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In the past few days, the MV of a new song suddenly became popular on the Internet.

The new song was called “Bad”, and the singer who released the song was very famous, but the reason for the popularity of the MV was not the song, but the actor who played in the MV.

He was so good-looking, even in the entertainment industry where there were countless handsome men and beauties, his good looks were extremely stunning and eye-catching. When he looked at the camera, the reddish tear mole at the end of his eyes made him look very seductive. Countless people who had watched the MV had instantly lost their heart to him.

The name of the male protagonist was quickly exposed, and it quickly spread throughout the Internet in a short period of time, becoming the top three most searched, and even reported on the Internet.

His name was Yu Fei.

Just like the title of the song, the character played by Yu Fei in the plot was very bad, playing everyone with applause and doing bad things, but despite him being such a bad person, the heroine was still very obsessed with him, even being the male protagonist, he became a bad guy.

She never confessed to the male lead. The male lead actually knew that she had a crush on him, but he didn’t point it out, because he was dismissive and didn’t even bother to look at the female lead.

No one could restrain the male protagonist, and the female protagonist was no exception. In the end, he left unrestrainedly. The female protagonist also lost herself in this relationship, becoming as indifferent as the male protagonist, and finally taking his place.

The heroine in the plot was overwhelmed by the male protagonist, and the actress herself showed a little affection for Yu Fei, but Yu Fei just smiled, in reality, he couldn’t just walk away like the plot, so he politely rejected her.

“I have someone I like.”

He said calmly, because he wanted to film and didn’t plan to debut as an idol, so he didn’t want to hide it at all.

The MV was a great success this time. Although he was surprised by its popularity, it was not entirely unexpected. His being able to participate in the shooting of this MV, although it was introduced to him by his father, but it was also the singer himself who fell in love with him. He insisted on choosing him as the male lead, because no one could be more suitable than him.

He felt that not only his appearance, but Yu Fei’s nature was also similar to the male protagonist in the MV. He was indifferent, didn’t concern himself with others, he looked gentle, but in fact he watched everything with cold eyes and had a cold temperament. It was just that he didn’t do harm to others, at least not much. He was not good but was not a bad guy either.

If only he could be as dashing as the hero in the plot.

“Clap, clap.”

Yu Fei was leaning against the bridge, playing with the lighter in his hand.

But in reality, he was the girl.

Infatuation and bitter love was just a mirror, and what you got was a false bubble.

He could only stand in place and watch the figure move away from him little by little.


He suddenly turned off the lighter and put it in his pocket.

But he would never leave.

He would always wait for him.


It was not until the beginning of the winter vacation that Fu Yuanzhou was relieved. These days he had been very uneasy. Many people came to him to inquire about his relationship with Xie Lin. In addition, he had to review before the exam. The pressure had been a lot, but thankfully it was over now – at least until the next term started.

As the Spring Festival was getting closer and closer, his mother brought his grandmother home to celebrate the New Year, and Xie Lin’s parents also came back from abroad. Yu Fei’s family of three visited the house again, and everyone got together again.

Yu Fei seemed to have returned to normal, and talked to Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou with a smile, but when Fu Yuanzhou wanted to talk to him alone, Yu Fei still politely avoided it.

Grandma liked to find someone to chat with. So, she often walked outside alone. That is how she met Shen Xigou. She liked Shen Xigou very much. She knew that Shen Xigou lived alone and even would be by himself during the New Year. Now that the dumplings were done, she asked Fu Yuanzhou to bring a plate to Shen Xigou, which was considered showing their heart as neighbors.

When Fu Yuanzhou rang the doorbell, Shen Xigou was sitting in the room, looking at a broken watch.

This watch was originally a gift he brought for Fu Yuanzhou, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t accept it that day. He smashed it, but he was reluctant to throw it away, so he kept it in the box and took it out from time to time to take a look.

The doorbell rang, Shen Xigou looked up at the door, he couldn’t guess who would come to visit him at this time, so he walked out of the courtyard to open the door but was stunned when he saw the person outside the door.

“…Why are you here?”

He was stunned for a few seconds, and immediately opened the door after reacting, still looking surprised, as if he couldn’t believe Fu Yuanzhou would visit him.

“My grandma asked me to bring you a plate of dumplings.” Fu Yuanzhou showed him the dumplings.

“Thank you…” Shen Xigou was still stunned and muttered, “But I have nothing to give you.”

“No need, it’s just a plate of dumplings.”

Fu Yuanzhou asked him to reach out to take up, but saw Shen Xigou holding a watch, he was stunned for a while, since he instantly recognized that this broken watch was the gift that Shen Xigou gave him in his previous life.

“I brought it out by accident.” Shen Xigou quietly put the watch into his pocket, without explaining a word, then he took the plate, “Thank you for bringing it for me, Yuanzhou, and thank your grandma for me, I wish you good luck and a Happy Chinese New Year.”

That watch brought back many memories for Fu Yuanzhou, especially seeing that it was smashed by Shen Xigou himself, he couldn’t help feeling sad, and asked softly, “That watch… Didn’t you intend to give it to me originally?”

“You know?” Shen Xigou was a little surprised, he had never mentioned the watch to Fu Yuanzhou.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t explain, he was silent for a while, and then said, “Why don’t you give me this watch.”

“But it was broken, and the damage is beyond repair.” Shen Xigou covered his pocket and said, both sadly and joyfully, “If you want, I’ll buy another one for you.”

“No, just leave it.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

Shen Xigou was overwhelmed and handed the watch to Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou said thank you and took the watch away. After a few days, someone came to visit Shen Xigou and gave him something, but it was not Fu Yuanzhou who came, but Xie Lin.

“He asked me to hand it over to you.” Xie Lin said, “There is no other meaning, it’s just a return gift, it was given to you by their family.”

After he finished speaking, he left. Shen Xigou went back with the box and opened the gift. In it lied a tie clip and a pair of cufflinks made of sapphire, the color of his eyes.

There was also a small piece of paper inside, which read: May you enjoy peace of mind every year.

Tears silently fell on the gemstones on the cufflinks, soaking the surface of the gemstones. Shen Xigou immediately took a special soft cloth, wiped the surface clean, and then put away the box.

His eyes were red, but after a long time, he smiled softly.

Peaceful always.

The author has something to say: if nothing else happens, there should be several other people in the extras, but it would probably not be from the abo background, but from background of various other hypotheses (but it would still be the background of this era, and they would not suddenly come out in ancient times or interstellar or something), this background will make Xie Lin and Yuanzhou sweeter =v=Of course, Xie Lin and Yuanzhou’s candy will also be distributed, and the back is full of candy!!! I want to distribute sweets, I am a mother!!

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