SLDH Ch. 34.1: The Mermaid

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Xu Zhuang, who returned to the store after delivering the poodle, was a little surprised when he heard that his store was sold out, and the people who bought the store were very generous. And the monthly salary he would be receiving was much more than expected.

Although the monthly salary of 20,000 yuan was high, it was not that Xu Zhuang was conceited, but with his qualifications, it was not difficult for him to find a better hospital and get this monthly salary, but what impressed him most was that the current boss actually allowed him to keep those stray animals. Just for this, he could work for her even if the salary was 50% off.

“Don’t worry, boss, when I arrange all the remaining stray animals in the store, I will definitely not go back to pick up any more stray animals in the future.” Xu Zhuang still had some emotional intelligence, so he called out to the boss, making it clear that it was agreed. Moreover, he knew that he would be working for others in the future, so he would no longer be able to pick up stray animals in the store as he did before, so he promised directly now.

“It’s okay, you can pick it up.” Mi Wan waved her hand generously. Isn’t it just a few stray animals, she could still afford it.

“Ah?” Xu Zhuang was stunned.

“But there is one thing, you have to take care of them yourself.”

“Ah?” Xu Zhuang looked at his boss in disbelief, was he hearing right?

Lin Meixi, the former proprietress of the pet shop, knew her boyfriend’s character well, when she heard Mi Wan say this, she hurriedly reminded her: “Mi Wan, don’t let him pick it up, you didn’t forget how we closed down, did you?”

“It’s okay, it’ll not cost much money.” Mi Wan waved her hands inhumanly, but in order to prevent her store from becoming a stray animal shelter, she still mentioned, “You can pick them up, you can even use medicines and equipment in the store, but you can’t use this place as a shelter.”

“Yes, yes, I will send them away after I cure them, and never let them stay in the store for a long time.” Xu Zhuang finally got out of his daze and promised again and again with excitement.

The pet shop’s sale was finalized at noon, then Mi Wan went back to school in the afternoon. When she got home, Song Zi’s custom tree house was already placed in Mi Wan’s room. Coincidentally, the tree house custom-made by Butler Ye was somewhat similar in shape to the sacred tree on Gu Yuan Mountain. When Song Zi saw the tree house, all the nuts in his hands fell down out of joy. He directly dragged out the nuts hidden under the bed and hid them all in the tree house. He was content to roll in it, and never came out of the tree house all night.

Knowing that it was the tree house that Butler Ye had customized for it, when Song Zi saw the old face of Butler Ye the next morning, he happily gave the nuts in his hand to him.

“It’s… to give it to me?” Butler Ye hesitated for a long time before making a bold guess.

“jiji~~” Song Zi pushed the nuts in his hand an inch forward.

“It seems so.” Mi Wan smiled, “It likes the tree house you helped it prepare yesterday.”

“Geechi~~” Song Zi nodded in agreement after hearing Mi Wan’s words.

Watching the squirrel’s humane behavior, Steward Ye tentatively put his hand in front of the pine nuts. When the dark brown nut really fell into his palm, an unusually soft emotion swept across Steward Ye’s heart: “This little thing, is it possible that it has become a demon.”

“Not yet.” Mi Wan shook her head, whether it could become a demon or not depended on chance.

After Song Zi expressed his gratitude, he took out a new nut from the nut bag next to him, then started nibbling on it while waiting for Mi Wan to go out together after eating. The pine nuts were delicious to him, but Steward Ye, who was beside him, looked at the nuts in his hand and hesitated. When he came here just now, Song Zi was already holding the nut, so Steward Ye couldn’t be sure whether the nut had been nibbled on by the little squirrel.

Thinking of the sincere mung bean eyes of the little squirrel just now, Butler Ye finally opened his mouth and ate the nuts in his hand. Anyway, even if it was nibbled by Song Zi, it would be fine to eat it, it was no big deal, he could just brush his teeth later.

“By the way, Uncle Ye, I bought a shop yesterday.” Mi Wan reported to Butler Ye about her shop. After all, the family sent a driver to pick her up every day, and she couldn’t hide it even if she wanted to, so she said it directly.

“Shop? Miss, do you want to open a shop?” Butler Ye’s expression was a little surprised.

“Well, when I took Song Zi to the pet shop to take a bath yesterday, I found that the pet shop was closing, so I took it down and am going over to sign the contract today.”

“…” In order to give Song Zi a bath, you bought someone’s pet store? Butler Ye, who was surprised at how his young lady suddenly wanted to open a shop, finally found the familiar aura of a prodigal.

“How much did it cost?” Butler Ye asked.

“I haven’t discussed it yet. After a while, I will go to the store to sign a new contract with the landlord.” Because of Mi Wan’s generosity, Xu Zhuang said that any transfer fee or something would be fine, so the two decided to sign the contract with the landlord first.

“I’ll go with the young lady at that time, and I’ll help you check by the way.” Butler Ye said worriedly.

“Okay.” Mi Wan naturally wouldn’t refuse, Steward Ye looked like an experienced person. With him, she wouldn’t need to talk about the contract or anything in person.

Mi Wan’s expectations were correct. As soon as the two entered the store, Butler Ye took the initiative to take over the negotiating. He first talked to Xu Zhuang, and in a few words, Xu Zhuang said that it would be okay to not pay the transfer fee. Butler Ye nodded in relief, but he did not really give any points. He said that he would let professionals come to evaluate later. Some compensation would be made appropriately. Xu Zhuang really felt that it was okay not to give money, but he didn’t dare to say that he didn’t want the money at this moment. He just felt that he couldn’t help sweating when he was stared at by Butler Ye’s eyes.

After talking with Xu Zhuang, Butler Ye connected seamlessly to the landlord. The landlord was a fat middle-aged man. He had watched the two of them get off the luxury car. But before he started speaking, he was overwhelmed by Butler Ye’s aura, and he couldn’t say the lines he had prepared. In the end, Mr. Landlord who was in a daze, after being greeted by Butler Ye kindly, actually dropped the rent by one floor.

Mother, what happened just now?

When Butler Ye was talking about the rent, Mi Wan was visiting her future store inside. She had opened this store to treat the demon clan, but on the surface, the brand of the demon clan could not be directly hung, so the front hall must still look like an ordinary pet store. If the demon clan’s diseases were to be treated, another place must be found. She took a look just now and found that although this pet shop was quite big, there were only two rooms in it, one was a pet operating room and the other was a medicine warehouse, but there was no space to treat the demons.

But when she went out from the back door, there was a yard there. If she could rent that yard and the house in it, it would be just right.

“Xu Zhuang, who owns the yard at the back door? I want to rent it together.” Mi Wan asked Xu Zhuang.

“It’s also the landlord’s.” Xu Zhuang replied.

Mi Wan looked overjoyed and ran to ask the landlord, “Can I rent the inner yard together? It looks like no one lives there.”

“The yard is used as a warehouse by me. It’s a little old. I plan to renovate it and then rent it out.” said the landlord.

“Then rent it to me, you don’t even need to renovate it.”

“Yes, but the price…” The landlord said while signing the pet store’s rental contract, thinking to himself, I must get more rent for this house, to make up for the failure of the negotiation just now.

Just before the name was signed, the contract was suddenly taken away. Mr. Landlord looked up in confusion, and saw Butler Ye smiling very kindly: “Mr. Landlord, since my young lady is interested in the yard behind you again, I think we can talk about the price…”

“…” No, I don’t want to talk to you.

In the end, the landlord was forced to talk to Butler Ye.

So like this, Mi Wan rented a store and a house with a yard in a row. Even if she only paid three to four months’ rent, it would be a lot of money at one time. Butler Ye came this time mainly to see how Miss’s pet hospital was like. If it was suitable, he could come forward to ask the young master for a sum of money. After all, the young master also hoped that the young lady could do something of her own, even if it didn’t make money, it didn’t matter, but he hadn’t even made the phone here, before Mi Wan made the payment.

At the moment, Butler Ye couldn’t help but be a little puzzled: “Miss, where did you get so much money?”

If it was before, Butler Ye would definitely not have such doubts, but for more than half a year, Miss had been detoxing and had been grounded at home. Therefore, she wasn’t receiving any pocket money as well. So, Mi Wan couldn’t possibly have so much money.

“Uh…” Mi Wan stammered, “I… I lent someone a sum of money before, and she recently gave it back to me.”

It turned out that this reason perfectly persuaded Steward Ye, who knew that in the past his young lady was very stupid with money, and it was not uncommon for her to lend money to people everywhere.

With Butler Ye’s help, Mi Wan could say that apart from paying, she didn’t have to worry about anything. The contract, decoration, business license, and even the employee social security, Butler Ye handed it all for her. Mi Wan only needed to wait until the opening day and go directly to check it.

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