TMLVOS Extra 3 (Ch. 89)

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Siyu sometimes felt that her boyfriend was really wilful, like a child. For example, his jealousy was completely irrational, and in this regard, Lu Xingzhou, who had suffered greatly, had something to say.

“Siyu, no, sister-in-law, I beg you to consider our feelings, when will you agree to marriage?” Lu Xingzhou sat opposite Siyu, the dignified six-foot man was about to burst into tears, so he said, “Fifth Master Lu, he won’t do anything to you, but he will do something to me!

Siyu thought to herself why these words were so easily misunderstood. She looked at Lu Xingzhou who was about to cry without tears, and shook her head helplessly: “Stop howling, did Fifth Master Lu ask you to be his lobbyist?”

Lu Xingzhou’s voice stopped abruptly, and he glanced at Siyu with a bit of surprise, as if he was still pondering how he was exposed.

“I’m right.” Si Yu calmly drank the ginseng tea, “Tell him that a marriage proposal must be sincere, and let him reflect on his own, otherwise I won’t agree.”

Lu Xingzhou touched his nose embarrassingly, and since he was seen through, he rolled out. Although Siyu was very soft, Lu Xingzhou didn’t dare to refute her on this kind of thing, but it was strange, what kind of character was Fifth Master Lu? It was just a small marriage proposal.

Lu Xingzhou was very puzzled. According to his experience, for a marriage proposal, wouldn’t it be a matter of setting up candles, holding roses, creating a romantic and luxurious scene, and then kneeling on one knee and offering a ring to confess? Was it that complicated?

In fact, it was no wonder Lu Xingzhou couldn’t figure it out. It was the fact that Fifth Master Lu played his cards completely out of common sense. When Siyu recalled the so-called marriage proposal, the corner of her mouth twitched.

At that time, Siyu had been out of the circle for a long time. Her daily job was to paint, and she would go out to collect styles in her spare time. Compared with the hard work of being an actor, life was much more leisurely now, but Fifth Master Lu finally couldn’t take it anymore. So, using Siyu working so much that she couldn’t accompany him all the time as an excuse, he did something to punish her, but he was not the one who could make her suffer, so he took this opportunity and moved in to live with Siyu in an above-board manner.

Anyway, the two of them had already done what they should and shouldn’t do, and Siyu’s physique problem had been properly resolved. After her protest became invalid, she went along with Fifth Master Lu, she felt it was just adding an extra pair of dishes for cooking and another pair of chopsticks at the dinner table.

Fifth Master Lu was really picky, but apart from being a picky eater, he was very easy-going in other aspects, which made Siyu very worry-free.

The two lived together for a while. But when Siyu woke up one morning, she found that there was a diamond ring on her finger. She was still stunned, when the man beside her turned to stare at her with a plain but determined look, then he said, “I think I want you to be added to the Lu family’s genealogy.”

Although he said “I think”, the meaning revealed in his tone was as if he had decided this matter, and now he was just giving a heads-up to Siyu so that she would not be so surprised.

Siyu: “…Genealogy?”

Siyu didn’t realize that this sentence was equivalent to a marriage proposal in Fifth Master Lu’s dictionary.

Siyu was stunned here. Seeing that her expression was not right, Lu Xingzhou said cautiously, “The Fifth Master said that yesterday you have agreed to his proposal, and your name was added to the family tree, so there is only the wedding left to be held. The master said to do it according to your preferences, and let us ask you…is there something wrong with this?”

Si Yu: “…” It was too wrong, could that also be called a marriage proposal?

She refused to accept it, so the situation has been deadlocked to this day. The only person who was happy with this matter was Ji Lin, her own brother. He didn’t want to marry off his sister!

Later, when he saw that Siyu was determined and was not willing to let go, Lu Xingzhou, as Fifth Master Lu’s pawn, spread several rounds of rumours, but Siyu held back and insisted that the Fifth Master Lu should figure it out for himself, so Lu Xingzhou could really just leave at this time. After a long time, Fifth Master Lu really came back.

“You have been unhappy these days.” Fifth Master Lu habitually wrapped his arms around Siyu. He lowered his eyes and looked at the ring on Siyu’s finger, and his eyes gradually became warm. He asked, “Do you want to hear what I have to say?”

Siyu sighed silently in her heart, if this kind of straightforward question was asked to someone else with a bad temper, Fifth Master Lu would have been swept out of the house by now. But Siyu knew that his temperament was like this. He didn’t say it on purpose, he really didn’t understand and couldn’t understand. The way of thinking of the two people was actually very different. It was just that since they chose to be together, they had to understand each other well. Siyu had that patience, but she was just angry at this man at this moment.

But after so many days, that anger had long since dissipated. Siyu looked at Fifth Master Lu for a while, then suddenly stretched out her arms to hug him, buried herself in his arms, and said in a muffled voice, “If you hadn’t met me, you deserved to be single in this lifetime.”

Fifth Master Lu held her even more tightly, and he answered without hesitation: “If it wasn’t for you, why would I care about this kind of thing?”

“…” Although Fifth Master Lu had no concept of love words, he could always say some heart-warming words inadvertently, and then Siyu couldn’t do anything about him, “Forget it, I’ll give you one more chance, if you can persuade me, I will promise to marry you.”

This time, Fifth Master Lu didn’t use perfunctory things. He was silent for a long time, then he lowered his head and kissed Siyu’s lips, and said cherishingly: “In this life, if you’re with me than my life will be complete.”

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