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[Second Master of Fenghua denied the authenticity of the group P banquet, claiming that the photo was a joke, and he is still single and has never had a girlfriend!]

After seeing this latest gossip news on the Internet, Si Huang laughed.

There were only two people who know you best in this world, one was your lover and the other was your enemy.

Si Huang understood the personalities of the Si family too well, Si Zhihan’s selfish and uncompromising means, Si Hua’s selfishness and self-respect using his influence and Bai Qinglan’s doting, but Si Hua was not as good as boss Si Zhihan’s self-made ability to bend and stretch, especially because he was still too young now. Since he was not yet an adult, he played these straight-forward tactics.

The accompanying video with the post topped the hot search list in a short time with the rising number of clicks.

The video buffered quickly, and then Si Hua appeared.

He was sitting on a single sofa, his hair was trimmed in distinct layers, his face was white, his facial features were elegant, and his smile was bright and sunny, showing affinity. Especially in the video, where he was wearing a sweater with beige and sky blue colors, jeans and a pair of canvas shoes, sitting upright with a straight back, so full of energy that it seemed to make him shine.

Si Hua’s appearance was also quite good, as he had inherited Si Zhihan’s gentleness and Bai Qinglan’s elegance, so he could easily create the image of a healthy and cheerful young man, like a big brother next door, plus with a good family and the temperament cultivated from the background, the big brother next door had another halo, which met the standard of a warm male prince in the minds of girls.

Si Hua had always been packaging himself to the outside world. Before his debut, he had already gathered a group of fans under his Weibo.

“Hello everyone, I’m Si Hua, I think everyone already knows me, but the experience of knowing me is really bad.” Si Hua in the video showed a distressed look and said slowly in a steady tone: “Me too. I didn’t expect so many things to happen in one day, and I was a little caught off guard and hit hard. But after a day of calm, I felt that I should stand up and give everyone an explanation, as well as an explanation for myself.”

Young white boys were easy to arouse the sympathy of women and adults, especially good-looking and victimized ones.

Si Hua’s expression was strong and sincere, his eyes were looking straight ahead, so that everyone watching this video would feel that he was looking at him, and his eyes were sincere and clear.

“About the photos circulating on the Internet, it’s just a joke. My classmates and I occasionally play too much… But we all know where the bottom line is.” When he spoke, his eyes did not deviate in any way, “Because my family business is an entertainment company, so my family’s tutoring in this area is relatively strict, I would not have a girlfriend before I’m of age, and I have no experience in this area.”

When talking about his girlfriend and lack of experience in that area, Si Hua lowered his eyes a little embarrassedly and smiled helplessly. Then he exhaled a long breath and continued: “The statements I made today are all from the bottom of my heart. This kind of photo was definitely not taken by me, and I don’t know why it was circulated, but I don’t want to investigate further, I find it very boring and it hurt my feelings. I also asked the classmates and brother who took these photos that day… to stand up and tell the truth and tell everyone that this is just a joke, it’s really no fun. Thank you everyone.” He stood up and bowed, and in the last picture, he could still see the sadness on his face.

[His Majesty! He can really act!] After the video got over, Five Treasure’s voice popped out in her mind.

“Good performance.” Si Huang smiled happily, “The better he plays, the worse he would fall.”

[Your Majesty Shengming!] Five Treasure and Si Huang were connected, and its voice at this moment had hints of a thief-like smile. It had seen what Si Huang did with his own eyes.

At this time, the battle situation on the Internet also exploded because of Si Hua’s Weibo statement.

Si Huang clicked into Si Hua’s Weibo address and saw that the following comments had exceeded 10,000.

“It doesn’t look like he’s lying, and why do I think this has a lot to do with Si Huang!”

“Tsk tsk, there is no brotherhood among the rich! Although Si Huang doesn’t admit it, Si Hua looks like a victim. Ah.”

“It’s a brain-cracking fan when you see it downstairs. Didn’t Si Hua say not to pursue it? Ask someone to come out and prove what it is!”

“Don’t act pitiful here, who can’t see the innuendo! Your Majesty should be given justice. Yes!”

Due to the ‘group banquet’ incident, the number of fans on Si Hua’s Weibo had skyrocketed. At the beginning, they made all kinds of ridiculing comments, but as soon as the video came out today, the atmosphere immediately changed.

The only people who knew about the origin of the photos were Huo Yuzhi and the others. Most of the people listened to the wind and the rain. Seeing Si Hua’s wonderful performance today, whether it was because of sympathy for the weak or jealous of the success of others, the booming mentality made most people stand on Si Hua’s side, and many of them followed the big stream to watch the play, while Si Hua must have hired the navy to lead the war.

From the video posted by Si Hua to the repost on the whole network, even the TV gossip started to be broadcast, but within a few hours, the comments had changed from guessing who was right and who was wrong to asking the mastermind behind the scenes to come out and respond.

Si Huang was indifferent to this.

She didn’t panic, but many other people panicked.


Si Zhihan suppressed his irritable temper and pushed the door into the house.

In the spacious European style living room, Si Hua and Bai Qinglan were having lunch. Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, the mother and son looked over together.

“Dad!” Si Hua stood up and shouted.

Bai Qinglan didn’t say a word with a cold face, as if she didn’t see Si Zhihan at all, but she also stopped eating.

“What’s the matter with that statement?” Si Zhihan took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa, his tone cold.

Si Hua’s face darkened when he heard this, his eyes were full of resentment, and his lips were tightly pursed.

“What’s going on, just what you saw.” Bai Qinglan said.

Si Zhihan glared at Si Hua, “I told you to leave this matter to me, who told you to make an opinion!?”

“What are you doing to Xiaohua!” Bai Qinglan stood up excitedly, “Leave it to you? Your words soundsgood, but what about the person yesterday? I waited for you at home for a day! Look at Xiaohua again, there is no progress! You also said that you wanted to save that bitch… Hmph!” Bai Qinglan at least didn’t lose her mind, saying things that shouldn’t be said when there were other people present, “I don’t think Xiaohua did anything wrong, don’t you see that everyone is on Xiaohua’s side now? Just ask Si Huang to stand up and respond, it’ll prove that what Xiaohua said is true, and everything can then end.”

Si Zhihan said nothing, his expression was like that of an enraged lion.

Seeing him like this, Bai Qinglan felt a little guilty in her heart, but it was more grievance than anger, and her tone subconsciously softened, “Si Huang was at fault in this matter first, and now Xiaohua’s actions have taken great care of the overall situation. As long as Si Huang responds, the big things will be turned into small ones.”

“Do you think everyone is an idiot? As long as Si Huang responds to what Si Hua said, it will become the truth, even if this matter is suppressed every time. Everyone would think that she framed Si Hua, which will bring a heavy blow to her just-rising star.” Si Zhihan sneered.

Bai Qinglan hummed: “So what? Based on what she did to Xiaohua, this punishment is already cheap for her. Si Zhihan, do you really want to wrong Xiaohua for her and ruin Xiaohua’s future? Is it?” The tone of the last sentence was definitely a harsh question and threat.

This was forcing Si Zhihan to make a choice.

Surprisingly, Si Zhihan did not get angry, but said calmly, “Si Hua was the heir I identified from the beginning.”

Si Hua and Bai Qinglan showed joy together.

“I’m annoyed that you guys went against my will and made decisions without even discussing it with me.”

“Dad, I know I was wrong.” Si Hua said.

Si Zhihan looked at him sternly, “After this incident, reflect on it carefully. Fenghua’s heir must not be an impulsive and reckless person.”

The expression on Bai Qinglan’s face softened as she walked towards him.

Si Zhihan let her hold his arm, “I’ve seen that video, you did a good job, but there are still some loopholes that need to be filled, the next things should be left to me, after Si Huang responds, Si Hua, you just take this opportunity to debut, I have prepared a good script for you.”

Si Hua’s mood could be called ecstatic. He did not expect that after this disaster, it was Si Zhihan who personally admitted his identity as the heir and paved the way for him.

“Dad, I will definitely not let you down!” Thinking of Si Huang’s fall and his own rise after this incident, Si Hua was full of fighting spirit, and his expression became even more energetic.

Bai Qinglan also showed a satisfied smile, snuggled up to Si Zhihan, and said softly, “Zhihan, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you, I thought you would favor Si Huang.”

“Well.” Si Zhihan pretended not to notice her physical cue, he pulled Bai Qinglan’s hand down from his arm, “I still have something to deal with.”

Bai Qinglan frowned slightly and said with a smile, “You have been busy lately, and you should take a break occasionally. And… Zhihan, I think you, we haven’t talked alone for a long time.”

This time even Si Hua noticed something and immediately said, “I’ll go back to my room to review my homework.”

Si Hua disappeared, Bai Qinglan took Si Zhihan’s arm again, then she walked to the bedroom with a smile on her face. When passing the study, Si Zhihan stopped, “I still have things to do.”

“Zhihan!?” Bai Qinglan stared at him in disbelief.

Si Zhihan didn’t explain, left her snuggle, turned around and entered the study, “If you are tired, take a rest by yourself. You have been busy recently, so you should understand me more.”

Bai Qinglan’s face turned black and she gritted her teeth. Then she roared, “Si Zhihan!”

Si Zhihan’s footsteps paused slightly, but he still didn’t look back.

Bai Qinglan’s heart was bitter and astringent, but also full of anger and confusion, and suspicion surged in her mind again.


There was a knock on the door.

Si Huang shut down the page on the computer, got up and opened the door.

Yu Xi stood at the door with a dignified expression, “I have something to discuss with you.”

Si Huang nodded, closed the door, and went downstairs with Yu Xi.

At this time, Zhao Limei was preparing lunch in the kitchen, and Yu Ling was watching the latest makeup tutorial with her tablet. Seeing the arrival of Si Huang and Yu Xi, she put on her earphones so as not to disturb their conversation and was afraid to hear Si Huang’s tone like that in the morning again.

“The president of Fenghua just called me.” When Si Huang sat down, Yu Xi went straight to the point.

Si Huang remembered that he had put Si Zhihan on the blacklist of his mobile phone again. Even if the other party wanted to call her, he couldn’t call her. “He made the call himself?”

“He asked you to respond to Si Hua’s statement.”

Si Huang gestured to Yu Xi with her eyes to continue.

“If I didn’t misunderstand the meaning of what he said…he wants you to admit that Si Hua’s statement is true, otherwise you will not be able to get along in the entertainment industry.” Yu Xi’s tone was cold and hard, and there was a fire burning in his heart, “On the other hand, if you do as he says, he will ensure that your star journey will be stable, and you will not be afraid of not having scripts and advertisers if you have the resources of Fenghua.”

“Si Huang, what are your thoughts?” Yu Xi did not think Si Zhihan would be so biased, and finally understood why Si Huang was hostile to Fenghua Entertainment, “If you really do as Si Zhihan said, this will be a stain that you won’t be able to erase for the rest of your life, although you are just starting now, but this first step is the most important foundation.”

Si Huang smiled: “Has the call been recorded?”

“Ah?” Si Huang knew the answer, “I’ll be busy in the future, get ready.”

With a flash, a spark ignited, “Don’t worry.” Then he stood up with a cold expression.

“Where are you going?” Si Huang asked.

“Wash my face.” Yu Xi turned back and said in a sincere tone, “Si Huang, it’s almost enough to play, but it would be very dangerous for you to talk like this outside.”

Si Huang: “…”

After everyone had eaten together at noon, the property management office called and explained that some of the reporters outside had dispersed, but some were still waiting. Zhao Limei, who answered the phone, thanked them and hung up the phone, and explained the matter to Si Huang and the others. Si Huang indicated that they didn’t need to care, he stayed at home for the past few days, and the matter would be over soon.

Seeing her calm attitude, everyone was infected and calmed down.

‘Real Entertainment’ Company, Director’s Office.

The businessman answered the phone while pulling the curtains of the office.

“Yes, yes, Mrs. Bai, don’t worry, we will definitely handle the matter you explained.”

“I understand, I understand, children will inevitably be rebellious and disobedient at this age, and Mrs. Bai is also doing this for the children’s good. You don’t want him to go astray and let him retreat.”

“I understand, you can rest assured that we will make headlines, so that the misunderstanding between the two brothers can be resolved and they can get back together as soon as possible.”

“Okay, that’s it, Mrs. Bai. Just watch, bye bye.”

After hanging up the phone, Shang Gongcai’s flattering expression immediately changed, tsk tsk, “A mother asking entertainment reporters to attack her own son, there are really strange things in the entertainment industry, but unfortunately I can’t report it, I want to, otherwise, it’ll be even more eye-catching than a fight between brothers!”

He had been the director of Real Entertainment Voice for so long, and he had received many orders of this kind.

Not only could he play the celebrities who were sought after by everyone in the entertainment industry, blatantly insult those who had always been high above, but he could finally also get a high remuneration, it was simply a job that was the best for business talents. Yes, it was very dynamic.

He walked out of the office and explained this job content to the employees outside, which immediately attracted energetic cheers from a group of people.

Even if the reputation of Real Entertainment Voice had not been very good, but the performance was high and had never been really abandoned by the majority of the people, so the whole company felt that they were a special group in the entertainment gossip industry, leading their peers and different from others, thus there would never be a day when they would fall.

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