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With the help of a group of people who were secretly spending money and effort on various channels, in a short period of time, the entire Internet and entertainment gossip was talking about this matter.

A group of passers-by and sunspots came under Si Huang’s Weibo address. From the beginning, the comments were different from the quarrel between fans such as the Knights, and in the end, it became a mess, cynicism and ugly insults frantically swiping the screen.

The speed of this screen refresh even showed signs of defeat on the Knights part.

“Si Hua, as a victim, has the courage to come out and make a statement. Since you are innocent, why don’t you dare to come out and respond?”

“This person Huang has always been a dark-hearted person with a particularly bad temper…”

“Come out, coward! Wasn’t he quite arrogant before? He seems to be the most disgusting bitch who hides a knife in a smile!”

“You shut up! His Majesty is right. Yes, you all get out of His Majesty’s Weibo! Get out! [Knife] [cry]”

“He looks like a man, but his mind is so dark, he deserves to be an actor, it’s really such a thing to act.”

Si Huang’s Weibo had not posted any news recently, these trolls bombarded every previous news, and the private letters of people who were not following were even more expensive.

[Your Majesty, the little pink has fallen! The little black has risen a lot!] Although Five Treasure knew about Si Huang’s plan but looking at the data, it was still uncomfortable.

It had always very smoothly earned faith with Si Huang, but it had never been like today, where there was a rapid increase in sunspots. This made Five Treasure panic, and his voice tremble.

“You’re afraid?” Si Huang sat on the sofa in the living room with the laptop on his lap, communicating with it in his consciousness.

[Huh!Huh!Huh!] Five treasure fake cried.

Si Huang pouted, “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

The guaranteed Five Treasure was immediately resurrected with full blood: [I knew that His Majesty would be fine!]

Si Huang simply doesn’t know what to say about it.

Did Five Treasure trust her too blindly now?

In fact, there was definitely more than one Five Treasure who blindly trusted her.

Yu Xi was observing the situation on the Internet, when he suddenly received a message from Du Qiang on his mobile phone.

Sender: Du Qiang

Content: Yu Xi, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I just wanted to ask how is His Majesty? Are there any injuries? Now the girls in the Knights group are very worried! Don’t worry, we all believe in His Majesty. No matter what others say, we are on His Majesty’s side. So you tell His Majesty, don’t care about those trolls, don’t care too much about the scumbags, and stand bravely. Get up and tell them to fuck off!

Because during her time in the crew of “The Emperor’s Path”, Du Qiang had been serving as the makeup artist of Si Huang, she had exchanged numbers with Yu Xi.

Yu Xi looked at this message, and felt his heart warm, but when he saw the last sentence, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

“Si Huang, take a look at this.” He handed the phone to Si Huang.

After Si Huang read the information, he said softly, “Tell them the truth.”

Yu Xi sent the information to Du Qiang immediately.

Du Qiang, who was fighting against the computer at home, heard the sound of her phone and picked it up immediately.

Sender: Yu Xi

Content: Don’t worry, Si Huang is fine, but he is temporarily inconvenienced.

Du Qiang had worked in the entertainment industry for several years, and she had a good understanding of the twists and turns in it. When she saw the content of this information, her eyes immediately lit up.

“It is inconvenient to come forward for the time being, but I will still come forward in the future.” Du Qiang murmured, “The most important thing is that His Majesty is not sad because of that scumbag!”

When she got the news, she did not continue to send messages to disturb Yu Xi, but clicked on the Penguin icon, briefly explained the personal situation of Si Huang in the knights group, and then privately opened the Penguin of Liu Yan and several others, telling them: “Your Majesty should have his own plans and countermeasures, and he can’t come forward to clarify them for the time being, so don’t worry, all the scum who dare to deal with His Majesty will not end well!”

The Knights were originally created by Liu Yan and several others. The number of people had risen to nearly a thousand people, and there were various groups among them. When there were too many people, it was not easy to distinguish the authenticity of each person. In addition, most of this group was from Huaxing Art School. It could not be ruled out that there would be people from Si Hua’s side mixed in. Therefore, if some news was more sensitive and important, Du Qiang would send it privately to the people she knew and trusted the most.

With Du Qiang’s news, Lu Ningning and the others felt at ease, and they had more fighting spirit for the next battle.

“His Majesty won’t retreat, so we won’t retreat as well!”

“I won’t retreat! I won’t retreat!”

Although they were full of fighting spirit, their numbers were not the opponents of the majority of netizens, and they were quickly drowned out every time they made a comment.

As the day passed, the battle became more intense, and countless people watched the battle secretly, which also spawned other hot posts.

On the Huaxing Art School forum, a post posted this morning was directly topped as a hot post.

[Comparing goods is lost, people are more dead than people, come in with sharp eyes!]

The title was not explosive, but when thinking of the hottest topic recently, everyone had a little understanding in their hearts.

Sure enough, the content here was about Si Huang and Si Hua.

The poster posted a total of two videos. The former video about Si Huang was obviously shot with a mobile phone, and the screen was not very high-definition, and the latter was the video of Si Hua’s statement.

The video about Si Huang ranged from her indoor photos of RB clothing, to outdoor solo piano music, and then to facing reporters in the next scene. Each clip was only two or three minutes long and was edited into one video.

Below the two videos was a post by an account titled ‘Ganoderma in the Rain’: “I won’t scold anything, everyone can see it for themselves. On appearance, on temperament, on acting skills, on connotation, on self-confidence… It’s clear at a glance, His Majesty is better. What is the need for him to be jealous and frame someone? It’s a joke! They are all people of the same age, and His Majesty is calm, neither arrogant nor impetuous when confronted by reporters. What about the other person? Hehe, the family education is strict and never had a girlfriend, that’s right! Which woman would choose you when she saw such an excellent brother in front of her.”

It’s just that the contrast between the two people in the video was really too strong.

If you just watch Si Hua before seeing Si Huang’s video, you would definitely think that this was a very good young man, sunny, healthy, cheerful and elegant, and he would definitely be a high-quality warm man in a few years. However, Si Huang’s video also had a scene of a warm man. The elegant and extravagant teenager moved people’s hearts in a simple living room, making coffee quietly, reading a book… Even a look, or a smile, was instant kill.

This was the tragedy of contrast. Once anything was contrasted, especially things of the same nature, it would either win completely or lose completely.

“Huo Yuzhi! Si Shao is looking for you!”

A boy shouted from the door of the classroom.

Inside, Huo Yuzhi’s group of four was gathered around, and when they heard the shout, they turned their heads and looked at the door.

“Tsk, I thought it was Young Master Si, which made me excited.” Huo Yuzhi put her legs up on the chair beside her, “Just come in when you find me, this girl doesn’t go out to pick up guests.”

The rest of the class calmed down.

About three or four seconds later, Si Hua’s figure walked in.

He was wearing a college-style ivory button coat, black pants and cowhide boots. He still had the vibrant hairstyle with distinct layers in the video. He was as handsome as the video.

Many girls in the class couldn’t help but look at him, but they didn’t have the original excitement – before Si Huang swept Huaxing Art School, Si Hua was the man of the Huaxing Art School.

“Huo Yuzhi, I have something to talk to you about.” Si Hua stood in front of Huo Yuzhi with a gentle expression.

Huo Yuzhi still had an expression of disdain, “We have nothing to talk about.”

“I know you like my brother, and it’s okay to help him, but you must have a bottom line, do you know what you posted on the campus forum? Posts will only make things more complicated.”

“Heh! I’ll tell you where did you get the courage to come to me, it turns out that you came to Xing Shi to ask for guilt! Si Hua, let me tell you, since I dare to do it, I’m not afraid of you, you don’t do this!”

Si Hua’s eyes became cold, “Huo Yuzhi, you won’t help brother at all by doing this, but it will cause him trouble.”

Huo Yuzhi’s eyes flashed with panic, as she raised her head, “I know the truth of the matter, and I believe that His Majesty will not compromise!”

“Then just wait and see.” Si Hua suppressed the urge to slap her, then he turned around and left.

I will definitely win because Dad is on my side! Just wait and die with Si Huang! Si Hua slowly calmed down his anger, then went out with a smile on his face. He was confident that Si Huang would definitely not be able to resist Si Zhihan, nor would he dare to resist.

It’s just that this confidence was shattered too quickly.

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