from all over the world. Although there was no one who could compete with the top experts of the great nobles, the victory lied in the large number of people, and this combat power was stronger than that of the four domains.

Small nobles and ordinary immortals, if they wanted to get ahead, they could only rely on the royal family. Back then, he didn’t see through it, and thought that those people who followed him through life and death were his people.

“Master Marquis, look, what do you want, the subordinates will find it for you.” The commander of the Habayashi Army smiled obsequiously, and carefully served the young Lord Marquis.

“Okay—” There was a burst of cheers in the arena, and the few people who were fighting decided the winner. Seven or eight people fell down, and only one was still standing. The man was holding an iron sword in his hand, panting rapidly, and his solid muscles were clearly visible through the sweaty thin shirt.

“That was the martial arts examination champion three years ago. People in the same discipline as him have entered the palace as royal guards. He is the only one who offended the nobles because he can’t speak well. He has been staying here and can’t be promoted.” The leader of the Habayashi Army looked at Lin Xin to see if he was interested in the letter, then he would introduce it immediately.

Lin Xin squinted at the man full of spiritual power, and his eyes turned cold. He knew that man’s experience much better than the leader of the Habayashi Army. That person was one of his Fourteen Blades.

“Hey, Lord Marquis!” Looking at Marquis Lu who turned around and left without saying a word, the commander of the Habayashi Army was a little at a loss, not knowing where he had offended the Lord.

Before Feng Zhong could bring Lin Xin’s words to Du Huang, Du Huang asked to resign citing that the old man of the Du family passed away, and he needed to observe filial piety.

Emperor Yuanshuo was very surprised, “The old man was not your real grandfather.”

“The minister has been in Beijing for many years, and the family has been taken care of by the old man. I should show filial piety for the old man, and I hope His Majesty will make it happen.” Du Huang pressed his forehead to the ground, crying and said cross-currently.

Feng Zhuoyi saw something unusual, so he agreed to the resignation after holding back a few words.

“Du Gong, if you leave like this, the Zhongshu Province will be messed up.” Thinking of what news Lin Xin asked him to bring, Feng Zhong felt a little uneasy.

“Your Highness, you are being too serious. There is nothing in this world that is indispensable. If Du leaves, someone will replace him.” Du Huang said calmly.

“Is this matter related to Xunlu?” Feng Zhong asked in a low voice. In fact, he wanted to ask if it had something to do with Xunlu.

Du Huang smiled wryly and shook his head, no matter what Feng Zhong asked, he kept his mouth shut and didn’t dare to say more.

Feng Zhong pursed his lips and turned to look for Lin Xin.

Having not used the scimitar for a long time, Lin Xin practiced the machete one move at a time in the courtyard. The Luli‘s spiritual power flowed along the scimitar, gushed out from the tip of the knife, bent back to the handle, and danced like a complete circle. It was most convenient to cut off the head when the half moon turned into a full moon.

From the corner of the eye, he caught a glimpse of Feng Zhong walking in, but he didn’t take it seriously, and continued to practice the knife.

“Xinxin!” After a long while of anger, he opened his mouth aggressively, but what he called out was such an appellation. Feng Zhong choked for a moment, turned his back and slapped himself lightly. Turning around again, facing Lin Xin’s approaching face, he was startled.

“What are you doing?” Lin Xin pushed him with a smile, “It’s not big or small, call me senior brother.”

Feng Zhong was pushed back, then he grabbed Lin Xin’s shoulder to barely stand still, “I’m asking you, did you do something to Du Huang?”

“Yes.” Lin Xin said casually.

Feng Zhong didn’t expect him to admit it so quickly, and he was silent for a while, “I don’t know what you want to do, but Du Huang is a capable minister…”

“I didn’t kill him, it’s already very good,” Lin Xin patted Feng Zhong’s chest with a knife, “If His Highness the King of England came to this Minister to inquire about crimes, please go back.”

“Lin Xin!” Feng Zhong was a little angry, “What are you going to do, can you discuss it with me? Treason is not a joke!”

“Is this your country?” Lin Xin choked, looking at Feng Zhong’s disheartened face, he became angry, “It’s not your turn to worry about it now!”

Feng Zhong’s face was flushed red, then he flung his sleeves and left angrily.

Shen Lou, who was standing in the corner, came out, “Didn’t you tell him?”

“I couldn’t open my mouth, I thought Master did!” Lin Xin angrily hacked at the rockery and chopped off a piece of Taihu Lake stone.

“Don’t worry, he will understand,” Shen Lou casually persuaded, but the corners of his mouth could not help but turn slightly upward, “Let me practice sword with you.”

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