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If Zheng Li was here, after hearing this sentence, he would definitely ridicule He Xun saying that he shouldn’t be such a fake. What was the use of just talking about it, if you have the ability, go ahead, otherwise, just talking and not doing it is a deceitful thing.

He Xun spread out his hands and calculated, “Peipei, wait until June next year, you will become an adult after your eighteenth birthday.”

Pei Jin snorted, not understanding why he suddenly mentioned the topic of adulthood. But suddenly she thought of He Xun’s last sentence. There was nothing wrong with listening to two sentences separately, but what if they were heard together?

He Xun’s meaning had been made very clear, not to mention that he followed up with that sentence.

“Peipei, you are still young, I can’t bear to touch you until you are an adult…”

Before He Xun finished speaking, Pei Jin hurriedly covered her ears and trotted back to the classroom. He Xun, this person was really necrotic! The brain was filled with yellow waste all day long. Couldn’t he think of something positive and sunny?

As soon as she took her seat, Yu Yuan hurriedly approached and asked, “What’s wrong with you, why is your face so red?”

Pei Jin shook her head sharply, “No, it was just blown by the wind.”

It was only October, and it was not a cold winter. In the tenth lunar month, how could the wind make people’s faces red? Yu Yuan saw through it without saying anything, she just had a smile on her face.

After all, Ji Chengjue and Xia Ying were not students of No. 12 Middle School. Although there was a lot of uproar on the Internet, and many students of No. 12 Middle School also ate melons, the director of the Academic Affairs Office told the group of teachers, not to spread rumors and not to allow rumors to be spread, let the students study hard, especially the senior year students who were going to take the college entrance examination next year, and pay less attention to these useless things.

The teacher in charge of the class put the words “no rumors allowed” into the ears of every student. So, it didn’t take long before almost no students mentioned Xia Ying. Things on the Internet came and went faster. After all, everyone had their own life, and nobody wanted to make so much effort to stare at others all the time.

Pei Jin didn’t pay attention to Xia Ying’s final fate. Some people said that she went to another city, and some people said that she went abroad. She didn’t know whether it was true or false, and if it was true which one was true. Pei Jin actually felt uncomfortable seeing Xia Ying being surrounded by so many netizens at first, but when Ji Chengjue tried to pull her into the water together, her discomfort disappeared.

After this incident, Pei Jin’s campus life returned to peace.

A week later, a gossip suddenly began to spread in the class, saying that there was a swimming test for the sports exam. As soon as the news spread, the class exploded in an instant.

“We didn’t take swimming lessons before, why did you suddenly say that we were going to take the swimming test?”

“I can’t swim, so it’s better to run 800 meters than take the swimming test.”

“Yeah, running is at least convenient, go to the playground and it can be done in five minutes. Swimming is really inconvenient, you have to change into your swimsuit, take a shower, and it won’t take less than half an hour. The most important thing is, I am also a land duck!”

Yu Yuan was also unhappy, and she complained to Pei Jin, “I’m dying, I’m in the third year of high school, I’m still doing shit, I can’t just run, what new tricks could I learn?” After complaining, she asked Pei Jin again, “Pei Jin, can you swim?”

Pei Jin shook her head and said honestly, “I can’t.” She didn’t know if the original body could, but she really couldn’t swim, and she was born with a fear of water.

Yu Yuan sighed, “I don’t know either, but I think it’s probably true that we would have to take the swimming exam. Anyway, let’s see what the teacher says at the end.”

The head teacher announced the gossip directly after class and it was true.

The head teacher looked very serious, “Not long ago, there were four high school sophomores in the city having a big adventure. The group of people went to swim in the river. In the end, three of the students drowned, and only one of them survived. After this incident, the Municipal Education Bureau attaches great importance to it and requires all students in the school to learn to swim, and at the same time raise their safety awareness, not to go into the water in unsafe places such as rivers or reservoirs.”

After hearing this explanation, there were sighs around the class.

Many people whispered, “So that’s how it is.”

“My parents taught me not to swim in the river since I was a child, it’s not safe, this group of people…”

“What should their parents do, raising them so big, now… Their parents must be very sad.”

“A big adventure is a lot of fun to play, but it’s boring to come up with such an adventure.”

“If you can’t swim, don’t go into the water. Isn’t life more important than a game?”

“Everything has been discovered, and it’s useless to say such things afterwards. They definitely didn’t want to. If they knew that they would die because of this, they would definitely not dare to go into the water.”

The head teacher looked at the students below, whose discussions had become even more vigorous, so he clapped his hands and said, “Okay, alright, this is the end of the discussion. In short, everyone must strengthen their safety awareness and think carefully before doing anything. You only get life once, so you must cherish it. The municipal education bureau also has its own intentions and that is why the exam item was changed to swimming. The school will arrange several swimming lessons at that time, and everyone should study hard.”

A boy raised his hand and asked for advice humbly, “Teacher, what if we really can’t learn to swim?”

The head teacher waved his hand, “You haven’t even started learning yet, how do you know that you really can’t?”

“I’ve learned it before, but I’m really not good in water.”

A student echoed, “I have poor understanding, and I don’t think I can learn it.”

The head teacher took a serious look at the boy, “You are a tall boy, are you afraid of water? In short, you take swimming lessons first, if you really can’t learn, come out and discuss then… Let’s talk about it when the time comes, as there can be no specific solution yet. Maybe running can be used instead, maybe not. At that time, it will depend on how we write the documents to the Education Bureau. Anyway, you can learn as much as you can, and one more time. It’s not a bad thing to have more skills, right? The school will also try to create better conditions for you, so you should cherish it.”

At this time, another boy raised his hand, “Teacher, do boys and girls swim together?”

The head teacher sneered, “Don’t think too much, boys and girls will be taught at staggered times, two male teachers have been arranged for the boys, and two female teachers are in charge of the girls’ side.”

Many boys couldn’t help crying when they heard that boys and girls would take their swimming lessons at staggered times. The originally thought that they would be able to enjoy the blessing of the eyes, but they didn’t expect it to be a sad occasion. Without being able to see long white legs, what’s the point of swimming lessons?

The head teacher snorted, how could the teacher not consider what the students want? A group of boys and girls swimming together, wouldn’t the whole pool be messed up?

Pei Jin actually didn’t want to swim either, but the head teacher said that she might not be able to use other programs instead, so she had to take swimming lessons.

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