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It might be that she was born unfit for swimming. After taking three swimming lessons, many students who could not swim before had learned it, but she was still wandering in the beginning, and had been unable to enter the pool without a ring.

After the third swimming lesson, Pei Jin returned to the classroom and lay down on her desk in frustration. Her sports skills were really weak, she had already taken three swimming lessons, half of the lessons were over, but she still couldn’t leave the swimming ring. Even elementary school students were better than her.

If it goes on like this, what would happen at the exam in a month?

When Pei Jin was still lying on her desk thinking about life, her phone vibrated a few times. She glanced at it and found that it was a message from He Xun.

The big devil: Still can’t find the feeling of swimming?

Xiao Wu: How did you know?

The big devil: You are the little fool, I can tell by your appearance.

Seeing the words “little fool”, Pei Jin pursed her lips, feeling a little sweet.

Xiao Wu… Swimming is really difficult.

The Big Devil: It is not difficult for me, I will teach you, and you will learn it in one day.

Learn in a day?

She had to say that she was really moved when he saw these five words. She really wanted to learn to swim, just like the head teacher said, it was always a good thing to have another skill on one’s body. But asking He Xun to teach, she felt a little awkward. Because there was a lot of physical contact between the trainee and the coach.

Before she could think of how to respond, He Xun’s next WeChat message had already been sent.

The big devil: Peipei, come to the school swimming pool after school and bring a swimsuit.

Pei Jin struggled for a while, but in the end, she was defeated by the heart that wanted to learn to swim.

She paused her fingers, and then replied with ok.

The next few classes passed very quickly, and the time passed in a flash.

The bell rang after a while.

He Xun asked for leave in advance from evening self-study for himself and Pei Jin, and then took a bag with swimming trunks and walked to Pei Jin’s side.

“Peipei, let’s go to the swimming pool first, and then go to dinner after learning.”

Pei Jin hummed, then picked up her swimsuit and went to the swimming pool with He Xun.

Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu screamed in a low voice behind them.

Yu Yuan’s face was excited, and her face was flushed, “Two people! Swimming pool!”

Xu Lulu laughed and screamed, “It’s too exciting!”

Yu Yuan’s face was gossipy, “I want to go to watch, what should I do?”

Xu Lulu turned around and looked at her, “I also do, why don’t we sneak in?”

Yu Yuan nodded sharply, “Okay!”

But when Yu Yuan and Xu Lulu arrived at the entrance of the swimming pool, they were informed by the gatekeeper at the entrance that the swimming hall had been reserved and would not be open to students at night, so he let them come back tomorrow.

Private lesson?

Could the school’s swimming pool be still used like this?

Don’t think about it, he must have done a good job again!

Yu Yuan gritted her teeth and said, “This evil capitalist can’t be offended.”

Xu Lulu stared at the entrance of the swimming pool reluctantly, “I really want to go in.”

Yu Yuan pulled her up, “Let’s go, when Pei Jin returns to the bedroom, we will ask her if she is okay. Now let’s just go to dinner.”

Xu Lulu said helplessly, “That’s the only way.”

On the other side, Pei Jin was changing into her swimsuit in the women’s locker room of the swimming pool. After changing her clothes, she glanced at the mirror and walked out after she felt that there was no problem.

The swimsuit she wore was a very conservative one. In fact, it was not only her, but other girls also wore this style. It was not a bikini, it was a one-piece, only part of the thighs and arms were exposed, and there were lotus leaf fringes on the buttocks, moreover with the black background, it looked somewhat old-fashioned.

But Pei Jin thought this style was pretty good.

She was wearing flip flops, holding a swimming cap, goggles, and a swimming ring that she had just deflated. After walking a few steps, she saw He Xun who was warming up not far away.

He Xun was wearing only a pair of black tight swimming trunks and was stretching his legs. After seeing He Xun’s broad shoulders, Pei Jin’s face was unexpectedly hot.

He Xun’s back muscles with a sense of strength were actually very attractive to her. As he stretched his arms, his back looked smooth and beautiful, with an unparalleled sense of strength.

Pei Jin took a few steps to He Xun’s side, and called out softly, “He Xun.”

He Xun stood up and glanced behind him.

Pei Jin was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, which had a very conservative style, and was completely incomparable to a bikini, but Pei Jin showed a pair of slender and fair legs. It was as flawless as jade under the light. Not to mention that the one-piece swimsuit was tight, revealing her body curves to the fullest.

He Xun couldn’t take it anymore.

He turned his back, bent over, and put his hands on his knees.

Pei Jin was taken aback when she saw He Xun’s posture, “Brother Xun, what’s wrong with you? Is it a leg cramp?”

He Xun breathed rapidly, he raised one hand and waved it, “Peipei, you wait, let me take it easy first.”

Pei Jin thought what happened to He Xun, so she walked to He Xun’s side, put her hand on his back, and asked with concern, “Brother Xun, don’t scare me. What’s wrong with you?”

After He Xun paused for a while, he curled his lips into a smile and said lazily, “It’s just that I can’t stand it.”

Pei Jin blinked suspiciously, “Huh?”

“Yes. My little brother can’t take it anymore.”

Pei Jin understood at once. She stomped her foot, bit her lip and said dissatisfiedly, “He Xun!”

She thought something was wrong with him, but it turned out that he was not being serious again!

Pei Jin was a little angry, she turned around and wanted to leave, He Xun hurriedly grabbed her arm, “Peipei, don’t make trouble.”

Pei Jin looked back at him, “I didn’t, obviously it was you who’s making trouble.”

He Xun begged for mercy, “It’s my fault, Peipei. I was joking, I’ll teach you how to swim later.”

Pei Jin had some doubts, but she still stopped herself from leaving just now.

He Xun first went into the water and swam two laps. After his throbbing heart slowly calmed down, he went to the place where he entered the water and made a gesture to Pei Jin to pick her up.

“Peipei, get into the water.”

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