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The post in their circle of friends where Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou announced their relationship instantly caused a great sensation.

In less than a minute after posting, Fu Yuanzhou received a lot of likes, messages and even private chats. Some were shocked, some congratulated, some howled. The phone vibrated continuously for a while, making Fu Yuanzhou dazzled.

There were also very few strange comments. For example, one of his senior sisters and Xie Lin’s classmates immediately posted on the Moments: “xl and fyz! This mother’s CP is real!”

Fu Yuanzhou: “?” This post in their circle of friends attracted countless likes, but the parties did not understand what it meant.

There was more and more news. Although Fu Yuanzhou had imagined how everyone would react after he and Xie Lin went public, the earthquake-like response still made him unable to bear it. Pretending to be dead, he raised his hand and hooked Xie Lin’s neck, bent his eyes, and said to Xie Lin with a smile.

“Happy New Year, my boyfriend.”

“Happy New Year, Yuanzhou.”

Then he received Xie Lin’s gentle kiss.


About their relationship, the reactions from the several families varied.

Fu Yuanzhou’s parents were happy to see it happen, and his mother smiled and said that the two of them had finally gotten together; after Xie Lin’s parents learned the news, they made two long video calls, one to Xie Lin, and next time with both the children.

They expressed their support for Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou to be together in the future. Now they neither approved nor opposed it. The premise of communication must be not to delay their studies, especially for Xie Lin who was still in the critical period of high school, so he needed to pay more attention.

However, Xie Lin’s parents had always known about their own child, they were more than at ease with Xie Lin, and Fu Yuanzhou’s grades had been steadily improving this semester, so the two elders didn’t say much, and they just wanted them to treat this relationship well, and if they wanted to talk about it, they should talk about it seriously.

Needless to say, Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou were also very serious. They knew what they were doing, and Xie Lin’s parents knew it. The only thing that worried Fu Yuanzhou was Yu Fei’s side.

Not long after it was posted in the circle of friends, Yu Fei had already seen it. Although Fu Yuanzhou was worried about Yu Fei’s reaction, he did not block him, because this matter could not be hidden, and he had to know it sooner or later.

Yu Fei held the phone in silence for a long time and then he went out without saying a word. He didn’t come back for a long time. His parents were worried and went out to find him. Later, the family didn’t come back, they just excused themselves by saying  that Yu Fei was not feeling well, so he went back first and told Fu Yuanzhou, his family and Xie Lin that they shouldn’t wait for them.

Fu Yuanzhou’s mother had vaguely known that Yu Fei also had a good impression of her own child. After receiving the news, she sighed softly. There was no other family with them that night, so the atmosphere was somewhat lonely.

After New Year’s Day, Yu Fei began to hide from Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin. He didn’t reply to their messages or calls. He couldn’t be found at school. He didn’t even come to class for the first two days, and he looked a little depressed after coming. He sat there unhappily, with no smiles.

How could Fu Yuanzhou not feel guilty, but since he had decided to associate with Xie Lin, he would not regret it, he had always wanted to talk to Yu Fei face to face, but he had not been able to get an opportunity.

Not only Yu Fei, but the atmosphere of Class 7 was also very dull these days. Many people had seen that post in the circle of friends, and they all knew that Yuan Ye liked Fu Yuanzhou, so they spoke carefully around them, even Da Yang had heard about it, and had also talked to Yuan Ye if he wanted to change his seat.

“No need.”

Yuan Ye didn’t show any sadness on his face, and smiled easily: “I’m not so vulnerable, I’m just broken-hearted, not terminally ill. Don’t treat me like this, I’m not used to it.”

More than that, he also congratulated Fu Yuanzhou and said with a smile, “Look, I said that you might not be able to date a female O, it turned out to be a male Alpha, completely contrary to your original dream.”

Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a while, then suddenly said: “Thank you, Yuan Ye.”

“Thank me for what?” Yuan Ye was startled.

“Thank you for taking care of me and thank you… for being willing to like me.”

Fu Yuanzhou said slowly: “But the person I like now is Xie Lin, I must reject your wishes, if…” He said this in his heart which felt very blocked and uncomfortable, but he still insisted, “If you don’t want to interact with me in the future, I will…”

“What.” Yuan Ye smiled, “We will still be friends in the future, don’t forget that I call you ‘Brother Yuan’.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know how to respond, Yuan Ye looked at him for a while, then suddenly turned to leave, opened the door and walked into Da Yang’s office, and said to him, “Da Yang, I’d better change seats, after all, if we share the same table in the future…”

He lowered his eyes, the ends of his eyes were faintly red, but he still smiled and spoke very lightly.

“… The Omega is someone else’s.”


After the final results of the term came out, there was another thing that caused everyone’s heated discussion. Ran Shutang actually dropped from the first place in the grade for the first time this time, because his Chinese composition was handed in blank. He didn’t get any points, but even so, with scores close to full marks in other subjects, he still ranked third in the grade.

When returning to school, the students in Class 7 were also discussing this matter. Du Man said that she also saw the scene of Ran Shutang talking with his head teacher.

“His teacher asked him if he was feeling unwell at the time, but Ran Shutang replied no.” Du Man said, “He just said that he couldn’t write the composition this time.”

“Huh?” The students showed unexpected expressions: “Is this question difficult for him…?”

They lowered their heads and looked at the language test paper in unison.

Name of the essay, “My Favorite Person.”

Obviously no difficulty.

Du Man’s voice was soft.

“He said he lost his favorite person.”

Fu Yuanzhou also heard about Ran Shutang’s blank essay, but he could only keep silent about it, which was better for Ran Shutang.

Before that, he hadn’t noticed Ran Shutang’s emotions. After New Year’s Day, he had even talked to Ran Shutang. At that time, Ran Shutang said congratulations to him, his tone was calm, and he didn’t seem to have any flaws.

Compared with the love in his heart, he was better at hiding his sad emotions.

But there was no other way, everything could only be washed away by time.

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