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Everything that happened that evening spread rapidly, whether on TV or on the Internet. Even at a few o’clock in the morning, there were still countless night owls swiping the screen.

[The truth of the group P feast is a mystery! What is the meaning of Si Huang’s bold words in public?]

[The first female knights in history fought bravely against Yuji, just for His Majesty!]

[Si Huang’s gorgeous master piano solo, no one left the stage despite the rain!]

This night was definitely a special performance for Si Huang, and there were topics about her everywhere.

In the villa in Jinglan.

Si Huang turned off the chat with Hacker Bear, and before returning to bed, she asked her consciousness, “Five treasure?”

[Your Majesty, this minister is here!] Five Treasure’s voice came out immediately.

Si Huang laughed, “Why don’t you speak.”

[I’m afraid it will disturb Your Majesty!]

Si Huang felt Five Treasure’s excited mood and thought to herself: He was still angry before, but now he is so sensible, what a fickle little idiot. “I’ve earned enough gold glitter today.”

[Yes, Your Majesty!]

“What body do you want?” Si Huang leaned against the head of the bed, “Isn’t that what you wanted?”


Why was his tone hesitant? Si Huang said, “I’ll take you to the pet store tomorrow.” Since they needed a flesh-and-blood creature whose intelligence could not be too high, a pet store was the most suitable place where he won’t cause trouble. “If you don’t like pets, we can go to the zoo.”

[Your Majesty, I’ve thought about it, don’t worry about my upgrade, it’s more important to strengthen Your Majesty!]

Si Huang was startled, but didn’t have a strong reaction, “Didn’t you still cry and make trouble before to upgrade?”

[That…cough, I’m actually just afraid that Your Majesty will not…] Five Treasure’s voice was a little embarrassed, and then he said righteously: [Through the observation of these days, I think it will be more beneficial for Your Majesty to strengthen herself first. At that time, it will be a small problem if you want to earn my upgraded gold glitter!]

Si Huang only said: “Have you considered it?”

[Yes!] Five Treasure did not hesitate, [After seeing His Majesty’s performance today, if you inherit the sound of Master Wu, you will definitely make a lot of money.]

“What is this Master Wu you have been talking about?”

Five Treaure: [Master Wu had three outstanding features and two special skills… The most beautiful appearance, the most beautiful sound, and the strongest body.]

“You missed two things.”

[Ahem, that what… When His Majesty has earned enough gold, it’ll be okay to talk about it.]

Si Huang actually found out long ago that once Five Treasure felt guilty and wanted to hide something, he would start speaking in archaic style. Since it was unwilling to say it, and no longer had any thoughts of hiding or rebelling, Si Huang did not force him, “What’s the matter with that illusion?”

As soon as he mentioned this, Five Treasure said with pride: [Today, in the evening, I tried to use some Little Pink to assist His Majesty in playing, and the effect was unexpectedly good. You earned 32 Gold Sparkles in one night, and the number is slowly increasing over time!] After showing off, it went on to explain: [Extreme timbre refers to the timbre of Master Wu, who are good at all kinds of musical instruments, and whose timbre could even reach the realm of ecstasy. This seduction of souls is not an adjective here, but it can really hook people’s souls out and kill them. But the price is too high, Master Wu had only used it once in his life, that was to overturn the world…]

The voice of Five treasure suddenly disappeared slowly, and Si Huang felt its low mood, and probably guessed that after the world was overturned, Master Wu was also lost as a result.

“The previous time was to strengthen the body and improve the appearance, now it is to enhance the sound, with the appeal of musical instrument performance.” Si Huang tapped the sheet with his fingers, “What exactly did Young Master Wu do?”

[Cough cough.] The sadness of Five Treasure disappeared in an instant, and he answered cautiously: [Your Majesty, you and Master Wu are definitely destined by heaven, you have blended so well with his abilities! Let’s get started! Hills of gold glittering are waiting for us!]

Si Huang thought: Five Treasure flustered feature 2 – rigidly change the subject and use idioms indiscriminately.

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

Five Treasure: [It will definitely not hurt like the first time! It might even be rather comfortable!]

Actually Five Treasure did not deceive Si Huang, this time strengthening was really not painful, on the contrary it was very comfortable, but the comfort was too much and became a burden.


The next day.

“Xixi, why don’t you go and have a look? Why hasn’t Si Shao got up yet?”

Breakfast was already ready, and at this time of day, Si Huang should have come down to eat a long time ago. However, she had not been seen today, and Zhao Limei was a little worried.

Yu Ling stood up and exclaimed in a low voice, “Is he sick? Yesterday he was working all day, and it was raining at night.”

The Si Huang Yu Xi knew couldn’t be healthier, he was a person who could run all the way up Weiming Mountain without breaking a sweat.

Just being stared at by her mother and sister, Yu Xi couldn’t sit still, “I’ll go take a look.” After saying that, he went upstairs.

Si Huang usually said that no one was allowed to enter her room and study, but it was no problem to go to the second floor, after all, the gym was also on the second floor.

Yu Xi stood in front of Si Huang’s door, and was about to knock on the door, when the door just opened with a squeak.

Si Huang, who was dressed in autumn casual clothes, came out with a basket of clothes to be washed in his hand.

“Si Huang… uh.” Yu Xi stopped what he was about to say, staring at Si Huang’s face in shock.

Si Huang glanced at him, “What’s the matter.” The clear and light tone, the mellow voice was hoarse, slipping from the ear to the heart and straight to the mind, stimulating all the senses.

Yu Xi shuddered, his face turned red, and he stared at Si Huang in even more amazement.

The latter seemed to sense something was wrong, pursed his lips, turned around and left without speaking.

Two seconds later, Yu Xi quickly followed, watching Si Huang put his clothes in the washing machine, and said in a low voice, “Are you…”

Si Huang looked at him inexplicably, his eyes filled with doubt.

Yu Xi’s expression seemed to show that it was unbearable to look directly at her face. After two seconds of deep thought, he completed his psychological construction and asked earnestly, “Did you have a wet dream?”

Si Huang: “…Haha.”

“Don’t laugh.” Yu Xi took a step back as if facing the enemy, and said helplessly: “Look in the mirror to see how you are now, and your voice… I don’t know what to say.”

There was a mirror above the washing machine, Si Huang could see herself as soon as she looked up.

The person in the mirror still had the face she was familiar with, but it was too radiant, her skin was red, her eyes seemed to be drowning in water as if washed by spring rain, and her lips were as red as blood. Even if she frowned now and his eyes sharpened, there was an indescribable aura that made people blush and their heart race.

It was not surprising that Yu Xi would misunderstand that she had just done something bad.

Si Huang pressed the automatic laundry function, turned around and walked downstairs, and said without looking at Yu Xi: “Don’t think about it.”

Yu Xi couldn’t hold back his strange expression and sighed: “If you don’t want people to think wildly, don’t speak in this tone.” He was affected even though he was a man, wouldn’t a woman fall down when she heard it?

Si Huang: “…” You think I want to!

[…Your Majesty, don’t be angry, I didn’t expect this effect to be achieved with the first strengthening… The main reason is that there seems to be something special in your bloodline…] Five Treasure’s voice was a little guilty and excited as it sounded in Si Huang’s mind [Actually, there is nothing wrong with this, one strengthening has reached this level of sensuality, this is a profit, and it has saved hundreds of gold sparkles!]

Si Huang replied with consciousness: “Continue.”

Five Treasure trembled, and immediately said: [Your Majesty, don’t worry, now the accident happened because the initial strengthening level was better than expected. With His Majesty’s ability, you will be able to control it soon. At that time, His Majesty can use it as he pleases, and it will not affect his daily life!]

Si Huang didn’t really blame Five Treasure, after all, she herself could not ignore the huge benefits of this small sequelae.

It’s just that before she had mastered this ability, it was better for her to speak less.


Zhao Limei and Yu Ling were also stunned when they saw Si Huang’s appearance after coming down. Then Si Huang sat down on the table without saying a word. Everyone could see that she didn’t want to say more. Zhao Limei swallowed the doubts in her throat. Yu Ling kept her head down while she was drinking porridge, as if she was embarrassed to see Si Huang at all.

After breakfast, Yu Ling accompanied Zhao Limei to go out to buy the necessary items but came back in just ten minutes.

The faces of the two were not very good-looking, and Yu Ling said, “Outside… There are a lot of reporters around!” They were probably following Si Huang yesterday, so the reporters all knew her, and they would come over as soon as they saw her, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Jinglan villa area was safe, they didn’t know what would happen. Yu Ling’s face became even more ugly when she thought of the questions asked by the group of reporters.

“Stay at home for now.”

As soon as Si Huang’s voice sounded, Yu Ling and Zhao Limei’s reaction was the same as Yu Xi had shown before, especially Yu Ling whose reaction was stronger. Not only did her face turn red in an instant, but her legs also trembled.

What was the sound that could make the ear pregnant, Yu Ling had had a real experience!

“Cough.” Yu Xi glanced at Si Huang with helpless and begging eyes and said to the two women with different expressions: “Si Huang has his own coping plan, you don’t have to worry.”

Zhao Limei nodded, then pulled Yu Ling by her hand: “Lingling, come and talk to mother.” Then she pulled her out of the living room.

When the two of them were gone, Yu Xi walked to Si Huang’s side and organized his words, “Lingling is not easy… can you stop making fun of her?”

Si Huang raised her head, squinted and smiled at him, and said slowly: “Fun?” The rising tail sound seemed to have a special magic power, making people blush more than usual.

What’s more with the waves in this person’s eyes, and the smile outlined by the red lips, there was a slight hint of danger in it, “If I don’t make fun of her, can I make fun of you?”

“…What’s the problem with you today?” Was he in a good mood or a bad mood, that’s why he was using this method to tease people!

Si Huang was too lazy to explain, so he stood up from the sofa and walked to his room, “If you have time to think about this, it’s better to do things well.”

Her back disappeared at the corner of the stairs on the second floor, leaving Yu Xi in silence, thinking secretly: Did Si Huang develop late, today was the first time, so what?

If Si Huang knew what he was thinking, I wonder if he would simply let him go.

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