PPM Ch. 64: What Happened, Can’t Tell Anymore Lies!!

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Mo Nianchen didn’t say a word, she felt that even her breathing had become very depressed, so she wanted to find an excuse to get away.

“Do you have anything else to do? Now is my working time, and the day after tomorrow is the day of the fashion design exhibition, which is very important to me, I…”

Mo Nianchen took a cold step towards her.

Before Li Shengxia’s words were finished, he pushed her coldly.

She bumped into the desk and looked at him in surprise.

At the same time, he leaned over, with one hand on the desk and the other on her shoulder.

Their breath was so close, yet so unpredictable, it made people feel that a layers of chills were coming.

He threw the ring in front of her and said blankly, “Then tell me, what is this?”

Li Shengxia was inexplicably relieved when she saw the lost red ring, “Ah, it turns out that it’s with you.” She almost thought it was with Yin Tangyi, so she really couldn’t argue…

He saw her relieved expression, the corners of his lips raised in a strange arc, and the hand that was originally on her shoulder stretched out in front of her, he pinched her chin coldly, and said in a very charming tone: “Yeah, guess, why is it here with me?”

“Why?” Li Shengxia looked at him strangely, since the ring was found, why did he keep chasing after her and asking her, making her worry for so long.

“Didn’t I let you guess?” Mo Nianchen’s tone was freezing.

Li Shengxia was startled by his sudden coldness, held her breath, and had to guess: “I put it in the cabinet at home, you see? So, it was brought by you?”

“Guess again.”

“It’s me. I put it in the office, and someone else found it.”

“Continue to guess.”

Li Shengxia said helplessly: “I can’t guess, you are so strange, I…”

“Yeah, you can’t guess it, you can’t guess it, it was actually sent here by Master Yin himself.” The arc of Mo Nianchen’s lips became deep and strange.

Li Shengxia’s face suddenly paled! She never thought that Yin Tangyi would send the ring to the company and it happened to be Mo Nianchen who received it.

He squeezed her chin fiercely, his brows furrowed, and his voice was as cold as hell, “Guess, how could it be in the hands of Young Master Yin?”


“He said that the ring fell, when you got out of his car and he found it.”

“Mo Nianchen, I…”

“You got into his car! You lied to me!” Mo Nianchen’s anger was finally hard to hide.

Li Shengxia said, “I got into his car. I was just afraid of you misunderstanding, so I…”

“Misunderstanding? If you didn’t have a guilty conscience, would you still be afraid that others would misunderstand you?” His emotions were starting to get out of control.

Li Shengxia quickly explained: “Mo Nianchen, it’s not what you think!”

Mo Nianchen interrupted her explanation coldly: “It’s not what I thought, it’s what you said? If you have no old feelings for him, why did you get into his car? You got into his car, left the ring there, lied to me and told me not to wait for you that day, you said it was a work thing, and ended up with him in the car.”

Slap –

Li Shengxia slapped him fiercely!

She was able to realize her love for him only last night, and today he told her that she did shameful things with others in the car!

This was the man she liked, the devil who couldn’t do anything but sting her!

Mo Nianchen covered his face that was slapped in pain, then held her collar with his hands, and started unbuttoning her without any explanation –

Li Shengxia never thought that he would suddenly treat her like this in the office, she was so angry that she was trembling: “Mo Nianchen!”

He was as charming as a devil: “How did he treat you? Did it make you feel satisfied? Do you like gentle or domineering? Do you want to…”

She reached out her hand again to hit him.

This time, he grabbed her wrist coldly, making her unable to move!

He saw that there were red bloodstains on her wrists that had been scratched, and the corners of his lips twitched coldly, “How can you explain the marks on your hands!”

He would never create scars on her body where others could see, because he felt that it was his and her secret, and no one deserved to know it!

But on her hands, there were traces made by other men!

Li Shengxia was extremely disappointed with his questioning, and said coldly: “Whatever you think!”

Mo Nianchen became even more angry at her attitude, and began to say anything: “Haha…, the evidence is conclusive, and now you can’t tell a lie. Now? You, a woman, who can’t stand loneliness like this?”

Li Shengxia instinctively followed the flow of her humiliation: “Yes, I am such a woman, you forget that I only played with you for your breakup fee?”

“Li Shengxia!” He heard her admit that she couldn’t control himself, so he tore off her clothes in a fit of rage.

She looked at him coldly, and attacked indifferently: “You take the money I gave you, so you should have some professional ethics!”

His words seemed to split her heart. Her poor self-esteem was also torn to shreds.

She felt so pathetic! Because she actually missed such a man!

He couldn’t seem to see her broken expression, and continued to stab her with words, as if only by stabbing her and making her feel pain, could he find a little sense of balance!

“As long as I want, you come to accompany me. If I don’t want to, even if you want it, you can control yourself for me! Avoid the time, or the people and money will be empty!”

Li Shengxia trembled and shouted at him: “Mo Nianchen, you will feel very happy when you say these words, right? You can elevate your life by stabbing others, right? You are finished, then we are over!”

“I have the final say in this game! What right do you have to say it’s over!” Mo Nianchen’s attitude was so cold that he quickly made a few calls and coldly ordered: “Come on! All the investment projects of the Li Group have been withdrawn by me! Let it go, whoever dares to cooperate with the Li Group will be going against the Emperor!”

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