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At the same time Xie Lin called the police, and Fu Yuanzhou shouted at the hut: “Shen Xigou, Shen Xigou! Are you there?”

“…Yuanzhou?” The voice coming from the hut was extremely surprised, with a bit of happiness, but he quickly suppressed it, not wanting him to notice, “How did you come? Why can…find here?”

“Don’t worry about how I found you.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Come out, don’t stay inside.”

But Shen Xigou didn’t come out, he just said, “Sorry, I can’t go out, it’s cold here, go down the mountain quickly.”

“Why can’t you come out?” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Don’t be too fussy, I want you to come out and see me.”

“I’m sorry…” Shen Xigou just said that.

“Okay, you’re not coming out, are you?” Fu Yuanzhou broke free from Xie Lin’s hand and walked forward, “Then I’ll go in. If you want to die, we’ll die together today.”

“Fu Yuanzhou!” Xie Lin once again blocked his footsteps, his expression changed slightly and his tone was cold and severe.

“Don’t worry.” Fu Yuanzhou held his hand and kissed him, “I’ll be fine, let me go.”

Xie Lin looked at him deeply, Fu Yuanzhou looked at him calmly, and after a while, Xie Lin stepped aside, but instead of waiting on the spot, he took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand and walked over with him.

“I won’t leave you,” he said.

Fu Yuanzhou exhaled slowly, forming a cloud of white mist, squeezed Xie Lin’s hand even harder, and walked with him to the front of the hut.

“Shen Xigou, open the door.” Fu Yuanzhou pushed the door and found that it was locked from inside, “Even if you don’t see me, I’ll be here waiting for you to come out.”

There was no movement inside, but after a while, the door still opened, a stronger smell of gasoline rushed to his face, Shen Xigou looked at the two people standing outside the door, lowered his eyes and raised his lips slightly, his face was pale and haggard: “Long time no see.”

“What do you want to do?” Fu Yuanzhou grabbed his collar and forced him to look at him, “If I hadn’t come, would you have set fire to it?”

He couldn’t suppress the anger in his tone, and he was all afraid that the gasoline had run out. If he had come a little later, what he would have seen was likely to be a house that had been set on fire, or even a charred corpse.

“I’m sorry…” Shen Xigou said with a slightly bitter smile, “It seems like I’m always saying ‘I’m sorry’ to you.”

Fu Yuanzhou felt a little sad, he slowly let go of his hand, and whispered, “You gave me the shares, I don’t accept it, as for Qian Ziheng, what kind of thing is he, do you think rectifying him can be regarded as compensation for me?”

He paused, then said: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me, I’ll see you now.”

Shen Xigou remained silent, but his eyes were a little red.

He didn’t understand how Fu Yuanzhou had found him there, let alone why he was looking for him, but he was willing to take the initiative to see him. That alone was enough to make all his original decisions collapse in an instant.

“What do you want?”

After a while, he asked softly, with a very gentle voice: “As long as you say it, I will give it to you.”

“You really promise me everything?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

“I promise you everything.” Shen Xigou nodded.

“Then I want you to live well.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

As if hearing some surprising words, Shen Xigou looked at him, stunned.

“What I want you to do is to live well until you die.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Recover well, I will… watch you recover.”


Tears flowed from Shen Xigou’s eyes. They dripped down and silently merged into the ice and snow.

Since birth, he had inherited his mother’s mental illness and had serious psychological problems. Until he met Seven, he didn’t know the meaning of life.

It didn’t matter to him whether he lived or died, when he had enough to live, then he would die—he thought so, and he could feel the day getting closer.

But the appearance of Seven changed him a little bit. He began to feel that it was very interesting to live, because he could chat with such a person every day when he was alive, but when he died, it would be gone, because Seven couldn’t die with him.

His feelings for Seven were complex, beyond love and friendship, not like a devout belief, but more like a combination of them, for him, Seven was everything, his friend, his confidant, his love, his conviction and the meaning of his existence.

This kind of feeling was one-sided on his part. Shen Xigou was very clear that he would be a burden on Seven because of his illness, so he didn’t want Seven to know about it. He chose to hide it carefully and only get along with him as a friend.

But Seven still left him, without any sign or reason, he cut off contact with him and disappeared from his world.

When he found out that he had been blocked and deleted by Seven, Shen Xigou felt as if he had already died once. He was killed by Seven. During those few days, his spirit was in a trance, and he gradually stabilized after treatment. Then he left for the country and came to find Seven.

At this time, Seven didn’t let him call him this name, but asked him to call him Yuanzhou – well, that’s it, Yuanzhou was also a nice name, although he would prefer to call him Seven, because it was a name unique to them.

Even if he was hated by Yuanzhou, he just wanted to know the reason. Did Yuanzhou get to know about his illness?

During the time he spent with the other party, this was the most frequent thought in Shen Xigou’s mind, but before he could figure out why Yuanzhou hated him, he had already done something irreparable: he hurt Yuanzhou.

So it was normal for Yuanzhou to hate him, and he had known that he would hurt him sooner or later.

Realizing this, Shen Xigou left. Before leaving, he did one last thing. Although he knew that he should apologize in person, he thought Yuanzhou definitely didn’t want to see him, so he still didn’t go to see him.

But at this moment, Yuanzhou actually came to see him.

At this moment, Shen Xigou even suspected that he had ignited the gasoline. In fact, his soul had left the world and gone to heaven. Otherwise, how could such a good thing happen?

However, this was the reality, Yuanzhou came to him, and said to him the words of his dreams.

I want you to live well.

Let him live to the end of his life.

It turned out to be so simple to find the meaning of life.

It’s just that Yuanzhou said to him to live, that’s all.

“Okay… I’ll listen to you.” Shen Xigou replied slowly.

“If you let me live, I will live.”


After Xie Lin called the police, the police rushed to the mountain and properly disposed of the hut doused with gasoline. Fu Yuanzhou, Xie Lin and Shen Xigou all went down the mountain, and it was dark again. Now, the transportation was inconvenient. They stayed in the small town for one night and returned to Tiancheng the next day, which was the last day of the year.

This day was a holiday, and everyone was preparing to celebrate the New Year. After Fu Yuanzhou returned home, he was criticized by his parents because he sneaked out without permission, and even took Xie Lin with him, but fortunately, Fu Yuanzhou had informed them about his trip after getting off the plane, otherwise what awaited him now would be more than a verbal education.

Shen Xigou also returned to his villa. Seeing him coming back, Fu Yuanzhou’s parents even greeted him. They didn’t know what had happened from the beginning to the end. They thought that Shen Xigou had just come back from a business trip, but this kind of peace made Fu Yuanzhou feel very nice.

In the evening, Yu Fei’s family of three came to celebrate the festival with them. Xie Lin’s parents made a video call, and everyone gathered together, waiting for the evening meal.

Fu Yuanzhou had left his phone in the bedroom, he went upstairs to get it, walked to the end of the corridor on the second floor and saw Shen Xigou at home alone, he was drinking by the window, and when he saw Fu Yuanzhou, he smiled at him and raised his glass to him.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t have a cup so he didn’t return the salute, but after standing for a while, he still blew out white fog on the window, and quickly wrote four words in it before the white fog disappeared.

Happy New Year.

Shen Xigou was stunned for a moment, then smiled and wrote four words, everything went smoothly.

The strokes were quite complicated. This was Fu Yuanzhou’s first reaction.

He drew a pill to remind Shen Xigou to take his medicine, but he didn’t know if Shen Xigou understood, but he really turned around and left anyway, maybe he went to take the medicine.

Seeing this, Fu Yuanzhou also left. He went downstairs with his cell phone in his hand. The cell phone was beeping non-stop. Most of the notifications were people wishing him a happy New Year, and there were others who had nothing to talk about.

The New Year’s greetings by Ran Shutang were written in a neat format. The words were beautiful and sincere, and they were written in brush calligraphy. There were a few kitten paw prints on the rice paper. He had found a stray hairless cat, and he had had a pet cat since then. 

Nothing to talk about was sent by Yuan Ye, he just said how crazy he was going and how boring the New Year’s Gala was, how it’s better to play games, but unfortunately his dad won’t let him, saying that playing games was not bad for a while, but then he forced him to sit in front of the TV and watch, he was not even allowed to touch his mobile phone unless it was to send blessings to Fu Yuanzhou. As for why it was okay to chat with Fu Yuanzhou, this was an unsolved mystery.

Fu Yuanzhou smiled and replied to them until he was called down for dinner. Everyone sat down to eat together. Yu Fei’s father happily announced that he and his ex-wife were going to remarry, and he would help Yu Fei to develop into the entertainment industry in the future. Then he got too drunk and insisted that Yu Fei perform and sing, but was pushed back by Yu Fei saying “I want to act”.


Suddenly the sound of fireworks sounded in the sky, and everyone looked out the window together.

The fireworks outside were colorful, splendid and dreamy. Father Yu, who had been drinking too much, ran out to watch it, and suddenly burst into tears. He said that the neighbor next door was so pitiful, he was the only one celebrating the festival alone, and was like him who was a divorced bachelor for so many years. He spent the festival alone every year, so he could understand the feeling of loneliness. He wanted to call the neighbor across the street over to celebrate the festival with them.

He was determined, and when he was drunk, he was still very strong. No one could stop him, so everyone could only watch him ring the doorbell of Shen Xigou’s house.

Fu Yuanzhou’s parents knew that their son didn’t like this neighbor, and they were in a dilemma, but seeing their son’s uncomplicated expression, they didn’t say anything against it.

However, the kindness of Father Yu was still rejected by Shen Xigou. He was on a video call with his parents, and not alone. Father Yu cried even more sadly.     

After dinner, Xie Lin took Fu Yuanzhou out alone, took out the ring, put it in the palm of his hand, and handed it to Fu Yuanzhou, “Will you wear it now?”

And without thinking, Fu Yuanzhou reached out and took the ring, put the ring on his own hand, and grabbed Xie Lin’s hand that also wore the same ring, took a photo and sent it to the circle of friends, accompanied by a sentence: “In this new year, there is still you.”

The author has something to say: At this point, the text is over!

T/N: It was a very satisfactory ending, especially the way SX’s arc was handled, but I would have liked to see each of the harem member’s reaction to XL and FZ’s relationship/// well, maybe we’ll see it in the extras… keep tuned for them (BTW I’m still trying to find a raw with the extras because my current one doesn’t have them, Keep your fingers crossed)

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