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Two days in a row, Si Huang was hacked to the point that the news of her was almost everywhere, and even “The Emperor’s Path” and RB were affected. In the past two days, Director Liu, Grandma Yu, and Guan Li had all called to offer condolences, and all they got were responses that didn’t need to be worried. Grandma Yu asked if he wanted her help, but Si Huang refused.

The harder Si Huang was hacked, the higher Si Hua was praised. Even if there was a hard fight between the Knights and the black fans, and the videos of the two comparing the two were released in various aspects, they had not been able to defeat the power of the people. Many fans saw that Si Huang didn’t move at all, and they couldn’t help being disappointed. They chose to leave silently, and some of them became a member of Si Huang’s black fan group because of this love and hatred.

Si Hua was very happy. In the past two days, he posted some tolerant and generous news about Si Huang on Weibo, which attracted countless praises. But Si Zhihan couldn’t be happy. He felt that Si Huang’s reaction was too quiet. He called her agent several times, but the other party never answered.

That night, Guo Chengxiong of Yangcheng saw that the time was almost up, and when the situation reached the peak, he sent the video file that Si Huang had entrusted to him, which swept the entire Internet circle.

In the past two days, he didn’t have time to watch plays, since he had to write Trojan horse data, and leave marks on various network points, just for today’s one-hit kill.

“This kid can really keep his temper. He’s really not afraid that I will take the money and run away from work, or the time may not be calculated well, causing his plan to fail?” Guo Chengxiong stroked his chin, which had grown out of beard, and thought: I’m doing extra work on vacation. Everyone in the army knows about it, but the nature of my job is very special. Even if the Lord told Si Huang of my existence, he will definitely not expose me completely.

“In this case, should it be said that Si Huang believes in the Lord, or me?” Guo Chengxiong thought happily, while not forgetting to send a message to Qin Fan to report Si Huang’s safety. He muttered to himself again, “If you didn’t calculate the wrong time, now you should lead the team on a mission, but you still care about Si Huang, and your younger brother has never seen such a good thing!”

Hey, it didn’t seem right, Lord had never had a younger brother, who knows if he was just being so kind to his younger brother.

Guo Chengxiong entertained himself and saw that the video posted on the Internet had begun to increase in clicks and opened the pop-up chat window to send a message to Si Huang’s ID address.

Early morning.

Si Huang woke up as per her biological clock, brushed her teeth and washed her face and tried to speak, and found that it was much better than yesterday. She also found a way to control her tone and tone and paid attention to restrain herself with her mind when speaking.

Normal people didn’t think too much when they talked, laughed or shouted as they wanted, now Si Huang must prepare herself not to affect the opposite party when speaking. In the previous life, she was also sad about her voice, and chose to speak rigidly on purpose, but now she had replaced it with the restraint of her mind. In fact, to put it simply, it was similar to how she usually controlled the change in aura and the convergence and distribution. With experience in this area, she would definitely be able to adapt quickly to the control of sound and color.

Five Treasure’s confidence in her was not wrong.

She freshened up, put on her sports clothes, picked up her phone and saw a barrage, which appeared in the form of a Weibo private message.

Bear: Mission accomplished.

Si Huang pointed her finger on the barrage, and after two seconds, the barrage was automatically deleted and disappeared, and no trace could be found on the phone.


[Your Majesty, what’s so strange?]

Si Huang’s lips parted lightly, but she said nothing, she just smiled and shook her head, picked up the phone and put it in her pocket.

She wondered that ‘bear’ would send a message to her mobile phone. Even if he was the uncrowned king and had the ability to hack into any electronic device but their professionalism and rules made them try to avoid contact with their employers when taking orders. Being too close would inevitably attract the employer’s suspicion and panic, so they did not send information to the mobile phone without consent.

Si Huang didn’t doubt that the ‘bear’ she knew in her previous life would never reveal his information to her, but it was strange that this time, when she had only traded twice with him, he would do such a bad thing.

Si Huang went downstairs and saw that Yu Xi’s family had already woken up, and Yu Ling was helping Zhao Limei to prepare breakfast together in the kitchen.

Yu Xi raised his head, saw her and stood up immediately, with a forbidding expression on his face that still couldn’t hide the heat in his eyes, then he went up to Si Huang, “Is this your counterattack?”

Si Huang had not answered yet, but he just continued: “It must be. It’s a fatal blow.”

“Going out for a morning run today, are you going?” Si Huang said with a smile.

Her control of voice and tone was very effective, Yu Xi’s reaction was not as strong as yesterday, and he was obviously relieved, “Go.”

“I’ll go too.” Yu Ling stuck her head out, obviously eavesdropping on them just now.

The two brother and sister dressed very casually in the morning, so they didn’t need to change their clothes before going out with Si Huang.

The area in Jinglan Villa was large enough that it took half an hour to jog around. During this period of time, the brother and sister’s exercise was effective, and it was no longer a problem for them to keep up with the jogging Si Huang.

“Crack—” a voice suddenly sounded in the middle.

Yu Xi was startled, so he turned his head to look, but the figure had quickly fled away.

He looked back at Si Huang and found her unconcerned smile, and realized in his heart, “You already guessed it.”

Just as Si Huang was about to answer, the phone in her pocket vibrated suddenly.

She took it out and couldn’t help smiling when she saw the ‘Xiao Qin’ marked on the caller ID.

When someone saw this label, they would think it was a cute bun with a tiger’s head, but the real person was a military man with a cold emperor’s face.


“How have you been recently?” The man’s voice was deep like the echo in the deep sea.

“Very good.”


Yu Xi and Yu Ling both looked over curiously. It was rare to see Si Huang receiving a call from a friend. His tone was light and calm.

The silence lasted for five seconds, and Si Huang got used to it and didn’t hang up. Then she heard the man’s voice, “You played well.”

“Have you seen the video too?” Si Huang was surprised. How could he still pay attention to chasing stars even when he was out on a mission.

“Well. Didn’t I tell you to call me if you were bullied?” Hearing the deep voice gave people a strong sense of oppression, as if he was a little angry.

Si Huang smiled lightly, “What kind of bullying is this.” Even if she was really bullied, she couldn’t really call Qin Fan to complain.

“Wait till I come back to help you teach this group of bear cubs.”

Si Huang heard the three words ‘bear cub’ even more joyfully, and forgot to control her tone, “Okay, how can the bear cub beat the little unicorn.”

There was a ‘dong-pong’ sound on the phone, which seemed to be the sound of a mobile phone landing, followed by someone else’s exclamation-

“Head! What’s wrong with you?”

“Could it be that you had a seizure, your face is red! Don’t!”

“Everyone, hurry up—”

“Shut up—!” There was a deep scolding, she didn’t even have to think about it, she knew it was from Qin Fan.

There was an instant silence on the other end of the phone. It was followed by a faint sound, and Si Huang guessed that Qin Fan had probably picked up the phone.

“Are you all right?”

Although she thought that Qin Fan would not be able to call people during the mission, it was not good if she caused trouble.

“It’s fine. Go ahead and hang up.”

Si Huang didn’t speak, and the other end of the phone was hung up.

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